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Volume 1 - (1911 to 1925)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume I" was produced by the efforts of many members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the Lankershim Laconic and Lankershim Press newspapers which were published between the years 1911 and 1925.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.


MacFarlane, Hiram Edgett Lankershim Death Born New Brunswick, Canada 53 yrs 6-Nov-25 10-Nov-25
Machus, Charles Lankershim Marriage Vidos, Julia Lankershim 22-Jan-20 30-Jan-20
MacLeod, Norman Owen Smouih Death Born Scotland, WW-I Vet 35 yrs 31-Oct-23 6-Nov-23
MacVichie, Donald Ishpeming, Mich Death WW-1 Aviator From Hollywood 35 yrs 30-Jun-24 8-Jul-24
Macy, Oscar A.   Marriage MccClean, Mrs Ella Los Angeles 28-Mar-17 30-Mar-17
Madsen, Irene Kadz Tujunga Marriage Davis, Paul Frederick Marianna, Fl Mar-24 1-Apr-24
Maese, Mrs Maria Lankershim Death   59 yrs 7-Oct-23 9-Oct-23
Mahan, Donald Lankershim Marriage Fullerton, Bertha Lankershim 17-May-17 25-May-17
Mahan, Mr And Mrs Don Ramona Acres Birth A Daughter   Feb-22 24-Feb-22
Mahler, Robert Lankershim Marriage Schoder, Bertha Lankershim 26-Sep-25 29-Sep-25
Manchester, Mamie A.  Lankershim   wife of Manchester, William A.   1-Nov-23 2-Nov-23
Manchester, William A. Lankershim Death Husband Of Mamie A. Manchester 54 yrs 1-Nov-23 2-Nov-23
Manley, Dorothy Alice Burbank Marriage Williams, Floyd Lankershim 22-Aug-24 12-Aug-24
Maple, Mrs Ida  Lankershim   mother of Maple, Wilma   6-May-22 12-May-22
Maple, Wilma Lankershim Death Daughter Of Mrs Ida Maple 12 yrs 6-May-22 12-May-22
Markinsen, John   Death Electrocuted   14-Jul-25 21-Jul-25
Marks, Max Hollywood Death Actor-Died Doing A Scene 35 yrs 18-Sep-25 22-Sep-25
Marple, Antoinette M. San Fernando Marriage Brooks, Irving C. Lankershim 29-Jun-20 2-Jul-20
Marquez, Mr And Mrs M. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   4-Dec-24 9-Dec-24
Marr, Charles D. Los Angeles Marriage Jacobus, Dorothy M. Los Angeles 28-Sep-25 29-Sep-25
Marshall, J. Ray Glendale Marriage Algots, Marion Escondido 3-Nov-23 6-Nov-23
Martin, Barrett Eastman Lankershim Death Parents-Mr And Mrs John Martin 6 yrs 5-Nov-23 6-Nov-23
Martin, Mr And Mrs John Lankershim   parents of Martin, Barrett Eastman   5-Nov-23 6-Nov-23
Martin, Mr And Mrs Louis   Birth A Son   14-Jan-20 16-Jan-20
Martinez, Mrs Joe Taylor Ranch Death     7-Oct-13 11-Oct-13
Massuere, Mr/Mrs Mark H.  Lankershim   parents of Massuere, Marshall   5-Dec-24 9-Dec-24
Massuere, Marshall Lankershim Death Son Of Mr/Mrs Mark H. Massuere 4 yrs 5-Dec-24 9-Dec-24
Mastin, Zetta Lankershim Marriage Frieberg, Carl Edward Lankershim 12-Jun-17 15-Jun-17
Mathisen, Lillian Lankershim Marriage DePlentis, Arnold Glendale 4-Aug-25 21-Aug-25
Mathisen, Martin H. Lankershim Marriage     1920 9-Jan-20
Matthes, Mrs Wallie Elsie Lankershim Death Recently From Germany 32 yrs 25-Dec-24 26-Dec-24
May, Asbury W. Lankershim Death Born Ky,Leaves Wife, 3 Children 66 yrs 5-Nov-25 10-Nov-25
May, T. Ben Lankershim Marriage Young, Hazel Lankershim 10-Nov-24 11-Nov-24
McAnally, Lum Eastland, Texas Death Oil Drilling Accident   Jul-22 21-Jul-22
McBride, Mrs Blaffton, Ind. Death Mother Of Rev. Guy McBride   30-Mar-24 1-Apr-24
McBride, Rev. Guy      son of McBride, Mrs   30-Mar-24 1-Apr-24
McCabe, Frances Lankershim Marriage Bard, Douglas Lankershim 28-Feb-22 10-Mar-22
McCabe, H.L. Los Angeles   child of McCabe, Terrance   28-Jun-17 29-Jun-17
McCabe, Terrance Los Angeles Death Born Iowa-Father Of H.L.Mccabe 72 yr 28-Jun-17 29-Jun-17
Mccann, Elizabeth Lankershim Marriage Cushman, Robert Lawrence   15-Jun-25 16-Jun-25
McCann, W. F. Los Angeles Marriage Hutcheson, Anne Kellogg Lankershim 11-May-22 12-May-22
McCarthy, Mr And Mrs A. Lankershim Birth A Son   Dec-19 2-Jan-20
MccClean, Mrs Ella Los Angeles Marriage Macy, Oscar A.   28-Mar-17 30-Mar-17
Mcclay, Alice Lankershim Marriage Pruitt, Ray Lankershim 31-Jan-25 6-Feb-25
McClelland, Clyde Los Angeles Marriage Barnes, Toy Lankershim 19-May-20 21-May-20
McClelland, Mr And Mrs Clyde Lankershim Birth A Daughter   21-Aug-23 24-Aug-23
McClish, Dallas Hollywood Marriage Lane, Inez Hollywood 8-Nov-19 14-Nov-19
McClure, Joseph A  Lankershim Death husband of McClure, Lucy Fitch   22-Jul-25 24-Jul-25
McClure, Mrs Lucy Fitch Lankershim Death Wife Of Joseph A McClure 70 yrs 22-Jul-25 24-Jul-25
McConaghy, William Los Angeles Marriage Miller, Miss Anbna Lankershim 12-Dec-23 14-Dec-23
McCormick, A. Lankershim   husband of McCormick, Mrs Josie   30-Mar-17 6-Apr-17
McCormick, Charlotte Los Angeles Death Dau Of Mr & Mrs A. McCormick   22-Jul-19 25-Jul-19
McCormick, Mr & Mrs A.  Los Angeles   parents of Kaliher, Charlotte   22-Jul-19 25-Jul-19
McCormick, Mrs Josie Lankershim Death Pioneer-Widow Of A.McCormick 75 yr 30-Mar-17 6-Apr-17
McCrady, E.O. Lankershim   child of Webster, Alphonse Frank   5-Mar-24 7-Mar-24
McEwing, John Long Beach Marriage Williams, Hettie Lankershim 1-Feb-17 2-Feb-17
McHugh, Garrett Van Nuys Death     4-May-24 6-May-24
McIndoo, Mrs Anna F.   Death Auto Accident   4-Nov-23 6-Nov-23
McIntyre, John   Death     16-May-24 20-May-24
McLean, Florence Hollywood Marriage Schlatter, George   4-Mar-12 9-Mar-12
McLellam, F.A. Hollywood   parents of McLellam, Ivy M.   1-Aug-17 3-Aug-17
McLellam, Ivy M. Hollywood Death Dau Of Mr/Mrs F.A.McLellam 23 yrs 1-Aug-17 3-Aug-17
McLelland, Fenton Lankershim Marriage Burton, Grace Los Angeles 12-Aug-22 16-Aug-22
McManus, Mr.E.W. Battle Creek,Mi Death Resident Of Kansas City   1-Oct-23 2-Oct-23
McMillan, Mr And Mrs D.A. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   4-Dec-24 9-Dec-24
McNary, Mr. Long Beach Death Ran Lankershim Service Station   May-22 12-Jun-22
McNees, Mr And Mrs V.D. North Lankershim Birth A Son   23-Mar-24 4-Apr-24
Mendez, M. Lankershim Death Buried In Burbank 37 yr 25-Jan-19 31-Jan-19
Merrill, Mrs M.M. Los Angeles   daughter of Montague, Newell S.   3-Nov-24 7-Nov-24
Meserve, A. R. Los Angeles Death Horticulture Commissioner 78 yr 7-Feb-12 10-Feb-12
Mezzio, Mr And Mrs Concetto Lankershim Birth A Daughter   6-Sep-23 11-Sep-23
Micheals, George  Lankershim   husband of Micheals, Mrs Sarah R.   Oct-23 5-Oct-23
Micheals, Mrs Sarah R. Lankershim Death Wife Of George Micheals 54 yrs Oct-23 5-Oct-23
Millee, C.T. Lankershim   relative of Anderson, Edward    Nov-17 16-Nov-17
Miller, Miss Anbna Lankershim Marriage McConaghy, William Los Angeles 12-Dec-23 14-Dec-23
Miller, Mrs Helen B.   Death Mother Of Mrs Gaubatz   16-Jun-19 20-Jun-19
Miller, Mrs Mary E.   Death Mother Of Sarah Rogers   28-Jun-20 2-Jul-20
Miller, S.L. Marshall, MO Marriage Heisler, Jessie Williams Marshall, MO Feb-22 3-Mar-22
Mills, George K. Lankershim Marriage Morgan, Miss Mercedes S. Lankershim 1-Jun-23 8-Jun-23
Mills, Mr And Mrs R.F. Lankershim Birth Virginia Mae   27-Dec-23 1-Jan-24
Mills, Virginia Mae Lankershim Birth Mills, Mr And Mrs R.F.   27-Dec-23 1-Jan-24
Millsaps, Alice J. Lankershim Marriage Body, Herbert J. Lankershim 30-Apr-22 5-May-22
Milton, Mamie Whittier Marriage Wells, Walter L. Chatsworth 20-Sep-23 28-Sep-23
Mitchell, Beatrice Lankershim Marriage Stetson, E.L. Hollywood 28-Sep-25 6-Oct-25
Mitchell, Edwin C. Lankershim Marriage Hite, Beulah V. Long Beach 9-Dec-24 12-Dec-24
Mitchell, John R. Lankershim Death Father Of Mrs E.M.Russell 64 yrs 7-Jul-24 8-Jul-24
Mitchell, Mary Annabel Lankershim Death 2nd Dau Of Mr/Mrs E.B.Mitchell 24 yrs 16-Mar-17 23-Mar-17
Mitchell, Mr/Mrs E.B. Lankershim   daughter of Mitchell, Mary Annabel   16-Mar-17 23-Mar-17
Montague, Newell S. Los Angeles Death Father Of Mrs M.M.Merrill 80 yrs 3-Nov-24 7-Nov-24
Mooney, D.C.  Los Angeles   child of Mooney, Mrs Belle   21-Jul-25 28-Jul-25
Mooney, Mrs Belle Los Angeles Death Mother Of D.C. Mooney   21-Jul-25 28-Jul-25
Morgan, Garmen Los Angeles Marriage Toreson, Helen Mary Lankershim 8-Jul-24 15-Jul-24
Morgan, Miss Mercedes S. Lankershim Marriage Mills, George K. Lankershim 1-Jun-23 8-Jun-23
Morrison, Clara  Lankershim Marriage Durrell, Lawrence Lankershim 14-Oct-24 17-Oct-24
Morrison, George  Lankershim   husband of Morrison, Mrs May   14-Dec-25 15-Dec-25
Morrison, Herbert S. Van Nuys Marriage Gates, Lillian M. Lankershim 20-Jun-20 25-Jun-20
Morrison, Mr And Mrs C. Lankershim Birth A Son   7-May-24 13-May-24
Morrison, Mr And Mrs George Lankershim Birth A Son   24-Sep-20 1-Oct-20
Morrison, Mrs May Lankershim Death Wife Of George Morrison   14-Dec-25 15-Dec-25
Mrs M.A.Muir Challis, Idaho Death Sister of Beattie, James   14-Oct-22 18-Oct-22
Mueller, William Burbank Marriage Haller, Elsie Burbank 1912 18-May-12
Muir, Helen Lankershim Marriage Jackson, Samuel Lankershim 27-Jan-24 29-Jan-24
Muir, Miss Francis Lankershim Marriage Pomeroy, Hugh R. Redondo Beach 21-Jan-23 26-Jan-23
Mulhall, Katherine Lankershim Marriage Tuch, Fred Los Angeles 26-Sep-17 28-Sep-17
Mulholland, Mr And Mrs Perry Owensmouth Birth A Son   Jul-25 31-Jul-25
Murphy, Carolyn Cushman Brooklyn, N.Y. Marriage Wiegand, Roy Silvester   Jan-24 22-Jan-24
Murphy, Mr & Mrs Frank   Birth A Daughter   13-May-12 18-May-12
Muteau, Mr And Mrs J Lankershim Birth A Daughter   11-Oct-22 14-Oct-22
Myer, Crocket San Fernando   son of Myers, C.G.   22-Mar-12 23-Mar-12
Myers, C.G. San Fernando Death Son-Crocket,Dau-Mrs Van Winkle   22-Mar-12 23-Mar-12
Myers, Cora Lankershim Marriage Roberts, Walter Los Angeles 7-Mar-12 16-Mar-12
Myers, Vera Lankershim Marriage Franklin, Norman S. Lankershim 24-Jun-24 27-Jun-24