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Volume 1 - (1911 to 1925)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions
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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume I" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the Lankershim Laconic and Lankershim Press newspapers which were published between the years 1911 and 1925.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.


Tait, Mr And Mrs James Lankershim Birth A Daughter   16-Oct-20 29-Oct-20
Taylor, Dora   Death Wife Of O.T.Straube 55 24-Jan-19 31-Jan-19
Taylor, Joseph Lankershim Marriage Davies, M No. California 17-Aug-11 18-Aug-11
Taylor, Lena Lankershim Marriage Hoerger, George Lankershim 19-Jun-24 24-Jun-24
Taylor, Lorita Lankershim Death Parents-Mr/Mrs Arthur T. Taylor 4 yr,8 mo 1-Aug-25 18-Aug-25
Taylor, Mr And Mrs W.D. Lankershim Birth A Son   27-Jul-23 3-Aug-23
Taylor, Mr/Mrs Arthur T.  Lankershim   parents of Taylor, Lorita   1-Aug-25 18-Aug-25
Taylor, Stanley L. Van Nuys Marriage Wooding, Velva E. Lankershim 28-Jul-23 3-Aug-23
Tenant, A. Alberta, Canada Death Stepfather Of Ralph Stockton   Aug-23 10-Aug-23
Tennant, Mary Lankershim Death Formerly Iowa, Born Tennessee 81 yrs 14-Jun-22 16-Jun-22
Thomas, Mrs Mary E. Lankershim Death A Lankershim Pioneer 81 yrs Oct-22 1-Nov-22
Thomas, Ruth   Marriage Russell, Ed Santa Monica Feb-12 9-Mar-12
Thompson, John A. Lankershim Marriage Fulcher, Ada   18-Dec-24 23-Dec-24
Thompson, Mr Lankershim Marriage ? Los Angeles 21-Jun-20 25-Jun-20
Thompson, Mr And Mrs H.G. Lankershim Birth A Son   3-Aug-25 4-Aug-25
Thompson, Mrs J.J. Lankershim Death Fillmore Resident   16-Sep-23 18-Sep-23
Thorpe, Harry E. Red Ondo Marriage Bennett, Clara M. Redondo 18-Nov-13 22-Nov-13
Thrasher, Ina Los Angeles Marriage Rust, Clayton C. Zelzah 19-Nov-19 21-Nov-19
Thrasher, J. Preston Lankershim Marriage Corey, Garcia Near Burbank 14-Mar-17 16-Mar-17
Thrasher, Mary Lankershim Marriage Kays, Carl El Centro 6-Feb-20 13-Feb-20
Thrasher, Virgil Burbank Marriage Yaple, Alice   14-Nov-17 16-Nov-17
Tinker, Alexander Lankershim Death Father Of Herbert Tinker   10-Jan-23 12-Jan-23
Tinker, Herbert  Lankershim   son of Tinker, Alexander   10-Jan-23 12-Jan-23
Titus, Mr And Mrs A.G. Lankershim Birth A Son   25-Jan-25 30-Jan-25
Titus, Orpha Lankershim Marriage Worming, Elmer Lankershim 4-Jul-25 7-Jul-25
Toby, O.D. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   15-Sep-23 21-Sep-23
Tomson, Alva   Marriage ?   1913 4-Oct-13
Tomson, Elmer Lankershim Death Husband Of Julia Tomson   6-Jul-25 10-Jul-25
Tomson, Julia  Lankershim   wife of Tomson, Elmer   6-Jul-25 10-Jul-25
Tomson, Mr And Mrs Lefford E. Los Angeles Birth A Son   18-Mar-24 25-Mar-24
Toneck, Louis Van Nuys Marriage Chairodit, Marguerite Lankershim 11-Jun-25 16-Jun-25
Tong, Clyde Lankershim Death Son Of Mrs Sarah Tong   28-Oct-16 13-Jul-17
Tong, Mrs Sarah  Lankershim   mother of Tong, Clyde   28-Oct-16 13-Jul-17
Tonsor, William Lankershim Marriage Bartlett, Grace Lankershim 1-May-24 2-May-24
Toreson, Elmer Waterman, Calif Death B.Ill.,Son Of M/M Knute Toreson 17 yrs 10-Mar-25 13-Mar-25
Toreson, Helen Mary Lankershim Marriage Morgan, Garmen Los Angeles 8-Jul-24 15-Jul-24
Toreson, M/M Knute  Waterman, Calif   parents of Toreson, Elmer   10-Mar-25 13-Mar-25
Torres, Frank Lankershim Death   20 yrs 5-Dec-23 7-Dec-23
Torres, Mrs J.J. Lankershim   sister of Hevia, Manuel   11-Sep-25 15-Sep-25
Truitt, Aida Lankershim Marriage Nobles, Joe Lankershim 18-Nov-22 25-Nov-22
Truitt, Ora Alice Los Angeles Death Father-Bonner Cannery Engineer Young lady 30-Apr-19 2-May-19
Tuch, Fred Los Angeles Marriage Mulhall, Katherine Lankershim 26-Sep-17 28-Sep-17
Tuch, Mr And Mrs F.   Birth A Son   1919 2-Jan-20
Turner, Harry Lankershim Marriage Bakman, Charlotte Lankershim 26-Dec-22 30-Dec-22
Turner, Mr And Mrs Harry Lankershim Birth A Daughter   5-Nov-23 6-Nov-23
Turnham, Mr And Mrs Paul Lankershim Birth A Son   20-Mar-24 21-Mar-24
Ulrey, W.J. Brawley Marriage Adams, Elsie Brawley 24-Jun-19 27-Jun-19
Urie, Fred W. Lankershim Death Married-Killed In Auto Accident   9-Feb-25 10-Feb-25
Usselmann, Mr/Mrs Joseph Lankershim   parents of Usselmann, Viola Betty   11-Aug-24 12-Aug-24
Usselmann, Viola Betty Lankershim Death Parents-Mr/Mrs Joseph Usselmann 6 months 11-Aug-24 12-Aug-24
Valdez, Josefa Lankershim Death daughter of Mr & Mrs Juan Valdez 2m, 20d 7-Jun-25 9-Jun-25
Valdez, Mr & Mrs Juan  Lankershim   parents of Valdez, Josefa   7-Jun-25 9-Jun-25
Valentine, Stephen A. Lankershim Death   85 yrs 11-Jul-25 14-Jul-25
Van Blancorn, Joseph F. Lankershim Death Car Accident  78 yrs 20-Dec-25 22-Dec-25
Van Dyke, Mr And Mrs Herman Lankershim Birth A Daughter   19-Sep-24 26-Sep-24
Van Nuys, Mrs Susan H. Los Angeles Death Maiden Name Was Lankershim   1-May-23 4-May-23
Van Twisk, Klaas Lankershim Death     5-Dec-24 9-Dec-24
Van Winkle, Andrew San Fernando Death Early Lankershim Settler  58 yr 28-Dec-19 9-Jan-20
Van Winkle, Mrs  San Fernando   daughter of Myers, C.G.   22-Mar-12 23-Mar-12
Vanous, Mr And Mrs A.J. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   14-Dec-25 15-Dec-25
Varner, Harry Lankershim Marriage Rieger, Jessie M. Lankershim 18-Jul-17 27-Jul-17
Varney, Mr & Mrs Bert   Birth A Son   8-Apr-12 13-Apr-12
Varney, Mr /Mrs R Imperial   parents of Ballou, Myrtle Varney    Jan-13 12-Jan-13
Varney, Mr And Mrs Edmund Lankershim Birth A Son   24-Nov-19 28-Nov-19
Varney, Mr And Mrs Edmund Lankershim Birth A Son   16-May-24 20-May-24
Varney, Ransom Lankershim Death Oldest Pioneer, Civil War Vet. 86 yrs 25-Jul-22 28-Jul-22
Vartman, Earl Lankershim Marriage Coahran, Gladys San Diego 14-Jul-25 21-Jul-25
Vaughan, Julius J. Hollywood Death     13-May-24 16-May-24
Verdugo, A   Marriage Kraft, Miss Lankershim 2-Aug-23 10-Aug-23
Vestal, Mr And Mrs Charles Lankershim Birth A Son   2-Aug-23 3-Aug-23
Vidos, Julia Lankershim Marriage Machus, Charles Lankershim 22-Jan-20 30-Jan-20
Vidos, Mr And Mrs Frank Lankershim Birth A Daughter   3-Mar-22 10-Mar-22
Vidos, Steve Lankershim Marriage ? Germany 1924 19-Jun-25
Villalvas, Rosa Lankershim Death     25-Jun-24 27-Jun-24
Villegas, Mr/Mrs Joe  Lankershim Death parents of Villegas, Sam   2-Jul-24 4-Jul-24
Villegas, Sam Lankershim Death Son Of Mr/Mrs Joe Villegas   2-Jul-24 4-Jul-24
Vivier, Charles Lankershim Death Of Grenoble, France-Electrocuted   13-Feb-24 11-Mar-24