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More and more individuals are asking our organization for help in their family history research. They write or phone, and it is difficult to keep up with such requests and do other assigned tasks, also. The written request is preferred. Our genealogical societies is unable to take phone requests.

You can help our volunteers who are trying to meet these demands for assistance by understanding that we are understaffed, and by organizing what you are asking. Make sure your inquiry includes the following:
  1. Your Name, mailing Address, Telephone Number and E-mail address.

  2. The Name of the person you are researching.

  3. When he or she lived. If you don’t know an exact date of birth, death, or marriage, an approximate date can be helpful.

  4. Where he or she lived, either a specific place or a general area.

  5. The exact Information you are looking for, and Why. If you want document copies, let us know if they should be certified. There will be a cost for these documents. A brief explanation can save time and money.

  6. A list of Sources already consulted. We need to know what kind of research you have tried already, and if it was successful. A short list with author and title will be appreciated. If your information is based on "family tradition," tell us; and give us your assessment of how reliable it may be (i.e., whether your informant had first-hand knowledge or not).

A "Thank You" always express your gratitude for the time it took to answer your letter. Everyone likes to be appreciated for the work they do.

It is thoughtful to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) if your query requires only a brief answer; and even a token donation would be appreciated. There will be a cost for copies of documents so safe yourself time by including funds with any request.

If your inquiry takes Extensive Research, or if you have Multiple Inquiries, be prepared to pay for time, travel, etc. at $10 an hour, one hour minimum.

For information on the Shasta Genealogical Society
or research in Shasta County contact us at:

Shasta Genealogical Society
PO Box 493431
Redding, CA 96049-3431

Ken Bower at Kenbower@Kenbower.Com
Last updated 7/15/2008