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Volume 1 - (1911 to 1925)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions
"R - S"

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume I" was produced by the efforts of many members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the Lankershim Laconic and Lankershim Press newspapers which were published between the years 1911 and 1925.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.


Ralston, Mr And Mrs Ellis Lankershim Birth A Son   10-Aug-25 11-Aug-25
Ramgren, Mr & Mrs David Encino Birth A Daughter   2-Feb-19 7-Feb-19
Randall, Violet Lankershim Marriage Cassels, Clyde Highland Park 25-Jan-12 27-Jan-12
Rasmusson, Mr/Mrs A.  Nova Scotia   parents of Rasmusson, Myrtle   6-Jun-23 15-Jun-23
Rasmusson, Myrtle Nova Scotia Death Daughter Of Mr/Mrs A. Rasmusson 14 yrs 6-Jun-23 15-Jun-23
Read, Baby Boy Sunland Death Son Of Mr & Mrs Howard Read 16 days 29-Dec-23 1-Jan-24
Read, Mr & Mrs Howard  Sunland   parents of Read, Baby Boy   29-Dec-23 1-Jan-24
Redden, Al      son of Redden, Mr.   14-Jan-12 10-Feb-12
Redden, Mr.   Death Father Of Al Redden   14-Jan-12 10-Feb-12
Redden, Mrs L.A. Santa Monica   child of Carter, Mrs William   3-Oct-22 7-Oct-22
Rediger, Alvin Universal City Marriage Noble, Ellen Lankershim 13-Jul-22 21-Jul-22
Rediger, Mr And Mrs Alvin Lankershim Birth A Son   19-Sep-23 21-Sep-23
Rediger, Mr And Mrs William Lankershim Birth A Son   2-Nov-23 6-Nov-23
Reed, George   Death     5-Feb-24 5-Feb-24
Reyes, ---Udo Burbank Death   10 yrs 8-Oct-23 9-Oct-23
Rezo, S. Lankershim Death Shot During Revolver Battle   Nov-13 13-Dec-13
Rice, Mr And Mrs W.J. Lankershim Birth A Son   Nov-19 28-Nov-19
Richardson, Allen   Marriage Brechtel, Miss   1919 11-Jul-12
Richdale, C. C. Lankershim Death Car Accident,From Santa Barbara   30-Jul-22 4-Aug-22
Rieger, Jessie M. Lankershim Marriage Varner, Harry Lankershim 18-Jul-17 27-Jul-17
Riley, Virgil W. Sonoma, Ca Marriage Conte, Stella Lankershim 21-Mar-25 24-Mar-25
Roach, Mrs J.T. Lankershim   daughter of Nichols, John H.   19-Dec-23 21-Dec-23
Roberts, Herbert Lankershim Marriage Elliott, Marie San Fernando 3-Nov-17 9-Nov-17
Roberts, Lorenzo Lankershim Marriage Adell, Lillian Lankershim 22-Jun-24 1-Jul-24
Roberts, Mr & Mrs R.E. Burbank Birth Twin Sons   1917 11-May-17
Roberts, Mr & Mrs Walter Lankershim Birth A Son   10-Feb-17 16-Feb-17
Roberts, Walter Los Angeles Marriage Myers, Cora Lankershim 7-Mar-12 16-Mar-12
Robinson, Lewis C. Hollywood Death Wife - Linda   3-May-24 6-May-24
Robinson, Linda Hollywood   wife of Robinson, Lewis C.   3-May-24 6-May-24
Robinson, Mr And Mrs Ted Los Angeles Birth A Daughter   Oct-23 26-Oct-23
Roby, Mr J.T. Lankershim Death     17-Mar-23 23-Mar-23
Roby, Mrs Mary San Francisco Death Died In Masonic Home   Feb-23 23-Feb-23
Rogers, Mr And Mrs D.L. Lankershim Birth A Son   31-Mar-24 1-Apr-24
Rogers, Ruby L. Van Nuys  Marriage Barnes, William A. Lankershim 1-Feb-19 7-Feb-19
Rogers, Sarah      daughter of Miller, Mrs Mary E.   28-Jun-20 2-Jul-20
Romig, Clarence  Burbank   son of Romig, Mrs Esther A.   19-Dec-17 28-Dec-17
Romig, Mrs Esther A. Burbank Death Mother Of Clarence Romig   19-Dec-17 28-Dec-17
Romling, Otto Lankershim Marriage Adams, Nannie Mae San Antonio, Tx 12-Jan-24 15-Jan-24
Ross, Dorothy Lou Ella   Marriage Hayes, James T. San Luis Obispo 5-Jul-24 8-Jul-24
Ross, John Barton Ventura Marriage Bostelman, Esther Wilma Lankershim 26-Aug-25 1-Sep-25
Ross, Mr And Mrs W.M. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   25-Jun-25 26-Jun-25
Rossman, Johanna Hollywood Marriage Campbell, Everet Lankershim 19-Sep-20 24-Sep-20
Ruch, Joe  Hollister,Calif   son of Ruch, Mrs   4-May-17 11-May-17
Ruch, Mrs Hollister,Calif Death Mother Of Joe Ruch   4-May-17 11-May-17
Runnels, Mabel Lankershim Marriage Bogart, Kenneth Baldwin Park 1911 13-Jun-11
Russell, Ed Santa Monica Marriage Thomas, Ruth   Feb-12 9-Mar-12
Russell, Mrs E.M. Lankershim   daughter of Mitchell, John R.   7-Jul-24 8-Jul-24
Russell, Mrs M.D.   Marriage Nichols, C.P.   14-Aug-19 22-Aug-19
Rust, Clayton C. Zelzah Marriage Thrasher, Ina Los Angeles 19-Nov-19 21-Nov-19
Rutledge, William Osborn Fresno Marriage Louis, Mary Lankershim 30-Oct-20 5-Nov-20
Sachse, Selma E. Ocean Park Marriage Allison, James Lankershim 19-Apr-24 29-Apr-24
Sadler, W. H. Pasadena Death Came From England 72 yrs 26-Jul-22 28-Jul-22
Samuelson, Oscar Lankershim Death Accident, Hollywood Resident   5-Oct-22 7-Oct-22
Santee, George W. Lankershim Death Spouse-Augusta Nelson 7lyr, 3mo 16-May-11 19-May-11
Santee, Mrs Augusta L. Lankershim Marriage Baldwin, Edward I. Los Angeles 7-Jul-25 10-Jul-25
Sarosay, Mr And Mrs Lankershim Birth A Son   19-May-24 20-May-24
Savage, Rey F. San Francisco Marriage Grotzinger, Madeline Hollywood 28-Dec-20 31-Dec-20
Schade, 'William H. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   6-Aug-24 8-Aug-24
Schapel, Karl  Lankershim   husband of Schapel, Mrs Adelaide H.   25-Oct-24 28-Oct-24
Schapel, Mrs Adelaide H. Lankershim Death Wife Of Karl Schapel 34 yrs 25-Oct-24 28-Oct-24
Schelling, Frank A. San Fernando Marriage Kelly, Celia V. Long Beach 28-Jun-22 30-Jun-22
Scherer, Katherine  Lankershim   wife of Gwynn, Alfred James   13-Feb-12 24-Feb-12
Schlank, Jacob Los Angeles Death     22-Feb-24 26-Feb-24
Schlatter, George   Marriage McLean, Florence Hollywood 4-Mar-12 9-Mar-12
Schmidt, Mrs Martin Ohio Death Several Local Relatives   Mar-17 6-Apr-17
Schoder, Bertha Lankershim Marriage Mahler, Robert Lankershim 26-Sep-25 29-Sep-25
Scholtes, Nick Burbank Marriage Chiarodit, Emma Lankershim 18-Oct-11 20-Oct-11
Schonbaum, Mr And Mrs E.A. Lankershim Birth A Son   Jan-25 6-Jan-25
Schrode, Grace Bette Lankershim Marriage Nobles, Vernon Lankershim 19-Oct-22 8-Nov-22
Schutte, Emma Los Angeles Death Wife Of H.L.Schutte   13-Dec-22 16-Dec-22
Schutte, H.L. Los Angeles   husband of Schutte, Emma   13-Dec-22 16-Dec-22
Severns, Dean J.      husband of Severns, Martha Louise   18-Dec-24 19-Dec-24
Severns, Dean J. & Martha Louise   Birth A Daughter   18-Dec-24 19-Dec-24
Severns, Martha Louise   Death Wife Of Dean J. Severns 18 yrs 18-Dec-24 19-Dec-24
Seyler, Katharine L.  Lankershim Death Wife Of Warren A. Lanz    18-Nov-22 25-Nov-22
Shaffer, Charles Cahuenga Pass Death Accidental Death   28-Sep-13 4-Oct-13
Sharres, John P.   Death Killed By Auto 41 yrs 21-Oct-23 30-Oct-23
Shaw, Mrs Ila L.   Death Buried April 9th   Apr-25 10-Apr-25
Shay, Alta Lankershim Marriage Brandenberger, William Lankershim 16-Oct-23 19-Oct-23
Shepardson, Helen Hollywood Marriage Fox, Harold D. Hollywood 13-Jul-17 20-Jul-17
Sherman, Mr And Mrs A.W. Lankershim  Birth A Daughter   12-Jun-22 16-Jun-22
Sherwin, B.E. Pasadena Death Brother Of F.G.Sherwin   May-12 1-Jun-12
Sherwin, F.B.     son of Sherwin, Mrs Mary M.   18-Jan-17 26-Jan-17
Sherwin, F.G. Pasadena   brother of Sherwin, B.E.   May-12 1-Jun-12
Sherwin, F.G. Los Angeles   brother of Sherwin, Grant   May-12 25-May-12
Sherwin, Fred P. Tulare, Ca Death Son Of Rev. F.B.& Myra Sherwin   9-Jan-25 13-Jan-25
Sherwin, Grant Los Angeles Death Brother Of F.G.Sherwin   May-12 25-May-12
Sherwin, Mrs Mary M. Waupaca, Wisc. Death Mother Of F.B.Sherwin 90 yr 18-Jan-17 26-Jan-17
Sherwin, Myra  Tulare, Ca   wife of Sherwin, Rev F.B.   9-Jan-25 13-Jan-25
Sherwin, Rev. F.B.& Myra  Tulare, Ca   parents of Sherwin, Fred P.   9-Jan-25 13-Jan-25
Shimmin, Frank L.  San Fernando   husband of Shimmin, Rachel L.   1-Sep-23 7-Sep-23
Shimmin, Howard   Marriage Prince, Lucy   19-Nov-17 23-Nov-17
Shimmin, Rachel L. San Fernando Death Wife Of Frank L. Shimmin   1-Sep-23 7-Sep-23
Shirey, Dr C.W. Lankershim Marriage Pilcher, Helen Ventura? 1919 26-Sep-19
Shirey, Dr Charles W. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   24-Apr-22 28-Apr-22
Shultz, Anna Lank Ershim Marriage DeCarlo, Henry Lankershim 5-Oct-25 9-Oct-25
Silvis, Modesto Lankershim Death Killed In Duel 30 yr 6-Aug-17 10-Aug-17
Simons, Mr And Mrs E. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   8-Jan-25 9-Jan-25
Singley, Mrs George Lankershim   daughter of Welch, Mrs H.A.(Isabell)   11-Jun-25 12-Jun-25
Skjordahl, Magda Lankershim Death Born In Norway   2-Jun-22 9-Jun-22
Smith, Alice  Long Beach   wife of Graham, Frank A.   23-May-23 1-Jun-23
Smith, Mr & Mrs A.H. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   15-Nov-11 17-Nov-11
Smith, Mrs Daisy E. Lankershim Marriage Stillians, Harry E. Lankershim 1-Jul-24 4-Jul-24
Smith, Mrs Freda A. Norwalk Death Died At Norwalk State Hospital   25-Feb-24 26-Feb-24
Smith, Nathan F. Santa Monica Death First Principal Of Van Nuys H S   22-Oct-25 27-Oct-25
Smith, Wiley P. Lankershim Death Wife Elizabeth Kerr 47y,8m,Sd 12-Nov-22 18-Nov-22
Sorrell, Harvin  Lankershim   husband of Sorrell, Lorena Elma   22-Feb-25 24-Feb-25
Sorrell, Lorena Elma Lankershim Death B. Neb., Wife of Harvin Sorrell 48 yr,10 mo 22-Feb-25 24-Feb-25
Spafford, Bessie Los Angeles Marriage Dennis, Harry Lankershim 1917 5-Oct-17
Spear, C.Whitney  Los Angeles   husband of Spear, Mrs Winona   26-Nov-24 28-Nov-24
Spear, Mrs Winona Los Angeles Death Wife Of C.Whitney Spear 24 yrs 26-Nov-24 28-Nov-24
Spencer, Bruce  So .Pasadena   son of Spencer, Mr   Jun-17 22-Jun-17
Spencer, Mr So .Pasadena Death Father Of Bruce Spencer   Jun-17 22-Jun-17
Spencer, Mr And Mrs Neal Lankershim Birth A Son   25-Jul-22 28-Jul-22
Spencer, Zula A. Lankershim Death Lankershim Pioneer 61 yrs 25-Apr-22 28-Apr-22
Spottswood, Mary Fullerton Lankershim Death wife of Mr Yeoman 87 yr 3-Nov-19 7-Nov-19
Stadie, Bertha Lankershim Death Wife Of Robert Stadie   13-Jul-22 14-Jul-22
Stadie, Robert  Lankershim   husband of Stadie, Bertha   13-Jul-22 14-Jul-22
Stecher, Algernon Lankershim Death     17-Jun-24 20-Jun-24
Sternberg, Ethel Lankershim Marriage Pentecost, Frank Lankershim 31-Jan-25 6-Feb-25
Stetson, E.L. Hollywood Marriage Mitchell, Beatrice Lankershim 28-Sep-25 6-Oct-25
Stevens, Edward Los Angeles Marriage Pinkley, Mrs Eugenia Lankershim 29-Jun-25 3-Jul-25
Stevens, Mr And Mrs Frederick Lankershim Birth A Son   13-Jun-22 16-Jun-22
Stillians, Harry E. Lankershim Marriage Smith, Mrs Daisy E. Lankershim 1-Jul-24 4-Jul-24
Stockton, Ralph      stepson of Tenant, A.   Aug-23 10-Aug-23
Stoddard, Carrol Lee (son) Lankershim Birth Stoddard, Mr And Mrs A.C.   2-Oct-25 9-Oct-25
Stoddard, Mr And Mrs A.C. Lankershim Birth A Son, Carrol Lee   2-Oct-25 9-Oct-25
Stoner, Mr/Mrs Frank  Glendale   parents of Stoner, Sam   12-Aug-22 16-Aug-22
Stoner, Sam Glendale Death Son Of Mr/Mrs Frank Stoner   12-Aug-22 16-Aug-22
Stoner, William F. Lankershim Death     9-Apr-23 13-Apr-23
Stough, O.J. San Diego Death Former Owner Of Stough Ranch 107 yrs 25-Sep-25 29-Sep-25
Strahl, Dean Claude Lankershim Death Son Of Mr & Mrs Dean Strahl 13 yrs 26-Jul-25 28-Jul-25
Strahl, Mr & Mrs Dean  Lankershim   parents of Strahl, Dean Claude   26-Jul-25 28-Jul-25
Strahle, Mabel Hollywood Marriage Fox, John J. Hollywood 22-Dec-20 24-Dec-20
Straube, Dora(Nee Taylor)   Death Wife Of O.T.Straube 55 24-Jan-19 31-Jan-19
Straube, O.T.     husband of Straube, Dora(Nee Taylor)   24-Jan-19 31-Jan-19
Straughen, Emma Lankershim Marriage Horton, Lee Huntington Park 3-May-22 5-May-22
Straughen, Mrs E .R Lankershim Marriage Bullard, William   16-Dec-25 18-Dec-25
Strom, Leonard Emil Los Angeles Marriage Conte, Adeline Lankershim 24-May-24 27-May-24
Sullivan, Jim Los Angeles Death Foreman At Universal Studios   8-Mar-24 14-Mar-24
Sult, Mr And Mrs Lankershim Birth A Daughter   2-Aug-20 6-Aug-20
Summers, "Infant Son" Lankershim Death Son Of Mr/Mrs George Summers 2 days 16-Dec-25 18-Dec-25
Summers, Mr And Mrs George Lankershim Birth A Son   14-Dec-25 15-Dec-25
Summers, Mr/Mrs George Lankershim   parents of Summers, "Infant Son"   16-Dec-25 18-Dec-25
Swaim, Mr Pearl L. Lankershim Death Son Of Mr/Mrs William Swaim 26 yrs 15-Jun-23 22-Jun-23
Swaim, Mr/Mrs William Lankershim   parents of Swaim, Mr Pearl L.   15-Jun-23 22-Jun-23
Sweet, Henry E. Valyermo Marriage Haddock, Ellen Aletta Lankershim 9-Aug-24 12-Aug-24