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Volume 1 - (1911 to 1925)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions
"F" and "G"

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume I" was produced by the efforts of many members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the Lankershim Laconic and Lankershim Press newspapers which were published between the years 1911 and 1925.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.


Failar, Ralph   Marriage Herron, Margaret Elanor   1-Jul-19 4-Jul-19
Failor, (Baby Boy) Long Beach Death Son Of Mr/Mrs R.E. Failor infant  15-Jun-25 19-Jun-25
Failor, Mr/Mrs R.E.  Long Beach   parents of Failor, (Baby Boy)   15-Jun-25 19-Jun-25
Farahay, Clarence Richard Lankershim Death Son Of Mim Clarence W. Farahay 8yr ,llm,20d 15-May-25 19-May-25
Farahay, M/M Clarence W.  Lankershim   parents of Farahay, Clarence Richard   15-May-25 19-May-25
Farquharson, Ralph Los Angeles Marriage Bartlett, Lessie M. Lankershim 23-Sep-25 25-Sep-25
Fee, Louise Lankershim Marriage Weston, Harold Lankershim 1922 8-Nov-22
Fee, Mary Margaret Lankershim Marriage Cox, Roderick Jasper Lankershim 19-May-24 20-May-24
Fee, S.D. Los Angeles Death Father Of Willis M. Fee   28-Jan-17 9-Feb-17
Fee, Willis M.  Los Angeles   son of Fee, S.D.   28-Jan-17 9-Feb-17
Ferrer, Fred W. Lankershim Death Murdered   Nov-24 2-Dec-24
Fessel, William Jackson, Ca Death Victim Of Argonaut Mine Fire   27-Aug-23 5-Oct-23
Fisher, Mr And Mrs Harold E. Lankershim Birth A Daughthr   24-Jun-24 24-Jun-24
Fitch, Lucy  Lankershim   Wife Of Joseph A McClure   22-Jul-25 24-Jul-25
Flores, Mr And Mrs Vincente Lankershim Birth A Daughter   3-Dec-24 9-Dec-24
Flores, Pedro Lankershim Death Murdered   21-Apr-12 27-Apr-12
Forman, General Lankershim Death Pioneer 83 yr 9-Jan-19 17-Jan-19
Forrester, Mr And Mrs Bud Lankershim Birth A Daughthr   19-May-24 20-May-24
Fox, Flora Mae Lankershim Marriage Pomeroy, Charles H. Burbank 29-Nov-20 3-Dec-20
Fox, Harold D. Hollywood Marriage Shepardson, Helen Hollywood 13-Jul-17 20-Jul-17
Fox, John J. Hollywood Marriage Strahle, Mabel Hollywood 22-Dec-20 24-Dec-20
Fox, Mildred Lankershim Marriage Lipps, Lee Ray Lankershim 12-Sep-19 19-Sep-19
Fox, Mrs John J. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   27-Jan-22 3-Feb-22
Franklin, Norman S. Lankershim Marriage Myers, Vera Lankershim 24-Jun-24 27-Jun-24
Freeman, Jerome T. Lankershim Death Married-Civil War Veteran 73 or 78 yr 25-May-17 1-Jun-17
Frieberg, Jennie  Lankershim   swife of Loesch, Frank Walter   28-Oct-23 30-Oct-23
Frieberg, Carl Edward Lankershim Marriage Mastin, Zetta Lankershim 12-Jun-17 15-Jun-17
Frieburg, Helen Lankershim Marriage Wenzel, Frank Hollywood 16-Jun-24 17-Jun-24
Frieburg, Mr And Mrs Elmer J. Lankershim Birth Stanley   24-Sep-25 6-Oct-25
Fritz, Mr & Mrs John Lankershim Birth A Son   18-Jun-17 29-Jun-17
Fritz, Ms J Wilmington   daughter of Lembke,Christina Caroline   17-Jan-22 20-Jan-22
Frost, Mrs Eldon Lankershim Death Born In Nova Scotia 26 yrs 4-Sep-25 18-Sep-25
Fry, Fred Los Angeles Death Step.Fthr Of Mrs Charles Osborne   13-Jul-19 18-Jul-19
Frye, Mr And Mrs Jess Lankershim Birth A Daughter   26-Apr-24 29-Apr-24
Fulcher, Ada   Marriage Thompson, John A. Lankershim 18-Dec-24 23-Dec-24
Fulcher, Ernest Lankershim Marriage Hayes, Mrs Carrie Van Nuys 1-Nov-23 6-Nov-23
Fulcher, James H. Lankershim Marriage Davis, Eleanor M. Los Angeles 18-Sep-23 21-Sep-23
Fullerton, Bertha Lankershim Marriage Mahan, Donald Lankershim 17-May-17 25-May-17
Fullerton, Irene Lankershim Death Spouse-Fred Newbill 19 yrs 22-May-11 26-May-11
Fullerton, James R.  San Francisco   husband of Fullerton, Mrs Lue M.   25-Oct-23 30-Oct-23
Fullerton, Mrs Lue M. San Francisco Death Wife Of James R. Fullerton   25-Oct-23 30-Oct-23
Fullerton, Pauline Lankershim Marriage Burroughs, Clyde Lankershim 3-Oct-25 9-Oct-25
Furbush, F.H. Near Encino Death Suicide-Wife Deceased   23-Aug-17 24-Aug-17
Gallegas, M/M Francisco  Lankershim   parents of Gallegas, Recardo   8-Dec-25 8-Dec-25
Gallegas, Recardo Lankershim Death Son Of M/M Francisco Gallegas 7 yrs 8-Dec-25 8-Dec-25
Gant, James M. Los Angeles Death Brother Of Sam Ellison 37 yrs 17-Feb-22 24-Feb-22
Gant, Mr & Mrs Joseph  Los Angeles Birth A Son   16-Feb-17 2-Mar-17
Garren, Mr & Mrs Earl Lankershim. Birth A Son   9-Jan-19 10-Jan-19
Gates, Lillian M. Lankershim Marriage Morrison, Herbert S. Van Nuys 20-Jun-20 25-Jun-20
Gau, Joseph Lankershim Death Resident 45 Yrs,Brother In Ohio   15-Mar-25 17-Mar-25
Gaubatz, Louis Lankershim Death     9-Jan-24 11-Jan-24
Gaubatz, Mrs      daughter of Miller, Mrs Helen B.   16-Jun-19 20-Jun-19
Gentis, Frank A. Lankershim Death Son Of Mr & Mrs Bert Gentis infant  14-Dec-13 20-Dec-13
Gentis, Mr & Mrs Bert  Lankershim   parents of Gentis, Frank A.   14-Dec-13 20-Dec-13
Gibbs, Mr And Mrs Claude Lankershim Birth A Daughter   30-Sep-19 3-Oct-19
Gibson, Mr And Mrs W.D. Lankershim Birth A Son   20-Jul-25 28-Jul-25
Gillette, Odette Eldorado County Marriage Clarke, Clarence B. Eldorado County 28-Feb-22 10-Mar-22
Gilse, Florance Burbank Marriage Barnes, Brown   9-Aug-19 15-Aug-19
Goldwater, Mrs S.C. Utah Death Sister Of Mrs E.J.Hall   29-Oct-25 3-Nov-25
Gollings, Elrick Lankershim Death Married - Civil War Veteran 80 years 19-Apr-24 25-Apr-24
Gonzales, Mr And Mrs Fernando Lankershim Birth Carlos   25-Apr-24 29-Apr-24
Goodall, Mrs Helen Gregg Lankershim Birth A Son   13-Jan-22 20-Jan-22
Gordon, Mrs Carrie   Death Ashes Sent To Relatives (Maine)   6-Dec-17 7-Dec-17
Gowey, Mr And Mrs   Birth A Daughter   21-Nov-23 23-Nov-23
Graham, Frank A. Long Beach   Husband of Graham, Mrs Alice Smith   23-May-23 1-Jun-23
Graham, J.T. Van Nuys  Death     20-Feb-12 24-Feb-12
Graham, Mrs Alice Smith Long Beach Death Wife Of Frank A.Graham   23-May-23 1-Jun-23
Graham, Pauline   Death Killed In Auto Wreck   21-Jun-25 23-Jun-25
Grant, Beryl Lankershim Death Parents-Mr/Mrs Clifford Grant lyr, 5 1/2mo 6-Sep-17 7-Sep-17
Grant, Cliff Lankershim Birth A Daughter   22-May-19 23-May-19
Grant, Leo Lankershim Death Son Of Mr & Mrs Clifford Grant 13 years 27-Feb-24 29-Feb-24
Grant, Mr/Mrs Clifford  Lankershim   parents of Grant, Beryl   6-Sep-17 7-Sep-17
Grant, Mr/Mrs Clifford  Lankershim   parents of Grant, Leo   27-Feb-24 29-Feb-24
Gregg, L.W. Van Nuys   nephew of Peters, M.A. 31 yr 7-Dec-20 17-Dec-20
Gregg, Blanche      wife of Laux, Richard   29-Jun-20 2-Jul-20
Gregg, L .W . Whittier   mother of Gregg, Mrs Susan   23-Nov-23 30-Nov-23
Gregg, Mrs Susan Whittier Death Children-L .W .Gregg/Blanche Laux 82 yrs 23-Nov-23 30-Nov-23
Griffin, Mr And Mrs Horace Lankershim Birth Virginia   3-Sep-25 11-Sep-25
Griffin, Virginia Lankershim Birth Griffin, Mr And Mrs Horace   3-Sep-25 11-Sep-25
Griffith, Dr Robert Blake Los Angeles Marriage Constant, Gertrude Lankershim 18-Oct-11 20-Oct-11
Grinnel, Mr And Mrs B.D. Lankershim Birth A Son   19-Jun-25 23-Jun-25
Grofe, Mr And Mrs Ferde Lankershim Birth A Daughter   1923 14-Sep-23
Grosse, Mr And Mrs Herman Lankershim Birth A Daughter   1922 10-Feb-22
Grotzinger, Madeline Hollywood Marriage Savage, Rey F. San Francisco 28-Dec-20 31-Dec-20
Groves, John  Lankershim   husband of Groves, Lizzie   4-Jul-22 7-Jul-22
Groves, Lizzie Lankershim Death Wife Of John Groves   4-Jul-22 7-Jul-22
Guerney, J.E. Lankershim Death Accidental Death   16-May-23 18-May-23
Guerra, Marietta   Death Niece Of Mr & Mrs Delliquardri   3-Jul-19 4-Jul-19
Guill, (Baby Girl) Lankershim Death Parents - Mr & Mrs J.O.Guill 7 days 10-Jul-25 14-Jul-25
Guill, Mr & Mrs J.O. Lankershim   parents of Guill, (Baby Girl)   10-Jul-25 14-Jul-25
Gunn, Mr And Mrs Alfred Lankershim Birth A Son   26-Feb-23 9-Mar-23
Gwynn, Alfred James Lankershim Death Spouse-Katherine Scherer 58 yrs 13-Feb-12 24-Feb-12