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Volume 1 - (1911 to 1925)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume I" was produced by the efforts of many members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the Lankershim Laconic and Lankershim Press newspapers which were published between the years 1911 and 1925.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.


Naujak, ?   Death Auto Accident   24-Sep-20 1-Oct-20
Neely, Ethel   Marriage Wiggins, A.V   12-Sep-17 5-Oct-17
Nehen, Mr & Mrs H.   Birth A Son   May-12 11-May-12
Neimeyer, Bernard E. Lankershim Marriage Dietrich, Euala C. Los Angeles 14-Mar-25 27-Mar-25
Nelson, Augusta  Lankershim   wife of Santee, George W.   16-May-11 19-May-11
Nelson, Hilda Los Angeles Marriage Anderson, Carl Lankershim 2-Sep-25 15-Sep-25
Nelson, J.M. Lankershim Death     5-Sep-17 7-Sep-17
Nelson, Mrs Hulda A. Los Angeles Death Wife Of Swan Nelson   13-Mar-23 16-Mar-23
Nelson, Swan  Los Angeles   husband of Nelson, Mrs Hulda A.   13-Mar-23 16-Mar-23
Newbill, Fred Lankershim   husband of Fullerton, Irene   22-May-11 26-May-11
Newhill, Fred Lankershim   bother of Newhill, Virgie W.   9-Oct-19 10-Oct-19
Newhill, Virgie W. Lankershim Death Train Accident,Brother Of Fred 40 yr 9-Oct-19 10-Oct-19
Nichols, C.P.   Marriage Russell, Mrs M.D.   14-Aug-19 22-Aug-19
Nichols, John H. Lankershim Death Father Of Mrs J.T.Roach 76 yrs 19-Dec-23 21-Dec-23
Nicholson, A.J. Lankershim Death Accidentally Shot Himself   5-Feb-17 9-Feb-17
Niemeyer, Marie C. Lankershim Marriage Blankmeyer, Joseph B. Los Angeles 22-Sep-25 25-Sep-25
Niemeyer, Vera Lankershim Marriage Bennett, Jack Riverside 1-Nov-23 6-Nov-23
Nixon, Mr And Mrs Thomas Lankershim  Birth A Son   9-Nov-25 13-Nov-25
Noble, Ellen Lankershim Marriage Rediger, Alvin Universal City 13-Jul-22 21-Jul-22
Nobles, Carrol Lankershim Marriage Bostleman, Miss Los Angeles 1-Nov-17 7-Dec-17
Nobles, Joe Lankershim Marriage Truitt, Aida Lankershim 18-Nov-22 25-Nov-22
Nobles, Oscar Lankershim Birth A Daughter   23-Feb-19 28-Feb-19
Nobles, Vernon Lankershim Marriage Schrode, Grace Bette Lankershim 19-Oct-22 8-Nov-22
Nollenberger, Carolyn Lankershim Marriage Hartman, Clarence Hollywood 25-Apr-17 4-May-17
Nollenberger, Clara Irene Lankershim Birth Nollenberger, Mr And Mrs George   18-Jun-22 25-Dec-23
Nollenberger, Clara Irene Palmdale Death Parents-Mr/Mrs Geo .Nollenberger 1 yr 6 mo 20-Dec-23 25-Dec-23
Nollenberger, Frank     brother of Nollenberger, Herman   15-Dec-23 18-Dec-23
Nollenberger, George Lankershim Marriage Harthan, Ida Los Angeles 6-Dec-13 13-Dec-13
Nollenberger, George N.     brother of Nollenberger, Herman   15-Dec-23 18-Dec-23
Nollenberger, Herman   Death Brother Of Frank And George N. 38 yrs 15-Dec-23 18-Dec-23
Nollenberger, Mr   Birth A Daughter   24-Mar-12 30-Mar-12
Nollenberger, Mr And Mrs George Lankershim Birth A Son   9-Jun-20 11-Jun-20
Nollenberger, Mr And Mrs George Lankershim Birth Clara Irene   18-Jun-22 25-Dec-23
Nollenberger,Mr/Mrs Geo.  Palmdale   parents of Nollenberger, Clara Irene   20-Dec-23 25-Dec-23
Nollenburger, Christina C. Lankershim Death Nee Jaeger, Spouse-William C. 65 yr 29-Jan-19 31-Jan-19
Nollenburger, William C. Lankershim   husband of Nollenburger, Christina C.   29-Jan-19 31-Jan-19
Norris, Ralph     cousin of Walters, Mrs Elma   10-Sep-25 15-Sep-25
Nylander, I.A. Los Angeles Marriage Childress, Norma E. Lankershim 31-Jan-24 8-Feb-24
O'neal, Florence Lankershim Marriage Cass, Garnett Riverside 8-Jan-25 20-Jan-25
O'Neill, Carolyn Burton  Lankershim   wife of Kimball, Wade Harris   18-May-19 23-May-19
Oatman, Charles P. Lankershim   husband of Oatman, Mrs Mary Esther 60 yrs 23-Jun-23 29-Jun-23
Oatman, Mrs Mary Esther Lankershim Death Wife Of Charles P.Oatman 60 yrs 23-Jun-23 29-Jun-23
Ogden, Gus   Marriage Young, Alene   14-Apr-12 20-Apr-12
Oliver, Mr & Mrs L.D. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   May-19 30-May-19
Olroyd, Miss Grace Lankershim Marriage Barnes, Jason Lankershim 31-Mar-17 6-Apr-17
Orthober, Mrs S. (Nee Parker)   Birth A Daughter   7-Jan-25 9-Jan-25
Orthober, Steve Los Angeles Marriage Parker, Lucile Carolyn Lankershim 8-Mar-24 11-Mar-24
Osborne, Mary  Lankershim   wife of Corteen, Robert   14-Apr-22 21-Apr-22
Osborne, Mrs Charles  Los Angeles   step-daughter of Fry, Fred   13-Jul-19 18-Jul-19
Osborne, Valentine Lankershim Marriage Deeds, Dorothy Lankershim 20-Apr-17 27-Apr-17
Ouesinberry, E.E. Lankershim Marriage Kraemer, Estelle L. Lankershim 2-Jan-25 6-Jan-25
Ovalle, Ramon Arlington Death Born Mexico, Shot By Bro-In-Law 19 yrs 2-Dec-25 4-Dec-25
Padgett, William B. Los Angeles Marriage Bosler, Helen Lank Ershim 26-Jun-23 6-Jul-23
Parker, Lucile Carolyn Lankershim Marriage Orthober, Steve Los Angeles 8-Mar-24 11-Mar-24
Parker, Mrs Los Angeles Death Mother Of E.M.Westerfield   Sep-17 28-Sep-17
Parks, C . Corcoran, Calif   husband of Parks, Mrs Lou   21-Oct-11 27-Oct-11
Parks, Mr And Mrs Sutton Lankershim Birth A Son   28-Dec-24 30-Dec-24
Parks, Mrs Lou Corcoran, Calif Death Spouse-C .Parks   21-Oct-11 27-Oct-11
Parrish, J.E. Lankershim Death Left Widow, 2 Sons, 1 Daughter 77 yr 7-Jul-17 13-Jul-17
Parrott, Marc C. Lankershim Death Married With Children 35 yr 23-Feb-20 27-Feb-20
Parrott, Mark Lankershim Birth A Daughter   May-19 30-May-19
Parrott, Mrs Blanche Lankershim Marriage Bonslog, E. A. Lankershim 26-Dec-22 30-Dec-22
Parsons, Norton J. Lankershim Death   36 yrs 30-Jun-22 7-Jul-22
Paul, Mr & Mrs Lankershim Birth A Son   20-Mar-12 23-Mar-12
Payne, Mr And Mrs Joseph Lankershim Birth A Son   25-Nov-19 28-Nov-19
Pearce, Mrs Nannie J. Lankershim Death Wife Of Deceased Samuel Pearce   1-Apr-23 6-Apr-23
Pearce, Samuel, dec'd Lankershim   husband of Pearce, Mrs Nannie J.   1-Apr-23 6-Apr-23
Pentecost, Frank Lankershim Marriage Sternberg, Ethel Lankershim 31-Jan-25 6-Feb-25
Perry, Clarence Torrance Marriage Weihn, Anna M. Lankershim 20-Jan-25 23-Jan-25
Perry, Clarence  Hollywood   husband of Perry, Mrs Anna   5-Oct-25 6-Oct-25
Perry, Mrs Anna Hollywood Death Wife Of Clarence Perry 29 yrs 5-Oct-25 6-Oct-25
Perry, Mrs Belle Los Angeles Death Widow-Came From Charlotte, Mich   16-Aug-25 18-Aug-25
Peters, Frank C. Santa Ana Death Father Of H.E.Peters 54 yrs 15-Nov-24 18-Nov-24
Peters, H.E. Santa Ana   child of Peters, Frank C.   15-Nov-24 18-Nov-24
Peters, Irwin N. Van Nuys Marriage Killion, Nellie Lankershim 24-Dec-17 28-Dec-17
Peters, M.A. Van Nuys Death Uncle Of L.W.Gregg   7-Dec-20 17-Dec-20
Peters, Nellie Killion Lankershim Death Daughter Of R.M.Killion   26-Aug-20 3-Sep-20
Petree, Mrs Cora  Lankershim   daughter of Eggleson, Mrs Nancy   4-Sep-25 8-Sep-25
Phelps, Mr And Mrs Byron Lankershim Birth A Son   May-22 12-May-22
Pigg, William R. Newhall Death Business Man   16-Jul-22 21-Jul-22
Pilcher, Helen Ventura? Marriage Shirey, Dr C.W. Lankershim 1919 26-Sep-19
Pilcher, John S. Colby, Kansas Death Constable-Accidentally Killed   4-Jun-25 9-Jun-25
Pinkley, Mrs Eugenia Lankershim Marriage Stevens, Edward Los Angeles 29-Jun-25 3-Jul-25
Pomeroy, Charles H. Burbank Marriage Fox, Flora Mae Lankershim 29-Nov-20 3-Dec-20
Pomeroy, Flora May Lankershim Birth Pomeroy, Mrs Charles H.Jr.   1922 7-Jul-22
Pomeroy, Hugh R. Redondo Beach Marriage Muir, Miss Francis Lankershim 21-Jan-23 26-Jan-23
Pomeroy, Mrs Charles H.Jr. Lankershim Birth Flora May   1922 7-Jul-22
Powell, H.C. Lankershim Death Pioneer-Committed Suicide   Dec-17 14-Dec-17
Pratt, J.H. Lankershim Death Two Sons Living Here   Aug-25 28-Aug-25
Priester, Anna Lankershim Marriage DeBoer, Ralph E. Los Angeles 18-Feb-24 19-Feb-24
Priester, Mr And Mrs E.W. Lankershim Birth A Son   4-Jul-22 7-Jul-22
Prince, George Perry Winfield, Kansas Death Spouse-Naomi C. Harrod 75 yr 7-Feb-12 24-Feb-12
Prince, Harrod Lankershim Marriage Cox, Eva Arizona 3-Dec-22 9-Dec-22
Prince, Lucy   Marriage Shimmin, Howard   19-Nov-17 23-Nov-17
Prince, Mr And Mrs Harrold Lankershim Birth A Son   6-Oct-23 12-Oct-23
Pritchard, Mr And Mrs L.B. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   Dec-25 29-Dec-25
Pruitt, Andy Lankershim   husband of Pruitt, Mrs Helen   27-Jun-23 6-Jul-23
Pruitt, Elmer L. Lankershim Marriage Hansen, Marie Germany 15-Nov-23 20-Nov-23
Pruitt, Mrs Helen Lankershim Death Wife Of Andy Pruitt 25 yrs 27-Jun-23 6-Jul-23
Pruitt, Ray Lankershim Marriage Mcclay, Alice Lankershim 31-Jan-25 6-Feb-25
Puett, Guy Lankershim Birth A Son   17-Oct-13 18-Oct-13
Quay, Clarence Lankershim Death Parents-Reverend/Mrs John Quay 37 29-Aug-17 7-Sep-17
Quay, Rev/Mrs John  Lankershim   son of Quay, Clarence   29-Aug-17 7-Sep-17