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Volume 1 - (1911 to 1925)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions
"H" and "I"

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume I" was produced by the efforts of many members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the Lankershim Laconic and Lankershim Press newspapers which were published between the years 1911 and 1925.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.


Haak, Henrietta C.   Marriage Albers, B.J.  Lankershim 10-Dec-13 13-Dec-13
Haas, Edith May Owensmouth Marriage Hull, Warren Owensmouth 2-Jul-19 4-Jul-19
Haas, John Calabasas Death Pioneer-Killed By Horse   Dec-17 14-Dec-17
Haddock, Ellen Aletta Lankershim Marriage Sweet, Henry E. Valyermo 9-Aug-24 12-Aug-24
Haddock, Mr & Mrs M.C. Los Angeles Birth A Son   11-Jan-12 13-Jan-12
Haddock, Mr And Mrs Lankershim Birth A Son   May-22 12-May-22
Hall, Ella   Marriage Johnson, Emory   6-Sep-17 14-Sep-17
Hall, Mr & Mrs E.D. Van Nuys   nephew of Hall, Mrs Clara   Feb-19 28-Feb-19
Hall, Mr And Mrs E.D. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   31-Aug-19 5-Sep-19
Hall, Mrs Clara Van Nuys Death Aunt Of Mr & Mrs E.D.Hall   Feb-19 28-Feb-19
Hall, Mrs E.J. Utah   sister of Goldwater, Mrs S.C.   29-Oct-25 3-Nov-25
Hall, Robert France Death Hollywood Resident   1917 28-Sep-17
Haller, Elsie Burbank Marriage Mueller, William Burbank 1912 18-May-12
Hamilton, Olive L. Lankershim Marriage Causley, Louis Tehama, Ca 23-Mar-25 24-Mar-25
Hamlet, Mrs Caroline E. Lankershim Death Aunt Of Frank S. Clemons 71 yrs 22-Nov-23 27-Nov-23
Hanley, Elizabeth Media, Penna Marriage Hawkins, H. T. Hermosa Beach Feb-22 17-Feb-22
Hanley, Mr And Mrs J.J. Lankershim Birth A Son   1922 21-Jul-22
Hansen, Marie Germany Marriage Pruitt, Elmer L. Lankershim 15-Nov-23 20-Nov-23
Harner, H.H. Nowata, Okla   husband of Harner, Mrs Flora Shaw   6-Apr-23 20-Apr-23
Harner, Mrs Flora Shaw Nowata, Okla Death Wife Of H.H.Harner   6-Apr-23 20-Apr-23
Harr, Miss   Marriage Lamparter, John Lankershim 20-Nov-13 22-Nov-13
Harris, Sarah  Lankershim   mother of Harris, Charles H.   1-Apr-23 6-Apr-23
Harris, Augustus A. Los Angeles Death Brother Of Charles F. Harris   12-Feb-24 12-Feb-24
Harris, Charles F.  Los Angeles   brother of Harris, Augustus A.   12-Feb-24 12-Feb-24
Harris, Charles F.  Los Angeles   brother of Harris, Augustus A.   12-Feb-24 12-Feb-24
Harris, Charles H. Lankershim Death Richard & Sarah Harris-Parents   1-Apr-23 6-Apr-23
Harris, Mary Burbank Death Daughter Of Mrs Mattie Harris 4 yrs 22-Sep-25 25-Sep-25
Harris, Mrs Mattie  Burbank   mother of Harris, Mary   22-Sep-25 25-Sep-25
Harris, Richard  Lankershim   father of Harris, Charles H.   1-Apr-23 6-Apr-23
Harrod, Naomi C.  Winfield, Kansas   husband of Prince, George Perry   7-Feb-12 24-Feb-12
Hart, Mr And Mrs C.F. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   20-Jun-24 24-Jun-24
Hart, Walter Los Angeles Death Train Accident   9-Oct-19 10-Oct-19
Harthan, Ida Los Angeles Marriage Nollenberger, George Lankershim 6-Dec-13 13-Dec-13
Harthian, Mr And Mrs C.E. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   Jan-22 13-Jan-22
Hartman, Clarence Hollywood Marriage Nollenberger, Carolyn Lankershim 25-Apr-17 4-May-17
Hartwell, Doloris Lankershim Birth Hartwell, Mr And Mrs E.L.   10-Jan-24 11-Jan-24
Hartwell, Dorothy Lankershim Birth Hartwell, Mr And Mrs E.L.   10-Jan-24 11-Jan-24
Hartwell, Mr And Mrs E.L. Lankershim Birth Dorothy   10-Jan-24 11-Jan-24
Hartwell, Mr And Mrs E.L. Lankershim Birth Doloris   10-Jan-24 11-Jan-24
Hartwell, Mrs Susan A. Lankershim Death     17-Jan-24 22-Jan-24
Harwood, Fred H. Lankershim Death Married, 2 Young Daughters  62 yrs 23-Oct-25 27-Oct-25
Hasegawa, Mr And Mrs Henry Hoffman Ranch Birth Tokid   12-Jul-19 18-Jul-19
Hasegawa, Tokid Hoffman Ranch Birth Hasegawa, Mr And Mrs Henry   12-Jul-19 18-Jul-19
Haskins, Mayme A. Lankershim Death Dau. Of Mr.Mrs Grover Haskins 1 yr 21-Jun-23 22-Jun-23
Haskins, Mr.Mrs Grover  Lankershim   parents of Haskins, Mayme A.   21-Jun-23 22-Jun-23
Hatfield, William Everett Lankershim Death     20-May-23 25-May-23
Hawkins, H. T. Herhosa Beach Marriage Hanley, Elizabeth Media, Penna Feb-22 17-Feb-22
Hawley, A.S. Lankershim   husband of Hawley, Mrs Birdie E.   5-Jan-23 12-Jan-23
Hawley, Mrs Birdie E. Lankershim Death Wife Of A.S.Hawley   5-Jan-23 12-Jan-23
Hayes, Alton Lankershim Marriage Evans, Ruth Lankershim 3-Apr-24 8-Apr-24
Hayes, James T. San Luis Obispo Marriage Ross, Dorothy Lou Ella   5-Jul-24 8-Jul-24
Hayes, Mr And Mrs Al   Birth A Daughter   16-Jul-25 21-Jul-25
Hayes, Mrs Carrie Van Nuys Marriage Fulcher, Ernest Lankershim 1-Nov-23 6-Nov-23
Hayner, Mr And Mrs Lankershim Birth A Son   19-Feb-24 26-Feb-24
Haynes, Charles Francis Lankershim Birth Haynes, Mr & Mrs C.B.   4-Jun-17 8-Jun-17
Haynes, Garrison Silvertown, Ore Death Father Of Mrs T.C.Dwire   Dec-24 16-Dec-24
Haynes, Mr & Mrs C.B. Lankershim Birth Charles Francis Haynes   4-Jun-17 8-Jun-17
Hefty, Anna E. Lankershim Death Wife Of Oscar L. Hefty 30 yrs 15-Jul-25 17-Jul-25
Hefty, Oscar L.  Lankershim   husband of Hefty, Anna E.   15-Jul-25 17-Jul-25
Heisler, Jessie Williams Marshall, MO Marriage Miller, S.L. Marshall, MO Feb-22 3-Mar-22
Heisler, Mrs Jessie Missouri Birth A Son   28-Nov-13 6-Dec-13
Henry, William A.. Los Angeles Death Buried In Hollywood   16-Aug-25 21-Aug-25
Herron, Margaret Elanor   Marriage Failar, Ralph   1-Jul-19 4-Jul-19
Herron, Mark Lankershim Marriage Williams, Barbara Hollywood 1-Sep-25 8-Sep-25
Hertan, Gertrupe Lankershim Marriage Huggenberger, Charley Lankershim 15-Mar-24 18-Mar-24
Hestand, Jack Warren Lankershim Birth Hestand, Mr And Mrs J.H.   20-Aug-25 25-Aug-25
Hestand, Mr And Mrs J.H. Lankershim Birth Jack Warren   20-Aug-25 25-Aug-25
Hevia, Manuel Lankershim Death Brother Of Mrs J.J.Torres 24 yrs 11-Sep-25 15-Sep-25
Hickerson, Percy   Birth A Son   9-Sep-12 13-Sep-12
High, Harald L.   Marriage Comer, June May   2-Jan-23 12-Jan-23
Hill, Florence Hollywood Marriage Hughes, Harry Hollywood May-22 2-Jun-22
Hinman, Mr & Mrs Lesse Wheeler   Birth A Son   31-Aug-12 13-Sep-12
Hite, Beulah V. Long Beach Marriage Mitchell, Edwin C. Lankershim 9-Dec-24 12-Dec-24
Hobart, Mr And Mrs A.E. Lankershim Birth A Son   23-Feb-24 29-Feb-24
Hodgi S, Margaret M. Lankershim Death     21-May-24 23-May-24
Hodgson, Edward Lankershim Death Husband Of Sarah Jane Hodgson   14-Aug-23 17-Aug-23
Hodgson, Sarah Jane  Lankershim   wife of Hodgson, Edward   14-Aug-23 17-Aug-23
Hoegerman, Mrs Mary B. Los Angeles Death Stepmother Of Mrs Clara Wilcox   18-Nov-13 22-Nov-13
Hoerger, George Lankershim Marriage Taylor, Lena Lankershim 19-Jun-24 24-Jun-24
Hoffman, Peter Lankershim Death Batchelor abt 50 yrs 22-Dec-23 25-Dec-23
Holland, Mrs T.C. Boston, Mass Death     20-Jun-24 27-Jun-24
Holloway, B.R. Van Nuys   husband of Holloway, Mrs Etta   28-Sep-17 5-Oct-17
Holloway, Mrs Etta Van Nuys Death Spouse-B.R.Holloway, 3 Children    28-Sep-17 5-Oct-17
Honea, Ruby B. Hollywood Marriage Yeakel, Fred J. Lankershim 24-Feb-25 24-Feb-25
Hooker, Claude L. Lankershim Death   17 yrs 25-Jan-23 26-Jan-23
Hopper, Burton C. Universal City Marriage Young, Alice Lankershim 17-Feb-23 23-Feb-23
Hopper, Edward England   son of Hopper, Mr   Nov-23 20-Nov-23
Hopper, Mr England Death Father Of Edward Hopper   Nov-23 20-Nov-23
Horton, Lee Huntington Park Marriage Straughen, Emma Lankershim 3-May-22 5-May-22
Hoskins, Mr And Mrs G.C. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   Apr-22 28-Apr-22
Hoskins, Mr And Mrs Grover Lankershim Birth A Son   22-Oct-19 24-Oct-19
Hosler, Joseph Lankershim Birth Hosler, Mr And Mrs J.W.   7-Sep-25 11-Sep-25
Hosler, Mr And Mrs J.W. Lankershim Birth Joseph   7-Sep-25 11-Sep-25
Houser, Mr And Mrs H.W. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   1-Aug-25 4-Aug-25
Hovden, John Lankershim Birth Hovden, Mr And Mrs O.K.   7-Sep-25 11-Sep-25
Hovden, Mr And Mrs O.K. Lankershim Birth A Son   12-Oct-22 14-Oct-22
Hovden, Mr And Mrs O.K. Lankershim Birth John   7-Sep-25 11-Sep-25
Howland, Fred G. Los Angeles Death   64 years 28-Apr-24 29-Apr-24
Hrdlika, Marie M. Lankershim Death Wife Of Geo M.Brown 43 yrs 16-Sep-23 25-Sep-23
Huggenberger, Charley Lankershim Marriage Hertan, Gertrupe Lankershim 15-Mar-24 18-Mar-24
Hughes, Harry Hollywood Marriage Hill, Florence Hollywood May-22 2-Jun-22
Hughes, James P. Lankershim Death Born N.Y.- Death Valley Miner  48 yrs Dec-24 16-Dec-24
Hughes, Mr/Mrs Richard  Lankershim   parents of Hughes, Walter   18-Nov-23 20-Nov-23
Hughes, Walter Lankershim Death Parents-Mr/Mrs Richard Hughes 9 months 18-Nov-23 20-Nov-23
Hull, Warren Owensmouth Marriage Haas, Edith May Owensmouth 2-Jul-19 4-Jul-19
Hulse, G.H. Los Angeles Marriage Aldrich, Dorothy Mary Los Angeles 5-Aug-25 11-Aug-25
Hunt, Hal E. Los Angeles Marriage Whitmore, Bessie Pauline Universal City 21-Dec-25 22-Dec-25
Hunt, Mrs E.J. Los Angeles Death Mother Of Rev. George A. Hunt 89 yrs 4-Dec-20 17-Dec-20
Hunt, Rev. George A. Los Angeles   son of Hunt, Mrs E.J.   4-Dec-20 17-Dec-20
Hutcheson, Anne Kellogg Lankershim Marriage McCann, W. F. Los Angeles 11-May-22 12-May-22
Huth, Charles Lankershim Birth Clinton Charles   21-Dec-23 18-Jan-24
Huth, Charles  Sawtelle   son of Huth, George   4-Aug-25 7-Aug-25
Huth, Clinton Charles Lankershim Birth Huth, Charles   21-Dec-23 18-Jan-24
Huth, George Sawtelle Death Civ War Vet,Son Is Charles Huth   4-Aug-25 7-Aug-25
Ijams, Mr & Mrs Wm. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   10-Aug-11 18-Aug-11
Iseman, Mrs G.W.   Death sister of Weber, J.M.   8-Oct-17 19-Oct-17