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Volume 2 - (1926 to 1934)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume II" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the Lankershim Press and the North Hollywood Press newspapers which were published between the years 1926 and 1934.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.


Rae, Alma Clare 4-Aug-29 North Hollywood 28 Yrs Wife Of Walter J. Rae 6-Aug-29 1+
Ramierez, Isobel 19-Dec-27 Lankershim 17 Yrs Parents - M/M M. Ramierez 20-Dec-27 1
Ramirez, William 7-Jul-33 North Hollywood 5 Months Son Of M/M P. Ramirez 13-Jul-33 1
Randall, Mrs Ethel May 12-Nov-31 Hollywood   Mother Of Mrs Clyde Cassels 13-Nov-31 1+
Rasgorshek, Gabe 28-Apr-34 North Hollywood 81 Yrs. Born In Austria 3-May-34 5+
Rauch, Fred Wilbur 25-May-34 North Hollywood B .8-29-1874 Lvs Widow Clara A., Son, 2 Bro 28-May-34 7+
Rayes, Patricia Jul-33 Sombrero Ranch   Shot;Brother Of Francisco Reyes 25-Jul-33 1
Redaker, William Aug-30 North Hollywood 65  Yrs Brother Of J.R.Redaker 26-Aug-30 1+
Reed, Homer V. 7-Dec-31 Canoga Park 41 Yrs From Seattle-Auto Accident 8-Dec-31 1+
Reese, Emily 17-Apr-30 North Hollywood 70 Yrs Daughter Mrs Wm.W. Thompson 18-Apr-30 2
Reese, James P. 15-Apr-30 North Hollywood 13 Yrs Wife Emily, Dau-Mrs Wm Thompson 18-Apr-30 2+
Remellet, Charles P. 6-Jan-31 North Hollywood 60 Yrs Struck By Automobile 9-Jan-31 1
Reyes, Fantina 26-Apr-27 Lankershim 1 Month Parents - M/M P. Reyes 29-Apr-27 3
Reynolds, W.W. 4-Jun-33 Filmore 34 Yrs Auto Accident 6-Jun-33 1
Richard, Miss Agnes 17-Feb-30 North Hollywood 64 Yrs Aunt of Mrs George Steinbach 18-Feb-30 3++
Ricks, Mr 1-Jul-29     Father of Archie Ricks 5-Jul-29 5
Riddell, Robert P. 8-Jun-34 Tacoma, WA 31 Yrs   11-Jun-34 1
Riddle, Rev. William Oct-33     Funeral In Van Nuys 12-Oct-33 5
Rippey, R.C. 12-Jul-33 Geneva, NY 66 Yrs Father Of Mrs Harvey Oatman 13-Jul-33 1
Riske, Mrs A.J. Jun-27 Minneapolis, MN   Mother Of Berwyn Riske 21-Jun-27 3+
Rivera, Michael 29-Apr-31 North Hollywood     1-May-31 1
Roa, Amelia 27-Feb-27 Le Moyne Ranch Infant Daughter Of M/M Luis Roa 1-Mar-27 2+
Robbins, Ephraim 9-Sep-29 Jett, Oklahoma 100 Yrs Father Of Mrs L.C.Buckles 10-Sep-29 8
Robbins,Roy "Skeeter Bill" Nov-33 Mint Canyon   Actor; Leaves Wife Dorothy 30-Nov-33 1+
Roberts, James E. May-34   67 Yrs Leaves Wife Emma, 2 Sons 21-May-34 1+
Roberts, Mrs Bessie A. 28-Sep-27 Lankershim B.4-22-1866 Wife Of Orlando,Lvs 2 Dau/ 1Son 30-Sep-27 3+
Robertson, Mrs P.E. 1-Dec-33 North Hollywood 38 Yrs Leaves Husband P.E.Robertson 21-Dec-33 1
Robinson, Mrs Dewitt 2-Feb-30 Hollywood   Member N.H. Women's Club 4-Feb-30 4
Roche, Arthur M. 25-Jan-33 San Fernando 50 Yrs B.Michigan, Lvs Sister; 2 Son 31-Jan-33 1+
Rogers, Clarence 9-May-31 North Hollywood 63 Yrs Born Tenn; Leaves 3 Daughters 12-May-31 1++
Rogers, Earl J. 25-Dec-34 North Hollywood 40 Yrs Lvs Widow Carrie, 3 Daus, Son 27-Dec-34 1+
Rogers, George A. 18-Nov-30 North Hollywood   Plane Crash In Antelope Valle 21-Nov-30 1
Rogers, Glen Paul 24-Feb-33 North Hollywood   Shot By Bandit, Lys Sister 30-Mar-33 1+
Rood, Mrs Joan 22-Apr-33 North Hollywood 92 Yrs Leaves Daughter Dollie Mills 25-Apr-33 1
Rooney, Patrick 16-Mar-27 Lankershin 72 Yrs Wife Is Mary A. Rooney 18-Mar-27 3++
Rose, Mrs Clara Virginia 19-Sep-33 North Hollywood 62 Yrs Leaves 3 Daughters And 1 Son 21-Sep-33 1+
Ross, Claude 14-Jul-29 North Hollywood 1 Month Mother Thelma Died 2 Wks Before 16-Jul-29 1
Ross, Thelma 3-Jul-29 North Hollywood 17 Yrs Daughter Of M/M Ira F.Gonder 5-Jul-29 4+
Rothenburg, Mr May-30 Hibbling, MN   Game Warden-Shot; Son Robert 6-May-30 5+
Rounds, Mrs Leona 9-Mar-31 North Hollywood  24 Yrs   10-Mar-31 1
Rowan, L.F. 19-Jul-31 Newhall   Leaves Widow Goldie 21-Jul-31 1+
Roy, Gladys 16-Aug-27 Youngstown, Oh   Airplane Accident 19-Aug-27 11
Roylance, J.T. 30-Dec-29 North Hollywood   Resident Of Maryland 31-Dec-29 8
Roylance, John P. 1-Jan-30 North Hollywood   Died From Auto Crash Injuries 7-Jan-30 5+
Ruazul, Thomas M. 24-Jul-30   24 Yrs Car Accident 25-Jul-30 7
Ruben, Alma 22-Jan-31   33 Yrs Buried At Forest Lawn, Glenda 23-Jan-31 1
Ruiz, Nino Jun-30 La Cresenta 54 Yrs Shot Himself 17-Jun-30 1
Runkle, Mrs Sarah 9-Dec-31 North Hollywood 70 Yrs Mother Of Mrs Michael Beach 11-Dec-31 1+
Rutherford, Harold Lee 17-Feb-34 Van Nuys 22 Yrs Suicide Over Lost Love Affair 22-Feb-34 1
Ryan, Robert 15-Oct-27 North Hollywood 8 Y~S Drowned 18-Oct-27 9
Sabin, Ruth 16-Jul-31 North Hollywood   Wife Of Claude Sabin 21-Jul-31 1++
Saeder, Rudolph Jul-30 Atlantic Cty, NJ 70 Yrs Brother Of Mrs Hammond Hardy 18-Jul-30 1
Salazar, Felicita 26-Oct-29 North Hollywood 18 Yrs Diptheria/Dau Of Juan Salazar 9-Oct-29 4
Salisbury, Mrs Nina 20-Nov-30 North Hollywood 63 Yrs B. Adams Co. OH; Mother Of Earl 21-Nov-30 1
Sample, James T. 8-Mar-34 Los Angeles 80 Yrs Father Of Mrs P.F. Marsh 19-Mar-34 6
Sams, Preston 1-Feb-34 North Hollywood B. 1-29-1844 B.Ohio;Lvs Sister And Brother 1-Feb-34 1++
Sandabol, Presidio 9-Sep-34   25 Yrs Killed By Police; Gambling Raid 10-Sep-34 1
Sanders, Peter 28-Apr-30 North Hollywood 36 Yrs B. NY, Wife Clara M., Son & Dau 29-Apr-30 6+
Sandifur, (Twin Girls) 25-Aug-31 North Hollywood 1 Day Parents M/M Cecil Sandifur 25-Aug-31 1
Sandrini, Marie 27-Oct-26 Lankershim 17 Days Daughter Of M/M Jim Sandrini 29-Oct-26 2
Santino, Lucy 29-Sep-26 Lankershim   Married-Shot By Unknown Person 1-Oct-26 1+
Satterwhite, John Douglas 8-Feb-30 North Hollywood 5 Yrs Son Of Mim Walter Satterwhite 14-Feb-30 5+
Scharold, Fred B. 4-Jun-30 North Hollywood 52 Yrs Wife Gertrude; 2 Daus, 1 Son 6-Jun-30 1
Scheibel, August Dec-33 North Hollywood 79 Yrs Lvs Wife Bertha & 3 Sons 7-Dec-33 1++
Scheidemann, Alma J. 1-Sep-31 North Hollywood   Daughter Of Mrs A.H.Scheidemann 4-Sep-31 3
Schilling, William 23-Jul-29 North Hollywood 65 Yrs Married,Sp-Amer War Vet-Suicide 26-Jul-29 4
Schlemmer, Mrs A. 29-May-27 Lankershim 71 Yrs Auto Accident, Mother Of Arthur 31-May-27 1+
Schmedeka, Christopher 6-May-26 Lankershim 70 Yrs B. 8-25-1845; Lvs Wife & Son 11-May-26 5+
Schmid, Mrs Elizabeth D. Nov-33 North Hollywood 91 Yrs 5 Of 7 Children Survive 7-Nov-33 1++
Schmidt,Miss Katherine J. 18-Nov-30 Antelope Valley   Passenger In Plane Crash 21-Nov-30 1
Schneider, Paul H. Oct-30 San Fernando   Lvs Wife,Mother,Sister,Brother 28-Oct-30 1+
Scholtes, Mrs Clara Dec-31 Burbank 73 Yrs Son H.M.Scholtes 18-Dec-31 7+
Schreiner, Mrs Mannie M. 7-Nov-26 Lankershim 63 Yrs Bornin Georgia; Wife Of Albert 9-Nov-26 1+
Schulz, Ferdinand 15-Jun-30 North Hollywood 68 Yrs Wife Emma 17-Jun-30 7+
Scott, Mrs Ellen 26-Jul-34 North Hollywood 77 Yrs 4 Sons & 3 Daughters Survive 30-Jul-34 4+
Seeliger, Mrs Lydia K. 19-Sep-29 North Hollywood 48 Yrs B.Germany; Hus. Mority Seeliger 20-Sep-29 1+
Seely, Ellen 8-Feb-33 North Hollywood B. Aug 1856 B.In NY;Sister Of Howard Seely 9-Feb-33 1++
Seely, Frank 6-Jun-27 Mason, Michigan   Related To Howard Seely 7-Jun-27 3
Segovia, Tranquilina M. 11-May-33 North Hollywood   Left Son & 8 Grandchildren 16-May-33 2+
Seifried, Mathilda Tabler 7-Sep-27 Lankershim B.7-11-1866 Wife Of J.E.Seifried-Born Penn 9-Sep-27 1+
Seligman, Henry 21-Jan-34 North Hollywood 70 Yrs Lvs Wife Florence 5.12 Br,3 Sis 25-Jan-34 1+
Selwyn, Archibald Jr. 4-Jul-30 North Hollywood 19 Yrs Son Of Mim Archie Selwyn Of NY 18-Jul-30 3+
Semerano, Louis 4-Apr-31 North Hollywood 36 Yrs Lvs Widow And 2 Minor Children 7-Apr-31 1+
Seneuoff, Alice 5-Aug-34 San Francisco 13 Yrs Drowned 6-Aug-34 1
Serrano, Daniel A. Oct-33 North Hollywood   Car Crash; From Tecate Baja, CA 12-Oct-33 6
Servera, Marina 30-Aug-31 North Hollywood 17 Yrs Mother - Mrs Sanjuana Servera 1-Sep-31 3
Sesson, Mrs Edna Blanche Oct-30 Owensmouth 66 Yrs Daughter Of Mrs Florence Sesson 31-Oct-30 1+
Shaffmaster, A.D. 18-Jan-30 North Hollywood   Veteran S.F. Newspaper Man 21-Jan-30 6
Shaw, Fred B. 14-Aug-29 North Hollywood 34 Yrs Piute Indian-Buried In Bishop 16-Aug-29 11
Sheridan, Mr Aug-26 Lankershim   Operated Grocery Store 27-Aug-26 7
Sheridan, Mrs Caroline E. 4-Dec-29 North Hollywood 54 Yrs No Known Relatives 6-Dec-29 2
Shirey, Mrs Mildred 5-Jan-33 North Hollywood 34 Yrs Wife Of Dr C.W. Shirey 10-Jan-33 1+
Shirley, Arthur 25-Jul-31 North Hollywood 11 Yrs Son Of Mim Pat Shirley 28-Jul-31 1+
Shore, Annie B. 2-Apr-33 North Hollywood   Car Hit By Train 4-Apr-33 1+
Shotwell, Mrs Mary Eliza 27-Sep-27 Lankershim B.1-6-1869 Wife Of Ralph (Her 2nd Husband 30-Sep-27 1++
Shull, Harvey S. 4-Jan-30 North Hollywood 53 Yrs Widow Is Rose E.; Ret. Bus. Man 7-Jan-30 1
Simmons, Dora E. 28-May-30 North Hollywood 50 Yrs Car Crash-Los Angeles Resident 30-May-30 1
Simpson, Mrs Lillian 4-Jan-30 North Hollywood 48 Yrs B. Iowa; Wife Of William 7-Jan-30 1+
Slattery, Frank 3-Dec-31 Brentwood Hts. 41 Yrs Born Illinois, In Valley 9 Yrs 4-Dec-31 2+
Slocomb, Vincent 13-Aug-34   14 Yrs Drowned At Tujunga Dam 16-Aug-34 1
Slocum, John D. 16-Dec-30 Los Angeles   Auto Accident 16-Dec-30 1+
Smith,Anthony W. 14-Nov-29 Van Nuys 86 Yrs Father Of Walter Smith 15-Nov-29 6+
Smith, Edwin Wallace 15-Apr-27 Lankershim 63 Yrs Born Brown Cty, Illinois 22-Apr-27 1++
Smith, Glen Sep-27 Lankershim   Father Of Mrs Morris Spier 27-Sep-27 3+
Smith, Harry 13-Aug-29 Mckeesport, PA 27 Yrs   16-Aug-29 11
Smith, J.E. Dec-31 North Hollywood 30 Yrs Accident 22-Dec-31 1
Smith, Jasper Harvey 10-Apr-33 North Hollywood 75 Yrs Born Missouri; 3 Sons, 2 daus 11-Apr-33 1+
Smith, Miss Mary R. 23-Apr-33 North Hollywood   Leaves Sister Sarah Machus 25-Apr-33 1
Smith, Mrs Amanda W. 24-Oct-34 North Hollywood 72 Yrs Born Scotland; Was Married 25-Oct-34 6
Smith, Mrs Fay Iron 15-Oct-34 North Hollywood 27 Yrs Dau Of Dr Otis M. McMurtrey 18-Oct-34 1++
Smith, Raymond 26-Mar-34 North Hollywood 4 Yrs Son Of M/M Thomas Smith 29-Mar-34 6
Smith, William A. 12-Aug-34 North Hollywood 20 Y~S Auto Accident 13-Aug-34 1
Snoddy, Mr. Vert Dec-33 North Hollywood 52 Yrs Died Crossing Street 14-Dec-33 1
Snyder, Francis 21-Jun-27 Lankershim 11 Yrs Drowned In Toluca Lake 21-Jun-27 3
Solomon, Mrs Sarah S. 26-Jun-31 North Hollywood 90 Yrs Large Family - 8 Children 30-Jun-31 1++
Sommers, Mrs Tillie Leona 6-Feb-33 Fresno 49 Yrs B.Mo.;Lvs Hus.Peter,3 Daughters 7-Feb-33 1+
Sparks, J.M. 25-Feb-27 Lankershim 53 Yrs Auto Accident-Leaves Wife & Dau 4-Mar-27 8
Spaulding, Alfred Jul-33 Tujunga 50 Yrs Killed By Freight Elevator 27-Jul-33 4
Speer, W.L. Jun-30 Pittsburgh, PA 70 Yrs Brother Of Mrs M.C.Jones 1-Jul-30 1
Spence, Joe F. 3-Jan-30 North Hollywood 3 Yrs Son Of Mr/Mrs Louise H. Spence 7-Jan-30 1
Spencer, Herbert 20-May-31     Shot; Los Angeles Newspaper Man 22-May-31 1
Spielberger,Ms Louise A.E 31-Jul-34 Los Angeles 46 Yrs Lvs Husb Ferdinand L; Son Louis 2-Aug-34 1+
Spotswood, Luther Nov-30 Sawtelle 88 Yrs Civil War Veteran 28-Nov-30 1+
Sprague, Mrs Maude E. 27-Sep-33 North Hollywood   B. England; Wife Of A.F.Sprague 3-Oct-33 1+
Stadie, Robert Dec-30 North Hollywood 70 Yrs Suicide; Wife Alma 19-Dec-30 1+
Stagner, Mrs L.M. 16-Apr-31 Sweetwater, TX   Mother Of Mrs Harry Wheat 21-Apr-31 1
Staley, Mrs Estelle L. Oct-31 Glendale 70 Yrs Wife Of Deceased Daniel Staley 30-Oct-31 1+
Stanford, Edward 1-Oct-27 Arizona 35 Yrs Brother & Children Live Locally 4-Oct-27 1+
Starbuck, Arthur D. 6-May-31 Hollywood 33 Yrs Plane Crash In Burbank 8-May-31 1
Starkey, Robert 30-Apr-31 Glendale 25 Yrs   1-May-31 1
Stebbins, Charles E. 30-Jul-30 North Hollywood 80 Yrs Leaves Widow Amelia; Son Frank 1-Aug-30 6
Stegan, Christ Sep-26 Marthasville, MO     17-Sep-26 10
Stegan, Mrs Christ Sep-26 Marthasville, MO     17-Sep-26 10
Stephens, R.H. Aug-26 Portsmouth, VA 30 Yrs Drowned, Married 13-Aug-26 7
Stewart, Walter A. 3-Jul-33 Van Nuys 24 Yrs Auto Accident 6-Jul-33 1
Stewart, Wanda T. 29-Apr-34 Texas 29 Yrs Shot Escaping From San Quentin 30-Apr-34 5+
Stinson, Cecelia Romain Sep-26 Belleaire, L.I.   Left $200 To Her Cat Bunny 17-Sep-26 9
Stockwell, Walter Lincoln 24-Apr-34 North Hollywood 37 Yrs Killed By Train 26-Apr-34 3
Stollings, Mrs Lucille C. 6-Oct-30 Hollywood   Owned Property In N. Hollywood 7-Oct-30 1
Stott, Joseph 9-Feb-29 San Francisco   Father Of Mrs C. Newell Carns 12-Feb-29 2
Strada, Aurela 2-Jul-31 North Hollywood 47 Yrs   3-Jul-31 1
Stribling, Tom Oct-26 Little Rock, AR "aged" Self-Induced Starvation 5-Nov-26 6
Strickhouser, John J. 10-Aug-33 North Hollywood 65 Yrs B. Gettysburg,PA;Lvs Wife Sarah 15-Aug-33 2+
Stubbs, Fanny C. 13-Aug-29 North Hollywood   Wife Of L.E.Stubbs 13-Aug-29 8
Sturgis, Helen 5-Jul-31 North Hollywood   Wife Of Earl Sturgis 7-Jul-31 7++
Sugimoto, A. Nov-34 North Hollywood   Auto Accident Nov-34 1
Swall, Mrs Ella Jun-34 Los Angeles   Wife Of Jacob(Deceased);5chldrn 2-Jul-34 1+
Swan, Frank 10-Jun-30 North Hollywood 9 Yrs Son Of M/M Ned Swan 10-Jun-30 1
Swenson, Hamuel T. 24-Jul-31 North Hollywood   Husband Of Frances Swenson 28-Jul-31 1++
Swift, John R. 24-Jun-31 North Hollywood 66 Yrs Pioneer Developer; Married 26-Jun-31 1
Symonds, Marilyn R. 13-Jun-34 North Hollywood   Born Oklahoma;Lvs Parents,2br 18-Jun-34 2+
Taber, Mrs Hattie S. 10-Feb-33 Eagle Rock   Mother Of Edgar, Mrs M. Digby 14-Feb-33 1
Tansley, Reginald 28-Jan-30 North Hollywood 44 Yrs B. Stafford, Engl; Widow Marian 31-Jan-30 1
Tapia, Mrs Cora Lee 8-Dec-31 North Hollywood 54 Yrs Native Of Missouri 11-Dec-31 3
Tatem, Benjamin F. 7-Apr-31 Roswell, NM   Suicide, Widow Marie In NH 10-Apr-31 1+
Taub, (Infant) 18-Jan-27 Lankershim 1 Day Only Lived Several Hours 21-Jan-27 3
Taylor, Benjamin 9-Oct-30 Burbank 37 Yrs B. Ky, Son Of Mim J.B.Taylor 14-Oct-30 1+
Taylor, Cora Clara 11-Aug-31 Los Angeles 51 Yrs B. Ohio; Wife Of Ed Taylor 14-Aug-31 1
Taylor, Hattie 29-Aug-29 North Hollywood 79 Yrs Lvs Hus.Nelson B., 2 Daughter 30-Aug-29 5+
Taylor, Richard Dec-30 North Hollywood 16 Yrs Car Accident 19-Dec-30 1+
Taylor, Robert Feb-33 Pasadena   Lineman-Power Pole Fell On Him 28-Feb-33 1
Testa, Louis 20-May-31 Los Angeles 22 Yrs Bicycle Accident 22-May-31 1
Thacker, C.I. 22-Mar-30 Van Nuys 63 Yrs 2 Married daus (McClure/McCoy) 25-Mar-30 1+
Thirwell, Mrs Ida 7-Oct-31 North Hollywood 60 Yrs B. St Louis, Mo; 2 Dau, 1 Son 9-Oct-31 3+
Thomas, Mrs Betty 2-Nov-33 North Hollywood 43 Yrs Swallowed Poison(Accidentally ?) 16-Nov-33 3
Thomas, W.E. 17-Nov-34 North Hollywood   Plane Crash 19-Nov-34 1
Thompson, B.M. Jun-33 North Hollywood 60 Yrs Auto Accident During Weekend 27-Jun-33 I
Thompson, F.L. Oct-30 North Hollywood   Sister-In-Law Mrs Cara Corey 31-Oct-30 1
Thompson, Marjorie 17-Nov-29 Van Nuys 17 Yrs Daughter Of M/M H.H. Thompson 19-Nov-29 7+
Thompson, Mr W.J. Oct-33 Suisun City 55 Yrs Car Accident; Wife Ida 2-Nov-33 1
Thompson, Mrs Blanche Feb-33 Lebanon, Ohio 83 Yrs Widow Of Late W.C.Thompson 23-Feb-33 1+
Thompson, Richard 16-May-31 North Hollywood 32 Yrs Son Of M/M Sophus Thompson 19-May-31 1++
Thornton, Mrs Eliza E. 27-Sep-31 Norwalk, CA 73 Yrs B.Iowa;Mother Of M.A.Thornton 29-Sep-31 5++
Timmons, Joseph (Bud) 18-Mar-33 North Hollywood 36 Yrs Lvs Wife Isabelle, 3 Children 4-Apr-33 1+
Tobey, Sherlock S. Jul-30 North Hollywood 77 Yrs B. Waterville, ME/Son, Harry 4-Jul-30 8
Toppert, Mrs Amelia Jun-33 North Hollywood 67 Yrs B. Germany; Sons Walter, Adolph 8-Jun-33 1+
Torelli, Mrs Teresa 14-Dec-27 Burbank   Suicide-Lvs Son Rocco,dau Marie 16-Dec-27 5+
Torres, Mrs E. Aug-26 Mexico ca 90 Yrs   10-Aug-26 6+
Tranporta, Wenda Aug-33 North Hollywood 67 Yrs B. Czechoslovakia; Wife Of John 22-Aug-33 1
Trejo, Mary Lou 17-Apr-30 North Hollywood Infant Parents - M/M N. Trejo 18-Apr-30 3
Trevillian, Mrs Hazel E. 16-Oct-29 Cahuenga Park   Wife Of Oliver A Trevillion 18-Oct-29 11+
Tullor, Mrs Emma Frances 7-Feb-33 North Hollywood 83 Yrs B. Mich; Lvs Husb. Gilman 7-Feb-33 1++
Turner, John G. 1-Dec-34 North Hollywood     6-Dec-34 1
Turner, Mrs Donnie 16-May-30     Car Crash-More In May 20 Paper 16-May-30 1
Turner, Mrs Emma Gertrude 30-Dec-32 North Hollywood 78 Yrs B. Illinois; Husband John 3-Jan-33 1+
Uhl, Fred Oct-33 North Hollywood   Lvs Son Harry Keas/2 Grndchldn 2-Nov-33 1+
Valdez, Juanita P. 6-Jan-29 North Hollywood 31 Yrs Lived In S.F.Valley 1 Year 8-Jan-29 1
Valentine,Mrs Whelmina M. 30-May-34 North Hollywood 71 Yrs B.Scotland; Lvs Dau And Son 31-May-34 1++
Van Noy, Orville C. 7-Sep-33 North Hollywood 41 Yrs Lvs Wife Nary Elizabeth Van Noy 12-Sep-33 1
Van Sylke, Clarence Harved 22-Jun-29 North Hollywood 13 Yrs Son Of M/M Leland Van Sylke 25-Jun-29 1+
Vanderwolker Sep-30 Ann Arbor, MI   Uncle Of Nrs Cecil Seeley 23-Sep-30 3
Vargas, Frederico 24-Apr-30 North Hollywood 7 Months Died At Hone 25-Apr-30 7
Varneyv Lois Apr-33 Olive View 26y, 8m, 9d Daughter Of Late Louis J.Varney 4-Apr-33 1
Varney, Mrs Achsah 1-Nov-30 Lankershin 84 Yrs Pioneer/Widow Of Ransome Varney 4-Nov-30 1++
Varney, Ransom 22-Apr-30 North Hollywood 35 Yrs. Died At Sea; Wife Edna Haddock 25-Apr-30 1++
Vestal, Harry D. 22-Jun-27 Hollywood B. 9-3-1871 Brother Of Mrs A. Probasco 24-Jun-27 12+
Vidos, "infant son"' 5-Aug-27 Los Angeles   Son Of M/M Steve Vidos 9-Aug-27 3+
Vignolo, Frank 26-Nov-31 North Hollywood 66 Yrs From Italy; In N.H. 27 Years. 1-Dec-31 3
Villa, Silvano May-30 Paula 68 Yrs Leaves A Son 10-Jun-30 1+
Villegas,Isabel Rodriguez 9-Dec-29 North Hollywood 88 Yrs Lived In Valley 47 Years 13-Dec-29 12
Virgil, M.P. 1926 Tulare 91 Yrs Hermit, Slain About A Year Ago 28-Jan-27 6
Vittum, Horace 25-Dec-29 SF Vet Hospital   Former Soldier 27-Dec-29 1
Volliffe, Francis Helm L. 28-Feb-34 North Hollywood 56 Yrs Leaves Wife Amelia 1-Mar-34 1++
Waddington, James Crass 12-Oct-26 Lankershin 3 Yrs Father Fred Drove Over Child 12-Oct-26 2
Wade, John Boyd 8-Jan-30 North Hollywood 1 Month Son Of M/M Boyd Wade 10-Jan-30 4+
Wagner, Miss Grace 26-Dec-33   37 Yrs Lvs Sister Margaret,Bro Charles 28-Dec-33 1+
Wahlgren, Otto Fred 12-Mar-33 North Hollywood 45/46 Yrs Born Sweden, Wife Inez H. 16-Mar-33 1
Wakefield, James S. 28-May-31 Hollywood 71 Yrs B. Wisc; Bro Of Mrs Sarah Hunt 2-Jun-31 1+
Wakefield, Miss Jessie F. Jan-31   74 Yrs Sister Of Mrs Sarah W. Hunt 16-Jan-31 1+
Wallin, Ivar F., Sr. 3-Nov-34 North Hollywood 77 Y~S Lvs Wife Jeanne S.; Son, Dua 8-Nov-34 1+
Walling, William Fred 2-Aug-29 North Hollywood 67 Yrs Grandson Is Orville H. Pitney 6-Aug-29 5+
Wallner, J. Louis 14-Dec-31 North Hollywood 66 Yrs Lvs Widow,son Hans,Dau Gretchen 15-Dec-31 1+
Walti, Mrs Marie Oct-33 North Hollywood 69 Yrs 3 Children; Hattie,Julie, Paul 26-Oct-33 1+
Warne, F.E. 7-Jan-29 North Hollywood 30 Yrs Married; Dau Of Robert Ledger 8-Jan-29 4
Warren, Arthur R. 31-Mar-33 North Hollywood 54 Yrs Lvs Wife Mayme, 5 Daughters 4-Apr-33 1++
Weatherhogg, Robert 17-Mar-33 North Hollywood 14 Yrs Son Of Mrs Melvina Weatherhogg 21-Mar-33 1+
Webster, Fred 23-Dec-31 Burbank   City Clerk Of Burbank 29-Dec-31 1
Weigman, Howard D. Oct-31 Hollywood 31 Yrs Shot While Deer Hunting 16-Oct-31 4+
Weigner, Mrs Paul 15-Jul-34 Bridgeport, PA   Sister Of Mrs Horace Martin 19-Jul-34 6
Wentworth, Mrs Elizabeth 6-Oct-29 North Hollywood 64 Yrs Mother Of Mrs Jessie Johnson 8-Oct-29 5+
Wenzel, Max 12-Apr-33 Glendale 72 Yrs Lvs Son Frank A. & Wife France 20-Apr-33 8
West, Mrs Sarah 4-Dec-30 North Hollywood   Hus. H.R.West, Son Harry) 4 Dau 4-Dec-30 1
Weston, Louis E. 20-Nov-29 North Hollywood 68 Yrs Widow - Callie A. Weston 22-Nov-29 1
Weston, Mrs Aliene Manley 17-Apr-31 North Hollywood 85 Yrs Mother Of Mrs M.F. Whelan 24-Apr-31 7
Wheeler, Anson Perry 27-Apr-27 Lankershim 59 Yrs Leaves Wife And Son Kenneth 29-Apr-27 1+
Wheeler, Ora 0. 21-Oct-31 North Hollywood 54 Yrs B.Ind.;Widow Beulah,Dau Lucille 23-Oct-31 1+
Whidden, Korah 9-Jul-34 North Hollywood 93 Yr's Uncle Of D.C. Jackson 9-Jul-34 1
Whipple, Mrs Josephine 9-Jul-27 Lankershim   Operated Boarding House 12-Jul-27 3+
Whitacre, Mrs Cinderella 21-Aug-30 North Hollywood 80 Yr's B. Indiana, Husband John, Son 22-Aug-30 4+
Whitbeck, Mrs E.J. 11-Sep-29 San Francisco   Lvs Husband, Dau. Blanche 20-Sep-29 1+
White, W.C. 4-Jan-27 Lankershim 62 Yr's Heart Disease, Leaves 3 Sister 7-Jan-27 9+
Whitley, Hobart J. 3-Jun-31 North Hollywood 83 Yrs Lvs Widow1 Son Ross, Daughter 5-Jun-31 1+
Whitted, William D. 13-Aug-33 North Hollywood 83 Yr's Born In North Carolina 15-Aug-33 1+
Wickes, Everett James 2-Apr-33 Altadena 31 Yrs Accident, Lvs Wife Velma & Dau 13-Apr-33 1
Wickes, Welsey 2-Apr-33 North Hollywood 5 Yr's Accident, Son Of J.E.Wickes 4-Apr-33 1+
Wiehn, Carl Friedrich 26-Jun-27 Lankershim b.3-18-1903 Bro. Of Mrs Frank Kashmer 26-Jun-27 10+
Wilcox, Cecil 10-Jun-33 Van Nuys 57 Yrs Lvs Wife Clara (Holgerman) 13-Jun-33 1++
Wilkinsen, Eric E. Apr-34 North Hollywood   Married 30-Apr-34 1
Willey, Mrs Julia P. 14-May-30 North Hollywood 73 Yrs Daughter Mrs Vina W. Guilfoyle 16-May-30 5+
Williams, Joe 30-Apr-27 Lankershim 84y Sm 23d Husband Of Rosa Williams 3-May-27 1++
Williams, Lucius R. 3-Jan-33 North Hollywood 79 Yrs. Wife Euphemia; Son Floyd W. 5-Jan-33 1+
Williams, Mrs Aug-27 Lankershim b.1-17-1832 Born In Bret, Maryland 15-Aug-27 2+
Williams, Mrs Hettie 11-Nov-29 Clatskame, OR   Mother Of Mrs Mary Baines 12-Nov-29 4
Williams, Thomas W. 11-Apr-31 La Canada   Los Angeles City Councilman 14-Apr-31 1
Willis, Frank R. 12-Feb-31 North Hollywood 76 Yrs Former Superior Court Judge 13-Feb-31 1
Wilmot, Guy A. 13-Apr-31 North Hollywood 51 Yrs Leaves Widow Helen, 2 Sisters 14-Apr-31 1+
Wilson, Charles R. 1-Apr-33 North Hollywood   Native Of Canada 4-Apr-33 1+
Wilson, Dave 24-Feb-30 Van Nuys 44 Yrs Suicide; Wife Was Flora Wilson 25-Feb-30 1
Wilson, James Kerwin 12-Sep-31 Hondo   Father Of Mrs L.E. Billington 15-Sep-31 1
Wilson, Julia Ann 27-Apr-31 North Hollywood 82 Yrs Mother Of Mrs B. Nel Smith 28-Apr-31 1
Wilson, Mrs Grace Lopez 25-Oct-31 San Fernando 65 Yr's Daughter Of Don Pedro Lopez 27-Oct-31 3+
Wilson, Mrs Ida Mary 4-Feb-33 North Hollywood 77 Yrs B.PA; Mother of Dr Homer Wilson 7-Feb-33 1++
Wilson, Sybil Frances 3-Apr-33 North Hollywood 34 Yr's Lvs Husb Harry M. & 2 Daughter 4-Apr-33 1++
Wilson, William Boyer 5-Feb-33 North Hollywood 21 Yrs Son Of Dr. & Mrs Homer Wilson 7-Feb-33 1+
Wingate, Frank 17-Mar-34 North Hollywood 68 Yrs Brother In Fenton, Michigan 22-Mar-34 2+
Winn, Wilbert 0. 4-Nov-27 North Hollywood   Born in N.E. Pennsylvania 8-Nov-27 10
Witherow, Mrs Florence 21-Jun-34 Grangeville, ID   Sister Of Mrs Mary E. Schmaka 5-Jul-34 1
Witt, Mrs Lola (Brawdy) 11-Nov-31 North Hollywood 27 Yrs Lvs Husb Lloyd E.;Twins (5 Yrs) 13-Nov-31 7+
Witt, William W. 2-Jan-34 North Hollywood 95 Yrs N. Hollywood's Oldest Citizen 11-Jan-34 1+
Wolheim, Louis 18-Feb-31     Married, Screen Actor 20-Feb-31 1
Wood, Richard 23-Jan-30 Hollywood   Bro-In-Law Of Ms Geo Williams 24-Jan-30 5
Wood, Sarah M. 6-Dec-29 San Fernando 81 Yrs Valley Pioneer, Son Louie 10-Dec-29 6
Woodruff, Dolores 12-Sep-30 North Hollywood 7 Yrs Daughter Of M/M Ray Woodruff 16-Sep-30 1
Woods, Mrs Maude Nov-26 New York 50 Yrs Suicide; Wife Of Arthur Woods 5-Nov-26 1
Woplkowski, Louis 16-Feb-33 North Hollywood   WW I Veteran 16-Feb-33 1
Worster, Neil 18-Jul-29 North Hollywood 8 Yrs Son Of M/M Harold Worster 23-Jul-29 1+
Wright, Bertha Nov-26 Gastonia, N.C. 16 Yrs Sister Of C.J.Wright 19-Nov-26 3+
Wright, Herbert H. 22-Jan-27 Los Angeles 55 Yrs Brother Of Leon B. Wright 25-Jan-27 2+
Wright, Isaac L. 21-Jan-34 North Hollywood 82 Y~S Lvs Wife Emma L. Nendenhall 23-Jan-34 1+
Wright, Isaac M. 24-Oct-30 North Hollywood 83 Yrs Civil War Vet; Dau Fay Andrew 24-Oct-30 1
Wright, Laura 1-Nov-26 Gastonia, N.C. 20 Y~S Sister Of C.J.Wright 19-Nov-26 3+
Wright, Louis Russell 20-Jul-30 North Hollywood 14 Yrs Son Of M/M Leon B. Wright 22-Jul-30 1+
Wright, Mr R.L. Oct-31 Phoenix, AZ   Murdered-Uncle Of Mrs T.J.Henry 9-Oct-31 1+
Wright, Mrs R.L. Oct-31 Phoenix, AZ   Murdered, Aunt Of Mrs T.J.Henry 9-Oct-31 1+
Wuth, Mrs Camelia 21-Jan-31   79 Yrs From Pittsburg,Pa/Widow Of Otto 23-Jan-31 1+
Wyeth  Walter H. Apr-34 San Quentin 40 Yrs Prisoner 30-Apr-34 5
Yale, Dr A.R.W. Sep-26 Burbank   Husband Of Margaret D. Yale 17-Sep-26 12
Youman, John S. Dec-33 San Fernando 19 Yrs Hit By Car When Changing Tire 7-Dec-33 9
Young, Ada 24-May-33 North Hollywood 52 Yrs Lvs Mother, 2 Chldrn;5 Bro/Sis 25-May-33 7+
Young, Dr. Thomas C. 21-Feb-31 Chino, CA 46 Yrs Physician/Pilot; Glendale Res 24-Feb-31 1
Young, Earl E. 9-Dec-30 North Hollywood 26 Yrs Lvs Wife, Dau, 8 Broth/Sister 12-Dec-30 4+
Young, John Howard Oct-34 Los Angeles 7 Months Son Of N/N Lloyd Young 15-Oct-34 1+
Young, Luther E. 11-May-30 Pacoima   Car Crash-Los Angeles Resident 16-May-30 6
Young, Lydia 20-May-29 North Hollywood 25 Yrs Suicide, 4 Yr Old Daughter 21-May-29 1+
Young, Percy Nov-31 North Hollywood 61 Yrs Wife Claire A., Dau Clover (19) 10-Nov-31 5+
Youngs,Ms Lucy 4-Oct-34 West Hollywood 69 Yrs Husband Theodore N. Youngs 8-Oct-34 1
Zaback, Lena D. 5-Sep-31 North Hollywood   Lvs Husband Frank; 2 Sons,3 0. 9-Sep-31 7
Zarzagoza, Nemesid 24-Jul-30 Los Angeles 32 Yrs Car Accident 25-Jul-30 7
Zehner, Mrs Louise Jan-31 New York   Mother Of Harry Zehner 16-Jan-31 1+
Zeller, James A. 21-Oct-30 North Hollywood 75 Yrs Born Ohio/Brother Andrew Zeller 24-Oct-30 1
Zilla, Juan 15-Mar-31 Van Nuys 20 Yrs   17-Mar-31 1
Zuniga, Mr Jose 16-Sep-30 North Hollywood 37 Yrs Car Accident In San Fernando   1