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Volume 2 - (1926 to 1934)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions



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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume II" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the Lankershim Press and the North Hollywood Press newspapers which were published between the years 1926 and 1934.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.


Adams, M/M C.B. Universal City Sep-30 Richard Elton 23-Sep-30 3+
Adams, M/M Fred A. North Hollywood Jul-34 Fred Albert, Jr. 2-Aug-34 5
Admire, M/M A.O. North Hollywood 25-Jun-34 Muriel (4th Daughter) 16-Jul-34 4
Alarken, M/M Tony North Hollywood
Daughter 28-Mar-30 3
Alley, M/M Roy D. North Hollywood 1-Feb-30 Daughter 4-Feb-30 4
Ames, M/M W.M. North Hollywood 2-Jan-30 Son 7-Jan-30 4+
Ames, M/M Walter Dayton Ohio 16-Apr-31 Daughter 21-Apr-31 1+
Armstrong, M/M Robert North Hollywood Mar-29 Robert Gordon 26-Mar-29 5+
Ashby, M/M J.M. North Hollywood 7-Mar-33 Helen Joan 9-Mar-33 1+
Aviles, M/M John R. North Hollywood 18-Jan-33 A Son 19-Jan-33 1+
Backer, M/M Fred   28-Sep-30 Baby Boy 3-Oct-30 3
Baker, M/M L.F. North Hollywood 5-Sep-31 Girl 9-Sep-31 3+
Ballinger, M/M Ray North Hollywood 21-Aug-31 M/Ma Ray 25-Aug-31 I
Barker, Mrs. North Hollywood 5-Apr-30 Daughter 8-Apr-30 5
Bartmus, M/M Peter North Hollywood 1-Aug-29 Elizabeth Lou 2-Aug-29 5+
Bartmus, M/M Peter Lankershim 15-Sep-26 Peter, Jr. 17-Sep-26 1
Bartmus, M/M Peter North Hollywood 27-Nov-27 A Son 27-Nov-27 3
Bauer, M/M Henry F. North Hollywood 5-Jul-34 A Girl (3rd Child) 9-Jul-31 4
Baugh, M/M E.I. North Hollywood Jun-33 Boy 27-Jun-33 1
Beaudoin, M/M W.C. North Hollywood 18-Mar-30 Baby Boy 21-Mar-30 5+
Beckes, M/M Fred North Hollywood 25-Mar-30 Phyllis Marie 28-Mar-30 5+
Beckes, M/M Fred North Hollywood 29-Mar-34 Baby 8-Mar-34 4
Bennett, M/M D.W. North Hollywood 25-Nov-29 Benjamin Warfield I 24-Dec-29 5+
Bennett, M/M L.H. Burbank 26-Sep-34 Girl 27-Sep-34 1
Benton, M/M Russel North Hollywood 1-May-30 Norma Fay 16-May-30 3+
Benz, M/M Paul North Hollywood Jan-30 Daughter 10-Jan-30 4
Blackburn  M/M San Fernando Oct-29 Baby Boy 1-Nov-29 3+
Blair, Dr/M Leland C. North Hollywood 12-Oct-34 John Leland 18-Oct-34 8+
Blueman, M/M Ben North Hollywood 2-Oct-30 Twin Boys (1 Died) 7-Oct-30 3
Bolley, M/M Kennedy   11-Apr-30 Baby Daughter 25-Apr-30 5
Booth, M/M S.K.   Sep-30 A Daughter 26-Sep-30 3+
Borgia, M/M Joe North Hollywood 10-Jan-31 Sera Phina Joseph 23-Jan-31 1
Borgia, Mrs Andrea Cahuenga Nov-26 A Son 16-Nov-26 3
Boutler, M/M James A. North Hollywood 9-Jan-33 James Alfred 10-Jan-33 1
Bowen, Dr/M J.R. North Hollywood 5-Dec-30 Baby Girl 16-Dec-30 3
Bowen, M/M Ted North Hollywood 2-Mar-30 Baby 4-Mar-30 4
Briner, N/M Lee North Hollywood 9-Feb-30 Baby Girl 11-Feb-30 4
Brittson, M/M R. Van Nuys 21-Oct-31 Marilyn Marie 23-Oct-31 1+
Brooks M/M Carl Glendora 4-Mar-34 Barbara Ann 8-Mar-34 4+
Brown, M/M R. Van Nuys 3-Nov-29 Betty Joe 5-Nov-29 8+
Brown, M/M R.W. North Hollywood Aug-34 Baby Girl 9-Aug-31 6
Buell, M/M Ralph Hewitt 18-Sep-29 Son 20-Sep-29 10+
Burckert, M/M R.C. North Hollywood Jul-33 Son 20-Jul-33 4
Burkert M/M R.C. North Hollywood 22-Oct-30 Kathleen Cecilia 24-Oct-30 3
Burroughs, M/M C.E. North Hollywood 28-Oct-33 Gary Edward 31-Oct-33 3+
Byers, M/M Carl Thornton   26-May-34 Carl, Jr. 4-Jun-34 3
Carmichael, M/M H. Lankershin 3-Sep-27 A Son 6-Sep-27 6++
Carter1 Mr And Mrs E.E. Lankershin 12-Nov-27 A Son 15-Nov-27 2+
Cayford, M/M Frank North Hollywood 15-Dec-29 Unknown 17-Dec-29 4
Clark, M/M Jane Allen Hollywood 28-Jun-34 Son (2nd Child) 2-Jul-34 4+
Clark, M/M Sherman L. North Hollywood 30-May-33 Sharon La Von 8-Jun-33 1
Clemow, M/M Floyd North Hollywood 13-Dec-30 Elizabeth 19-Dec-30 3+
Cobb, M/M L.L. North Hollywood 23-Feb-31 Child 6-Mar-31 3
Collier, Mr And Mrs Harry Lankershin 29-Oct-27 A Daughter 4-Nov-27 1+
Connors, M/M Steve North Hollywood Oct-30 Maurine 7-Nov-30 3+
Constantino, M/M Pedro North Hollywood 21-Apr-30 Baby Boy 25-Apr-30 5
Contraes, M/M Gregory North Hollywood 13-Nov-29 John 15-Nov-29 5+
Corby, M/M Harold Vincent North Hollywood 27-Oct-31 Joan Elaine 6-Nov-31 1+
Corby, Mr And Mrs Harold North Hollywood 11-Dec-27 A Son 16-Dec-27 2
Coveney, M/M R.H. North Hollywood 20-Mar-33 Gloria Gay 23-Mar-33 1+
Cunningham, M/M Jack   13-Jun-34 Charles Lee 18-Jun-34 5
Cushnan, M/M Robert Lawrence III Lankershin 30-Jul-26 Robert Lawrence IV 6-Aug-26 1+
Danz, M/M Paul North Hollywood Dec-29 Daughter 31-Dec-29 8
Davidson, M/M C.N. Lankershim 19-Sep-27 A Son 20-Sep-27 1+
Davies, M/M A.E. North Hollywood 13-Feb-33 Audrey (Lived 6 Days) 21-Feb-33 1
Davis, Mrs D.H. North Hollywood Oct-31 Son 23-Oct-31 3
De Lanark, M/M Glenn San Francisco Mar-34 Glenn William 8-Mar-34 4+
De Ludlow, M/M N. North Hollywood Dec-34 A Son 6-Dec-34 4
De Revere, M/M Paul Glendale 1-Oct-30 Paul, Jr. 10-Oct-30 6+
Delbarto, M/M Victor Santa Monica 24-Apr-31 Robert Victor 24-Apr-31 1
Dingilian, M/M A.S. North Hollywood 20-Oct-33 Norman 26-Oct-33 1
Dixon, M/M E.S. North Hollywood Feb-33 Daughter 9-Feb-33 3
Dowell, M/M W.G. North Hollywood 30-Mar-33 Gerald William 04-Apr-33 1
Drake, M/M H.S. Van Nuys Nov-33 Son 9-Nov-33 5
Dryden, M/M Thomas W. North Hollywood 11-Jan-33 Betty Jo Anne 17-Jan-33 1
Du Brock, M/M Buddy   21-Apr-33 Melba Jean 27-Apr-33 1
Durrell, M/M Lawrence Lankershim 24-Apr-27 Mildred Nellie 26-Apr-27 9+
Edwards, M/M George North Hollywood 2-Aug-30 Kenneth Lee 8-Aug-30 6+
Ellingwood, M/M Helmut F. North Hollywood 26-Sep-34 Emmajean Elizabeth 27-Sep-34 1
Ellis, M/M C. North Hollywood 11-Oct-29 Son 18-Oct-29 3+
Elrod, M/M Ralph E. North Hollywood 22-Mar-33 Marilyn Joyce 30-Mar-33 1+
Enert, M/M Lauman Los Angeles 10-Jan-31 Lauman Oliver 13-Jan-31 3+
Ergenbreit, M/M E.J.   21-Apr-30 Baby Daughter 22-Apr-30 5
Failor, M/M Howard North Hollywood 16-Mar-33 Camilla Osborne 28-Mar-33 1+
Fancy, M/M Ralph   7-Jun-34 A Girl 7-Jun-34 0
Farnsworth, M/M H.H. North Hollywood Jul-34 Herbert Holden Jr. 2-Aug-34 5
Fayre, M/M Mark   11-May-30 Baby 20-May-30 3+
Fee, M/M George Lankershim Jul-27 Daughter (1st child) 29-Jul-27 11
Ferguson, M/M George Los Angeles 5-Oct-31 Robert Lee 9-Oct-31  
Fitzgerald, George North Hollywood 28-Jun-30 Baby Boy 4-Jul-30 2
Fitzgerald, M/M George Lankershim 9-Oct-26 A Daughter 15-Oct-26 3
Fitzgerald, MM Gerald Lankershim 24-Mar-27 A Daughter 1-Apr-27 10+
Fortnan, M/M E.J. Toluca Lake May-31 Lorraine Elizabeth 5-Jun-31 1+
Fraser, M/M H.A. North Hollywood May-34 A Boy 17-May-34 8
Frazer, M/M Edward North Hollywood 15-Dec-31 Infant Son (Stillborn) 18-Dec-31 1
Frederick, M/M A.F. North Hollywood 17-Apr-33 Daughter 20-Apr-33 1
Fulcher, M/M James Lankershim 4-Dec-26 A Son 7-Dec-26 5+
Galloway, O.L. North Hollywood Apr-33 A Son 6-Apr-33 1
Garig, M/M R. R. Lankershim 10-Jan-27 Garig, George Douglas 14-Jan-27 10
Gaunt, M/M A.J. Roscoe Jul-33 Baby Daughter 6-Jul-33 4
Gayford, M/M Frank North Hollywood Dec-29 Son 20-Dec-29 5
Geronimi, M/M C.H. North Hollywood Sep-33 Baby Boy 12-Sep-33 1
Gillbreath, Mr And Mrs Cahuenga Peak 19-Jun-29 Martin Luther 21-Jun-29 5+
Gilles, Mrs S.P. North Hollywood 17-Dec-29 William 27-Dec-29 5
Gillis, S.B. North Hollywood 15-Apr-31 Son 21-Apr-31 I
Glanuyina, M/M P. North Hollywood Jul-33 Daughter 27-Jul-33 4
Goddard, Thomas William North Hollywood 2-Apr-33 Adele Marylin 13-Apr-33 1
Goetz, M/M R.G. North Hollywood 7-Sep-34 Mary Ann (2nd Child) 10-Sep-34 4
Goodale, M/M R. Le Roy North Hollywood Jun-33 Daughter 29-Jun-33 1
Goodrun, M/M Joe Canoga Park 11-Apr-33 Carol Joan 13-Apr-33 1
Gowman, M/M George E. North Hollywood 6-Jan-33 Marilyn Rae 10-Jan-33 1+
Grabe, M/N George H. Jr. North Hollywood 30-Aug-34 Gretchen Fraleigh 6-Sep-34 4+
Grace, M/M Harold   Sep-31 Maryland June 15-Sep-31 3
Grace, M/M Harold A. North Hollywood 21-Jul-34 Ronald Leslie 30-Jul-34 4+
Grain, M/M W.O. North Hollywood 18-Aug-34 A Boy (3rd Son) 20-Aug-34 4
Grant, M/M Frank North Hollywood 2-Nov-34 A Boy 8-Nov-34 8
Graves, M/M Warren L. North Hollywood Jul-34 Baby Girl 2-Aug-34 5
Griffin, M/M Alfred E. North Hollywood 18-Sep-34 Betty Louise 24-Sep-34 4+
Groshong, M/M W.S. North Hollywood Apr-33 Daughter 25-Apr-33 3
Hahn, M/M Fred North Hollywood 6-Oct-29 Son 11-Oct-29 4+
Hall, M/M E.N. North Hollywood Apr-33 Daughter 25-Apr-33 3
Hall, M/M Edward North Hollywood 23-Aug-31 Francis Carroll 25-Aug-31 1
Hall, M/M Edward North Hollywood 23-Aug-31 Robert Wesley 25-Aug-31 1
Hammel Jr., M/M F.J.   13-Dec-34 Frederick IV 20-Dec-34 8+
Hamren, M/M Van G. Glendale 30-Jun-29 Janet 12-Jul-29 5+
Hardman, MM Herbert North Hollywood Feb-30 Daughter 14-Feb-30 5
Harris, M/M Harvey North Hollywood 6-Aug-33 Floyd Franklin 22-Aug-33 1
Hart, M/M Lincoln Jr. North Hollywood 27-Sep-31 Geraldine Louise 2-Oct-31 1+
Hauser, M/M Harold Hernosa Beach 21-Jun-34 Harold Lewis 28-Jun-34 6+
Hausing, M/M George A. North Hollywood 21-Oct-31 Robert George 13-Nov-31 1+
Hawkins, Rev & Mrs Floyd North Hollywood 25-Apr-33 Daughter 4-May-33 1
Hayes, M/M Howard North Hollywood 13-Oct-29 Daughter 18-Oct-29 3
Hayes, M/M W. North Hollywood Sep-34 Boy 1-Oct-34 1
Hayes, Mr Al & Mrs Ruth Evans Lankershim 11-Jun-27 A Daughter 17-Jun-27 5+
Heckles, M/M George H. North Hollywood 27-Dec-30 Daughter 6-Jan-31 4
Higgs, M/M S.P. North Hollywood Jul-33 Son 25-Jul-33 3
Hill, M/M David L. North Hollywood 12-Sep-34 Boy 13-Sep-34 4
Hillan, M/M John   22-Apr-30 Baby Daughter 25-Apr-30 5
Hilleshein, M/M W.W. North Hollywood Sep-33 Baby Boy 12-Sep-33 1
Hinton, M/M W.S. North Hollywood 9-Dec-34 A Daughter 20-Dec-34 8+
Holzer, M/M Fred North Hollywood Apr-31 Infant Son 10-Apr-31 1
Hoskins, M/M Samuel North Hollywood 15-Nov-30 Baby Daughter 18-Nov-30 3
Houden, M/M O.K. North Hollywood 15-Nov-31 Joanne 24-Nov-31 1+
Hubbard, M/M Henry Pasadena Dec-30 Baby Girl 10-Sep-34 4
Hubensmith, M/M O.E. North Hollywood 20-Mar-33 Jo Ann 29-Jun-33 1
Hunt, Ted And Elsie Lankershim 25-Jun-25 A Son 13-Apr-33 1
Hutts, M/M Roy North Hollywood 13-Mar-33 Roy Lee, Jr. 10-Jan-33 1+
Irwin, M/M John Lankershim 24-Jun-27 A Son 6-Sep-34 4+
Jensen, M/M A.L. North Hollywood Jun-33 Boy 15-Sep-31 3
Jensen, M/M Edward North Hollywood 26-Jun-34 A Daughter (2nd) 30-Jul-34 4+
Jensen, M/M Emmett   10-Dec-30 Edward Strother 20-Aug-34 4
Jensen, M/M, J.J. North Hollywood 29-Aug-29 Dule Clarkey (dau) 8-Nov-34 8
Johnson, M/M W.E. North Hollywood May-33 Baby Boy 2-Aug-34 5
Johnson, M/M William Lankershin 26-Sep-27 A Daughter 24-Sep-34 4+
Kearns, M/M Clarence L. North Hollywood Jul-34 Baby Girl 25-Apr-33 3
Keith, M/M Donald H. Lankershim 21-Oct-26 A Daughter 11-Oct-29 4+
Kelley, M/M W. North Hollywood 10-Dec-30 Twin Boys 25-Apr-33 3
Kelly, M/M L. Van Nuys Nov-34 A Daughter 25-Aug-31 I
Kennedy, M/M R.J. North Hollywood Aug-34 Girl 25-Aug-31 1
Kidson, M/M R.L. North Hollywood 3-Dec-30 Charles Gilbert 20-Dec-34 8+
Kime, M/M S.W. North Hollywood 6-Nov-30 Baby Son 12-Jul-29 5+
Kindel, M/M L.W. Lankershim 19-Aug-27 Marion Louise 14-Feb-30 5
King, M/M Clifton North Hollywood 2-Aug-33 Gloria June 22-Aug-33 1
Kleemeyer, M/M Richard North Hollywood 10-Jul-34 Barbara Ruth 2-Oct-31 1+
Klinger, M/M Walter North Hollywood 28-Nov-31 Barbara Jeanne 28-Jun-34 6+
Kroll, M/M Arthur (Louise Brasch) North Hollywood Jan-33 Carol Frances 13-Nov-31 1+
La Velle, M/M Thomas Lankershim 6-Dec-26 A Son (Died At Birth) 4-May-33 1
Langland, M/M Dave North Hollywood May-31 Kathleen 18-Oct-29 3
Lapworth, M/M T.F. North Hollywood Nov-34 A Son 1-Oct-34 1
Lavelle, M/M Tom North Hollywood 3-Sep-29 Barbara Jean 17-Jun-27 5+
Leedom, M/M Ralph North Hollywood Oct-30 Baby Son 6-Jan-31 4
Ley, M/M G.W. North Hollywood 2-Aug-30 Nadine Josephine 25-Jul-33 3
Lieber, M/M P.W. North Hollywood 3-Aug-34 Perry William, 13-Sep-34 4
Light, M/M E.C. North Hollywood 4-Nov-30 Baby Daughter 25-Apr-30 5
Light, M/M E.C. Magnolia Park 19-Oct-34 A Boy 12-Sep-33 1
Light, Mrs Marjorie Barnes Hollywood 18-Mar-27 A Daughter 20-Dec-34 8+
Linderman, M/M R.F. North Hollywood Feb-33 Baby Boy 10-Apr-31 1
Lonsdale, M/M Harry Lankershim 17-Oct-26 A Daughter 18-Nov-30 3
Lorenz, M/M Walter Lankershim 26-Nov-27 A Son 24-Nov-31 1+
Loring, Rev & Mrs Richard Concord, Mass 23-Oct-29 Richard, Jr. 19-Nov-29 7+
Love, M/M Robert North Hollywood 4-Nov-29 Baby Girl 8-Nov-29 3+