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The Andres Pico Adobe

The Independence of Mexico from Spain brought changes in the political power of the Church and thus the Missions in California. The Missions were secularized and dispossessed of their lands by a decree of Governor Jose Figueroa in 1833. In 1845, the Mission San Fernando and its lands, (approximately 121,319 acres) were sold to Eulogio de Celis for $14,000. Many of the Native Americans living at the mission were then forced to leave. He subsequently leased the land to Andres Pico and Juan Manso for nine years and they used it as a cattle ranch.

The Andres Pico Adobe, located near the Mission itself, was probably built at the end of the Mission period in 1834. Even though Andres Pico probably never lived in the adobe, he had it remodeled for his son, Romulo and his wife Catarina in 1874. It was then that wings at both ends and a second story were added. They lived there until the late 1890's.

After being rented and sold several times the building was in a bad state of repair. Vandals had taken the fireplace bricks and the roof had caved in. In 1930 Dr. Mark Harrington, then curator of the Southwest Museum purchased it, restored it, added another room, a patio and a garage. He and his wife lived there until the mid 1940's. In 1965 when plans were made to demolish the building, the San Fernando Valley Historical Society started a campaign to save it. The Los Angeles City Department of Recreation and Parks purchased it, and the Historical Society manages the building today.

Even though it was damaged in the earthquakes of 1971 and 1994, the beautiful adobe today is the home of the Mark Harrington Library. It is located at 10940 Sepulveda Blvd. in Mission Hills and the mailing address is P.O. Box 7039, Mission Hills, Ca 92346-7039. The museum is open Mondays from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, every third Sunday, and for various special programs and events throughout the year. It is also the headquarters of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society. Research is by appointment only.

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