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Volume 2 - (1926 to 1934)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume II" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the Lankershim Press and the North Hollywood Press newspapers which were published between the years 1926 and 1934.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.


Adams, Ruth Oxford, Kansas Roseberry, Lowell B. Lankershim 5-Dec-26 10-Dec-26 1
Alex, Katherine Hollywood Muir, Ronald North Hollywood 29-Dec-29 24-Jan-30 5+
Alexander, Catherine Reich North Hollywood Lund, Dr.C.E.   17-May-34 21-May-34 4
Allen, Miss Lucille Glendale Gregson, Gordon North Hollywood 7-Sep-29 10-Sep-29 3+
Alsdorf, Mrs Emma North Hollywood Morrison, Charles S. Los Angeles 11-Oct-34 1-Nov-34 7+
Amea, Diane Hollywood Hackett, John Jr. Hollywood 29-Jun-29 2-Jul-29 3+
Anders, Miss Ellain Hollywood Wheeler, Kenneth North Hollywood 8-Aug-34 13-Aug-34 4
Anderson, Helen North Hollywood Hevener, Walter   27-May-34 28-May-34 4+
Anderson, Maxine North Hollywood Boling, William North Hollywood 23-Aug-33 28-Jun-34 8+
Anderson, Miss Anna Bell Central Pt., Or Bishop, Roy Lee Calgary ,Alberta 16-Nov-29 19-Nov-29 1+
Ardyth, La Nore Seattle Hamley, Charles Walter Hollywood 25-Dec-26 18-Jan-27 8+
Arnett, Mrytle Inglewood Riopel, Paul E. Los Angeles Sep-30 12-Sep-30 3+
Arvin, Mrs Mayme Lee North Hollywood Muir, Alex   14-Aug-29 16-Aug-29 3
Atkinson, Miss Mary Van Nuys Martindale, Jean Ladieu Los Angeles 19-Oct-33 24-Oct-33 3
Baker, Miss Frances North Hollywood Archer, William North Hollywood 1-Apr-34 5-Apr-34 4
Bakman, Esther North Hollywood Wylie, Clarence North Hollywood 9-May-31 15-May-31 5+
Bakman, Gertrude Lankershim Kidson, Richard Lankershim 30-Jul-27 2-Aug-27 1+
Barnes, Miss Rona Pasadena Mason, Merlin El Centro Nov-31 27-Nov-31 4+
Barton, Helen North Hollywood Hill, Chauncy D. Hollywood 24-Jul-29 26-Jul-29 3+
Bavero, Rose North Hollywood Roletta, Pietro C. New York 6-May-34 10-May-34 7+
Becy, Miss Geri North Hollywood Rhees, Irvin H. Uss Langley 23-Mar-34 26-Mar-34 3
Beech, Mary Frances Inglewood Briel, Charles   20-Jul-30 22-Jul-30 3+
Bell, Helen Pasadena Irvine, Robert North Hollywood 7-Apr-30 11-Apr-30 5+
Bell, Miss Vivian Mae North Hollywood Bell, Frank El Segundo 11-Aug-33 15-Aug-33 3+
Bell, Mrs E.C. Los Angeles Harris, Charles F. North Hollywood Jan-30 18-Feb-30 1+
Benson, Miss Helen North Hollywood Parker, Maurice Los Angeles 7-Jul-34 9-Jul-34 4
Berry, Frances B.   Lingenfelter, Roy   5-Sep-31 9-Sep-31 5+
Bofount, Eva North Hollywood Smith, Thomas E. North Hollywood 26-Jul-30 1-Aug-30 3+
Bowerman, Doris Lucille North Hollywood Obegi, Victor J. North Hollywood 7-Apr-34 9-Apr-34 4+
Bowler, Margaret Hollywood Gowman, George F. Hollywood 1-Aug-29 2-Aug-29 4+
Bradford, Eleanor Burbank Sayre, Mark Houghton Van Nuys 30-Jul-26 10-Aug-26 7+
Brennan, Miss Betty North Hollywood Goetz, Allan North Hollywood 6-Jul-33 18-Jul-33 3+
Brinner, Arlie Lankershim Lorenz, Dr. Milton F.(DDS) Lankershim 16-Jun-27 17-Jun-27 4+
Bronaugh, Cleda Mae Lankershim Gottfried, Charles S. North Hollywood 30-Nov-27 6-Dec-27 3+
Brooks, Katherine St. Louis Graves, Benjamin C. Jr. Toluca Lake 15-Oct-27 18-Oct-27 3
Brooks, Miss Viola North Hollywood Wells, William North Hollywood 30-Jun-34 2-Jul-34 4+
Brown, Lucile Los Angeles Sandifur, Cecil C. Hollywood 3-Jul-30 8-Jul-30 4
Brown, Miss Nola Buena Vista, CO McGowan, Andrew Buena Vista, CO Sep-29 20-Sep-29 5+
Buck, Thelma North Hollywood Hamilton, James Artwell North Hollywood 30-Dec-33 2-Jan-34 3+
Bucklin, Vearle North Hollywood Frederick, Louis   Dec-29 10-Jan-30 4+
Burns, Miss Marjorie North Hollywood Dumas, William J. North Hollywood 17-Oct-31 20-Oct-31 5+
Burrows, Geneva Hazel Arizona Bazzill, Elton C. Arizona 9-Jun-30 10-Jun-30 3+
Cain, Frances E. North Hollywood Blomquist, Gunnar O.E. North Hollywood 29-Dec-30 30-Dec-30 5
Callaway, Eva Pasadena Maxheimer, Ralph North Hollywood 25-Dec-31 29-Dec-31 4+
Calloway, Audrey Hollywood Cyriacks, Fred North Hollywood 1-Jul-29 2-Jul-29 8
Card, Elizabeth Lankershim Edwards, Charles S. Honolulu ,Hawai I 24-Jun-25 26-Jun-25 1+
Carpenter, Esther North Hollywood Bakman, Frederick Jr. S.F.Valley Mar-33 28-Mar-33 3+
Carrasata, Mollie North Hollywood Soto, Leo North Hollywood 25-Sep-29 27-Sep-29 3
Cates, Nelle Leona Lankershim Cunningham, Paul G.   27-Nov-27 29-Nov-27 8+
Chapman, Effie Reseda Jensen, Walter Frederick   13-Jun-34 14-Jun-34 6+
Chapman, Mi$S Evelena North Hollywood Jensen  Andrew, Jr. North Hollywood 8-Feb-30 11-Feb-30 3+
Chapple, Mae Burbank Scoggan, Ernest North Hollywood 9-Aug-34 13-Aug-34 4+
Clark, Mrs Merle North Hollywood Young, Clarence A. North Hollywood 18-Jul-29 19-Jul-29 3+
Clark, Peggy North Hollywood Clinesmith, Paul North Hollywood 23-Dec-33 26-Dec-33 3
Clemens, Harriett Pacific Grove Dunn, Allen North Hollywood 14-Sep-30 16-Sep-30 5+
Clinesmith, Mrs Florence North Hollywood Geiss, Adam North Hollywood 17-Oct-34 18-Oct-34 1
Cobler, Gertrude Johanna Los Angeles Hauser, L.K.   27-Apr-31 28-Apr-31 6
Collins, Lorna 0. Salt Lake City Reaney, Burdette North Hollywood 3-Oct-29 8-Oct-29 3+
Collins, Mrs Doris Arminta North Hollywood Levi, Sam Van Nuys 29-Jul-31 31-Jul-31 4
Collyer, June Beverly Hills Erwin, Stuart Hollywood 22-Jul-31 24-Jul-31 1+
Cook, Kathryn Valley Dukes, John Los Angeles 6-Aug-30 12-Aug-30 4+
Cross, Alta M.   Gorsman, William North Hollywood 10-Oct-30 17-Oct-30 6
Crosthwait Miss Mary North Hollywood Crane, Marvin North Hollywood 4-Dec-31 8-Dec-31 5+
Crouse, Grace North Hollywood Hunter, Kenneth   17-Jun-34 18-Jun-34 4+
Crumley, Miss Katherine North Hollywood Merritt, Cecil W. Los Angeles 24-Jun-33 27-Jun-33 3+
Dalton, Miss Marjorie Phoenix, Az Griswold, Burton E. North Hollywood 17-Nov-34 19-Nov-34 4
Darr, Lois Virginia San Fernando Holt, James C., Jr. Los Angeles 29-Aug-29 30-Aug-29 3+
Davis, Ernestine North Hollywood Peters, Dale Fesler Long Beach Sep-31 6-Oct-31 4+
Davis, Ernestine Lankershim Young, Earl E. Lankershim 24-Apr-26 27-Apr-26 6+
De Deyne, Anais North Hollywood Bacon, Joseph E. Beverly Hills 28-Jun-30 1-Jul-30 3
Deasen, Inez   Bogue, Winfield L. North Hollywood 25-Jan-31 27-Jan-31 3
Deatherage, Irene North Hollywood Neggen, Menton   8-May-34 10-May-34 7
Diebolt, Eleanor Isabelle North Hollywood Smith, Worthy Arthur Hollywood Jun-30 1-Jul-30 3+
Dierolf, Miss Louise Scranton, PA Jones, Samuel North Hollywood Aug-33 15-Aug-33 3
Dillon, Miss Dulce North Hollywood Poxwell, Harry L. North Hollywood 7-Nov-31 13-Nov-31 6
Drager, Olive   Draper, John Harlan   18-Aug-29 20-Aug-29 3+
Drake, Miss Zephyr Pac. Palisades Stains, Harold Lancaster 21-Jul-34 23-Jul-34 4+
Drinkard, Mary Adeline Whittier Gates, H. Phelps Lankershim 14-Feb-27 15-Feb-27 2+
Droz, Virginia   Pierce, Ronald North Hollywood 9-Jun-34 11-Jun-34 4+
Duff, Levenia Reseda Fledge, Michael Dale Reseda 14-Oct-29 18-Oct-29 3
Dufresne, Marietta Beverly Hills Toretsky, Charles Murphy North Hollywood 5-Apr-30 8-Apr-30 4
Dunn, Miss Wilda North Hollywood Packard, Paul North Hollywood Jul-33 3-Aug-33 1+
Edington, Martha   Montgomery, Tap   10-Jun-34 18-Jun-34 5+
Edwards, Miss May Lankershim Emery, Melvin Seal Beach 9-Jul-27 12-Jul-27 1+
Eggner, Miss Lillian B. Hollywood Kuhns, Charles B. North Hollywood 31-Dec-29 7-Jan-30 3+
Eilerman, Helen Glenora North Hollywood Wilkes, Julian Anderson Westwodd 20-Jun-31 3-Jul-31 6+
Eitzman, Hulde Adele St Louis, Mo Blackburn, Roy Portland, Ore 29-Jun-31 3-Jul-31 1+
Elliott, Mrs Jennie North Hollywood Beeman, Walter North Hollywood 15-Jul-29 19-Jul-29 3+
Ellis, Mrs Amy North Hollywood Prescott, Fred L. Spokane, Wa 1-Jan-30 10-Jan-30 4+
Emery, Miss Agnes North Hollywood King, Lonnie Oregon 12-Nov-29 15-Nov-29 3+
Erickson, Madeline Van Nuys Harris, Herbert Los Angeles 3-Jul-30 8-Jul-30 4
Euson, Jo Ann Hwy Highlands Anderson, George Frank Lancaster 2-Aug-34 9-Aug-34 7+
Faacks, Dolly North Hollywood Garaventa, Joseph   27-Feb-31 3-Mar-31 4
Fairchild, Gladys   Fox, Claude   Aug-30 5-Sep-30 3+
Farrand, Florence Lucile North Hollywood Cornell, Gerald D. North Hollywood 15-Jan-29 18-Jan-29 2+
Farrand, Miss Bernice Turlock Smith, Ray North Hollywood Apr-34 16-Apr-34 3+
Fator, Effa Glendale Massie, Lt. Bert T. North Hollywood May-33 25-May-33 1+
Fee, Ida Prince Lankershim Parrish, Fred Corcoran, Ca 28-Feb-27 1-Mar-27 3+
Felts, Francewn Alexandria Hollywood Peak, George Wallace Minnesota 6-Nov-30 14-Nov-30 3
Ferry, Miss Hermine North Hollywood Rutter, John North Hollywood Jan-30 3-Jan-30 2++
Field, Sylvia Los Angeles Allen, Herman North Hollywood 15-Aug-34 20-Aug-34 4+
Finn, Nina   Yonkers, Ed Saticoy Apr-31 28-Apr-31 4
Forsyth,Miss Marian Louise Lankershim Stites, Howard I. Hollywood 9-Aug-27 15-Aug-27 2+
Frazier, Mae Teresa Los Angeles Sachf, Earl Los Angeles 20-Sep-31 22-Sep-31 4+
Frazier, Miss Lillian Lankershim Brummel, Alan J. Glendale 13-Aug-27 15-Aug-27 2+
Freeman, Aline Thelma Los Angeles German, Earl North Hollywood 25-Dec-31 29-Dec-31 4+
Fry, Kathleen Honolulu Weddington, Mild North Hollywood 10-Jan-30 4-Feb-30 1+
Fuller, Merridy North Hollywood Crookshanks, Jack Clinton Hollywood 28-Jul-33 1-Aug-33 3+
Fuller, Virginia Porterville Gould, Ralph North Hollywood 5-Sep-31 9-Sep-31 5+
Fullerton, Ida Mae Lankershim Dalberto, Victor Beverly Hills 23-Jan-27 1-Feb-27 3+
Garcia, Miss Rosa North Hollywood Martinez, Celestino North Hollywood 3-Nov-30 18-Nov-30 5+
Gavin, Jessie North Hollywood O'Brien, Dutton Beverly Hills 13-Apr-31 14-Apr-31 1+
Gentry, Reba M.   Lodger, Robert H. North Hollywood 12-Nov-34 19-Nov-34 4
Gerling, Peggy Rochester, N.Y. Alexander, Norman Universal City 6-Sep-30 12-Sep-30 3+
Gettys, Miss Luella Nebraska Key, Prof. Valdemar 0. Los Angeles 27-Oct-34 1-Nov-34 7+
Glassford, Cora Elizabeth   Parke, Lt. Lee Wood. USN   Mar-34 22-Mar-34 4+
Goit, Florence North Hollywood Bancroft, Guy North Hollywood Apr-30 2-May-30 3+
Greasley, Fay   Reas1 Frederick   29-Apr-34 3-May-34 5+
Green, Gladys   Field, C. Don   24-May-34 31-May-34 4+
Greenland, Mary Jane Van Nuys Duck, Edwin L. Los Angeles 10-Aug-29 13-Aug-29 1+
Gregg, Miss Louise North Hollywood Bridges, Sam E., Jr. North Hollywood 16-Apr-34 5-Jul-34 4+
Hagar, Grace North Hollywood Blom()Uist, Fred Burbank 15-Feb-34 2-Aug-34 4+
Hagge, Miss Esther Burbank Roethlisberger, William W Burbank 28-Jun-33 6-Jul-33 4
Hamblen, Lola   Ward, Harry   Dec-34 20-Dec-34 8
Hammer, Ruby S. Hollywood Knudson, Carrol Hollywood 30-Apr-26 4-May-26 3
Hancock, Lucile Van Nuys Younkers, Rupert L.   25-Jul-30 29-Jul-30 3+
Hancock, Phyllis   Farrell, Irvine   19-Jul-30 22-Jul-30 3+
Hare, Jane North Hollywood Floyd, Chester Jr. Hollywood 8-Jul-30 11-Jul-30 4+
Harris, Bernardine Bremerton, WA Thompson, Bill North Hollywood 25-Nov-29 10-Dec-29 4+
Harwell, Myrtle North Hollywood Bozwell, Edward Lewis Hollywood 30-Jun-31 3-Jul-31 6+
Harwood, Miss Jeanette North Hollywood Jones, Leo Edward Cleveland, Ohio 6-Oct-34 8-Oct-34 4++
Hauser, Miss Bernice Inglewood Miller, James Inglewood 17-Jul-34 26-Jul-34 8+
Heavilin, Miss Florence E. North Hollywood Patton, Wilmer Martin North Hollywood 27-Sep-31 29-Sep-31 4+
Hegyi, Miss Viola North Hollywood Swisher, Harold E. North Hollywood Sep-34 6-Sep-34 6
Heinrich, Miss Emelia North Hollywood McComb, Gail   25-Nov-30 28-Nov-30 4+
Hendricks, Miss Carrie Oregon Metcalf, Clifton Hall Boise, Idaho Jul-27 12-Jul-27 6+
Henry, Alice   Hare, Jack   Nov-30 2-Dec-30 4
Hewett, Lillian Mae   Galevid, Leonard T. North Hollywood 23-Apr-31 28-Apr-31 4
Hoehn, Gretchen Los Angeles Kennedy, William Los Angeles 26-Jul-30 29-Jul-30 3+
Hoffman, Helen   Lander, Warren   21-Sep-27 23-Sep-27 16+
Holman, Jean   Raider, George   15-Jun-34 25-Jun-34 1
Holmes, Gladys Mae Sterling ,Kansas Chesky, Frank H. Sterling ,Kansas 17-Nov-26 19-Nov-26 1+
Honn, Leota North Hollywood Tucker, Grant Oakland 29-Sep-29 1-Oct-29 3+
Hope,      Hollywood Guthrie, Stanlay Hollywood 19-Oct-29 12-Nov-29 3+
Hounsone, Margaret Hollywood Shirey, Dr C.W. Hollywood 29-Oct-26 2-Nov-26 1
Housman, Marguerite North Hollywood Lee, Clarence Los Angeles 29-Mar-30 4-Apr-30 4
Hubbard, Edith Carmen La Tuna Canyon Fate, August, Jr.   24-Jun-34 25-Jun-34 4+
Huber, Maria Elizabeth Toluca Lake Buckley, George Benning Los Angeles 12-Jul-30 18-Jul-31 3+
Huffaker, Ronda Naomi Van Nuys Prince, Dalton Edwin North Hollywood 27-Jun-30 1-Jul-30 3
Huizenga, Winifred   Bueneman, Fred Los Angeles Feb-31 20-Feb-31 3
Jackson,Mrs Myrtle(Willis) North Hollywood Smith, Leslie D. North Hollywood 4-Aug-34 13-Aug-34 4+
Jacobson, Miss Mary Hollywood Richey, William North Hollywood 19-Nov-30 21-Nov-30 2
Jennings, Grace Sawtelle O'Neal, D.L.Jr. Lankershim 15-Nov-26 23-Nov-26 10+
Jensen, Lillian Margaret Verdugo Reedy, Christen J. Hollywood 22-Sep-33 26-Sep-33 3
Johnson, Dylone Los Angeles Torchione, Pete North Hollywood Mar-33 23-Mar-33 1+
Johnson, Elizabeth Winnipeg,Canada Ulich, Jerry North Hollywood 30-May-30 3-Jun-30 3
Johnson, Florence M. Van Nuys Bacon, Ralph M. Van Nuys 17-Dec-29 20-Dec-29 5+
Johnson, Miss Bertola Beloit, Wisc. Kirkenoall, Myron H. Lankershim 19-Jul-27 22-Jul-27 1+
Johnson, Miss Opal North Hollywood Wharton, Ernest George Pomona 4-Feb-33 7-Feb-33 3+
Johnson, Mrs Cynthia California Sampson, Oscar S. Las Vegas, Nev 26-Jun-30 1-Jul-30 3+
Johnson, Ruth North Hollywood Luedke, Ed North Hollywood 4-Sep-29 6-Sep-29 3
Johnstone, Miss Betty North Hollywood Vail, Cy Glendale 9-Apr-34 12-Apr-34 4+
Jones, Della Mae North Hollywood Like, Ray Otis   5-Sep-31 9-Sep-31 5+
Jones, Edmonia Lankershim Carr, Earl B. Lankersh In 10-Oct-26 1-Oct-26 3+
Jones, Miss Doris Comanche, TX Mallow, Bryant King Brownwood, TX 24-Dec-33 2-Jan-34 3
Josi, Mrs Betty   Martin, Charles J.   30-Nov-34 3-Dec-34 4
Kaplan, Miss Jeannette Los Angeles Glesby, David North Hollywood Jul-33 18-Jul-33 3+
Kasprovitz, Miss Frances Lankershim Canada, John Los Angeles 18-Jul-27 19-Jul-27 8
Kauffman, Edna North Hollywood Gable, J. Lewis Hollywood 12-Oct-27 16-Dec-27 3+
Keate, Gwen Hollywood Worley, E. Max Preston, Idaho Jan-33 31-Jan-33 3+
Kelley, Lura Norma North Hollywood Kneusel, Hugo Tujunga 7-Sep-33 12-Sep-33 3
Kemp, Miss Lucille Hollywood Thorpe, Arthur Leroy North Hollywood 26-Sep-31 2-Oct-31 5+
Kennedy, Shirley Los Angeles Blanchard, Roscoe North Hollywood 16-Apr-30 20-May-30 1+
Kenyon, Miss Marjorie Los Angeles Shirley, Paul Jr. North Hollywood 22-Aug-31 6-Oct-31 1+
Kibble, Lillie North Hollywood Kiniel, Jim F. Van Nuys 13-Jul-31 14-Jul-31 5
Kies, Geneva North Hollywood Byrd, William North Hollywood 23-May-31 22-May-31 6
Kiod, Lillian Mary Van Nuys Hansing, Homer B.   17-Jul-30 25-Jul-30 3+
Kizer, Merna Jean Lankershim Monk, William L. Lankershim 30-Sep-26 5-Oct-26 3+
Kleczewski, Dorothy Chicago Czolkowski, Raymond North Hollywood 3-Jan-31 6-Jan-31 3+
Knapp, Hilda Burbank Nollenberger, Frank Lankershim 11-Aug-27 12-Aug-27 3
Koster, Miss Charlotte 0. North Hollywood Sanderson, Rowe Los Angeles 1-Sep-34 30-Aug-34 4++
Kotlow, Miss Violet Santa Monica Jergens, Bennett Santa Monica Oct-31 9-Oct-31 6+
Kramer, Grace Hewitt Reed, H.D. Hewitt 28-Sep-29 4-Oct-29 5+
Lane, Mary Adelaide South Hollywood Steele1 Benjamin Sebers Van Nuys 20-Aug-29 23-Aug-29 3+
Langley, Marguerite Lankershim Johnson, Charles Hollywood 8-May-27 3-May-27 5+
Lee, Miss Ada Mildred Pacoina Elliott, Claude Mitchell Roseland 1-Nov-30 4-Nov-30 3+
Lehmukuhl, Miss Frances North Hollywood Oaks, Louis North Hollywood Nov-21 8-Nov-29 1+
Leonard, Hope North Hollywood Reinbold, Hugo Los Angeles 1-Feb-30 4-Feb-30 3+
Lewis, Iva Betty North Hollywood McGruder, Notely Maddux   19-Oct-33 7-Nov-33 3
Liening, Emma Oakland Widiner, Karl North Hollywood Dec-30 12-Dec-30 5
Lighthart, Hazel Lourie Oregon Wilkinson, Frank Henry North Hollywood 19-Sep-33 21-Sep-33 6
Linder, Ruth Los Angeles Tipton, Cecil H. North Hollywood 2-Aug-30 1-Aug-30 3+
Lingquist, Esther S. Los Angeles Lanz, Warren Van Nuys 12-Aug-26 13-Aug-26 1
Lloyd, Mrs Carta Clark Los Angeles Killion, Prof.R.M. Lankershim 8-Jul-27 12-Jul-27 1
Loge, Esther   Franklin, Arthur H.   20-Mar-30 21-Mar-30 3+
Lohman, Esther Mildred North Hollywood Koerner, John W. San Fernando 28-Jun-30 1-Jul-30 3+
Lorenz, Alice Marie Lankershim Crenshaw, Lawrence C. Universal City 18-Apr-27 19-Apr-27 2+
Lorenz, Mildred Los Angeles Durand, Jean Walnut Park 13-Jul-30 15-Jul-30 8+
Loughran, Miss Margaret W. Lankershim Williams, J.J. Los Angeles 28-Jul-27 5-Aug-27 5
Louise, Ruth Harriet Hollywood Jacobson, Leigh Universal City 27-Aug-27 30-Aug-27 12+
Luckman, Helen Beverly Hills Fitz-Richert, Arthur North Hollywood 10-Feb-34 15-Feb-34 4
Lyman, Lyle Hollywood Hoppie, Joe North Hollywood 30-Jun-34 2-Jul-34 4+
Lynch, Eleanor North Hollywood Grabe, George, Jr. North Hollywood 17-Nov-33 15-Feb-34 4
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