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Volume 3 - (1935 to 1940)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions
BRIDES "W" - "X"

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume III" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times and the North Hollywood Press newspapers which were published between the years 1935 and 1940.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.

Bride Of Groom Of Married Paper Date   Page Sheet Other Paper
WAIT, Prudy North Hollywood SMITH, Vern Eastmont 16-Sep-39 5-Oct-39 a 14 88 m- Las Vegas San Fernando Valley Times
WAITERS, Dawn Anna Vallejo RIVERA, Rudolph San Fernando 14-Jun-40 20-Jun-40 a   7,75   San Fernando Valley Times
WALTERS, Doris North Hollywood CONDIT, Thomas Ayres Los Angeles 30-Aug-39 17-Aug-39 a 10 90 m- Yuma AZ San Fernando Valley Times
WARD, Amy   DEVINE, Tom   ca 1900 31-Oct-39 a   B31   San Fernando Valley Times
WATSON, Edith San Fernando GIBSON, Roy W   31-Jul-37 26-Aug-37 a A11 B28,81   San Fernando Valley Times
WEATHERS, Norma North Hollywood BRANCH, Harvy M North Hollywood 8-Oct-38 11-Oct-38 b 3 34   North Hollywood Press
WEBSTER, Jeanette North Hollywood PINKERTON,  George Eagle Rock 10-Jul-37 15-Jul-37 a A4 64   San Fernando Valley Times
Wedge, Mrs-name not listed   WEDGE, Oliver Ionia MI 31-Dec-85 6-Jan-36 b Front 93 50th Aniversary North Hollywood Press
WEIS, Helen Greer Los Angeles ALLISON, Charles G   5-Mar-39 9-Mar-39 a 35 47 son of Charles B, dau of Lester GREER, San Fernando Valley Times
WELCKE, Frances   MOORE, Stanley N North Hollywood 16-Jun-39 20-Jun-39 a 6 72   San Fernando Valley Times
WELLER, Armetia North Hollywood ROBERTS, Elliot De Forrest North Hollywood 28-Sep-40 3-Oct-40     13,15,67 gr dad- Herbert W, grad of N. Hollywood HS
WEST, Juanita Maxine North Hollywood COPELAND, Ernest D Huntington Park 1-Nov-37 4-Nov-37 a 15 59   San Fernando Valley Times
WEST, Lillie Marie North Hollywood BREAM, Bruce North Hollywood 6-Jul-37 5-Aug-37 a B3 64   San Fernando Valley Times
WESTOVER, Bernice Mesa AZ JOHNSON, Wilmer E North Hollywood 24-Sep-39 28-Sep-39 a 17 89   San Fernando Valley Times
WHEAT, Elizabeth Highland Park ELLERS, Clarence W Van Nuys   12-Oct-39 a 1 88   San Fernando Valley Times
WHEELER, Velora M 11479 Lamaida SCHROODER, Fred L Beverly Hills 6-May-39 16-May-39 a 8 57   San Fernando Valley Times
WHITAKER, June Juanita Van Nuys WOODRUFF, Maurice Hollywood 1-Jun-37 3-Jun-37 a A6 79   San Fernando Valley Times
WHITE, Alice Pauline Kansas RAWAK, Bertram J Los Angeles 26-Oct-37 28-Oct-37 a 15 82   San Fernando Valley Times
WHITE, Elizabeth New York RUTHERFORD, Russell Burbank 5-Aug-39 10-Aug-39 a 18 77   San Fernando Valley Times
WHITE, Marian North Hollywood TUTTLE, Jack Hollywood 8-Aug-36 20-Aug-36 b B1 105   North Hollywood Press
WHITEHEAD, Eve M   SCHMIDT, Frederick E Warner Studio * 12-Feb-39 8-Aug-39 a 8     San Fernando Valley Times
WHITEHOUSE, Rathel Carlson San Diego ATKINSON, Guy F San Francisco   28-Nov-39 a   87   San Fernando Valley Times
WHITELEATHER, Josetta Los Angeles CONLEY, Lise North Hollywood   10-Aug-37 b 5 31   North Hollywood Press
WILHOIT, Elinor   BARR, Matt North Hollywood ca 1938 1-Aug-39 a   B25   San Fernando Valley Times
WILKINSON, Barbara   FAY, Marston L North Hollywood ca 1937 22-Jul-37 a A10 D147   San Fernando Valley Times
Will, Mrs -name not listed   WILL, L.R. North Hollywood 1-Jun-15 4-Jul-40     26 dau- M/M L.W. MERRILL
WILLETT, Dolores Van Nuys WHEELER, Harold Glendale 1-Aug-37 10-Aug-37 b 4 31   North Hollywood Press
WILLIAMS, Barbara North Hollywood PRATHER, Jack North Hollywood 13-May-38 24-May-38 b 2 35   North Hollywood Press
WILLIAMS, Juaniot Gertrude   HUNTER, Leonard Raymond Bell 4-May-40 7-May-40 a 0 3 Res- 6157  Morella, San Fernando Valley Times
WILLIAMS, May Delle North Hollywood GOAKES, Paul Ellington North Hollywood 28-Aug-37 21-Sep-37 b 5 31 m- Santa Barbara North Hollywood Press
WILLIAMSON, Verna M North Hollywood CROOKSHANKS, Ivan C North Hollywood 23-Jul-38 26-Jul-38 b 3 34   North Hollywood Press
WILLIS, Edna Florraella North Hollywood SHEARER, Lloyd Oswald USS Saratoga 10-Oct-36 10-Nov-36 b 3 106 m- Yuma AZ North Hollywood Press
WILLIS, June Roscoe MERRILL, Lynn North Hollywood 1-Oct-39 5-Oct-39 a 14 88   San Fernando Valley Times
WILLIS, Naomi Warner Studio * REYNOLDS, Earl S   10-Feb-39 8-Aug-39 a 8     San Fernando Valley Times
WILMER, Eilleen North Hollywood STECKER,  Roy North Hollywood 14-Feb-37 23-Feb-37 ab 4 B24,32   North Hollywood Press
WILSON, Charlotte Van Nuys SCOTT, Harold J Los Angeles 17-Jan-37 21-Jan-37 a A4 56   San Fernando Valley Times
WILSON, Clare Seattle HAVER, Ralph L San Fernando   27-Jun-40 a   7   San Fernando Valley Times
WOLFENSTEEN, Jane Burbank DONNELLY, Robert E Burbank 29-Aug-40 5-Sep-40     23 gr grad Notre Dame HS, bri grad Burbank HS, gr res- 2221 N Lomer
WOLGAMOTT, Doris Sherman Oaks RICE, Wilber R Sherman Oaks 5-Aug-37 12-Aug-37 a A2 81   San Fernando Valley Times
WOOD, Clara Jean San Bernadino SCHOELKOPF, Norman San Bernadino 27-Oct-40 5-Nov-40     10 res- formerly North Hollywood
WOOD, Grace Marie San Fernando BECHTOLD, Edward Boston MA 23-Feb-37 25-Feb-37 a Society 79   San Fernando Valley Times
WOOD, Mary Margaret Van Nuys BOWEN, Victor James North Hollywood 1-Nov-40 14-Nov-40     10    
WORTHINGTON, Virginia   SETTLE, William Jay Redlands 14-Jun-40 20-Jun-40 a   74   San Fernando Valley Times
WORTHY, Janet Van Nuys PARKER, Rev Wallace John Van Nuys 29-Aug-40 3-Sep-40 a 0 6,24 gr par- Rev/M J.G. WORTHY dau of Rev/M J.G.
WRAY, Dolores Louise Los Angeles KASTEN, Norman Arthur Van Nuys 17-Jun-39 20-Jun-39 ab 6 42,72   San Fernando Valley Times
WRIXON, Maris Reseda FEHR, Rudolf Reseda 28-Jan-40 1-Feb-40 a   1   San Fernando Valley Times
Wyckoff, Mrs -name not listed Marshalltown IA WYCKOFF, Dr Louis E Studio City   7-Sep-39 a   90   San Fernando Valley Times
WYLIE, Kathryn Lucille Van Nuys CHIMENTI, Albert E Erie PA 10-Aug-40 8-Aug-40     21,36    
WYLIE, Miss Friar St. KOKEN, Peter Van Nuys   1-Jun-39 a 4 57   San Fernando Valley Times
No "X" surnames listed                    
* Employee of Warner Studio                    
Paper-  date shown is approximate; the information may have been printed in several editions              
"a " denotes San Fernando Valley Times                  
"b" denotes North Hollywood Press                  
Listings with  dates of "ca" circa, are approximate. The article was about a wedding aniversary.