President's Corner


August 2014

Greetings to one and all.  Summer is almost over and school will begin again.  Many children have segments of Family History and you would be the obvious choice for them to come to.  I get calls from all over the country – my cousins’ grandchildren need help with their assignments.  I always make sure to give them a story that will entice their imagination so that hopefully they will want to know more.  Last year I received a call to help with a Boy Scout merit badge.  This is another time we have the opportunity to share our hobby with them.  Try to make it fun – download a youth appropriate family tree.  Here are the links to a couple I like to use:
The second page also includes several ideas to expand on family history on a children’s level.  Perhaps you would like to include a timeline for them or even prepare one for your own ancestor.  Here is a site that will prepare one for you: This is predominantly US based but does include British monarchy and world events.
If you are using the Family Search tree you can upload photos of each of your ancestors and can print a photo pedigree chart.  I have found that this is very popular with younger ones.  I start the tree with their photo so they are excited to see themselves and their parents.   This leads to more interest in their grandparents and great-grandparents. Whatever you do, make it fun.
Now to the Society – check our website for the upcoming speakers.  Our webmaster does a great job at keeping the website up to date.  In November we are having our Member Share evening.  Please start thinking about what you would like to share with us.  We will have the signup starting with the September meeting.  Hope to see you at this months meeting. 

Carma-Lu Thompson