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Volume 1 - (1911 to 1925)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions "A"

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume I" was produced by the efforts of many members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the Lankershim Laconic and Lankershim Press newspapers which were published between the years 1911 and 1925.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.


Adams, Elsie Brawley Marriage Ulrey, W.J. Brawley 24-Jun-19 27-Jun-19
Adams, Frank S. Lankershim Death Leaves Wife, Grown Children 61 yr 21-Dec-20 24-Dec-20
Adams, Nannie Mae San Antonio, Tx Marriage Romling, Otto Lankershim 12-Jan-24 15-Jan-24
Adell, Lillian Lankershim Marriage Roberts, Lorenzo Lankershim 22-Jun-24 1-Jul-24
Albers, B.J.  Lankershim Marriage Haak, Henrietta C.   10-Dec-13 13-Dec-13
Albers, Mr & Mrs B.J.   Birth A Son   22-Dec-19 26-Dec-19
Alcorn, Dr. J. Ralph Hollywood Marriage Lindesmith, Erma Burbank 7-Oct-24 7-Oct-24
Aldrich, Dorothy Mary Los Angeles Marriage Hulse, G.H. Los Angeles 5-Aug-25 11-Aug-25
Algots, Marion Escondido Marriage Marshall, J. Ray Glendale 3-Nov-23 6-Nov-23
Allan, John Lankershim Marriage Call, Miss Edith Lankershim 13-Jan-24 15-Jan-24
Allen, Joicy V. Lankershim   wife of Allen, Sherwood   30-Jul-25 6-Aug-25
Allen, Sherwood Lankershim Death husband of Joicy V. Allen 52 yrs 30-Jul-25 6-Aug-25
Allendar, Nellie  Ventura County   wife of Williams, Charles   Oct-11 27-Oct-11
Allender, Bertha   Marriage Barnes, Scott   5-Oct-11 13-Oct-11
Allison, James Lankershim Marriage Sachse, Selma E. Ocean Park 19-Apr-24 29-Apr-24
Alvarado, Carlos Hollywood Death Former Lankershim Schoolboy   3-Jan-19 10-Jan-19
Alvarado, Mercedes Lankershim Death   16 yr 2-May-17 4-May-17
Alvarez, Jose Lankershim Death Killed In Duel  35 7-Aug-17 10-Aug-17
Anderson, Carl Lankershim Marriage Nelson, Hilda Los Angeles 2-Sep-25 15-Sep-25
Anderson, Edward Lankershim Death Murdered, Nephew Of C.T.Millee 14 yr Nov-17 16-Nov-17
Anderson, R.H. Lankershim Death     26-Dec-23 27-May-24
Anderson, Robert Harmon Lankershim Death     26-Jan-24 29-Jan-24
Anderson, Washington Clovis, Calif Death Los Angeles Resident   Apr-12 20-Apr-12
Artusey, Alma Lancaster Death Daughter Of Mrs May Artusey 20 yrs 6-Mar-22 10-Mar-22
Artusey, May Lancaster   Mother of Alma Artusey   6-Mar-22 10-Mar-22
Arvin, John G. Los Angeles Marriage Lamb, Mrs Mayme Lee Lankershim 4-Apr-22 14-Apr-22
Askins, Lester J.  Lankershim   husband of Askins, Margaret Marie    8-Apr-25 10-Apr-25
Askins, Margaret Marie Lankershim Death Wife Of Lester J. Askins 21 yrs 8-Apr-25 10-Apr-25
Axline, Dr And Mrs Joseph T. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   8-Apr-24 8-Apr-24