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Volume 3 - (1935 to 1940)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions
BRIDES "G" - "H"

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume III" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times and the North Hollywood Press newspapers which were published between the years 1935 and 1940.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.

Bride Of Groom Of Married Paper Date   Page Sheet Other Paper
GAIL, Rosline San Fernando CRIPPS, Leonard   8-Jan-38 18-Jan-38 b 5 35   North Hollywood Press
GALFORD, Betty Burbank EVANS, Calvin Burbank 1-Sep-39 7-Sep-39 a   90   San Fernando Valley Times
GALLEY, Maxine Glendale MALONE, Joel Glendale 28-Sep-40 31-Oct-40     8    
GALLOWAY, Della Beryl North Hollywood PRIEST, Kenneth Van Nuys 14-Jul-40 1-Aug-40     18 son of C.E., dau of O.W.
GAMMANS, Marian North Hollywood MORGAN, James Glendale 17-Sep-40 1-Oct-40 a   13,54,55,70 m- Las Vegas San Fernando Valley Times
GARDNER, Lydell North Hollywood McAVOY, Parke North Hollywood 18-Sep-39 28-Sep-39 a 1 89 m- Yuma AZ San Fernando Valley Times
GARLOCK, Mary Louise Tujunga BEGUE, Phillip Jr Tujunga 1-Jul-37 6-Jul-37 b 3 31   North Hollywood Press
GARNER, Frances North Hollywood HANSON, Ray A Los Angeles 30-Jun-39 6-Jul-39 a 25 52 son of August, dau of Mrs Gorgette San Fernando Valley Times
GARNER, May Los Angeles RYLANDER, W.R. North Hollywood 17-Jul-40 23-Jul-40 a 0 5,28 Wed Yuma AZ, gr res- 5718 Tujunga, occ- Blanchard Lumber San Fernando Valley Times
GARTZ, Irma Los Angeles BUSH, Armand Glendale 26-Aug-36 1-Sep-36 b 3 105   North Hollywood Press
GEARLES, Muriel Illinois VAN PELT, Dr Samuel Sepulveda 29-Nov-37 16-Dec-37 a 8 59   San Fernando Valley Times
GEICKEL, Doris Glenadale BRYAN, Clifford North Hollywood 20-Oct-37 26-Oct-37 b 4 30   North Hollywood Press
GEISER, Lillian Tarzana MOREY, Rev. A. W. Tarzana 7-Jun-40 11-Jun-40 a   2,4   San Fernando Valley Times
GELMETTI, Lillian Canoga Park CAMPBELL, Arthur Twin Lakes 4-Jan-39 5-Jan-39 a 19 45 son of A.D, bri sis- Rose , m- San Gabriel Mission San Fernando Valley Times
GENBRY, Glenna Denver CO REYNOLDS, Lee   30   10-Aug-40 27-Aug-40 a   6,21 occ- Contractor, m- Yuma AZ
GERARD, Jeanne Margaret North Hollywood HOMES, Byron M Santa Monica 21-Sep-40 26-Sep-40 a   13&54   San Fernando Valley Times
GERBAUDE, Jean   VALPREDOS, John Chatsworth ca 1938 5-Jan-39 a 21 B18   San Fernando Valley Times
GERRARD, Agnes E Van Nuys ADAMS,  James W Van Nuys 1-Jan-40 1-Feb-40 a   1   San Fernando Valley Times
GFELLER, Mengabelle Van Nuys QUATRE, Lewis Sherman Oaks   28-Dec-37 b 2 30 m- Yuma AZ North Hollywood Press
GIBSON, Dorothy Jean Van Nuys CHARTER, Loy Merle North Hollywood 10-May-40 21-May-40 a 0 4   San Fernando Valley Times
GIFFORD, Frances Mavis Reseda WATSON, Albert Faxon Van Nuys   6-Apr-39 a 9 47 dau of  Arthur San Fernando Valley Times
GILBERT, Buelah Mae North Hollywood BLAESSER, Vernon C Glendale 18-Oct-39 24-Oct-39 a 10 88   San Fernando Valley Times
GILBERT, Vadra North Hollywood DAY, Thomas Los Angeles 8-May-37 25-May-37 b 4 32   North Hollywood Press
GILLIS, Gertrude North Hollywood BUTTERWORTH, Joseph Burbank 22-Mar-36 2-Mar-36 b   91   North Hollywood Press
Gilmore, Mrs-name not listed   GILMORE, Frank Rockford IL Jan 1889 12-Jan-39 a 19 45 50th, son- William, dau- Mrs Geo DeFORRIS, Mrs John BRUCE San Fernando Valley Times
GLENDENNING, Helen   FLYNN, Tom   29-Jul-39 3-Aug-39 a 4 77   San Fernando Valley Times
GLIDDEN, Marine North Hollywood SMILEY, Charles D Hollywood   27-Jun-35 b 4 92   North Hollywood Press
Gliever, Mrs-name not listed   GLIEVER, B.   22-Sep-90 24-Oct-40 a   84 50th Aniversary San Fernando Valley Times
GOOCH, Mary Willis North Hollywood HAAS, Edward Allen Jr North Hollywood 12-Nov-39 16-Nov-39 ab   87   San Fernando Valley Times
Gore, Mrs     66 yrs-name not listed North Hollywood GORE, Theodore L    72 North Hollywood 23 Dec1888 5-Jan-39 a 16 45 50th, son- Dr C.E., Roy C, Lawrence L, V.G., dau Beulah SHEFF, Myrtle PARKS, decd, m- Lynnville IN San Fernando Valley Times
GOTTSCHALK, Helene Van Nuys FITE, George Jr Van Nuys 18-Sep-37 23-Sep-37 a 13 81   San Fernando Valley Times
GOUFF, Mildred E Hollywood ENGLAND, Jess North Hollywood 22-Jul-40 6-Aug-40 a   17&51 son of Jeff, dau of Blanch San Fernando Valley Times
GRANT, Bernardine North Hollywood WALTERS, Harvey North Hollywood 6-Jul-36 16-Jul-36 b 5 92 m- Medford OR North Hollywood Press
GREGG, Dolores San Fernando TOLAND, James W San Fernando 17-Jun-37 24-Jun-37 a A3 80   San Fernando Valley Times
GREGG, Eleanore North Hollywood McKENZIE, Raymond North Hollywood 17-Apr-39 18-Apr-39 b 3 39   North Hollywood Press
GREGG, Peggy Jean Cambria EVANS, Howard Merritt   15-Mar-40 19-Mar-40 a 0 3   San Fernando Valley Times
GRESSWELL, Peggy Studio City DODGE, Harry Jr Studio City ca Apr-39 21-Sep-39 a 8 89 m- Arizona San Fernando Valley Times
GRIEST, Pauline   COX, Frederick A.E. Hollywood 3-May-40 7-May-40 a 0 3 Res- 10445 Valley Spring Ln San Fernando Valley Times
GRIFFITH, Kay   CRAWFORD, Broderick   28-Nov-40 28-Nov-40     9 mom- Helen Broderick, dad- Lester Crawford
GROSE, Marbelle Lee North Hollywood NEWCOMB, Peyton Lawrence North Hollywood 30-Jun-40 4-Jul-40 a   26,103   San Fernando Valley Times
GROSHONG, Geraldine   SELLERS, James Burbank 10-Jun-39 13-Jun-39 a 5 72   San Fernando Valley Times
GRUNSTEAD, Mrs Gladys Safford Springfied MS GLENDOWER, Jack H New Zealand   9-Jan-36 b   108   North Hollywood Press
GUGGERTY, Jeanne Burbank MULLEDA, Henry Glendale 7-Sep-40 5-Sep-40 a   19,23,50 gr res 19 yr, grad Burbank HS, St Mary College, Oakland
GUIRE, Edna C Burbank BUSHMAN, Edward L Burbank 8-Dec-40 19-Dec-40     9    
GURIE, Sigrid Hollywood SPANGER, Lawrence C Hollywood 6-Aug-39 8-Aug-39 a 1 77   San Fernando Valley Times
HAGER, Mary T North Hollywood HOLLINGSWORTH, Robert V Beverly Hills 9-May-40 28-May-40 a 0 4   San Fernando Valley Times
HALEY, Cleo North Hollywood KYNE, Maurice Whitter 11-Aug-40 13-Aug-40 a 0 6 Gr b in NB, br- a twin, dau of Bob & Ruth, m- Las Vegas,res- 14155 Victory San Fernando Valley Times
HALL, Mary Anne Hollywood BERRY, Milton A Sherman Oaks 7-Jan-39 10-Jan-39 b 2 39   North Hollywood Press
HALLETT, Rita   SCHWEND, Fred N Warner Studio * 14-Jan-39 8-Aug-39 a 8     San Fernando Valley Times
HALLOREN, Inez Westwood MAURY, Low Butte MT 21-Jun-40 20-Jun-40 a   74   San Fernando Valley Times
HANNA, Jeane San Fernando de LIPKAU, Eugene Van Nuys 3-Oct-38 11-Oct-38 b 1 34 g dau of John MUIR North Hollywood Press
HANNAH, Harriet Elizabeth Hollywood HALL, Joseph Everett Hollywood 7-Nov-36 10-Nov-36 b 3 106   North Hollywood Press
HANSON, Nancy Sepulveda LOTTS, Glen Sepulveda no date 14-Mar-40 a   2   San Fernando Valley Times
HARDING, Charlotte B Encino AUSTIN, Oliver   2-Sep-40 8-Oct-40     13    
HARLEY, Betty Smith North Hollywood BARCHARD, Paul Ray     31-Oct-39 b 13 43   North Hollywood Press
HART, Phyllis Van Nuys EVERETT, James   6-Sep-40 10-Sep-40     12,23,53 dau of Selah CARNEY,            
HARTMAN, Margaret Mae North Hollywood HOWARD, Donald Fresno 31-Aug-40 3-Sep-40 ab   14,24,58 dau of Clarence, sis- Hazel North Hollywood Press
HATTON, Martha Empress North Hollywood COOLEY, Warren Henry Beverly Hills 8-Dec-40 17-Dec-40 a   9104   San Fernando Valley Times
HAULMAN, Eliz. Pauline Van Nuys PETZ, Dwayne Elmer Reseda   9-Apr-40 a 0 3 both grad. of Canoga Pk High, Res- 18133 Sherman Way San Fernando Valley Times
HAYDEN, Esther   BARNES, Buckley Studio City 27-Dec-40 31-Dec-40 a   101104 m- Las Vegas San Fernando Valley Times
HAYES, Eleanor North Hollywood LOPIZICH, Mirko Los Angeles 25-Feb-40 27-Feb-40 a   1   San Fernando Valley Times
HAZARD, Geraldine North Hollywood MONTGOMERY, Andrews North Hollywood 30-Nov-38 20-Dec-38 b 6 34   North Hollywood Press
HAZARZTHY, Natalie   McGINTY,  Don   ca 1936 1-Jul-37 a   B23   San Fernando Valley Times
HEAD, Helen North Hollywood GUELLOW, Harold North Hollywood 17-Jul-38 16-Aug-38 b 3 34   North Hollywood Press
HEAD, Helen North Hollywood THOMPSON, William North Hollywood 6-Aug-38 16-Aug-38   2 34    
HEALY, Dixie North Hollywood McADAMS, David Los Angeles 29-Jan-37 4-Feb-37 a A4 56   San Fernando Valley Times
HEIDTMAN, Billy Jane Reno NV ABEL, Edwin Moore Tarzana 12-Jan-39 19-Jan-39 a 11 45 son of Richard James, bri uncle- Senator Harry C of Reno San Fernando Valley Times
HEINE, Esther   BILZ, Hugo C Warner Studio * 9-Apr-39 8-Aug-39 a 8     San Fernando Valley Times
HENDERSON,   HARVEY, Frank North Hollywood ca 1938 12-Jan-39   22 B18    
HENDRICKSON, Dina Van Nuys KAVEN, James E Van Nuys 29-Dec-37 30-Dec-37 a 1 59 m- Las Vegas, gr- Uncle M/M R. B. RICHARDSON San Fernando Valley Times
HENE, Bernice North Hollywood TORELL, Richard North Hollywood 2-Dec-39 7-Dec-39 a   86 m- Las Vegas San Fernando Valley Times
HENRY, Anna Rose Rosco LEHMAN, Arthur Rosco 3-Apr-37 13-Apr-37 b 3 32   North Hollywood Press
HENRY, Edith Wrinfred San Fernando PARKER, Emmett Roscoe Sepulveda 19-Dec-40 19-Dec-40     9,104    
HERSHLER, Lois   LANGTON, William   ca 1934 10-Aug-39 a 1 D100   San Fernando Valley Times
HEUERMAN, Lucille Catherine Arlington NB MEFFORD, Thurow/Thurloro Ava MO 4-Aug-40 15-Aug-40     17,36    
HIGGINBOTHAM, Gladys Winnetka STOKES, George Grass Valley 10-Jan-37 28-Jan-37 a 1 56   San Fernando Valley Times
HIGH, Velma Faye North Hollywood ZIMMERMAN, Walter Compton 3-Nov-39 7-Nov-39 ab 4 43,88   San Fernando Valley Times
HILL, Erma N North Hollywood CLARK, Dwight N North Hollywood 31-Dec-38 3-Jan-39 b 2 39   North Hollywood Press
Hill, Mrs     age 88   HILL, Egbert     age 98     19-Nov-40 a   68 67th Aniversary, 6 children San Fernando Valley Times
HOEFFLIN, Laverna North Hollywood HOLCOMBE, Paul A Los Angeles 22-Dec-37 28-Dec-37 b 11     North Hollywood Press
HOF, Gretchen   SEIBERT, Frederick North Hollywood   18-Jun-40 a   74   San Fernando Valley Times
HOLLAND, Hazel Van Nuys SCHIMKOLA, Louis J Van Nuys 30-Aug-40 10-Sep-40     12,23,54,58    
HOLLOWAY, Madeline   MASON, Ted   16-Aug-37 19-Aug-37 a B1 81   San Fernando Valley Times
HOOVER, Billie B North Hollywood ROSS, Nelson Caude North Hollywood 24-Aug-37 7-Sep-37 b 8 31   North Hollywood Press
HOOVER, Mary Louise Pasadena TONEY, William Roy North Hollywood 14-Oct-39 10/19/39 a 10 88   San Fernando Valley Times
HOOVER, Thelma   MALLAS, Pann Van Nuys ca 1938 11-May-39   14 B18    
HOPPIE, Sara Ada North Hollywood JOSI, Ernest Allen 5255 Salsuma 3-Jun-39 6-Jun-39 ab 4 39,72   North Hollywood Press
HOSTUTLER, Mary Jane North Hollywood BUSH, James R Los Angeles 16-Feb-39 16-Feb-39 a 13 46   San Fernando Valley Times
HOTCHKISS, Vivienne Rose Canoga Park GODSCHALK, Willaim Walter San Fernando 9-Nov-39 21-Nov-39 ab   43,87   San Fernando Valley Times
HOUGHTON, Elsie Donner Van Nuys CLARK, Rufus Wheelwright Palas Verdos 8-May-40 21-May-40 a 0 4 Rufus, Harvard grad, Elsie, UCLA grad San Fernando Valley Times
HUARD, Jean Stokes North Hollywood FULLERTON, Donald H North Hollywood 6-Feb-37 11-Feb-37 a   56   San Fernando Valley Times
HUDDLESTON, Ruby Nell Kentucky JACKMAN, Jerrold North Hollywood 9-Nov-39 14-Nov-39 a   87   San Fernando Valley Times
HUMPHREYS, Lilyan Hollywood DENTON, Lee North Hollywood 21-Jul-40 30-Jul-40 a 0 5,29 gr res- 8631 Lockout Mt. grad of Kentucky Un, dau of P.D.
HUNT, Betty San FernandoV ENDICOTT, Charles Stockton 26-May-40 4-Jun-40 a 0 4 Seaman on USS California San Fernando Valley Times
HUNTER, Helen Betty Burbank KRAFT, Herbert Oakland 19-Dec-39 9-Jan-40 a   1   San Fernando Valley Times
HURLEY, Peggy North Hollywood LO, Monaco Los Angeles 28-Oct-39 2-Nov-39 a 13 88   San Fernando Valley Times
HYNES, Dorothy Roscoe HAMMOND, Frank Osage KS 15-Nov-40 14-Nov-40     10    
* Employee of Warner Studio                    
Paper-  date shown is approximate; the information may have been printed in several editions              
"a " denotes San Fernando Valley Times                  
"b" denotes North Hollywood Press                  
Listings with  dates of "ca" circa, are approximate. The article was about a wedding aniversary.