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Volume 3 - (1935 to 1940)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions
BRIDES "S" - "T"

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume III" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times and the North Hollywood Press newspapers which were published between the years 1935 and 1940.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.

Bride Of Groom Of Married Paper Date   Page Sheet Other Paper
SANDERSON, Viola Redlands YOUNG, Garland North Hollywood 27-Jun-37 1-Jul-37 a A3 80   San Fernando Valley Times
SANFORD, Florence North Hollywood GAGE, John A North Hollywood 1-Jul-39 4-Jul-39   4 15 gr mom- Pearl CHAMBERS, bro- Sanford, sis- Sarah, bri dad- N.O., sis- Jane S, class of 36 N Hollywood HS
SANFORD, Florence North Hollywood GAZE, John A North Hollywood ca July 39 12-Dec-39 b   44,86   North Hollywood Press
SATHER, Rena   SPENCER, FRANK E 11422 Albers 13-May-39 18-May-39 a 13 57   San Fernando Valley Times
SCHALLERT, Mary Louise North Hollywood CRAMER, Robert Julian Peachgrove Ave 31-Aug-40 3-Sep-40 a   6,14,20,23&24 son of Joseph gr par- M/M Joseph Julian CRAMER, re Peachgrove Ave.
SCHEELE, Muriel Virginia Pasadena NEHER, Arthur Le Roy Sherman Oaks   19-Sep-40 a   12,48 son of Le Roy Arthur, dau of John B San Fernando Valley Times
SCHMUCKER, Lois L. Van Nuys YORK, Charles F. Van Nuys 14-Feb-40 1-Feb-40 a   1   San Fernando Valley Times
SCHNEIDER, Marrette   RYAN, Elbert Sacramento 22-Mar-40 4-Apr-40 a   2 m- Las Vegas San Fernando Valley Times
SCHOEDER, Cordelia Margaret   EVERITT, William   ca 1900 26-Nov-36 b   D137   North Hollywood Press
SCHULAR, Suzanne North Hollywood BLUMENKRANZ, James W Los Angeles 2-Nov-40 7-Nov-40     10 m- Reno NV  
SCHULTZ, Ella V Long Beach THURMAN, James North Hollywood   3-Jan-39 b 1 39   North Hollywood Press
SCOTT, Shirley North Hollywood BRAVERO, Anthony North Hollywood 12-Dec-39 19-Dec-39 a   86   San Fernando Valley Times
SEIBERT, Elinore A Vanowen St POMEROY, Orville Glendale 7-Apr-40 16-Apr-40 a 0 3 Par- M/M F.W Pomeroy, M/M Frank M Siebert, move to Klamath Falls OR San Fernando Valley Times
SEIBERT, Marjorie North Hollywood POLING, Fred W Van Nuys 11-Sep-39 12-Sep-39 ab 6 42,89   San Fernando Valley Times
SELLAND, Bertha San Fernando THOMAS, Everett San Fernando 2-Apr-39 13-Apr-42 a 33 47   San Fernando Valley Times
SEMON, Ann Van Nuys INGLE, Ted Encino   25-Jul-40 b   94   North Hollywood Press
SESSLER, Betty North Hollywood TEFFT, Lewis Canoga Park 12-Apr-39 18-Apr-39 b 3 39   North Hollywood Press
SEYMOUR, Bettie Van Nuys MITCHELL, Paul   Jr Long Beach 5-Sep-38 6-Sep-38 b 8 34   North Hollywood Press
SEYMOUR, Jeanette Long Beach COLLINS, Vernon K   30-Apr-37 6-May-37 a A12 79   San Fernando Valley Times
SHAW, Alice Rebecca North Hollywood KEEVER, Charles Russel North Hollywood 31-Dec-35 2-Jan-36 b Society 93   North Hollywood Press
SHEA, Jean North Hollywood JONES, Hoyt North Hollywood 30-Jun-39 6-Jul-39 a 25 52 dau of William San Fernando Valley Times
SHEPHERD, Greta North Hollywood USSERY, John S Arkansas 14-Dec-40 24-Dec-40     8,104    
SHERMAN, Pauline North Hollywood MARK, Charles North Hollywood 23-May-36 25-May-36 b 6 92   North Hollywood Press
SHIERRY, Jerine  Mrs Canoga Park PRAISWATER, John W Van Nuys   18-Feb-37 a 1 79 m- Las Vegas San Fernando Valley Times
SHILLING, Mabel Burbank RUGGERI, Samuel L North Hollywood 13-Nov-36 19-Nov-36 b   106   North Hollywood Press
SHULL, Sadie North Hollywood ESTLIN, Edward J North Hollywood 6-Sep-36 10-Sep-36 b A5 105   North Hollywood Press
SICKLER, Evelyn Rose West Hollywood PALMER, Alvie O Los Angeles 17-Nov-40 21-Nov-40     10    
SIMPSON, Loeta Conseula North Hollywood MOLNAR, Julius J   Jr North Hollywood 14-Oct-40 22-Oct-40 a   11,69    
SLATE, Dorothea Des Moines IA GARFIELD, David Van Nuys 13-Oct-40 12-Nov-40     10    
SLAUGHTER, Adeline   HEIDT, Horace Los Angeles 4-Dec-39 28-Dec-39 a   85   San Fernando Valley Times
SMITH, Betty A Van Nuys PULLIN, Harris E   16-Aug-40 22-Aug-40     14    
SMITH, Claire North Hollywood MIKKELSEN, Valdemar   11-Aug-40 15-Aug-40     17,36    
SMITH, Eva Maxine Van Nuys NADEAU, Bruce Armond North Hollywood 3-Sep-37 21-Sep-37 b 6 31   North Hollywood Press
SMITH, Lauetta   McRARY, William 11850 Magnolia 29-Jun-40 25-Jun-40 a   71   San Fernando Valley Times
SMITH, Margaret Van Nuys MASTERS, Charles Van Nuys 19-Oct-39 24-Oct-39 ab 11 43,88   San Fernando Valley Times
SMITH, Norma Hollywood SHUTLEWORTH, Kenneth Hollywood 19-Dec-40 26-Dec-40     9    
SMITH, Patricia Elaine North Hollywood STANCIL, William Van Amber Sherman Oaks 14-Nov-37 18-Nov-37 a 16 59   San Fernando Valley Times
SMITH, Velora Burbank HOUGH, Ellis Keith  North Hollywood 4-May-40 14-May-40 a 0 3   San Fernando Valley Times
SNELL, Fern North Hollywood DUAGHERTY, Joseph Motebello 7-Aug-36 18-Aug-36 b 2 105   North Hollywood Press
SNODRASS, Florence Lucille Texhoma Ave HALE, Harry O Encino 23-Aug-40 29-Aug-40     16 gr dad- H.L  
SNOW, Natalie/Marjorie Glendale MONTGOMERY, Richard E Jr North Hollywood 1-Sep-39 14-Sep-39 a 27 B6,89   San Fernando Valley Times
SOLM, Wilma Burbank McDEVITT, Floyd R Burbank   3-Oct-39 a 1 88   San Fernando Valley Times
SORENSON, Agnes M     23 Van Nuys MILLS, Robert E     23 Van Nuys   8-Jul-40 ab   5,28,94 gr res- 14112 Gilmore
SPENCER, Anna Lee North Hollywood BOLES, Frederick B San Francisco 9-May-37 11-May-37 b 4 32   North Hollywood Press
SPENCER, Dorothy Toluca Lake ROBERTS, Herbert North Hollywood 28-Feb-39 2-Mar-39 a 17 46 son of Walter H, dau of Ruth, bro of Doane, g dau of Marietta STARR San Fernando Valley Times
SPENCER, Juliet Maxine Terre Haute, IN SCHMIDT, Loren Frederick Burbank 14-Sep-40 10-Oct-40 a   11,54a,83 m- Terre Haute IN dau of Mrs Geo Williams
SPURGEON, Madalyn Reyna North Hollywood KLOKE, Harrell Frank North Hollywood 30-Nov-36 3-Dec-36 b   107   North Hollywood Press
ST GERMAN, Kay   CARSON, Jack North Hollywood ca Aug 40 6-Aug-40     17    
STAGNER, Lucille North Hollywood PETERSON, Ellias North Hollywood 1-Aug-40 1-Aug-40 a   45&51   San Fernando Valley Times
STANSBURY, Louise North Hollywood POLATTO, Ralph Hugo Van Nuys 1-Sep-40 5-Sep-40     12,24,50 son of A.C. Richards, m- Las Vegas
STECKER, Marie P Burbank MILLS, Ashley Robert Burbank 8-Jul-36 13-Aug-36 b 5 105 m- Reno NV North Hollywood Press
STEENBOOK, Eloise Maywood OWEN, Gulford A Tarzana 7-May-39 11-May-39 a 5 57   San Fernando Valley Times
STEIBER, Geraldine Los Angeles POSTEN, Theodore Roscoe 11-Aug-40 22-Aug-40     14,21,36 son of F.B., sis, J.M. PARROT, dau of A.B. Disbrow
STEPHENS, Katherin Tull   SHELDON, Virgil Lee North Hollywood 21-Jan-39 26-Jan-39 a 14 46 son of Mrs Adel M, dau of James E, sis Juanita WELLS San Fernando Valley Times
STOCKMAN, Rosalie Roscoe REYNOLDS, Donald Roscoe 17-Jun-39 27-Jul-39 a 15 52 dau of Elmer M, m- Santa Ana San Fernando Valley Times
STOGNER, Lucelle North Hollywood PATERSON, Ellis North Hollywood   1-Aug-40     18    
STOKES, Ruth M  20 Van Nuys WIKLENS, Willard L 21 Sherman Oaks 27-Jun-40 6-Aug-40 ab   17,28,38,94 son of Orman, dau of R.O.
STOLL, Constance North Hollywood COOPER, Lee Studio City 7-Sep-40 10-Sep-40 a society 12,20,23,53,54,94 son of George, dau George W, sis- Patriciia San Fernando Valley Times
STONE, Sylvia Annette Burbank HUGHES, Harold R Burbank   19-Jan-39 a 9 45 sis- Joesphine E. STONE San Fernando Valley Times
STOUT, Judy Glendale HUBBARD, Arthur North Hollywood 5-Sep-36 8-Sep-36 b 3 105   North Hollywood Press
STRAHL, Mildred North Hollywood NEWBILL, Ross North Hollywood 4-Sep-38 6-Sep-38 b 11 34   North Hollywood Press
Street, Mrs-name not listed   STREET, JOHN M   CA 1887 2-Dec-37 a 10 59 50th Aniversary San Fernando Valley Times
STRICKLAND, April Burbank SHUNK, Bernard F Highland Park 3-Sep-39 12-Sep-39 b 6 42   North Hollywood Press
STRICKLAND, April Burbank SKUNK, Bernard F Highland Park 3-Sep-39 12-Sep-39 a 6 89   San Fernando Valley Times
STRICKLAND, Dorothy Norwalk WINTER, Michael North Hollywood 15-Sep-40 19-Sep-40 a   12&50&54 son of Otto, dau of T.F. San Fernando Valley Times
STRONG, Anita 10809 Sarah HOVEY, James A   17-Jun-39 22-Jun-39 a 15 72   San Fernando Valley Times
STURGEON, Muriel Van Nuys BLACKBURN, Raymond  Jr Van Nuys 17-Aug-40 22-Aug-40     21,36    
STUTESMAN, Vera North Hollywood TAYLOR, Glen D North Hollywood 17-Nov-39 23-Nov-39 a   87   San Fernando Valley Times
SWANSON, Lois North Hollywood GIBBS, Ellsworth North Hollywood 1-Jun-36 5-Jun-36 b 6 92   North Hollywood Press
SWARENS, Mary Van Nuys APPLE, Dave Van Nuys 19-Oct-40 24-Oct-40     8    
SWARTZ, Lila Chatsworth SCHEPLER, W.F. Chatsworth 11-Oct-40 22-Oct-40 a   69,84   San Fernando Valley Times
SWEENEY, Maude Ermine North Hollywood HOLT,  Walter Clenton   12-Sep-40 26-Sep-40 a   13&54   San Fernando Valley Times
SWEET, Norma Glendale JONES, Haskell C San Pedro 22-Nov-39 23-Nov-39 a   87   San Fernando Valley Times
SWINK, Elizabeth North Hollywood MAXHEIMER, Willard North Hollywood 14-May-37 18-May-37 b 4 32   North Hollywood Press
TARBELL, Frances V La Tuna Canyon RAHM, Gerald M La Tuna Canyon 12-Aug-39 10-Aug-39 a 5 77   San Fernando Valley Times
TATE, Beatrice North Hollywood BAYON, Frank North Hollywood 30-Sep-39 12-Oct-39 a 19 88   San Fernando Valley Times
THOMPSON, Grace North Hollywood HARDIN, Robert San Fernando 14-Jun-36 19-Jun-36 b   92   North Hollywood Press
THOMPSON, Margaret Los Angeles WHITLEY, Frank North Hollywood 26-Jul-37 29-Jul-37 a A10 64   San Fernando Valley Times
THOMPSON, Mary Alice Bakersfield SHIRLEY, Paul T Jr North Hollywood 14-Feb-39 21-Feb-39 b 7 39   North Hollywood Press
THORSON, Virginia M Van Nuys GRINNA, Leif Van Nuys 19-Dec-40 19-Dec-40 a   9,104   San Fernando Valley Times
THROOP, Marion   WRIGHT, Raymond   30-Jun-40 9-Jul-40 a 0 5,26 both grad USC San Fernando Valley Times
TIERNEY, Patricia Van Nuys COULTAS, James North Hollywood 3-Jan-40 8-Feb-40 a   1,B29   San Fernando Valley Times
Tindall, Mrs-name not listed   TINDALL, John Warren Tarzana   1-Oct-40     67 50th Aniversary  
TIPPER, Joan Eileen Los Angeles PABIAN, Albert Hollywood 14-Oct-39 24-Oct-39 ab 10 42,88   San Fernando Valley Times
TIPTON, Letha Jess   WANEK, Robert L   ca 1936 6-May-37 a B5 D143   San Fernando Valley Times
TODD, Mary Santa Monica ANDREWS, Dana Van Nuys 17-Nov-39 21-Nov-39 ab   43,87   North Hollywood Press
TOLSON, Pearl Beatrice Hollywood KANTER, Ben North Hollywood 27-Jun-40 9-Jul-40 a 0 5 gr-CBS staff musicain, 12212 Hillslope, bri- dancer, 616 N Stanley San Fernando Valley Times
TORGESON, Maxine Austin MN PENFIELD, Wilder W Los Angeles 2-Jul-40 1-Aug-40     45    
TROWER, Doris Naomi Huntington Park PETERSON, Charles Lester Canoga Park   30-Sep-37 a 9 82   San Fernando Valley Times
TURNER, Lillian North Hollywood VALARDE, Tom Calabasas   7-Dec-37 b 1 30   North Hollywood Press
TYE, Eleanor Louise Pasadena CADMAN, Robert Wheeler Pasadena 25-Oct-36 29-Oct-36 b A5 106   North Hollywood Press
TYERMAN, Frances Los Angeles HOLLESTER, Geral Earl Van Nuys 7-Jul-40 11-Jul-40     27 son of Earl B, dau of Harry
TYRRELL, Leona E North Hollywood HENRY, Arthur Ross Roscoe 6-Aug-40 6-Aug-40 a   38&51 son of A. Ross, dau of L.A. San Fernando Valley Times
TYRRELL, Marjory E Roscoe DOW, ALFRED J Pasadena 20-Oct-36 29-Oct-36 b A5 106   North Hollywood Press
* Employee of Warner Studio                    
Paper-  date shown is approximate; the information may have been printed in several editions              
"a " denotes San Fernando Valley Times                  
"b" denotes North Hollywood Press                  
Listings with  dates of "ca" circa, are approximate. The article was about a wedding aniversary.