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Volume 2 - (1926 to 1934)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume II" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the Lankershim Press and the North Hollywood Press newspapers which were published between the years 1926 and 1934.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.


Machus, M/M Charles   21-Feb-30 Charles, Jr. 7-Mar-30 5
Magill, M/M 0. North Hollywood Feb-33 A Son 7-Mar-33 3
Mahler, M/M Rob North Hollywood 8-Dec-30 Betty 16-Dec-30 3
Mahoney, M/M Charles Glendale 23-Jan-31 Patricia Joan 30-Jan-31 3
Mahoney, M/M Luther North Hollywood 7-Apr-30 Baby 8-Apr-30 5
Mahoney, M/M Victor North Hollywood 14-Oct-31 Neil Anthony 20-Oct-31 1+
Mandy, M/M Thomas Lankershim 26-Jul-27 Roy Hunter 9-Aug-27 3++
Manning, M/M R.W. North Hollywood Jun-33 Daughter 4-Jul-33 1
Marlowe, M/M William A. North Hollywood 9-Jun-31 A Son (The 4th) 11-Jun-34 4
Head, M/M A.A. North Hollywood Oct-29 Daughter 22-Oct-29 5
Head, M/M Albert North Hollywood 30-Sep-29 Daughter 4-Oct-29 5
Meeks, M/M A.L. North Hollywood 1-Apr-30 Philip Leon 4-Apr-30 5
Mellott, M/M George C. North Hollywood 15-May-33 Anna Lavonne 16-May-33 1+
Mendon, M/M Harold North Hollywood 7-Apr-30 Harold, Jr. 8-Apr-30 5
Miller, M/M North Hollywood May-31 Baby Boy 12-May-31 1+
Monk, M/M William E. North Hollywood 18-Jan-31 Buroette Carlos 23-Jan-31 2+
Monk, M/M William Lankershim 28-Sep-27 Charles Wesley 30-Sep-27 3++
Moore, M/M A.V. North Hollywood Nov-33 Son 9-Nov-33 5
Moore, M/M Monte C. North Hollywood 6-Dec-30 Baby Girl 9-Dec-30 3
Moreland, M/M C.F. North Hollywood 18-Sep-29 William Albert 27-Sep-29 5+
Morris, M/M William V. North Hollywood 15-Aug-34 Robert Vincent 23-Aug-34 4+
Mulholland, Mrs Perry Chatsworth 27-Feb-31 Patricia Ruth 20-Mar-31 3++
Murphy, Fred & Elnora (Nee Nobles) North Hollywood 3-Nov-31 Daughter 6-Nov-31 1
Murphy, M/M J.A. North Hollywood 31-Mar-30 Ronald 1-Apr-30 5
Murphy, M/M J.M. North Hollywood 4-Dec-30 Baby Boy 5-Dec-30 3
Murphy, M/M L.N. North Hollywood Sep-33 Baby Boy 12-Sep-33 1
Myers, M/M Henry Lankershim 2-Apr-27 A Daughter 5-Apr-27 10
MacWilliams, M/M J.J. Van Nuys Sep-34 Girl 1-Oct-34 1
McCaren, M/M Cyrus North Hollywood Jul-31 Twin Girls 14-Jul-31 1
McGhee, M/M Gus North Hollywood 18-Aug-30 A Son 22-Aug-30 10+
McLelland, M/M Fenton Lankershin Feb-27 A Daughter 4-Feb-27 3
Nandell, M/M Daniel North Hollywood 18-Jan-33 A Son 31-Jan-33 3
Nehew, M/M Harry North Hollywood Apr-30 Boy 11-Apr-30 5
Neilsen, M/M James North Hollywood 1-Sep-33 Baby Girl 7-Sep-33 1
Neimeyer, M/M L.P. North Hollywood 11-Jun-31 Mary Alice 13-Jun-33 1+
Nelson, M/M John North Hollywood 1-Jul-31 Baby Boy 10-Jul-31 1
Nelson, M/M Sam North Hollywood 6-Oct-34 A Boy (2nd Son)) 11-Oct-34 6+
Niblack, M/M Charles North Hollywood 1-Jan-29 Richard Charles 4-Jan-29 4+
Nichols, M/M A.E. North Hollywood 3-Oct-34 Susan 18-Oct-34 6+
Niemeyer, Dr. & Mrs L.P. North Hollywood 10-Jul-34 Daughter 16-Jul-34 4
Nitta, M/M H. North Hollywood Oct-34 Daughter 11-Oct-34 5
Nixon, H/M Thomas North Hollywood 6-Jan-30 Girl (Twin) 10-Jan-30 4
Nixon, M/M Thomas North Hollywood 6-Jan-30 Boy (Twin) 10-Jan-30 4
Nobles, M/M Carroll F. North Hollywood 30-Jun-29 Patricia Joan 5-Jul-29 5
Nobles, M/M Carrol F. Lankershim 27-Oct-26 A Daughter 2-Nov-26 10+
Noeltner, M/M C.F. North Hollywood 14-Feb-33 Marilyn Jean 21-Mar-33 1
O'Neal, Officer & Mrs Berl   4-Dec-30 Baby Girl 5-Dec-30 3
Orman, M/M Roy Los Angeles 6-Aug-27 A Son 9-Aug-27 3
Oshner, M/M Richard North Hollywood 21-Jul-33 Richard Severn, 1-Aug-33 3+
Overly, M/M Howard North Hollywood 5-Jul-30 Constance Emily 8-Jul-30 4
Owen, M/M Marvin H. North Hollywood 27-Jun-34 Warren Lee 9-Jul-34 4+
Pack, M/M P.M. Van Nuys Oct-34 Daughter 25-Oct-34 1
Page, M/M J.C. North Hollywood 11-Feb-30 Twin Boys 14-Feb-30 5
Palmer, M/M Albert 0. Glendale 9-May-30 Fred William 9-May-30 4
Pearce, M/M Wesley North Hollywood 18-Jul-31 Jimmie Lee 21-Jul-31 4
Peterson, M/M Carl North Hollywood 11-Jun-30 Victor Carl 13-Jun-30 3+
Phillips, M/M Jimmie North Hollywood 19-Aug-31 Lorraine Elizabeth 21-Aug-31 1
Phillips, M/M B.H. Lankershim 9-Nov-27 A Daughter 11-Nov-27 16+
Pilant, M/M Robert North Hollywood 12-Jul-31 Baby Girl 17-Jul-31 1+
Poitwint, M/M North Hollywood Nov-34 Daughter 12-Nov-34 1
Poland, M/M E.D. North Hollywood Dec-34 A Son 17-Dec-34 4
Pomeroy, Charles & May Fox Burbank 29-Apr-31 Son 1-May-34 1
Poheroy, M/M Charles North Hollywood 31-Jul-33 Charles III 29-Aug-33 1
Poole, M/M Ronald North Hollywood 22-Nov-29 Mary Kathryn 26-Nov-29 5
Powers, M/M W. North Hollywood 24-Dec-29 Son 31-Dec-29 5
Priester, M/M Clarence Lankershim 1-Aug-27 John Richard 9-Aug-27 3+
Priester, M/M E.W. Lankershim 2-Feb-27 William H. 4-Feb-27 12
Prince, M/M Herrod North Hollywood 6-Jan-31 Baby Girl 9-Jan-31 3
Prince, M/M Harrod Lankershim 10-Oct-26 A Daughter 15-Oct-26 3
Ralston, M/M Ellis Lankershim 31-Oct-26 A Daughter 2-Nov-26 3
Ramelli, M/M H.J. North Hollywood 28-Oct-31 Willian Francis 30-Oct-31 1++
Rashton, M/M Rolin   21-May-34 A Son 24-May-34 5
Ray, M/M L.C. Catalina Island 29-Aug-34 Loel Cramer, Jr. 6-Sep-34 4
Rayez, M/M Frank W. Roscoe Nov-34 Fernando 8-Nov-34 8
Reinhart, M/M Howard North Hollywood 17-Jul-33 Marjorie Marie 1-Aug-33 1+
Rhoy, M/M Walter North Hollywood 9-Feb-30 Girl 14-Feb-30 5+
Rice, M/M A.W. North Hollywood 30-Jun-29 Arthur George Ii 5-Jul-29 5+
Richardson, M/M L. North Hollywood Nov-33 A Son 9-Nov-33 5
Robert, M/M P. North Hollywood Feb-33 Baby Boy 23-Feb-33 1
Roberts, M/M Malcolm   12-Apr-31 Patricia Ann 17-Apr-31 1+
Roberts, Malcolm & Amelia (Scharold) North Hollywood 24-Jan-33 A Boy 26-Jan-33 1+
Robinson, M/M A.E. North Hollywood Nov-34 A Boy 12-Nov-34 1
Robinson, M/M Robert Harold North Hollywood 3-Jul-34 Patsy Lee 9-Jul-34 4
Rogers, M/M F.H. North Hollywood Jun-33 Baby Boy 6-Jun-33 3
Root, Captain C.V. Van Nuys 11-Apr-33 A Son (3rd Son) 13-Apr-33 1+
Ross, M/M J.B. North Hollywood 25-Dec-30 Shirley Jean 2-Jan-31 4+
Ross, M/M Ralph North Hollywood Jun-29 Baby Boy 28-Jun-29 5
Rutter, John & Hermine (Terry) 11-Mar-33 Daughter 21-Mar-33 1+
Ryan, M/M Harold Van Nuys Aug-31 Milton Charles 18-Aug-31 1+
Ryan, M/M Harold North Hollywood 28-Sep-34 Marrilyn Louise 18-Oct-34 6+
Sanborn, M/M L.D. North Hollywood 1-Feb-30 Lenore Louise 7-Feb-30 5
Sandereno, M/M Jim Pacoina 12-Oct-26 A Daughter 15-Oct-26 3
Sandifur, M/M Cecil North Hollywood 25-Aug-31 Twin Girls (Died) 28-Aug-31 1
Sandifur, M/M Cecil (Lucille Brown) North Hollywood 30-Jan-33 Thomas Williamson 31-Jan-31 1+
Sayre, M/M Mark Burbank 12-Jun-27 Eleanor Louise 17-Jun-27 5+
Scaife, M/M R.J. North Hollywood 21-Aug-29 Baby Boy 23-Aug-29 5
Schmidt, M/M Frank North Hollywood 11-Feb-33 Maryann 21-Feb-33 2
Schmorleitz, M/M George, Jr. North Hollywood 28-Oct-29 Morton Sayre 29-Oct-29 5+
Sedohara, M/M H. North Hollywood Aug-34 Baby Boy 13-Aug-34 4
Semerara, M/M Louie North Hollywood 22-Jan-30 Baby Girl 28-Jan-30 2
Severns, Rev And Mrs Charles W. Glendale 24-Jul-33 Charles Duane 27-Jul-33 4+
Sharrow, M/M Charles North Hollywood 1-Aug-33 Charles Donald 3-Aug-33 I
Shull, M/M E.E. North Hollywood 5-Mar-30 Baby 7-Mar-30 6
Sickler, M/M R.I. North Hollywood Jul-34 Baby Boy 19-Jul-34 2
Simmons, Mrs E. Lankershin 7-Nov-26 First Son 16-Nov-26 3
Slater, M/M David (Ethel Woods) Los Angeles Jul-33 Daughter 25-Jul-33 3+
Smallwood, M/M C.E. North Hollywood May-34 A Girl 21-May-34 4
Smith, E.B. And Eva North Hollywood 4-Jul-31 Baby Boy 1-Jul-31 1
Smith, M/M Ben North Hollywood 28-Feb-31 Baby Girl 1-Mar-31 I
Smith, M/M D.H. North Hollywood Jun-33 Baby Daughter 1-Jun-33 3
Smith, M/M Frances North Hollywood Feb-34 "child" 22-Feb-34 4
Smith, M/M Fred A. North Hollywood 28-Mar-34 A Son 1-Mar-34 4
Smith, M/M Milton North Hollywood 9-Dec-30 Baby Girl 2-Dec-30 9
Solomon, M/M Homer J. North Hollywood 9-Jan-29 Twin Girls (one Died) 1-Jan-29 3
Staggs, M/M J.E. North Hollywood 29-Oct-31 Baby Girl 3-Nov-31 1
Stagner, M/M James F. North Hollywood 13-Jun-34 A Child (The 3rd) 8-Jun-34 5
Steele, M/M 0. North Hollywood Nov-34 A Daughter 6-Nov-34 6
Steiner, M/M Art North Hollywood 25-Sep-29 Beverly 7-Sep-29 5
Sterling, M/M George North Hollywood Apr-30 Daughter 8-Apr-30 3
Stern, M/M Abe Lankershim 20-Oct-27 Barbara 21-Oct-27 10
Stetzer, M/M La Mont North Hollywood 24-Apr-31 Barbara Claire 8-May-31 1
Stilwell, M/M G.A. North Hollywood 23-May-31 James Alden 2-Jun-31 1+
Stout, Contractor And Mrs. George Hewitt 15-Sep-29 Daughter 20-Sep-29 10+
Stribling, M/M George North Hollywood 19-Apr-34 Ray Alan 23-Apr-34 1+
Stringfellow, M/M M.D. Van Nuys Apr-33 A Son 6-Apr-33 1
Sweet, M/M Henry (Ellen Haddock) Valyermo 16-Nov-29 Cora Belle 22-Nov-29 5+
Swinney, M/M R.E. Van Nuys Aug-30 A Son 12-Aug-30 5
Taub, M/M Kealy Lankershim 18-Jan-27 Baby (Died At Birth) 21-Jan-27 3
Taylor, M/M W.D. North Hollywood 12-Jul-30 Carolyn Pearl 29-Jul-30 3
Thomas, M/M Richard D. North Hollywood 2-Mar-33 William Bailey 9-Mar-33 1
Thompson, M/M Morton North Hollywood Nov-34 Morton Jr. 22-Nov-34 8+
Thomson, M/M Alex North Hollywood 10-Aug-30 Carol Jean 12-Aug-30 5+
Thornton, M/M 0. North Hollywood Aug-34 Boy 16-Aug-34 7
Todd, M/M Charles W. North Hollywood 26-Feb-33 Roberta Arlene 9-Mar-33 1
Tolbert, M/M J. North Hollywood Jun-33 Daughter 27-Jun-33 I
Trist, M/M J.B. North Hollywood 9-Feb-33 Baby Boy 14-Feb-33 1
Tuck, M/M Fred Universal City 24-Jul-27 A Daughter 26-Jul-27 9
Tunis, M/M Floyd North Hollywood 4-Oct-29 Son 11-Oct-29 4
Urban, M/M J.C. North Hollywood 5-Aug-33 Baby Girl 10-Aug-33 4
Usher, M/M C.R.   26-Apr-33 Leland Grant 27-Apr-33 1
Valdez, M/M T.V. North Hollywood Sep-31 Dolores Maria 30-Oct-31 3
Villegis, M/M D.E.  San Fernando Jul-29 Girl 12-Jul-29 6+
Viveros, M/M J. North Hollywood Aug-34 Boy 6-Aug-34 4
Wagner, M/M N. North Hollywood 8-Mar-31 Peggy Jean 13-Mar-31 3+
Wagner, M/M N. North Hollywood 8-Mar-31 Jackie Dean 13-Mar-31 3+
Watkins, M/M Jack (Evelyn) North Hollywood 7-Jun-33 Baby Boy 8-Jun-33 1
Weber, M/M L.A. North Hollywood 18-Aug-34 Lynn, Jr. 20-Aug-34 1
Weddington, M/M Milo Toluca Lake Park 13-Apr-33 Mil0 Page 13-Apr-33 1+
Wedge, M/M Donald North Hollywood 11-Nov-30 Sally Ann 14-Nov-30 3
Wells, M/M R.A.   6-Jun-34 A Boy 7-Jun-34 8
Whaples, M/M R.B. North Hollywood 5-Dec-30 Prudence 9-Dec-30 8
Wheeler, M/M Walter W. Lankershin 3-Aug-26 Rosalie 13-Aug-26 10
Wieners, M/M William F. North Hollywood 12-Feb-30 William F., III 12-Feb-30 5
Wilbur, C. North Hollywood Aug-34 Baby Boy 9-Aug-34 6
Wilcox, M/M Cecil Lankershin 1927 A Son 23-Aug-27 7+
Wilcox, Mrs Raymond North Hollywood 20-Mar-30 Daughter 28-Mar-30 5
Willis, Mrs William North Hollywood Jul-31 A Son 14-Jul-31 1
Wilson, M/M A. H. Lankershim 25-Oct-26 A Son 29-Oct-26 5
Wood, M/M Noal North Hollywood 24-Sep-30 Baby Boy 30-Sep-30 3+
Wood, M/M Ralph H. North Hollywood 19-Mar-33 Alice Marie 21-Mar-33 1
Woodruff, M/M Ray North Hollywood 1-Feb-34 Nancy Sue 22-Feb-34 4
Woodside, M/M Robert North Hollywood Sep-31 Maxine 15-Sep-31 3+
Worthing, M/M Elmer North Hollywood 17-Jun-29 Harold Phillip 21-Jun-29 5
Wrightson, M/M J.V. North Hollywood 22-Nov-31 Baby Boy 27-Nov-31 1+
Yates, M/M A.S. North Hollywood 8-Jul-33 Carol Ruth 13-Jul-33 1++
Yingling, M/M George North Hollywood 15-Dec-29 Norma Jean 17-Dec-29 4
Young, Reverend And Mrs Chester L. Lankershin Aug-26 A Son 27-Aug-26 1
Zell, M/M Robert Clement North Hollywood 24-Jul-34 Barbara Marylin 30-Jul-34 4+