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Volume 3 - (1935 to 1940)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume III" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times and the North Hollywood Press newspapers which were published between the years 1935 and 1940.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.

Name Died Town Age Comments Paper Date   Page Sheet Other Paper
ABBATO, Ralph 30-Nov-40 San Fernando 77   5-Dec-40 a   33   San Fernando Valley Times
ABBOTT, Dr. Hester L   North Hollywood 83   7-Nov-40 a   34   San Fernando Valley Times
ABELS, Cyril 21-Mar-40 Taft 28 Murdered near Everett WA (ref ELLINSON) 26-Mar-40 a   5,29   San Fernando Valley Times
ADAIR, Robert 16-Jun-40 Los Angeles 17 Fell 100' in Griffith Park 18-Jun-40 a   25 res- 2600 W 8th San Fernando Valley Times
ADAMS, Albert William 1-Oct-40 North Hollywood 65 wife- Rachel, dau- Mrs Richard SMITH, son- Alvin R, Vernon, William, b- MO, sis- Mae McCALLUM Oct-40 a   77   San Fernando Valley Times
ADAMS, Eddie 26-Feb-39 North Hollywood 3 baby released car brake, car plunged 200 ft 28-Feb-39 b 2 68   No. Hollywood Press
ADAMS, Mark 3-Oct-40 Van Nuys 58 wife- Rina, son- George, Blancay, Stephen, King of Gypies 10-Oct-40 a   103   San Fernando Valley Times
ADAMS, Mary E 11-Jan-38 Salem OR 78   11-Jan-38 b   52   No. Hollywood Press
ADAMS, Violet Bee 16-Mar-40 North Hollywood 33 hus- John A, fath- Aleck Leroy MONROE, bro- Calvin, sis- Maude A MURRAY, Edna MONROE 19-Mar-40 a   29   San Fernando Valley Times
ADAMS, William Barton 29-Nov-38 North Hollywood 42 stomach troubles   b   46   No. Hollywood Press
AGEE, Sarah Burneditta 16-Jun-38 North Hollywood   appolexy 21-Jun-38 b   48   No. Hollywood Press
AHLIN, Johanna Lena 18-Dec-40 North Hollywood 93 b- Sweden, son- Charles H, dau- Anna W McCONNEL, Ester SYLVESTER, Hanna BURDEN 24-Dec-40 a front 134   San Fernando Valley Times
AIKINS, Ernest Melvin 20-Nov-40 San Fernando 62 auto/train accident 26-Nov-40 a   140   San Fernando Valley Times
AITON, Anna Ruddy 19-Apr-38 Los Angeles 83 natural causes 19-Apr-38 b   50   No. Hollywood Press
AKINS, Ernest Melvin 22-Nov-40 San Fernando 62 hit by train 26-Nov-40 a   104   San Fernando Valley Times
ALBRIGHT,  Mr E.T.   San Fernando 45 occ- undertaker, auto accident in Bishop 17-Dec-40 a   135   San Fernando Valley Times
ALEXANDERIAN, Vatan 3-Mar-37 North Hollywood   died in bed 9-Mar-37 b   59   No. Hollywood Press
ALKINS, Ernest Melvin 22-Nov-40 San Fernando 62   26-Nov-40 a   34   San Fernando Valley Times
ALLARD, Herbert Leon 14-May-39 Northridge   wife- Ethel, b- IA, SFV Pioneer 18-May-39 a 2 90   San Fernando Valley Times
ALLEN, William 11-Mar-36 North Hollywood 79 occ- railroad engineer 12-Mar-36 b 1 108   No. Hollywood Press
ALLENDER, Jennie Bell 27-Jan-36 Burbank   dau- Benta, Nellie, Mattie, son- Dempsey, Nellems, Goren, bur- Forest Lawn Glendale 30-Jan-36 b   115   No. Hollywood Press
ALLINSON, Ralph   Reseda 32 murdered 4-Jul-40 a   133   San Fernando Valley Times
ALTHOUSE, Mrs Margaret 28-Dec-38 Chatsworth   hus- William L.P., dau- Helen LH La GRANGE 5-Jan-39 a   62   San Fernando Valley Times
ALVEDREZ, Carmen 8-Mar-38 Big Tujunga 10 mo drowned in flood 8-Mar-38 b   51   No. Hollywood Press
ALVEREZ, Julian 7-Feb-40 Studio City 93 from San Bernardino, Pioneer Farmer 13-Feb-40 a   2   San Fernando Valley Times
AMBROSINI, Givanni 23-Oct-38 Laurel Canyon 56 hit & run accident 25-Oct-38 b   46   No. Hollywood Press
AMESQUA, Leonardo 1-Jul-39 Van Nuys   left in street after fight, hit by car 3-Aug-39 a 1 89   San Fernando Valley Times
AMICK, John 12-Jun-39 North Hollywood 80 b- VA, occ- 30 yr miner, 30 yr mariner 20-Jun-39 a 7 69105   San Fernando Valley Times
AMKRUM, B.E. Mrs   San Fernando     16-Dec-37 a 1 95   San Fernando Valley Times
ANDERSON, Anders 5-May-40 North Hollywood 61 wife- Edith, son- Robert, Richard 16-May-40 a   8   San Fernando Valley Times
ANDERSON, Donald 1-Feb-37 North Hollywood 14 hit by auto 9-Feb-37 b   60   No. Hollywood Press
ANDERSON, Miss Anne   San Fernando 47 b- Los Angeles, No relatives 9-May-40 a   8   San Fernando Valley Times
ANDERSON, Mrs Cloe 16-Jun-38 Reseda 86 heart attack 21-Jun-38 b   48   No. Hollywood Press
ANDERSON, Mrs Esta W 7-Jul-38 North Hollywood 49   19-Jul-38 b   48   No. Hollywood Press
ANDREWS, Anna 12-Apr-38 San Fernando 80 auto accident 12-Apr-38 b   50   No. Hollywood Press
ANDRUS, Cortez Clinton 25-Sep-39 North Hollywood 77   28-Sep-39 a 10 123   San Fernando Valley Times
ANGULA, Mike F 31-Oct-37 Reseda 76   4-Nov-37 a   94   San Fernando Valley Times
APPLETON, Fred C 14-Jan-37 North Hollywood 55   19-Jan-37 b   61   No. Hollywood Press
ARCHIBALD, Georgetta A 23-Apr-39 Van Nuys 69 hus- George M, son- Arthur A, Herbert J, Melvin C 27-Apr-39 a 15 90   San Fernando Valley Times
ARMSTRONG, Don Carlos 20-Feb-40 North Hollywood 68 wife- Daisy E., Pioneer rancher 22-Feb-40 a   3   San Fernando Valley Times
ASHER, E.M. 29-Oct-37 North Hollywood 50   2-Nov-37 b   55   No. Hollywood Press
ASHFORD, John Freemand 26-Aug-38 Hollywood 33   30-Aug-38 b   47   No. Hollywood Press
ASKAM, Earl 1-Apr-40 North Hollywood 41 wife, son- Earl M., heart attack 4-Apr-40 a   6   San Fernando Valley Times
ATHERTON, Addie V. 1-Aug-40 North Hollywood 82 sis- Eliz. GORMAN, bro- Sanford S VAUGHAN, Chicago, IL, bur- Forest Lawn Cem., res- 25 yrs. 8-Aug-40 a   18,65 res- 4360 Kraft San Fernando Valley Times
ATKINS, Ernest 3-Dec-40 San Fernando 62 Hit by train 3-Dec-40 a   33   San Fernando Valley Times
ATKINSON, Laura Bell 2-Jun-39 North Hollywood   widow 6-Jun-39 ab 9 74146   San Fernando Valley Times
AVERY, Ray E 13-Dec-40 North Hollywood 36 flu, bur- Valhalla Cem. 19-Dec-40 a   42,135,139   San Fernando Valley Times
Paper-  date shown is approximate; the information may have been printed in several editions            
"a " denotes San Fernando Valley Times                  
"b" denotes North Hollywood Press