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Volume 2 - (1926 to 1934)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume II" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the Lankershim Press and the North Hollywood Press newspapers which were published between the years 1926 and 1934.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.


D'arcy, Albert Charles 30-May-30 North Hollywood   Brother-In-Law Of John W. Cory 3-Jun-30 6
Dack, John Grant 20-May-32 North Hollywood   Brother Of Mrs M.A.Kidson 15-Jun-33 7+
Dalton, Hugh Brodie 18-Sep-29 Los Angeles 70 Yrs Father Of Mrs James T. Jackman 20-Sep-29 6
Daly, Bridget 13-Sep-26 Lankershim 56 Yrs b. Ireland, Wife Of John Daly 14-Sep-26 6
Dameron. Otha 21-Oct-34   8 Yrs Auto Accident 25-Oct-34 1
Darcy, Thomas March-34 Beverly Hills 91 Yrs Retired Valley Rancher 19-Mar-34 1
Davies, Evan 24-Feb-33 North Hollywood 74 Yrs b. Swansea, Wales, Lvs Wife May 28-Feb-33 3++
Davies  Mrs Mary 27-Apr-33 North Hollywood 69 Yrs Daniel Davies (Son?) 27-Apr-33 1
Davis, Audrey 19-Feb-33 North Hollywood 6 Days Daughter Of M/M A.E.Davies 21-Feb-33 1
Davis, Frank W. 29-Jul-33 North Hollywood 61 Yrs b. Springfield, Ill; Wife Flora 1-Aug-33 1
Davis, Gordon 23-Jul-31 Van Nuys 10 Yrs Auto Accident 24-Jul-31 1
Davis, Mrs Belle Mar-33 South Gate 70 Yrs b. Ohio, Aunt Of Mrs E.D.Hall 14-Mar-33 1+
De Armond, Roy 5-Aug-29 Burbank   Suicide-Leaves Wife, 3 Brother 6-Aug-29 1
De Barba, Nicholas October-33 North Hollywood 33 Yrs Killed By Car When Exiting Bus 26-Oct-33 6
De Lyre, Captain October-30 Berkeley   Leaves Wife Aand Son Wolfe 24-Oct-30 6+
De Mond, Maurice 24-Jun-31 North Hollywood 56 Yrs   26-Jun-31 1
Deering, Mrs Bernice M. 9-Sep-33 North Hollywood 40 Yrs Lvs Husb.John, 2 Sons, 1 Dau 14-Sep-33 1+
Dehougne, Mrs Lydia 20-Sep-31 North Hollywood 76 Yrs b. Belgium, Son-Daniel Dehougne 22-Sep-31 1+
Deister, John C. 19-Feb-33 North Hollywood 13 Yrs Son Of M/M John C. Deister, Sr 23-Feb-33 4+
Deuell, Mrs Lydia G. 30-Jul-34 North Hollywood 78 Yrs Lvs Husb Paul, Son And Daughter 2-Aug-34 1+
Deuell,Ms Lillian Proctor 24-Feb-33 North Hollywood 45 Yrs Lvs Hus Paul, Brother Arthur 28-Feb-33 3+
Dewar, Mrs Luella Grace Oct-34 Van Nuys     5-Nov-34 1
Dewel, Rebecca L. 25-Aug-29 North Hollywood 68 Yrs Born England, Leaves son John 27-Aug-29 8++
Diaz, Martin 15-Mar-31 Van Nuys 22 Yrs Auto Accident 17-Mar-31 1
Dillon, Edward 11-Jul-33 Hollywood 53 Yrs Film Pioneer; Ex Wife Franc N 13-Jul-33 1++
Disterheft, Marie Jun-30 San Fernando   From Lancaster/Wife Of Arthur 24-Jun-30 3+
Dobbins, Benjamin F. 21-Jul-30 North Hollywood   Heart Attack - Roping Horses 22-Jul-30 1
Donaldson, F.A. 18-Nov-30 Antelope Valley   Pilot - Plane Crash 21-Nov-30 1
Dorr, Frank 5-Dec-29 Sun Land 77 Yrs Heart Failure 6-Dec-29 1
Doty, Chauncey Rose 7-Apr-26 Van Nuys 54 Yrs b Charleston, Illinois 9-Apr-26 1+
Douglas,Frederick Charles 17-Jul-29 North Hollywood 62 Yrs b New Jersey, Actor Of Note 19-Jul-29 4+
Downs, Dr. Samuel 2-Jul-33 North Hollywood 56 Yrs b IN.; Lvs Wife Mae F. & Son 4-Jul-33 1+
Doyle, John F 21-Mar-34 North Hollywood 56 Yrs Lvs Wife Clara 22-Mar-34 1
Doyle, Mrs Barbara Aug-30 Tujunga Canyon 70 Yrs Unsolved Murder 12-Aug-30 1
Doyle, Mrs Clara 1-May-34 North Hollywood 56 Yrs Widow Of John; Lvs Large Family 3-May-34 1++
Drake, Mrs. Ida 11-Dec-33 Eagle Rock 73 Yrs Leaves Son Leo Drake 14-Dec-33 1
Draper, Ethel 16-Apr-30 North Hollywood 33 Yrs Suicide-From Iowa 3 Weeks Ago 16-May-30 1+
Dryden, Claude L. 10-Aug-31 Van Nuys   Born Illinois; Wife Maude 11-Aug-31 1
Dumble, Rufus 21-Nov-31 North Hollywood   Leaves Wife Gladys 24-Nov-31 6
Dummer, Mrs Johanna Jan-33 North Hollywood 76 Yrs B.Germany,Dau-Mrs Benninghoven 24-Jan-33 1+
Duncan, Mrs J.D. 15-Jul-29 Bedford, IA   Mother Of Oscar A. Duncan 26-Jul-29 9
Dunkleberg, Mrs Florence Aug-30 North Hollywood 70 Yrs Mother Of Mrs Jessie Shour\ 26-Aug-30 7
Dunsmoor, Dr. John M. 19-Sep-31 Los Angeles 76 Yrs From Minn.;Wife Naomi, Son R 22-Sep-31 1++
Dupree, Judge J.W. 6-Dec-27 Lankershim 74 Yrs Leaves Widow, Sister & Brother 6-Dec-27 1+
Duran, Manuel 24-Sep-27 Lankershim 8 Days Son Of Rosenda Duran Of Mexico 27-Sep-27 3
Durham, Mrs Mary B. 8-Oct-29 North Hollywood 93 Yrs   11-Oct-29 11
Dutcher, Ogden1 16-May-31     Widow, Otr/Burial In Oswego, 22-May-31 1+
Earl, Mrs Helen 27-Sep-30 North Hollywood   Related To Mrs H.H.Westerfield 10-Oct-30 11+
Eastman, R.L. 20-Dec-34 Alhambra   Traffic Accident 24-Dec-34 2
Ebersold, Barbara 16-Jan-29 North Hollywood 6 Months Daughter Of M/M 0. Ebersold 18-Jan-29 1+
Edeson, Robert 24-Mar-31     Actor, Widow Aida, Dau Roberta 27-Mar-31 1+
Edgecomb, Arthur 25-Dec-27 Los Angeles 33 Yrs Had Friends In North Hollywood 27-Dec-27 8
Edwards, Kenneth Lee 7-Aug-30 North Hollywood 6 Days Son Of Mim George Edwards 8-Aug-30 2
Eilert, Mrs Marion Irene Aug-34 North Hollywood   Daughter Of Mrs Florence Blair 16-Aug-34 1
Ellis, David 28-Jun-25 Chicago   Nephew Of David Langlands 30-Jun-25 3
Ellis, Mrs Pearl Oct-33 North Hollywood 35 Yrs Car Accident 2-Nov-33 1
Ellison, Mrs Frances Sep-27 San Francisco 25 Yrs Murdered, Wife Of Roy Ellison 13-Sep-27 11+
Ells, Marie Van Verst 31-Jul-31 North Hollywood 47 Yr's Wife Of Dr.Henry (Harvey?) Ells 31-Jul-31 1+
Ellsworth, Dore Mae 5-Apr-31 North Hollywood 29 Yrs B. Nebraska, Lvs Husband & Dau 7-Apr-31 1
Enloe, Mary C. Jan-30 Reseda 67 Yr's Hus.Thomas G.Enloe; Son Lloyd 24-Jan-30 2+
Ensee, John Oct-30 North Hollywood 48 Yr's Hit By Train 28-Oct-30 6
Epstein, Gwendolyn 4-Jul-33 Los Angeles 16 Yrs Auto Accident-Hit By Train 6-Jul-33 1++
Epstein, Henry 4-Jul-33 Los Angeles 40 Yr's Auto Accident-Hit By Train 6-Jul-33 1++
Epstein, Lawrence 4-Jul-33 Los Angeles 11 Yr's Auto Accident-Hit By Train 6-Jul-33 1++
Epstein, Marie 4-Jul-33 Los Angeles 40 Yrs Auto Accident-Hit By Train 6-Jul-33 1++
Ervin, Mrs Agnes 16-May-30     Car Crash; Lvs Husband, 2 Girls 16-May-30 1+
Evans, I.N. Nov-31 Illinois   Father Of Mrs Hazel Bixby 4-Dec-31 1+
Eversole, Malcolm 10-Sep-33 North Hollywood 21 Yrs Son Of Dr.Harry Owen Eversole 12-Sep-33 1
Ewan, Charles 0. 25-Sep-33 North Hollywood 55 Yr's Wife Catherine 26-Sep-33 1
Ewing, Mrs Allie E. 13-May-33 North Hollywood 72 Yrs B. Genesee, Ill; Son Frances E 16-May-33 2
Exfine, Jack Sep-26 Greensville, NC   Jumped From Hotel Window (Fire) 17-Sep-26 6
Failor, Mrs Dilla L. 13-Jul-27 Las Angeles 82 Yrs Pioneer, Charles Failor Is Son 15-Jul-27 1++
Faulks, Irving 29-Aug-27 Lankershim 78 Yrs Valley Pioneer, Lvs Wife Marie 30-Aug-27 2++
Fears, Mrs Clara C. 10-May-30 North Hollywood b. 2-25-1867 B. Ny, Sister-Mrs E.N. Langley 13-May-30 8
Fernandez, Edward 11-Oct-31     Shot While Deer Hunting 13-Oct-31 1
Fernandez, Mrs Cecelia Aug-29   108 Yrs Born Durango, Mexico In 1821 9-Aug-29 11
Festa, Mrs Amelia 1-Dec-34 North Hollywood   Lvs Husb Sylvino, Dau & 2 Sons 10-Dec-34 1+
Fielder, Mrs Maude 4-Jun-33 North Hollywood 73 Yrs B.TX;Aunt Of Mrs Mary McKelvoy 6-Jun-33 1+
Fish, Ferdinand 2-Nov-26 Lankershim 75 Yrs B. NY; Father Of Pauline Deming 5-Nov-26 1+
Foster, Dr. Martin L. 23-Jan-34 North Hollywood b.7-7-1845 B.IN;In Civil War;Wife M. Sue 25-Jan-34 1++
Foster, Robert P. 29-Apr-33 North Hollywood 40 Yrs Leaves Wife Clara 2-May-33 1
Fountain, Mrs Martha 28-Jul-34 North Hollywood 90 Yrs Lvs Dau Ella(Mrs Arthur Hansen) 2-Aug-34 1+
Fox, Charles Richard 29-Aug-27 Lankershim b.8-31-1926 Son Of M/M Fred Fox 30-Aug-27 1+
Fox, Edward W. 19-Nov-31 North Hollywood 62 Yrs B.Hungary;Wife Bertha,2 Bro,Sis 24-Nov-31 1++
Fox, Mrs Fred B.(Flora A) 1-May-31 North Hollywood 55 Yrs Pioneer 1-May-31 1
Fraleigh, Herbert Oct-29 North Hollywood 67 Yrs Uncle Of Mrs D.J. Healy 11-Oct-29 1+
Frasch, George B. 22-Apr-30 North Hollywood 57 Yrs Wife Is Ruby Frasch 25-Apr-30 7
Frazer, "Infant Son" 15-Dec-31 North Hollywood Stillborn Son Of M/M Edward Frazer 18-Dec-31 1
Frazer, Jesse E. 30-Apr-34 North Hollywood 66 Yrs Lvs Widow Ella S.; dau And Son 3-May-34 5+
Frazier, Dr. Flora J. 13-Aug-29 North Hollywood 70 Yrs Mother Of Ray E./Otis D.Frazie 16-Aug-29 9+
Frazier, Mrs Melvina E. 3-Jul-27 Lankershim b.5-14-1852 Aunt Of Police Sgt Bert Dowling 5-Jul-27 6+
Frazzini, Raymond 12-Jun-27 Lankershim 14 Yrs Shot While "Trespassing" 14-Jun-27 1+
Frazzini, Rinato 12-Jun-27 Lankershim 14 Yrs Shot Hunting On Cable Estate 6-Sep-27 1+
Freeman, Mrs Nellie 17-Oct-27 North Hollywood Born 1869 Mother Of Mrs W.S.Drew 18-Oct-27 9
Fritz, Philip Jacob 22-Oct-33 North Hollywood 86y,6m,10d Lvs 3 Sons/S daus/9 Grandchldr 26-Oct-33 1+
Fry, Mrs Jessie 25-Sep-33 North Hollywood   Nee Buchanan; Lvs Husb Fred S. 26-Sep-33 1+
Fuller, H. Leon 9-Jul-34 Denver, Colo   Wife Is dau Of Mrs Fannie Perr 9-Jul-34 1+
Fuller, Jane A. 27-Dec-26 Lankershim 82 Yrs Mother Of Mrs Ralph Browne 31-Dec-26 5++
Fulton, Mrs Theodor Dec-30     Auto Accident, Lvs Daughter 23-Dec-30 4+
Fulton, Theodor Dec-30     Auto Accident, Lvs Daughter 23-Dec-30 4+
Gage, G.E. 21-May-27 Lankershim   Truck Driver - Auto Accident 24-May-27 1
Gallagher, Frank 16-Feb-29     Car Crash; Was Movie Director 29-Mar-29 1
Garcia, Manuel Sep-29 North Hollywood Infant Son Of N/N C. Garcia 13-Sep-29 3
Garden, Arthur Dec-33 North Hollywood 69 Yrs Son A.J.Garden Is A Policeman 11-Dec-33 1
Gardner, Milton Jr. Jun-30 North Hollywood 18 Yrs Drowned, Buried 6/27/30 4-Jul-30 5
Gardner,Allison Deforrest Nov-29 Hollywood 82 Yrs Buried Nov 19th 19-Nov-29 1
Garvin, Harold 8-Apr-34 North Hollywood   Lvs Wife Lena(Nee Kerkpatrick) 12-Apr-34 8+
Gaubatz, Mrs Ida 7-Dec-31 North Hollywood 70 Yrs Widow Of Louis;Lvs 3 Sons,2 dau 8-Dec-31 1+
Gaustad, Mrs Marie 23-Aug-29 North Hollywood 76 Yrs B. Norway - Husband Christian O. 27-Aug-29 1++
Geldart, Arnold V. 1-Sep-29 Burbank 32 Yrs Flight Instructor-Died In Crash 3-Sep-29 6+
George, Mrs John 12-May-34 Compton   Sister Of Mrs John Edstrom 14-May-34 1
Gerard, Mrs B.C. 1-Nov-29 Merced   Mother Of Henry Gerard 1-Nov-29 1+
Gerbaudi, Mrs Pelatia 6-Nov-31 North Hollywood 73 Yrs B. Italy, Leaves 8 children 10-Nov-31 4++
Gereghty, Frank 31-Dec-33 North Hollywood 45 Yrs Lvs Wife Helen M.& 5 Children 2-Jan-34 1+
Gerenwood, George G. 3-May-33       9-May-33 1
German, Mrs J.W. 29-Oct-31 Rend, NV   Sister Of Charles Morrison 6-Nov-31 1+
Gifford, Mary 12-May-34 Los Angeles 88 Yrs Wife Of Henry;Lvs Large Family 14-May-34 1++
Gilchrest, Robert B. 6-Jul-30 North Hollywood   Killed By Exploding Tank 8-Jul-30 8
Gill, Elizabeth Dubarry 12-Nov-27 Lankershim B. 2-26-1858 Mother Of Mrs O.E. Basworth 15-Nov-27 1
Glennan, Frank Apr-34 Glendale   Plane Crash; Lvs Wife, 2 Children 16-Apr-34 1
Glosser, Mrs Jennie 11-Jul-27 San Bernardino   Lankershim Pioneer 15-Jul-27 10+
Glosser, Tompson Bell 28-Nov-34 North Hollywood 75 Yrs Buried Beside Wife Virginia 3-Dec-34 1++
Godwin, J.A. 12-May-34 North Hollywood   Married; Large Family 17-May-34 5++
Goeser, Miss Marcia 10-Sep-33 North Hollywood 19 Yrs Dau Of Edwin W. Goeser 12-Sep-33 1+
Goff, Samuel 30-Jul-33   26 Yrs Shot During Robbery Attempt 1-Aug-33 1
Goings, Ed 9-Sep-31 Carnegie, OK   Father Of Mrs Eulalie Dallke 11-Sep-31 1+
Gotham, George Edward 20-Nov-31 Tujunga 74 Yrs Father Of Karl Gotham 24-Nov-31 4++
Gott, Elizabeth 17-Jun-34 North Hollywood 50 Yrs Born Ind.; Leaves 4 Sisters 18-Jun-34 1+
Gotter, Lloyd L. 21-Jan-31   11y,9mo,20d Son Of M/M Ben Gotter 23-Jan-31 1+
Graham, Mrs W.T. 1-Nov-31 Seattle, WA   Mother Of Mrs A.E. Peterson 27-Nov-31 6
Grant, David S. 24-Nov-33 North Hollywood 44 Yrs Lvs Wife Nan & Small Daughter 28-Nov-33 1
Graves, John T. 12-Apr-31 O'neal, CA   Born Il/Bro.Of Mrs W.J.Severn 17-Apr-31 1
Gray, Clarence John 2-Aug-30 North Hollywood 61 or 62  Yrs Wife, 4 Sons, 5 Daughters 5-Aug-30 1++
Gray, Edward S. 21-Jul-31 North Hollywood 84 yrs Husband Of Samantha Spear Gray 24-Jul-31 1++
Gray, John 26-Jun-33 North Hollywood 60 Yrs Gag Writer; Leaves 2 Sisters 29-Jun-33 1
Gray, John 0. 5-Dec-34 North Hollywood   Sons Harold & Carl;Dau Mary 6-Dec-34 1+
Gray, Mrs Florence 28-Mar-30   40 Yrs Dau Of M/M G.Pauly, Lvs 3 Dau 1-Apr-30 4+
Gray, Mrs Harriett Haile Aug-30 San Francisco 76 Yrs Poet - Wife Of Dr Frank Gray 5-Aug-30 4+
Gray, Senator Pat May-30 San Francisco     9-May-30 5
Greenfield, Dr Albert H. 14-Sep-34 Burbank 55 Yrs From England;Wife Dr. Mary 17-Sep-34 6+
Greer, Mary 14-Aug-30 Charter Oaks 14 Yrs Bus Accident - Church Picnic 15-Aug-30 1
Gref, Steve 2-Dec-27 Lankershin 38 Yrs Born In Romania - Suicide 6-Dec-27 1
Griffin,Therese Elizabeth 1-Mar-27 Lankershim 24 Yrs Dau Of M/N Perley H. Griffin 4-Mar-27 1+
Grimes, John W. 9-Nov-29 Van Nuys 68 Yrs Son Of M/M Noblie L. Grimes 12-Nov-29 5++
Groman, Nelson 5-May-30 Pasadena   Jumped From Colorado St. Bridge 9-May-30 5
Gromat, Joe 23-Jul-31 Los Angeles     24-Jul-31 1
Grush, Mrs Harley D. 4-Jul-30 Glendale 24 Yrs Killed In Auto Accident 8-Jul-30 I
Gullord, Adolph 17-Jun-33 North Hollywood 67 Yrs b. Wisc.;Father Of W.E.Gullord 20-Jun-33 3+
Gunn, Everett 16-Dec-29 Roscoe   Fell Into Rock Crusher 17-Dec-29 5
Gustafson, Mr. A.M. Dec-33 North Hollywood   Heart Attack; Leaves Son Paul 7-Dec-33 1
Gustafson, Mrs Helen 4-Oct-33 North Hollywood 40 Yrs Daughter Of Mrs Mary Oudet 5-Oct-33 1
Haddock, James Henry 23-Nov-34 North Hollywood 60 Yrs Auto Accident 26-Nov-34 1
Hadley, Ervin C. 23-Feb-33 North Hollywood   Survived By Wife And Son Paul 23-Feb-33 1
Hahn, Edward 8-Apr-34 Ventura   Step-Fathr Of Ms Frank Mcginnis 19-Apr-34 3
Hale, Charles C. 6-Aug-34 North Hollywood 53 Yrs b.UT,wife Annette,4 son,3daus 9-Aug-34 1++
Hall, Mrs Delia A. 9-Sep-34 Hanford, CA 80 Yrs b.Mich;Wife Of Dewitt Hall 10-Sep-34 1++
Hall, Mrs Mamie (Young) Jul-31 Los Angeles   Daughter Of Mrs Belle Young 24-Jul-31 1+
Hall,Mrs Carpie Carpenter Dec-30 North Hollywood 72 Yrs Wife Of William Creighton Hall 19-Dec-30 1+
Halpin, Harold W. 21-Mar-31     Auto Accident; Brother Don 24-Mar-31 1
Hamilton, Thomas 16-Dec-34 North Hollywood 50 Yrs Leaves A Son In N. Hollywood 17-Dec-34 1
Hamren, C.E. 26-Mar-33 North Hollywood 72y,3m,14d Wife Minnie, 2 daus, 2 Sons 28-Mar-33 1+
Hamren, Ellsworth 20-Jan-29 North Hollywood   Son Of M/M C.E.Hamren 22-Jan-29 1
Haney, William Spurgeon 20-Oct-30 North Hollywood  50 Yrs Born So.Carolina;Widow & 4 Sons 21-Oct-30 1+
Hansing, Adolphus H. 17-Dec-29 North Hollywood  81 Yrs Widow Sara, 4 Sons, 3 Daughters 20-Dec-29 7++
Hanson, Mrs Jessie L. Aug-29 Sepulveda 52 Yrs Wife Of Emil C. Hanson 16-Aug-29 12
Harder, Ronald Kenneth 14-Jun-33 North Hollywood  13 Months Son Of M/M Ray Harder 20-Jun-33 1
Harding, Mrs Mary 20-Dec-29 Los Angeles   b. Canada;Mother Of A.H.Harding 20-Dec-29 1
Hardman, Mrs Mary 27-Apr-30 Van Nuys   Accident 29-Apr-30 1
Hare, Dorothea Benham 17-Nov-34 North Hollywood   Plane Crash;Lvs Husband Arthur 19-Nov-34 1
Harlan, Mrs Lizzie 0. 30-Sep-34 North Hollywood   Son Robert 1-Oct-34 1
Harris, Clive 29-Jun-25 San Francisco 32 Yrs Suicide,  WWI Veteran 3-Jul-25 2+
Harris, John A. 18-Dec-31 North Hollywood   Pioneer Farmer 22-Dec-31 2
Hartiian, Charles W. 5-Feb-33 North Hollywood  73 Yrs b. Iowa, 45 Yrs In California 7-Feb-33 1++
Hauber, William C. 16-Jul-29     Stuntman-Killed In Plane Crash 19-Jul-29 4
Hauser, Samuel B. 23-Apr-31 North Hollywood 81 Yrs Husband Of Julia 24-Apr-31 1
Hausler, George 8-Aug-31 North Hollywood B. 23/11/O6 b. Minn. Accident; Unmarried 11-Aug-31 1+
Hawk, Captain E.L. 13-Aug-30 Yountville 88 Yrs Former Cmdr Of G.A.R. Office 19-Aug-30 2+
Hawkins, Nellie B. 22-Jul-30 North Hollywood   Wife Of Walter J. Hawkins 25-Jul-30 3
Hearne, Edith Helen 4-Jun-27 Lankershim 26 Yrs Shot By.Husband, Lvs One Child 7-Jun-27 1+
Hearne, Thomas Powell 4-Jun-27 Lankershim 30 Yrs Suicide-Lapd Officer-Wife Edith 7-Jun-27 1+
Heffran, Mrs Emma J. 11-Aug-33 North Hollywood 83 Yrs B.Rutledge,Vt; Son Harold J. 17-Aug-33 1+
Heffron, Col.Henry Greene 5-Oct-31 North Hollywood 92yrs, 11 mo Civil War Vet, Wife Emma, Son 6-Oct-31 1++
Heffron, Louis 19-Jan-31 North Hollywood 17 Yrs Son Of M/M H.J  Heffron 20-Jan-31 1
Heitzman, Frances Edith Oct-27 San Fernando   Wife Of Walter Heitzman 18-Oct-27 2
Helmel, Mrs Rose Ann 1-Nov-29 North Hollywood 66 Yrs Mother Of Edward, Howard, 3 5-Nov-29 8++
Hergesheimer, Mrs Mary 2-Nov-31 North Hollywood 52 Yrs Auto Accident/Husband George 3-Nov-31 1
Hernandez, Frank 18-May-27 Lankershim 17 Yrs Shot Escaping Arrest 24-May-27 5+
Hernandez, Isabel 31-Jul-26 Lankershim 23 Days Crib Death 3-Aug-26 9
Hernandez, Manuel 28-Dec-26 Pasadena   Died In Auto Accioent 4-Jan-27 5+
Hernandez, William 26-Nov-30 North Hollywood 3 Months Son Of M/M Vincent Hernandez 28-Nov-30 1
Heyden, Mrs Susan E. 25-Jun-29 North Hollywood b. 3-10-1861 Husband John S.; Son D.W. 28-Jun-29 8++
Hiatt, Lois 8-Mar-30   21 Yrs Suicide-Niece Of William Warden 11-Mar-30 4
Hicks, Mrs Caroline Jane 3-Aug-34 North Hollywood 67 Yrs Mother Of Gordon Hicks 9-Aug-34 1
High, William H. 6-Jun-33 North Hollywood 49 Yrs B. Alabama;Wife Myrtle,5 Chldren 15-Jun-33 1++
Hindman, Mrs Elizabeth A. 24-Oct-31 North Hollywood b. 26-3-1858 Mother Of Mrs Maggie V. Wright 27-Oct-31 5+
Hirschy, Jacob May-30 Van Nuys   Pioneer; Lvs Widow, 7children 9-May-30 3+
Hisel, Doris 16-Mar-30 North Hollywood 24 Yrs B. Iowa, Husband Frank H. Hisel 18-Mar-30 1+
Hodson, Addle 30-Nov-30 Burbank   Mother Of Capt C. A. Hodson 2-Dec-30 5+
Hodson, James 3-Nov-30 Burbank 81 Yrs B. Eng/Lvs Wife Addie;8 Children 4-Nov-30 1+
Hoffman, Abel Pomeroy 5-May-26 Long Beach 81 Yrs Pioneer Valley Land Developer 11-May-26 2
Hoffman, Mrs Gertrude E. 3-May-26 Lankershim 41 Yrs B. Maine; Wife Of William F. 4-May-26 3+
Hogan, Miss Sarah May 25-Jun-34   59 Yrs Lvs Mother;Sister Lillia Palmer 28-Jun-34 1
Holcombe, Mrs Mary 22-Apr-30 From Iowa   Mother Of Mrs Edward Morris 25-Apr-30 7
Holland, Caroline L. 21-Nov-31 Los Angeles 80 Yrs Nh Pionner, Lvs Sister & Niece 24-Nov-31 1++
Holland, William Oct-29 Glendale 72 Yrs   15-Oct-29 5
Hollis, Mrs Emily 16-Sep-31 North Hollywood 63 Yrs From Missouri, Many Survivors 18-Sep-31 8++
Holmes, Frank 24-Jan-27 Lankershim 60 Yrs Hit By Car A Week Earlier 25-Jan-27 2
Holmes, Frank Mar-27 The Valley   A Local "Johnny Appleseed" 18-Mar-27 8+
Holmes, John 14-Sep-31 Beverly Hills   North Hollywood Property Owner 18-Sep-31 1
Holmes, John 16-Oct-34 Bakersfield 22 Yrs Nephew Of Rev James Holmes 22-Oct-34 1
Hooker, Mrs Nancy Eleen 23-Feb-30 North Hollywood 54 Yrs Husband William A. & 3 Children 25-Feb-30 1+
Hornaday, Mrs Alice 7-Jun-30 North Hollywood   Car Accident On May 28th 10-Jun-30 1
Horsely, David Feb-33 Sunland 54 Yrs Founder Of Universal Studio 28-Feb-33 1+
Horton, Samuel Arthur May-33 Van Nuys 57 Yrs B. Mich; Leaves Wife Margaret 23-May-33 2+
Hostetler, Anna Elizabeth 4-Aug-26 Lankershim 71 Yrs Grandmother Of Geraline Sieble 7-Sep-26 2+
Houghton, Samuel 0. 1-Oct-30 Van Nuys 64 Yrs Widow Lita/More In 10 Oct Issl 3-Oct-30 1+
Howard, Frank A. 26-Sep-27 Los Angeles 57 Yrs Suicide, Found In Orchard 27-Sep-27 2+
Howard, Sarah 11-Nov-33 Sherman Oaks 65 Yrs Auto Accident In Los Angeles 19-Feb-34 1
Howland, Mrs Anna E. 28-Dec-29 North Hollywood 78 Yrs Mqjher Of Mrs W.H.Holloway 31-Dec-29 2+
Hubbard, Col. Henry C. 7-Dec-29 San Fernando 85 Yrs Son Wright; Dau Mrs H.H.Dace 10-Dec-29 6++
Huckans, Lydia A. 29-Dec-26 Lankershim 71 Yrs Died At Home Of T. E. Mallory 31-Dec-26 3
Huddleston, William E. Nov-33 Long Beach 48 Yrs Car Accident On Ridge Route 21-Nov-33 1
Huff, Charles E. 23-Oct-29 North Hollywood 62 Yrs Husband Of Lillian 25-Oct-29 1+
Huffaker, George Albert 8-Jun-33 North Hollywood 63 Yrs Lvs-Wife Dora, 8 Sons/Daughter 13-Jun-33 1++
Huffman, Millie 27-Sep-26 Pacoima 49 Yrs b Canada, wife of Carl N 1-Oct-26 8+
Hull, Marie 24-Nov-34 Los Angeles 20 Yrs Auto Accident 26-Nov-34 1
Hulse, Granvyl Godfrey Jun-30 North Hollywood 35 Yrs Lvs Wife, Son Parents & Sister 20-Jun-30 5+
Humphrey, Mrs Lucinda 3-Sep-29 North Hollywood B.17-8-1837 B.In Pa; 12 Children, 6 Survive 3-Sep-29 5++
Hunsaker, Mary M. 27-Dec-26 Lankershim 92 Yrs Leaves 2 Daughters 28-Dec-26 1+
Hunter, Guy Lester 27-Sep-31 Santa Monica 60 Yrs Father Of Dr.C.L.Hunter Of N.H 29-Sep-31 1++
Hurd, Frank A. 23-Dec-27 Van Nuys 40 Yrs Son Of M/M A.E.Hendricks 27-Dec-27 8+
Husted, Jesse A. 4-Apr-27 Lankershim 20 yrs Brother Of Mrs Thelma Shaw 5-Apr-27 1+
Ingalls, Irvin G. Dec-33 Kansas City, MO   Sister Of Mrs Fred H. Burke 21-Dec-33 1
Inglis,Mrs J.P.(Penfield) 21-Jul-31     Wife Of J.P.Inglis 24-Jul-31 1+
Ingram, Douglas C. 13-Aug-29 Washington   Forest Fire, Brother Of Stuart 17-Sep-29 6+
Ingram, J.T 29-Jan-31 Los Angeles 56 yrs   3-Feb-31 1
Inman,Clarence Everett W. 5-Feb-30 Roscoe 64 Yrs Widow Mary Jane;Son Clarence Jr 7-Feb-30 1+
Irwin, Flo Dec-30 Los Angeles 70 Yrs Actress, Sister Mae Irwin In NY 23-Dec-30 1
Isgreen, Soloman 9-Mar-34 North Hollywood 64 Yrs Lvs Wife Alice Thomas Isgreen 15-Mar-34 1+
Izitt, Mrs Thomas P. 17-Sep-29 Van Nuys   Lvs Husband, Daughter + 4 Sons 24-Sep-29 4
Izzo, Mrs Agostino Aug-26 Syracuse, NY   Murdered By Husband, 7 Children 27-Aug-26 3+
Jackson, Roy 26-Sep-31   55 Yrs b. IN, wife Arlene Wellington 29-Sep-31 1++
Jarrett, William 31-Aug-31     Killed On San Fernando Road 1-Sep-31 1
Jeffers, Clarence E. Oct-33 Newhall 25 Yrs Car Accident 31-Oct-33 1
Jensen, Andrew C. 5-May-30 North Hollywood 66 Yrs b. Denmark, wife Carrie, 3 child 6-May-30 3+
Jimenez, Conselo 11-Sep-27 Lankershim 7 Months Daughter Of M/M Paul Jimenez 13-Sep-27 3
John, William 0. 10-Mar-33 Van Nuys   Heart Attack During L.B. Quake 14-Mar-33 1
Johnson, Edward Sep-26 Paterson, NJ   Electrocuted 17-Sep-26 2
Johnson, Flo Nov-29 North Hollywood 42 Yrs Lys Husband, 2 Sons, Daughter 26-Nov-29 1+
Johnson, Mrs Nels Oct-26 Springfield, NJ   Drowned 5-Nov-26 6+
Johnson, Wallace 3-Mar-31 Burbank     6-Mar-31 1
Jones, F. Richard 16-Dec-30 North Hollywood 37 Yrs Film Director 16-Dec-30 1
Jones, Lorena Elizabeth 29-Jun-34 Olive View 26 Yrs dau Of M/M Jesse Jones, Sonora 2-Jul-34 3+
Jones, Miss Eva J. 4-Sep-27 Lankershim 73y 9m 11 Nephew In L.A.; Born In Ohio 6-Sep-27 9+
Jones, Mrs Marilla L. 26-Apr-33 North Hollywood 33 Yrs Wife Of P.E.Jones 27-Apr-33 1
Jones, Samuel Lawrence 12-Jul-31 Hollywood   Brother Of Hugh Willet Jones 14-Jul-31 1+
Juneman, Charles William 25-Feb-34 North Hollywood 51 Yrs Sister Of Mrs Marie Burnstine 26-Feb-34 1
Kadow, H.F. 21-Jan-34 Los Angeles   Father Of C.F.Kadow 23-Jan-34 1+
Kadow, Mrs Dorothea 14-Mar-33 North Hollywood 47 Yrs b. Denmark, Wife Of Clarence 16-Mar-33 1++
Karp, Adam 11-Oct-30 Tourist Camp 21 Yrs Fr.Des Moines,IA, Gas Htr Fumes 14-Oct-30 1+
Karr, Miss Dorothy Nov-33 North Hollywood 18 Yrs Daughter Of M/M Frank Karr 30-Nov-33 1+
Kashmer, Frank 14-Nov-34 Acton 39 Yrs Shot In Feud;Lvs Wife Teressa 15-Nov-34 1+
Keenan, Dudley D. 28-Mar-31 Eagle Rock   Elks Funeral Service 31-Mar-31 1+
Keller, Dr. P. Martin 1-Oct-31 Glendale   Shot By Deranged Patient 2-Oct-31 7
Kelso, "Baby Daughter" 5-Nov-27 North Hollywood 2 Hours Mother Bernice Is A Widow 8-Nov-27 1++
Kendall, Mrs Elizabeth Aug-30 Hollywood   Grandmother Of Mrs George Gray 15-Aug-30 8+
Kennedy, Charles Liming 2-Jul-34 North Hollywood B.3-29-1874 Lvs Widow Pearl(Nee Boyer), Dau 2-Jul-34 1++
Kennedy, E. Hugh 25-Jan-29 North Hollywood   Worked 30 Yrs In Fruit Cannery 25-Jan-29 1
Kennedy,Mrs Pearl (Boyer) 18-Oct-34 North Hollywood   Widow Of Clarence L. Kennedy 18-Oct-34 1
Kent, Mrs Katherine 11-Dec-34   70 Yrs Character Actress (Kate Kent) 13-Dec-34 1
Kerrick, Tom 27-Apr-27 Hollywood   Film Cowboy, Shot At Party 3-May-27 1+
Kersten, Fred W. Apr-33 Vassar, Kansas   Father Of Mrs Elmer Greening 18-Apr-33 I
Kichline, Edward D. Nov-30 Stetson Ranch 61 Yrs Heart Attack, Found By Son 18-Nov-30 8
Kido, Roy W. 17-Nov-34 North Hollywood   Plane Crash 19-Nov-34 1
Kidson, David 30-Oct-26 Los Angeles   Early Resident Of Lankershim 2-Nov-26 3
Kiodson, Virginia N. 26-Jul-33 North Hollywood 5 Months Dau Of Richard L./Gertrude B. 27-Jul-33 1++
Killion, Prof. R.M. 9-Apr-33       18-Apr-33 1
King, Mrs Ruby Lee 12-Dec-31 North Hollywood 19 Yrs Nee Johnson; Wife Of M.G.King 15-Dec-31 1+
Kingsbury, Solomon S. 27-May-33 Los Angeles 72 Yrs Father Of Derrell A. Kingsbury 1-Jun-33 1
Kinney, Blanche Cordelia 17-Jan-30 Hollywood B.18-5-1862 Mother Of Mrs F.N.Spencer 24-Jan-30 4++
Kirkwood, Mrs Charlotte M 1-Nov-26 Van Nuys 88 Yrs Buried In Salem, OR 30-Nov-26 2++
Kleinkauf, Mary 6-Nov-27 Lankershim 80 Yrs B.Nebraska-8 Children Survive 15-Nov-27 3+
Kline, Charles H. 24-Oct-29 Burbank 61 Yrs Husband Of Mrs Lucy Ward Kline 25-Oct-29 2+
Knapp, Daniel Peter 9-Apr-34 North Hollywood 67 Yrs Leaves Daughter Mrs D.A.George 12-Apr-34 6
Knapp, Seelie W. Oct-34 Los Angeles   Father of Mrs Dorothy K Hinman 8-Oct-34 1
Knechtel, Alvin V. 16-Jul-29     Camera Man-Died In Plane Crash 19-Jul-29 4
Knox, George A. Aug-29 North Hollywood 68 yrs Lvs Widow+2 Sons In Aberdeen,SD 16-Aug-29 11+
Knuth, R.? Aug-30 Los Angeles about 6Oyr From Denver, Suicide Or Fall 12-Aug-30 1+
Kohler, George H. 12-Sep-29 North Hollywood   WWI Vet, Lvs Widow, 3 Children 17-Sep-29 1
Konig, Mrs Hattie A. 4-Jun-33 North Hollywood 45 yrs b. Baltimore,MD; Wife Of Chris 6-Jun-33 4+
Kopp, A. Lawrence 28-May-33 North Hollywood   Wife - Delta Kopp 1-Jun-33 1+
Kraft, Adeline 22-May-34 North Hollywood 70 yrs Lvs Husb.John, 4 Children 28-May-34 3+
Kroupa, Mrs Harriet B. 28-Aug-29 North Hollywood   Seven Children,2 In N.Hollywood 30-Aug-29 4++
Kuentz, Ellen M. 21-Apr-26 Lankershim 79 Yrs Wife Of I. Charles Kuentz 23-Apr-26 3+
Kuhl, Mrs Jane F. 28-Apr-26 Lankershim   Wife Of J.H.Kuhl-Had Baby Dau. 30-Apr-26 3+
Kurland, Bernard 7-Jul-34 North Hollywood 22 yrs Son Of M/M Maurice Kurland 9-Jul-34 1+