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Volume 1 - (1911 to 1925)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions
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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume I" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the Lankershim Laconic and Lankershim Press newspapers which were published between the years 1911 and 1925.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.


Wait, Mr And Mrs Lee Lankershim Birth A Son   28-Aug-24 29-Aug-24
Walker, Mrs Elisabeth Eustice, Nebr. Death Mother Of William F.Walker 87 yrs 10-Apr-25 14-Apr-25
Walker, William F.     son of Walker, Mrs Elisabeth   10-Apr-25 14-Apr-25
Walsh, Winiferd Leo Lankershim Death     10-Jan-24 11-Jan-24
Waltermyer, J.  Sawtelle Death son of Waltermyer, Mr.   10-Sep-23 11-Sep-23
Waltermyer, Mr. Sawtelle Death Civ. War Vet, Son - J. Waltermyer   10-Sep-23 11-Sep-23
Walters, Mrs Elma Terre Haute,Ind Death Cousin Of Ralph Norris 38 yrs 10-Sep-25 15-Sep-25
Warne, Mr And Mrs Walter J. Lankershim Birth A Son   Sep-24 26-Sep-24
Waterbury, Mrs Rosa Conte Van Nuys Birth A Son   24-Dec-23 1-Jan-24
Waterbury, Robert A. Van Nuys Marriage Conte, Rose Lankershim 19-Jun-20 25-Jun-20
Watkins, Barbara Allen Lankershim Death Male-Local Manual Arts Teacher 32y,lOm,lld 24-Apr-25 28-Apr-25
Weaver, Walter F. Beverly Hills Marriage Kenewell, Ruth I. Lankershim 30-Sep-25 2-Oct-25
Weber, J.M.   Death Brother Of Mrs G.W.Iseman    8-Oct-17 19-Oct-17
Webster, (Son) Los Angeles Death   3 mo May-11 14-Jul-11
Webster, Alphonse Frank Lankershim Death Father Of E.O.Mccrady   5-Mar-24 7-Mar-24
Webster, John F. Lankershim Death     20-Feb-24 22-Feb-24
Webster, Mr & Mrs D.M. Idaho Birth A Daughter   1912 15-Jun-12
Webster, Mrs Mary Lankershim Death Gas Stove Exploded In Tent 29 yrs 26-Oct-23 30-Oct-23
Weddington, Mr And Mrs Fred Lankershim Birth A Daughter   6-Sep-22 6-Sep-22
Weddington, W. H. Sierra Madre Death Brother Of Wilson C. Weddington   24-Jan-22 27-Jan-22
Weddington, W.C. Lankershim Death Old Pioneer 76 yrs 24-Jun-23 29-Jun-23
Weddington, Wilson C.  Sierra Madre   sibling of Weddington, W. H.   24-Jan-22 27-Jan-22
Weihe, Mr & Mrs R.B. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   13-Jun-11 16-Jun-11
Weihn, Anna M. Lankershim Marriage Perry, Clarence Torrance 20-Jan-25 23-Jan-25
Welch, (Infant) Universal City Death Parents - Mr & Mrs F.J. Welch 7 months 29-Jul-25 31-Jul-25
Welch, Mr & Mrs F.J.  Universal City   parents of Welch, (Infant)   29-Jul-25 31-Jul-25
Welch, Mr And Mrs J.W. Universal City Birth A Daughter   20-Dec-24 23-Dec-24
Welch, Mrs H.A.(Isabell) Lankershim Death Mother Of Mrs George Singley 78 yrs 11-Jun-25 12-Jun-25
Wells, Walter L. Chatsworth Marriage Milton, Mamie Whittier 20-Sep-23 28-Sep-23
Welply, William D. Lankershim Death Died Of. Tb 34 yrs 28-Jul-25 31-Jul-25
Wenzel, Frank Hollywood Marriage Frieburg, Helen Lankershim 16-Jun-24 17-Jun-24
Wertz, A.F. Burbank Marriage Bley, Alma Burbank 9-Nov-13 15-Nov-13
Westerfield, Arthur M. Lankershim Death Wife-Edna Evans, Ww-I Veteran 29 yrs,7 mo 17-Jan-25 20-Jan-25
Westerfield, E.M. Los Angeles   child of Parker, Mrs   Sep-17 28-Sep-17
Westerfield, Edna Lankershim   wife of Westerfield, Arthur M.   17-Jan-25 20-Jan-25
Westerfield, Morton Lankershim Marriage Evans, Edna Lankershim 15-Nov-22 18-Nov-22
Weston, Harold Lankershim Marriage Fee, Louise Lankershim 1922 8-Nov-22
Whahiha, Matsugo Lankershim Death Married - Killed In Accident   25-Jun-22 30-Jun-22
Wheeler, Arthur C. Lankershim Marriage Carpenter, Helen M. Lankershim 26-Sep-23 5-Oct-23
Wheeler, Ethel Lankershim Birth Wheeler, Mr And Mrs Walter   2-Aug-23 10-Aug-23
Wheeler, Mr And Mrs Walter Lankershim Birth A Daughter, Ethel   2-Aug-23 10-Aug-23
Wheeler, Waldo S. Lankershim Death A Batchelor 34 yrs 7-May-23 11-May-23
Whipple, Josephine  Universal City   daughter of Whipple, Willis Henry   5-Jan-25 6-Jan-25
Whipple, Willis Henry Universal City Death Father Of Josephine Whipple 74 yrs,7 mo 5-Jan-25 6-Jan-25
White, Marjorie Mae Lankershim Birth White, Mr And Mrs Glade   1-Dec-24 2-Dec-24
White, Mr And Mrs Glade Lankershim Birth Marjorie Mae   1-Dec-24 2-Dec-24
Whiting, Anna Christina Lankershim Death Wife Of Frank Whiting 21 yr 27-May-20 4-Jun-20
Whiting, Frank  Lankershim   husband of Whiting, Anna Christina   27-May-20 4-Jun-20
Whitmore, Bessie Pauline Universal City Marriage Hunt, Hal E. Los Angeles 21-Dec-25 22-Dec-25
Whitney, A.E. Lankershim Death Leaves Wife And Daughter   17-Nov-20 19-Nov-20
Whitten, Dr. J. C. Washington D.C. Death     Jul-22 21-Jul-22
Whittier, M.H. Redlands Death     28-Jun-25 3-Jul-25
Whittington, Grady  Burbank   husband of Whittington, Margaret F.   13-Mar-24 17-Mar-25
Whittington, Margaret F. Burbank Death Wife Of Grady Whittington 30 yr,11 mo 13-Mar-24 17-Mar-25
Widenhamer, Mr And Mrs J.L. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   6-Jul-25 14-Jul-25
Wiegand, Roy Silvester   Marriage Murphy, Carolyn Cushman Brooklyn, N.Y. Jan-24 22-Jan-24
Wiehm, Theresa Lankershim Marriage Kashmer, F.G. Lankershim 8-Oct-24 10-Oct-24
Wiggins, A.V   Marriage Neely, Ethel   12-Sep-17 5-Oct-17
Wiggins, Frank Los Angeles Death     Oct-24 31-Oct-24
Wilber, Mary A.  Lankershim   wife of Wilber, William   2-Dec-22 9-Dec-22
Wilber, William Lankershim Death Wife-Mary A. Wilber 81 yrs 2-Dec-22 9-Dec-22
Wilcox, Mrs Clara  Los Angeles   step-daughter of Hoegerman, Mrs Mary B.   18-Nov-13 22-Nov-13
Wilkins, Joshua H. Lankershim Death Husband Of Mary M. Wilkins   6-Jan-24 8-Jan-24
Wilkins, Mary M.  Lankershim   wife of Wilkins, Joshua H.   6-Jan-24 8-Jan-24
Williams, (Baby Girl) Lankershim Death Daughter Of John E. Williams 4 hrs 30-Dec-24 2-Jan-25
Williams, Barbara Hollywood Marriage Herron, Mark Lankershim 1-Sep-25 8-Sep-25
Williams, Charles Ventura County Death Spouse-Nellie Allendar   Oct-11 27-Oct-11
Williams, Floyd Lankershim Marriage Manley, Dorothy Alice Burbank 22-Aug-24 12-Aug-24
Williams, H.F. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   29-Jul-23 3-Aug-23
Williams, Hettie Lankershim Marriage McEwing, John Long Beach 1-Feb-17 2-Feb-17
Williams, John Lankershim Marriage Chiarodit, Julia Lankershim 18-Oct-11 27-Oct-11
Williams, John E.  Lankershim   father of Williams, (Baby Girl)   30-Dec-24 2-Jan-25
Williams, Mr And Mrs John Lankershim Birth A Daughter   30-Dec-24 2-Jan-25
Williams, Mr And Mrs Walter Lankershim Birth A Daughter   29-May-23 15-Jun-23
Williams, Nellie Allendar Ventura County   Williams, Charles   Oct-11 27-Oct-11
Williams, Nellie Allender   Marriage Bell, Norman L. Lankershim Mar-12 23-Mar-12
Williams, Rev. Henry Lankershim Death Survived By Widow And S Sons 68 yr 2-Sep-19 5-Sep-19
Willis Mrs Emma A.  Lankershim   daughter of Wood, Mrs Emma Louise   17-Nov-25 20-Nov-25
Wilmer, Grace Lankershim Death Wife Of M.B.Wilmer-Born Texas 49 yrs 7-Dec-22 9-Dec-22
Wilmer, M.B. Lankershim   husband of Wilmer, Grace   7-Dec-22 9-Dec-22
Wilson, C.O. and Ona  Lankershim   parents of Wilson, Calvin Leo   21-Nov-22 25-Nov-22
Wilson, C.W. Lankershim Death Store Owner   16-Oct-24 21-Oct-24
Wilson, Calvin Leo Lankershim Death Son Of C.O. And Ona Wilson 12 yrs 21-Nov-22 25-Nov-22
Wilson, Charles   Marriage Cottle, Hazel   7-Jun-20 11-Jun-20
Wilson, Fred Lodi, Calif Death Son Of Mrs A.J.Wilson   Jul-17 27-Jul-17
Wilson, Guy Lankershim Death WW-I Vet, Parents In Boston 28 yrs  28-Sep-23 2-Oct-23
Wilson, Mr And Mrs Ward Lankershim Birth A Son   Dec-23 1-Jan-24
Wilson, Mrs A.J. Lodi, Calif   mother of Wilson, Fred   Jul-17 27-Jul-17
Wilson, Mrs James W. Lankershim Death Born Oct 19, 1877 51 yrs 15-May-25 22-May-25
Wilson, Mrs. John H. Monrovia Death     8-Apr-12 20-Apr-12
Wilson, Willard M. Lankershim Death Never Married 56 yrs 12-Jun-23 15-Jun-23
Witt, Earl  Lankershim   husband of Witt, Mrs Ruth A.   9-Aug-19 15-Aug-19
Witt, Mrs Ruth A. Lankershim Death Wife Of Earl Witt 27 yr 9-Aug-19 15-Aug-19
Wolf, Mr And Mrs C.A. Lankershim Birth A Son   16-Sep-23 21-Sep-23
Wolf, Mr And Mrs Milo J. Lankershim Birth A Son   25-Aug-24 29-Aug-24
Wolfley, Kathryn Helen Lankershim Death Daughter Of Mr/Mrs C.I.Wolfley 5 mo 14-Jun-25 16-Jun-25
Wolfley, Mr/Mrs C.I. Lankershim   parents of Wolfley, Kathryn Helen   14-Jun-25 16-Jun-25
Wolverton,Mrs Mary Lurene Lankershim Death   84 yrs 30-Jun-23 6-Jul-23
Wood, Dorothy Lorraine Burbank Birth Wood, Mr And Mrs Carter   May-25 29-May-25
Wood, Mr And Mrs Carter Burbank Birth Dorothy Lorraine   May-25 29-May-25
Wood, Mrs Emma Louise Lankershim Death Mother Of Mrs Emma A. Willis 86 yrs 17-Nov-25 20-Nov-25
Wooding, Velva E. Lankershim Marriage Taylor, Stanley L. Van Nuys 28-Jul-23 3-Aug-23
Woodward, William A. Lankershim Death Born Alabama 8/7/1888 36 yrs 31-Jan-25 3-Feb-25
Woodworth, Artur H.  Van Nuys   husband of Woodworth, Martha   Oct-25 27-Oct-25
Woodworth, Martha Van Nuys Death Wife Of Artur H. Woodworth 22 yrs Oct-25 27-Oct-25
Worming, Elmer Lankershim Marriage Titus, Orpha Lankershim 4-Jul-25 7-Jul-25
Worthing, Mr And Mrs R.E. Lankershim Birth A Son   14-Jan-22 20-Jan-22
Yaple, Alice   Marriage Thrasher, Virgil Burbank 14-Nov-17 16-Nov-17
Yeager, Emily Lincoln Universal City   wife of Yeager, Frank Ellsworth   6-Apr-24 8-Apr-24
Yeager, Frank Ellsworth Universal City Death Husband Of Emily Lincoln 42 yrs 6-Apr-24 8-Apr-24
Yeakel, Billy Lankershim Birth Yeakel, Mr And Mrs Fred   Nov-25 13-Nov-25
Yeakel, Fred J. Lankershim Marriage Honea, Ruby B. Hollywood 24-Feb-25 24-Feb-25
Yeakel, Mr And Mrs Fred Lankershim Birth Billy   Nov-25 13-Nov-25
Yeakel, Mr And Mrs Lamar Hollywood Birth A Son   24-Jul-23 10-Aug-23
Yeoman, Mary Fullerton Lankershim Death Nee Spottswood, B.1832 In Penn. 87 yr 3-Nov-19 7-Nov-19
Yoshiwara, Mr And Mrs F. Lankershim Birth A Daughter   27-Aug-24 29-Aug-24
Young, Alene   Marriage Ogden, Gus   14-Apr-12 20-Apr-12
Young, Alice Lankershim Marriage Hopper, Burton C. Universal City 17-Feb-23 23-Feb-23
Young, Charlie Chatsworth Death Drowned In Reservoir 40 yrs 9-Oct-22 11-Oct-22
Young, Hazel Lankershim Marriage May, T. Ben Lankershim 10-Nov-24 11-Nov-24
Zilliox, Fred Lankershim Death Killed When Truck Hit By Train 25 yrs 31-Oct-25 3-Nov-25