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Volume 2 - (1926 to 1934)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions



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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume II" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the Lankershim Press and the North Hollywood Press newspapers which were published between the years 1926 and 1934.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.


Maher, Rosemary Lankershim Niemever, Zeno W. Lankershim 18-Jun-27 21-Jun-27 1+
Mahoney, Mrs Henrietta North Hollywood Kleemeyer, Richard North Hollywood 27-Feb-33 28-Feb-33 3+
Main, Miss Mary Beverly Hills Failor, Howard North Hollywood 1-Dec-31 4-Dec-31 5++
Malham, Elverso North Hollywood Koerner, Walter Jr. San Fernando 27-Jun-31 3-Jul-31 6
Manchester, Mrs Mannie Lankershim Peupree, Judge J.W. Lankershim 20-Oct-26 22-Oct-26 1+
Marks, Jennie North Hollywood Poulton, Leonard North Hollywood 30-Jun-29 5-Jul-29 3+
Marks, Miss Emily Hewitt Mark, Anthony Los Angeles 30-Jun-27 5-Jul-27 1
Mason, Miss Emma Hollywood Lindesmith, Elone F. Hollywood 7-Jun-30 10-Jun-30 3+
Mathews, Florence Lankershim Wester, Carl Lancaster 24-Nov-26 26-Nov-26 1+
Mauldin, Helen Van Nuys Dickens, John Los Angeles 23-Jul-30 1-Aug-30 3+
McConnell, Miss Ruth North Hollywood Newcomb, Anas North Hollywood 14-Mar-34 19-Mar-34 3
McCormack, Miss Alice North Hollywood Fitz, Earl North Hollywood 26-Nov-31 27-Nov-31 3+
McCready, Audry   Penfield, Wilder William North Hollywood 12-Dec-34 13-Dec-34 4+
McGavin, Vivian Burbank Mansell, Frederick Beard Lankershim 24-Sep-27 27-Sep-27 3+
McIlvaney, Dolores San Diego Young, Clarence A. Lankershim 25-Jun-27 28-Jun-27 2
McLean, Louise M. Long Beach, CA Stanley, Herbert F. Bakersfield, CA 17-Sep-27 20-Sep-27 2+
McMurtrie, Fay North Hollywood Smith, Dr. Wallis J. Yreka, CA 3-Aug-31 4-Aug-31 4
McPherson, Roberta Semple   Smyth, William Bradley   4-Mar-31 6-Mar-31 3+
McQuarrie, Sadie Washington Mead, Gile Washington Aug-33 5-Sep-33 1+
Metsinger, Naomi Porterville Webb, Ralph Hollywood May-33 23-May-33 3
Mintz, Gladys Chicago Lyons, Jessie Gordon North Hollywood 5-Jul-33 12-Sep-33 3
Mitchell, Gladys   Page, Kenneth   20-Sep-29 27-Sep-29 5+
Moorman, Helen Lucille Van Nuys Hansing, George Al North Hollywood 29-Mar-30 4-Apr-30 4
More, Gladys, Age 18 Lankershim Severns, Deane J. Lankershim 24-Jul-27 26-Jul-27 1+
Murphy, Miss Margaret   Ames ,Samuel North Hollywood 29-Nov-30 2-Dec-30 4+
Murphy, Vera North Hollywood Robinson, Robert North Hollywood 6-Nov-29 8-Nov-29 5+
Myers, Rae North Hollywood Bray, William M. Los Angeles 21-Feb-31 3-Mar-31 4
Natowitz, Esther   Berger, Ralph Universal City 4-Sep-27 13-Sep-27 12
Naylor, May North Hollywood Lake, Robert J. North Hollywood May-31 2-Jun-31 4
Ncmurray, Marie North Hollywood Praiswater, John Van Nuys Jul-30 11-Jul-30 4+
Newfill, Berenice North Hollywood Fox, Walter North Hollywood 5-Jan-30 7-Jan-30 3++
Nobles, Elnora Jane North Hollywood Murphy, Frederick Vernon Burbank 3-Jul-30 8-Jul-30 4
Nobles, Miss Winifred Ivy North Hollywood Matheny, Fels North Hollywood 30-Sep-34 1-Oct-34 4++
Oakford, Margaret Lankershim Hansen, Anton G. Lankershim 27-May-27 31-May-27 1+
Oldham, Mrs Susan North Hollywood Chiarodit, George, Sr. North Hollywood Jan-30 4-Feb-30 1+
Oliver, Evelyn North Hollywood Brown, Walter   May-34 28-May-34 4
Olson, Bernadine Glendale Mohler, Orville   Aug-33 17-Aug-33 I
Pate, Rhoda North Hollywood Hinton, Smith W. Reseda 12-May-34 10-May-34 7
Paul, Miss Merle North Hollywood Hughes, Vernon Glendale Feb-30 7-Feb-30 5+
Paup, Miss Margaret North Hollywood Carty, Bert L. Long Beach 26-Dec-29 31-Dec-29 3+
Payne, Miss Lily Margaret Pasadena Valdez, Edward Joseph North Hollywood 5-Aug-34 13-Aug-34 4+.
Penfield, Jean Hutchcroft North Hollywood Hammel, Frederick J., Jr. North Hollywood 28-Jan-34 13-Aug-34 4
Pentland, Vivian North Hollywood Johnson, Leonard North Hollywood 23-Jul-34 26-Jul-34 8+
Petty, Miss Cleo North Hollywood Valente, Frank Jr. North Hollywood 1-Aug-31 11-Aug-31 4
Pitt, Miss Hazel North Hollywood Jarrett, J.L. North Hollywood 28-Sep-31 2-Oct-31 5+
Prince, Lucy N. Lankershim Wright, Paul D. Glendale 15-Jun-27 17-Jun-27 3+
Proctor, Miss Mayme Ellen North Hollywood Hall, Kenneth J. Le Roy, Minn 17-Aug-34 16-Aug-34 4
Rainey, Pearl S. Glendale Saunders, Frank R. Universal City 26-Mar-27 1-Apr-27 12
Randall, Alice North Hollywood Yates, Smith A.   20-Jul-29 23-Jul-29 4+
Renfrew, Kathryn Glendale Riger, Irving H.   10-Nov-34 19-Nov-34 4
Riley, Bernie M. Los Angeles Smith, Ben F. North Hollywood 11-Jul-31 14-Jul-31 5
Rindle, Irene Marie North Hollywood De Voe, Oean Mortimer Los Angeles Jan-31 16-Jan-31 6+
Rinkinberger, Josephine Glendale Forster, Richard Otto North Hollywood 29-Aug-34 30-Aug-34 4+
Roberts, Sydney   Lurcott, Charles   22-Jun-34 25-Jun-34 4+
Robinson, Mildred Anne Pasadena Stearns, John Frye Los Angeles 7-Mar-30 11-Mar-30 3+
Roche, Miss Elizabeth North Hollywood Brown, Burdette E. North Hollywood Whittier 21-Dec-29 27-Dec-29 3+
Rogers, Lois Elizabeth North Hollywood Heistano, David Raymond Newhall 11-May-30 2-May-30 4+
Rollins, Madge North Hollywood Horn, Harold North Hollywood 28-Oct-33 14-Nov-33 3
Romero, Miss Antonine North Hollywood Mortensen, William North Hollywood 14-Apr-34 16-Apr-34 4+
Ross, Miss Blanche North Hollywood Patterson, Louis J. Sawtelle 18-Dec-29 20-Dec-29 3+
Roth, Irma Lankershim Priester, Clarence Lankershim 15-Sep-26 17-Sep-26 1+
Sanford, Kathleen North Hollywood Everett, Monroe Moo Rpark 18-Dec-29 20-Dec-29 3+
Scharold, Amelia North Hollywood Brown, Malcolm North Hollywood 3-Jul-30 8-Jul-30 4
Scheuer, Helen North Hollywood Thompson, Morton Los Angeles 3-Feb-30 4-Feb-30 1+
Schmorleitz, Dorothy Lankershim Benton, Russell B. Lankershim 16-Apr-27 19-Apr-27 9+
Schofield, Bernice San Bernardino Cook, Wade Coachella 20-Sep-29 24-Sep-29 3+
Schuster, Gladys   Singletary, Frank   Apr-34 3-May-34 4
Seeworster, Mrs Hattie North Hollywood Frost, Bernard W. Corpus Christi 5-Jan-30 7-Jan-30 3++
Sernstrom, Mrs Adelaide   Armstrong, Duncan J.   14-Feb-31 17-Feb-31 1
Sharp, Barnetta Los Angeles Warehouse, W. Earl   17-Jul-30 18-Jul-30 3
Sheeley, Fern Van Nuys Sayre, John Morton Van Nuys 30-Jun-30 4-Jul-30 3
Shell, Mary Arkansas Riley, Orlando H. Lankershim 25-Aug-26 26-Aug-26 11
Sheridan, Miss Isabel North Hollywood Mann, Maurice, Jr. North Hollywood 12-Aug-33 9-Apr-34 4++
Sherwin, Miss Margaret Pacoima Rogers, Frederick William Berkeley 8-Mar-33 14-Mar-33 3+
Simons, Mrs Belle   Dowling, Sgt. Bert   Oct-30 14-Oct-30 1+
Singley, Erma Mafalda Lankershim Wilt, Jules Francis U.S. Navy 28-Jan-27 1-Feb-27 3+
Slutter, Elisa Estele Los Angeles Adams, Charles Santa Barbara 6-Jan-30 7-Jan-30 4
Smith, Ernestine Universal City Chaney, Lyman Universal City 17-Dec-26 21-Dec-26 10+
Smith, Freda Hallene Lankershim Prince, Alfred William Lankershim 1-Jun-27 3-Jun-27 2
Smith, Irene North Hollywood Reiser, Robert R. Los Angeles 16-Jan-34 23-Jan-34 3+
Smith, Miss Gene Asquith Los Angeles Baker, Walter Robert Van Nuys 25-Oct-30 31-Oct-30 4+
Smith, Miss Gladys Hazel Bakersfield Webster, Daniel Cornelius Bakersfield 21-Oct-33 24-Oct-33 3
Smith, Mrs Martha A. Hollywood Parks, Lyman B. North Hollywood 14-Jul-29 16-Jul-29 1+
Smith, Nena Evelyn Hollywood Wilson, James W. Lankershim 7-Apr-26 9-Apr-26 1+
Smythe, Opal North Hollywood Brown, Glenn S. Whittier 16-Sep-30 16-Sep-30 5
Somerton, Averill Eleanor North Hollywood Plassil, Emil Los Angeles 24-Jan-31 27-Jan-31 4
Spencer, Miss Dorothy San Fernando Kidder, Melvin North Hollywood 11-Jul-33 13-Jul-33 4+
Stalger, Matilda   Luecke, Joseph   29-Oct-30 4-Nov-30 5+
Stanley, Ruby Lankershim Hansel, Lynn Lankershim Jul-26 6-Aug-26 4+
Stecker, Mrs Ethel Leona Lankershin Moreland, Carrol Lankershim 25-Jul-27 29-Jul-27 2+
Steele, Ethel Mae North Hollywood Price, John   Oct-30 31-Oct-30 4+
Steen, Miss Frankie May Riverside Burdick, Clarence Palms 15-Jul-34 16-Jul-34 4+
Stevenson, Dorothy North Hollywood Clark, David Lewis Newton, Iowa 12-Oct-34 15-Oct-34 4+
Stewart, Beatrice Marie North Hollywood Stratton, Keith R. North Hollywood 1-Sep-29 6-Sep-29 3+
Stockburger, Dorothy Lankershim Keller, Joseph Los Angeles 15-Jun-27 17-Jun-27 9
Stokes, Jeanne North Hollywood Huard, Edward K.   14-Nov-33 14-Nov-33 1
Surtees, Vivian Arzeen Hollywood Randall, Elmer North Hollywood 20-Mar-31 24-Mar-31 6++
Swalm, Dorothy Los Angeles Fisher, Vernon G. Los Angeles Jul-27 29-Jul-27 1+
Swavland, Grace A. North Hollywood Short, William R. Beverly Hills 12-Sep-30 16-Sep-30 3
Taggart, Marie Hollywood Shirey, Dr C.W.   Mar-34 12-Mar-34 4
Talcot, Dorothy Beverly Hills Allison, Donald North Hollywood Jan-30 17-Jan-30 5+
Talley, Ruth Los Angeles De France, Harry E. North Hollywood 5-Jul-30 8-Jul-30 4
Tanner, Miss Eleanor North Hollywood Holmes, Carl E. Venice 28-Dec-29 31-Dec-29 5
Thacker, Maude Texas Orum, A.C. North Hollywood 8-Dec-34 10-Dec-34 1
Thompson, Helen Los Angeles Triguero, George San Miguel 29-Apr-30 2-May-30 1+
Tipton, Irma North Hollywood Smith, Dave North Hollywood 14-Jan-30 31-Jan-30 4
Tobey, Grace   Cody, L.L. Los Angeles 18-Apr-31 28-Apr-31 4
Tompkins, Miss Mabel North Hollywood Miller, J. Hayden Albuquerque, NM Jul-33 3-Aug-33 1
Van Ausdall, Flo Hollywood Freedman, Won J. Lankershim 16-Aug-27 9-Sep-27 1+
Van Vleck, Betty   Ulick, Bob North Hollywood 26-Jul-31 28-Jul-31 4
Verity, Elsie M. Glendale Houdyschell, G.A. North Hollywood Jan-34 9-Jan-34 1+
Vermel, Miss Esta North Hollywood Park, Clarence Eugene North Hollywood 10-Mar-34 12-Mar-34 3
Waedelich., Miss Ruth Milwaukee, WI McAllister, Donald Hollywood Nov-31 1-Dec-31 3
Walker, Liesetta Burbank Shoot, Harry Hanson Los Angeles 30-Jan-30 7-Feb-30 4+
Walker, Miss Irene Burbank Lanlap, Elmer Los Angeles Jul-27 12-Jul-27 2
Wallner, Gretchen Lankershim Riccardo, John Universal City Feb-27 4-Mar-27 1+
Warne, Mrs Clare Mae North Hollywood Cooper, Robert Edward North Hollywood 8-Feb-33 9-Feb-33 3+
Warren, Evelyn Elizabeth Kansas Wilhelm, Robert Marland North Hollywood 1-Feb-33 2-Feb-33 4+
Webb, Katherine Irma Porterville Ayers, Ralph Boyd North Hollywood 21-Jul-34 26-Jul-34 8+
Weibe, Hettie Mae North Hollywood Neill, John C. Jr. Burbank Jun-31 31-Jul-31 4
Welch, Miss Evelyn North Hollywood Layton, Clarence San Pedro 17-Sep-31 18-Sep-31 4+
Werminghaus, Florence Hollywood Kadow1 Clarence Frederick North Hollywood 8-Jul-34 27-Aug-34 4++
Whitaker, Leota   Grandreau, Roy   17-May-34 21-May-34 4+
White, Susan Louise North Hollywood Bale, Douglas Arthur North Hollywood 27-Jul-31 28-Jul-31 4
Wilkins, Anna   Dale, H. Paul North Hollywood 12-May-34 14-May-34 1+
Wilkinson, Miss Miriam Los Angeles Wentz, Ed Hollywood 4-Jan-30 7-Jan-30 3+
Williams, Miss Margaret North Hollywood Burroughs, Edward N. North Hollywood 16-Nov-29 22-Nov-29 3+
Williamson, Miss Barbara V North Hollywood Phillips, Arthur North Hollywood 14-Apr-34 6-Aug-34 4+
Wilmer, Phyllis North Hollywood Backer, Fred   27-Feb-30 4-Mar-30 3
Wintz, Virginia Hollywood Reid, Douglas Hollywood 24-Jan-30 31-Jan-30 4
Witacker, Nellie North Hollywood Rediger, Albert (Tiny) North Hollywood 11-Jan-29 8-Feb-29 8
Woodside, Stella North Hollywood Warren, Emery Herman North Hollywood 9-Apr-30 11-Apr-30 5
Wurth, Rose Veronica Hollywood Taylor, Alva Lee Hollywood Oct-29 11-Oct-29 1+
Yaconelli, Rose Lankershim Dawley, Myron Lankershim 7-Aug-26 26-Aug-26 11+
Yoder, Kathryn   Ashford, Ralph   3-Jun-34 7-Jun-34 4
Young, Mary Grace North Hollywood Usher, Clarence Ralph   20-Apr-30 22-Apr-30 3
Youngmark, Ruth Benson North Hollywood Wood, Horace Leonard North Hollywood 21-Apr-34 26-Apr-34 7
Zwetow, Myrtle Ventura Tully, Jim North Hollywood 25-Jun-33 29-Jun-33 1
  Detroit, Mich. Collins, Stanley Lankershim Oct-27 18-Nov-27 1
    Cook, Homer Jr. North Hollywood Jun-31 3-Jul-31 1
  North Hollywood De Carlo, Chester North Hollywood 1-Jul-26 20-Jul-33 4
  Los Angeles Gustafson, Paul E. Los Angeles Jul-30 12-Aug-30 4+
    Harden, Ralph   Sep-30 26-Sep-30 4
    Turner, Dail Elwin   10-Feb-34 15-Feb-34 4
    Valdez, Thomas North Hollywood Aug-30 12-Sep-30 4