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Volume 1 - (1911 to 1925)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions "B"

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume I" was produced by the efforts of many members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the Lankershim Laconic and Lankershim Press newspapers which were published between the years 1911 and 1925.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.


Baird, Juanita Frances Lankershim Birth Mr And Mrs Baird   20-Jan-24 22-Jan-24
Baird, Mr And Mrs Lankershim Birth Juanita Frances   20-Jan-24 22-Jan-24
Baker, Mr And Mrs Friend F. Lankershim Birth A Son   5-Sep-24 9-Sep-24
Baker, William Los Angeles Death Hit By Train. Had Wife & 2 Ch. 55 yrs 19-Nov-23 20-Nov-23
Bakman, Charles H. Lankershim Death Leaves A Widow   Aug-19 15-Aug-19
Bakman, Charlotte Lankershim Marriage Turner, Harry Lankershim 26-Dec-22 30-Dec-22
Bakman, Henry Lankershim Birth A Daughter   26-May-19 30-May-19
Baldwin, Edward I. Los Angeles Marriage Santee, Mrs Augusta L. Lankershim 7-Jul-25 10-Jul-25
Ball, W.A.   Death Work-Related Accident   7-Oct-13 11-Oct-13
Ballou, Mrs Myrtle Varney Imperial Death Married-Dau Of Mr/Mrs R.Varney 29 yr Jan-13 12-Jan-13
Bantel, Winifred San Francisco Marriage Carns, C. Newell Lankershim 1-Oct-25 2-Oct-25
Bard, Douglas Lankershim Marriage McCabe, Frances Lankershim 28-Feb-22 10-Mar-22
Barkley, Mr And Mrs W.C. Lankershim Birth A "New Baby"   31-Jul-23 3-Aug-23
Barnes, Brown   Marriage Gilse, Florance Burbank 9-Aug-19 15-Aug-19
Barnes, Jason Lankershim Marriage Olroyd, Miss Grace Lankershim 31-Mar-17 6-Apr-17
Barnes, Marjorie Lankershim Marriage Light, Ernest C.   15-Nov-24 21-Nov-24
Barnes, Scott   Marriage Allender, Bertha   5-Oct-11 13-Oct-11
Barnes, Toy Lankershim Marriage McClelland, Clyde Los Angeles 19-May-20 21-May-20
Barnes, William A. Fresno Birth A Daughter   15-Nov-19 28-Nov-19
Barnes, William A. Lankershim Marriage Rogers, Ruby L. Van Nuys  1-Feb-19 7-Feb-19
Barnett, (Officer) Lankershim Marriage Blinkiron, Ruth Los Angeles Mar-25 7-Apr-25
Barnett, Mr & Mrs W.C. Lankershim Birth A Son   20-Mar-12 23-Mar-12
Bartle, Stanley Lankershim Death Former Merchant   Mar-19 4-Apr-19
Bartlett, Grace Lankershim Marriage Tonsor, William Lankershim 1-May-24 2-May-24
Bartlett, Lessie M. Lankershim Marriage Farquharson, Ralph Los Angeles 23-Sep-25 25-Sep-25
Bauslag, Edwin Lankershim   husband of Bauslag, Mrs Ellen C.   5-Jan-20 9-Jan-20
Bauslag, Mrs Ellen C. Lankershim Death Wife Of Edwin Bauslag   5-Jan-20 9-Jan-20
Bayer, H.C. Lankershim Death husband of Bayer, Virginia W.    6-May-22 12-May-22
Bayer, Virginia W. Lankershim Death Born In Ohio, Husband-H.C.Bayer 88 yrs 6-May-22 12-May-22
Beattie, James Challis, Idaho Death Brother Of Mrs M.A.Muir 61 yrs 14-Oct-22 18-Oct-22
Beattie, Miss Challis, Idaho   Sister of Beattie, James   14-Oct-22 18-Oct-22
Becker, Dr R.H. Van Nuys Death Leaves Wife And Infant Daughter   30-Jan-19 31-Jan-19
Beeson, J. R. Lankershim Death Suicide 32 yrs 28-Feb-22 4-Aug-22
Bell, Norman L. Lankershim Marriage Williams, Nellie Allender   Mar-12 23-Mar-12
Benefield, Mr/Mrs Oscar Lankershim   parents of Benefield, Richard    20-Mar-23 23-Mar-23
Benefield, Richard Lankershim Death Mr/Mrs Oscar Benefield-Parents 2 yrs 20-Mar-23 23-Mar-23
Benjamin, E.P.   Death Subway Rapid Transit Secretary   4-Sep-17 7-Sep-17
Bennett, Clara M. Redondo Marriage Thorpe, Harry E. Redondo 18-Nov-13 22-Nov-13
Bennett, Jack Riverside Marriage Niemeyer, Vera Lankershim 1-Nov-23 6-Nov-23
Bennett, Lucinda A. Lankershim   wife of Bennett, William F.    12-Dec-22 16-Dec-22
Bennett, Normand Lankershim Death     May-24 27-May-24
Bennett, William F. Lankershim Death Civ War Vet,Wife Lucinda A.   12-Dec-22 16-Dec-22
Bernhart, Mr And Mrs A.A.("Andy")   Birth A Daughter   2-Jun-20 11-Jun-20
Berry, Mr And Mrs F.W. Lankershim Birth A Baby   24-Nov-23 27-Nov-23
Berry, Mrs E.G.   Birth A Son   3-Jan-12 13-Jan-12
Betram, Mrs Mary Gaviota Death Born Michigan City, Indiana 85 yrs 14-Sep-22 20-Sep-22
Black, Wallace Lankershim Death Auto Accident-From Los Angeles 35 yrs 16-Dec-23 18-Dec-23
Blair, Buelah Maurine Los Angeles Marriage Cook, Dr. Walter R. Lankershim 15-Dec-25 18-Dec-25
Blanchard, R.B. Lankershim  Birth A Son   31-Jul-23 10-Aug-23
Blankmeyer, Joseph B. Los Angeles Marriage Niemeyer, Marie C. Lankershim 22-Sep-25 25-Sep-25
Blatter, Mr And Mrs E. L. Huntington Park Birth A Daughter   27-Feb-22 10-Mar-22
Bley, Alma Burbank Marriage Wertz, A.F. Burbank 9-Nov-13 15-Nov-13
Bley, Mrs Maria Burbank Death Born In Germany   13-Nov-17 16-Nov-17
Blinkiron, Ruth Los Angeles Marriage Barnett, (Officer) Lankershim Mar-25 7-Apr-25
Bly, Max   Death   35 yr 12-Aug-11 18-Aug-11
Body, Herbert J. Lankershim Marriage Millsaps, Alice J. Lankershim 30-Apr-22 5-May-22
Body, John Lankershim Death Husband Of Sarah E.Body 75 yrs 2-Dec-23 4-Dec-23
Body, Sarah E. Lankershim   wife of Body, John    2-Dec-23 4-Dec-23
Bogart, Kenneth Baldwin Park Marriage Runnels, Mabel Lankershim 1911 13-Jun-11
Bonslog, E. A. Lankershim Marriage Parrott, Mrs Blanche Lankershim 26-Dec-22 30-Dec-22
Borgia, Mr And Mrs Joe   Birth A Daughter   18-Jan-25 20-Jan-25
Bosler, Helen Lankershim Marriage Padgett, William B. Los Angeles 26-Jun-23 6-Jul-23
Bostelman, Esther Wilma Lankershim Marriage Ross, John Barton Ventura 26-Aug-25 1-Sep-25
Bostleman, Miss Los Angeles Marriage Nobles, Carrol Lankershim 1-Nov-17 7-Dec-17
Bowen, Mr And Mrs Harry Lankershim Birth A Son   14-May-24 20-May-24
Bowerman, ? Monrovia Death Son Is C.C.Bowerman   29-Dec-20 31-Dec-20
Bowerman, C.C. Monrovia   Bowerman, ? (parent)   29-Dec-20 31-Dec-20
Boyer, Mr & Mrs R.P.   Birth A Daughter   12-May-12 18-May-12
Boyer, Pearl May Lankershim Marriage Kennedy, Clarence Liming Lankershim 7-Jun-11 9-Jun-11
Brandenberger, Mr And Mrs William Lankershim Birth A Daughter   21-Jun-24 24-Jun-24
Brandenberger, William Lankershim Marriage Shay, Alta Lankershim 16-Oct-23 19-Oct-23
Brassius, Mrs Carlton M.   Death Wife Of Burbank Review Editor   24-Dec-18 3-Jan-19
Brechtel, E.J.   Birth A Son   13-Jun-12 15-Jun-12
Brechtel, Henry Los Angeles Death A Lankershim Pioneer   Nov-22 18-Nov-22
Brechtel, Miss   Marriage Richardson, Allen   1919 11-Jul-12
Breitweiser, Mr And Mrs Victor Lankershim Birth A Daughter   31-Jul-23 3-Aug-23
Brockett, Mr And Mrs A.A. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   17-Jun-24 20-Jun-24
Bromley, Mr & Mrs Ray Lankershim Birth A Daughter   1912 30-Mar-12
Brooks, Carl Lankershim Marriage Langer, Marguerite Van Nuys 13-Jun-25 19-Jun-25
Brooks, Irving C. Lankershim Marriage Marple, Antoinette M. San Fernando 29-Jun-20 2-Jul-20
Brooks, Mrs Everett W.   Death Prominent In Pasadena   21-Aug-17 24-Aug-17
Brooks, Richard W. Lankershim Death Leaves Wife And 5 Children 51 yrs 5-Mar-22 10-Mar-22
Brown, Cyrus Long Beach Death   83 yr 9-Apr-12 13-Apr-12
Brown, Geo M. Lankershim   husband of Brown, Marie M.    16-Sep-23 25-Sep-23
Brown, Jennie J. Glendale Death   75 yrs 12-Aug-25 14-Aug-25
Brown, Marie M. Lankershim Death Nee Hrdlika-Wife Of Geo M.Brown 43 yrs 16-Sep-23 25-Sep-23
Brown, Martha Elizabeth Lankershim Death Born June 1886 In England 83 yr 14-Oct-19 17-Oct-19
Brown, Mrs Ettie Iseman And Mr Lankershim Birth A Son   6-Oct-23 9-Oct-23
Brown, Mrs Laura Lankershim Death Wife Of Edward Brown 41 yrs 4-Oct-24 7-Oct-24
Brugge, Alice Lankershim Death Daughter Of Mr/Mrs Hans Brugge 9 months 11-Sep-25 15-Sep-25
Brugge, Mr/Mrs Hans  Lankershim   parents of Brugge, Alice   11-Sep-25 15-Sep-25
Bruggs, Mr And Mrs L.H. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   5-Dec-24 9-Dec-24
Bryant, Agnes Lankershim   wife of Bryant, R. P.   29-Jul-22 4-Aug-22
Bryant, R. P. Lankershim Death Wife-Agnes, Car Accident 46 yrs 29-Jul-22 4-Aug-22
Bucklin, Albie B. Lankershim Death Husband Of Rhoda Bucklin 65 yrs 25-Dec-25 29-Dec-25
Bucklin, Mr & Mrs C.E.   Birth A Daughter   9-Oct-17 12-Oct-17
Bucklin, Mrs E.E.     sister of Elliott, Horace   3-Jul-19 11-Jul-19
Bucklin, Rhoda Lankershim   husband of Bucklin, Albie B.   25-Dec-25 29-Dec-25
Bullard, William   Marriage Straughen, Mrs E .R Lankershim 16-Dec-25 18-Dec-25
Burdge, Baby Girl Lankershim Death Parents - Mr/Mrs James H.Burdge 31 days 26-Apr-24 29-Apr-24
Burdge, Mr/Mrs James H. Lankershim   parents of Burdge, Baby Girl   26-Apr-24 29-Apr-24
Burdges, Mr And Mrs J.H. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   27-Mar-24 4-Apr-24
Burr, John   Death Pioneer, Former L.A.Co Sheriff 64 yr,10 mo 20-Sep-13 27-Sep-13
Burroughs, Clyde Lankershim Marriage Fullerton, Pauline Lankershim 3-Oct-25 9-Oct-25
Burton, Grace Los Angeles Marriage McLelland, Fenton Lankershim 12-Aug-22 16-Aug-22
Byerly, Sam M. Los Angeles  Death     18-Apr-25 21-Apr-25