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Volume 1 - (1911 to 1925)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions
"D" and "E"

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume I" was produced by the efforts of many members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the Lankershim Laconic and Lankershim Press newspapers which were published between the years 1911 and 1925.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.


Dalton, James H. Lankershim Death   56 yrs Jun-22 9-Jun-22
Daniels, Mrs Madeline Lankershim Death Wife Of William H. Daniels   19-Jan-24 22-Jan-24
Daniels, William H.  Lankershim   husband of Daniels, Mrs Madeline   19-Jan-24 22-Jan-24
Darnell, Mr/Mrs F.J. Lankershim   daughter of Darnell, Phoebe   12-Oct-22 14-Oct-22
Darnell, Phoebe Lankershim Death Daughter Of Mr/Mrs F.J.Darnell 14 yrs 12-Oct-22 14-Oct-22
Davies, M No. California Marriage Taylor, Joseph Lankershim 17-Aug-11 18-Aug-11
Davis, Edward Lankershim Marriage Durrell, Anna May Lankershim 2-Oct-25 9-Oct-25
Davis, Eleanor M. Los Angeles Marriage Fulcher, James H. Lankershim 18-Sep-23 21-Sep-23
Davis, H.J. Van Nuys Death Was Police Officer In Van Nuys   24-Dec-24 26-Dec-24
Davis, Hammond Ocean Park Hts. Death Many Local Relatives   11-Mar-17 16-Mar-17
Davis, Mr And Mrs F.P. Mariana, Florida Birth A Daughter   4-Aug-25 25-Aug-25
Davis, Paul Frederick Marianna, Fl Marriage Madsen, Irene Kadz Tujunga Mar-24 1-Apr-24
De Freest, Francis Lankershim Marriage Elder, Thelma Lankershim 22-Sep-23 28-Sep-23
Dearr, Mr And Mrs William Lankershim Birth A Daughter   26-Jan-25 30-Jan-25
Dearr, Mr And Mrs William Lankershim Birth A Daughter   26-Jan-25 30-Jan-25
DeBoer, Ralph E. Los Angeles Marriage Priester, Anna Lankershim 18-Feb-24 19-Feb-24
DeCamp, Mrs Dora Van Nuys Death Killed In Auto Accident   25-Oct-25 27-Oct-25
DeCarlo, Henry Lankershim Marriage Shultz, Anna Lankershim 5-Oct-25 9-Oct-25
Deeds, Dorothy Lankershim Marriage Osborne, Valentine Lankershim 20-Apr-17 27-Apr-17
Defreest, Mr And Mrs Francis Lankershim Birth Donald   29-Aug-24 5-Sep-24
Delliquardri, Mr & Mrs    Death Aunt & Uncle of Guerra, Marietta   3-Jul-19 4-Jul-19
Demars, Mrs Bibian Burbank Death   68 yrs 21-Dec-25 25-Dec-25
Dempsey, Leland Lankershim Death Killed By Street Car   30-Nov-17 2-Dec-22
Dennis, Harry Lankershim Marriage Spafford, Bessie Los Angeles 1917 5-Oct-17
Denny, Hoshea S. Phoenix, Az   father of Denny, Richard S.   22-Jan-23 26-Jan-23
Denny, Johanna  Phoenix, Az   mother of Denny, Richard S.   22-Jan-23 26-Jan-23
Denny, Mrs Johanna Lankershim Death Wife Of R.N.Denny   26-Feb-23 2-Mar-23
Denny, R.N. Lankershim   husband of Denny, Mrs Johanna   26-Feb-23 2-Mar-23
Denny, Richard S. Phoenix, Az Death Son Of Hoshea S.& Johanna Denny   22-Jan-23 26-Jan-23
Depento, Mary Pacoima Death B.Italy ,Spouse-Nickolas Depento 38 yr,11 mo 25-Feb-25 27-Feb-25
Depento, Nickolas  Pacoima   husband of Depento, Mary   25-Feb-25 27-Feb-25
DePlentis, Arnold Glendale Marriage Mathisen, Lillian Lankershim 4-Aug-25 21-Aug-25
Derose, Ralph Jr Universal City Birth Derose, Mr And Mrs Ralph   21-Dec-24 23-Dec-24
Derose, Mr And Mrs Ralph Universal City Birth Ralph, Jr.   21-Dec-24 23-Dec-24
DeStaseo, Charles A. Calabasas Death   79 yrs 18-Nov-23 20-Nov-23
Deupree, Jeanette Colwell Lankershim Death Wife Of Judge J.M.Deupree 67 yrs,9 mo 27-Sep-23 2-Oct-23
Deupree, Judge J.M. Lankershim   husband of Deupree, Jeanette Colwell   27-Sep-23 2-Oct-23
Dietrich, Euala C. Los Angeles Marriage Neimeyer, Bernard E. Lankershim 14-Mar-25 27-Mar-25
Dillard, Evelyn May Lankershim Birth Dillard, Mr And Mrs E.L.   14-May-25 19-May-25
Dillard, Mr And Mrs E.L. Lankershim Birth Evelyn May   14-May-25 19-May-25
Dingilian, A.S.  Lankershim   husband of Dingilian, Florence Belle   20-Oct-24 21-Oct-24
Dingilian, Florence Belle Lankershim Death Wife Of A.S. Dingilian 38 yrs 20-Oct-24 21-Oct-24
Donlin, Peter Los Angeles Death Train Accident   9-Oct-19 10-Oct-19
Dorsey, K.O. Lankershim Death Accident   13-Oct-24 14-Oct-24
Dotzler, Miss Anna Lankershim Death Suicide 52 yrs 19-Aug-22 30-Aug-22
Dougherty, Mrs Catherine Lankershim Death Half-Sister Of Mrs C.B.Johnson 54 yrs 14-Jul-25 17-Jul-25
Dower, A.L. Toronto, Canada Death son of Dower, George W.   31-Aug-25 1-Sep-25
Dower, George W. Toronto, Canada Death Father Of A.L.Dower 73 yrs 31-Aug-25 1-Sep-25
Du Bose, Edward Los Angeles Death Killed By Trolley Car 45 yrs 24-May-17 25-May-17
Duarte, (Boy) Lankershim Death Son Of Mr And Mrs T. Duarte 2 yrs 15-Nov-25 20-Nov-25
Duarte, Mr And Mrs T.  Lankershim   parents of Duarte, (Boy)   15-Nov-25 20-Nov-25
Duke, Jacouline Jeanne Lankershim Birth Duke, Mr And Mrs J.H.   12-Oct-23 2-Nov-23
Dumbar, Mr And Mrs Clarence A. Lankershim Birth A Son   24-Feb-24 26-Feb-24
Duran, Francisco   Death From Mexico-Buried At San Pedro 48 years 19-Jan-24 22-Jan-24
Durkes, Mr And Mrs Ray Lankershim Birth A Son   27-Aug-24 29-Aug-24
Durrell, Anna May Lankershim Marriage Davis, Edward Lankershim 2-Oct-25 9-Oct-25
Durrell, Lawrence Lankershim Marriage Morrison, Clara  Lankershim 14-Oct-24 17-Oct-24
Duvall, Mr. Lankershim Death Arrived Recently From East   23-Apr-17 27-Apr-17
Dwire, Mrs T.C. Silvertown, Ore   mother of Haynes, Garrison   Dec-24 16-Dec-24
Dwire, Thaddeus Lankershim Marriage ? , Katherine   7-Feb-19 14-Feb-19
Earl, A.R.  Lankershim   child of Earl, John   Nov-20 3-Dec-20
Earl, J.W.  Lankershim   child of Earl, John   Nov-20 3-Dec-20
Earl, John Lankershim Death Father Of A.R. & J.W. Earl 83 yr Nov-20 3-Dec-20
Eggleson, Mrs Nancy Lankershim Death Mother Of Mrs Cora Petree 80 yrs 4-Sep-25 8-Sep-25
Elder, Thelma Lankershim Marriage De Freest, Francis Lankershim 22-Sep-23 28-Sep-23
Ellidge, Mr And Mrs Charles Lankershim Birth A Daughter   3-Sep-25 11-Sep-25
Elliott, Horace   Death Brother Of Mrs E.E.Bucklin   3-Jul-19 11-Jul-19
Elliott, Marie San Fernando Marriage Roberts, Herbert Lankershim 3-Nov-17 9-Nov-17
Elliott, Mr & Mrs Lankershim Birth A Son   20-Dec-19 26-Dec-19
Ellis, Baby Girl Lankershim Death Daughter Of Mr/Mrs Bert E.Ellis 2 weeks 28-Apr-24 29-Apr-24
Ellis, Leonidas E. Lankershim Death     5-May-24 6-May-24
Ellis, Mr/Mrs Bert E. Lankershim Death daughter of Ellis, Baby Girl   28-Apr-24 29-Apr-24
Ellison, Samuel Lankershim   son of Ellison, Ann Price   1-Aug-20 6-Aug-20
Ellison, Ann Price Lankershim Death Nee Curl; Sons Joseph & Samuel 59 yr 1-Aug-20 6-Aug-20
Ellison, Joseph Lankershim   son of Ellison, Ann Price   1-Aug-20 6-Aug-20
Ellison, Sam  Los Angeles   nephew of Cupie, F. T.   Mar-22 10-Mar-22
Ellison, Sam  Los Angeles   brother of Gant, James M.   17-Feb-22 24-Feb-22
Ellison, Samuel P. Lankershim Marriage Larsen, Minnie Los Angeles 23-Sep-19 31-Oct-19
Elsey, Peter Lankershim Death Hit By Auto 8 yrs 19-Oct-24 21-Oct-24
Engleson, Harry Palo Alto Death Wisconsin Resident-War Injuries   3-Jul-20 9-Jul-20
Epley, Leroy Lankershim Death Hit By Auto 13 yrs 1-Nov-24 4-Nov-24
Erhart, A.J. Lankershim   husband of Erhart, Mrs Magoalena   3-Sep-25 4-Sep-25
Erhart, Mrs Magoalena Lankershim Death Wife Of A.J.Erhart 31 yrs 3-Sep-25 4-Sep-25
Erickson, Bertha C. Lankershim Death Wife Of Charles J. Erickson   26-Jun-24 27-Jun-24
Erickson, Charles J.  Lankershim   husband of Erickson, Bertha C.   26-Jun-24 27-Jun-24
Erwin, Arthur A. Lankershim Death More Data In 24 Jan 1919 Paper   15-Jan-19 17-Jan-19
Evans, Edna Lankershim Marriage Westerfield, Morton Lankershim 15-Nov-22 18-Nov-22
Evans, Edna  Lankershim   wife of Westerfield, Arthur M.   17-Jan-25 20-Jan-25
Evans, Mr And Mrs A.L. Lankershim Birth A Son   15-Jul-22 21-Jul-22
Evans, Ruth Lankershim Marriage Hayes, Alton Lankershim 3-Apr-24 8-Apr-24