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Volume 3 - (1935 to 1940)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume III" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times and the North Hollywood Press newspapers which were published between the years 1935 and 1940.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.

Name Died Town Age Comments Paper Date   Page Sheet Other Paper
DAILEY, George R 25-Feb-37 North Hollywood 48 heart attack 25-Feb-37 a A-2 85   San Fernando Valley Times
DAKE, Sarah Alice 25-Jan-38 North Hollywood 73 natural causes 25-Jan-38 b   52   No. Hollywood Press
DALRYMPLE, John D.   Sepulveda 23 suicide, moth- Carrie LONG 20-Aug-40 a   17,23 res- 8917 Orion San Fernando Valley Times
DANIELS, Jose 15-Aug-40 San Quentin 22 moth- Angeline VASQUEZ, served 3 yrs 20-Aug-40 a   17,23   San Fernando Valley Times
DANIELS, Olie M 19-Mar-37 North Hollywood 52 wife- Mable, dau- Mrs Lee CRAWFORD, Ada SMITH, moth- L.C., sis- Mrs Ray SCHAFER, bro- Kenneth Hutts, O.J , Roy Hutts 1-Apr-37 ab 59,83   San Fernando Valley Times
DANNER, N.N. 27-Dec-40 North Hollywood 55 wife- Martha 31-Dec-40 a front 134   San Fernando Valley Times
DARST, L   San Fernando   sis- Mrs Rosina BALDINO, CO 23-Sep-37 a 1 93   San Fernando Valley Times
DAUGHERTY, James H   Long Beach   auto accident 11-May-37 b   58   No. Hollywood Press
DAVEN, Eugenia Poiter 18-Sep-40 North Hollywood   Stage name, M/M Del Daven 19-Sep-40 a   40   San Fernando Valley Times
DAVENBAUGH, Eugenia Porter 18-Sep-40 North Hollywood   hus- Delbert, aka- M/M Del DAVEN 19-Sep-40 a   78&79 res- 12834 Moorpark San Fernando Valley Times
DAVENPORT,  D.D.   Los Angeles 39 suicide 19-Nov-36 a   130   San Fernando Valley Times
DAVENPORT, Frank E 12-Oct-36 Canoga Park 72   15-Oct-36 a B5 129   San Fernando Valley Times
DAVEY, James Anthony 3-Nov-40 Burbank 56 wife- Elizabeth, son- Frank V 7-Nov-40 a   104   San Fernando Valley Times
DAVID, Mrs Selma   North Hollywood   hus- Peter, sis- Rose DELLOLIO 25-Mar-37 a B7 83   San Fernando Valley Times
DAVIS,  G.R. 18-Oct-39 Los Angeles   auto accident 19-Oct-39 a 7 122   San Fernando Valley Times
DAVIS, Donald 12-Nov-39 North Hollywood 5 par- M/M Earl 21-Nov-39 ab 71,120   No. Hollywood Press
DAVIS, Earl B   Van Nuys 54 pneumonia 16-Feb-37 b   60   No. Hollywood Press
DAVIS, Frank H 26-Jun-37 Blue Earth MN 73 dau- Mrs Ivan I JONES of Sherman Oaks 1-Jul-37 a A8 145   San Fernando Valley Times
DAVIS, Harold H   San Fernando 33 auto accident 17-Jun-37 a 1 144   San Fernando Valley Times
DAVIS, J Betty   North Hollywood 33 auto accident 27-Jun-40 a   99   San Fernando Valley Times
DAVIS, Joseph L 11-May-37 North Hollywood 62 wife, son-Kenneth, Olin, dau- Millie GANSBY, Flora FERGUSON, Belle ROSS 13-May-37 a B9 143   San Fernando Valley Times
DAVIS, Mr M.H.   North Hollywood 88   21-Mar-39 b 6 68   No. Hollywood Press
DAVIS, Walter Hamond 16-Aug-36 North Hollywood 56 b- 14 Jul 1880, Sussex England 20-Aug-36 b 1 127   No. Hollywood Press
De GARMO, Barton C 18-Jun-36 North Hollywood 66   19-Jun-36 a 1 111   San Fernando Valley Times
DE LA VERGNE, Mrs Lucy Ann 5-Aug-37 North Hollywood 52   10-Aug-37 b   57   No. Hollywood Press
De PESCALE, Vincenzo 12-Aug-36 North Hollywood 40 aka Jim PATSY, occ Bing Crosby body guard 18-Aug-36 b 1 127   No. Hollywood Press
DE VOE,  Mrs Cleo 1-Nov-37 North Hollywood 33 dead in a field 9-Nov-37 b   55   No. Hollywood Press
DEACON, Dr Alfred L 16-Dec-39 Roscoe 80 pioneer physician 21-Dec-39 a   118   San Fernando Valley Times
DEAN, D 2-Jun-39 Saugus   prominent citizen 13-Jun-39 a   146   San Fernando Valley Times
DEAN, Mrs Anna May 4-May-39 North Hollywood 59 dau- Mrs C. LYON of NB 9-May-39 b 3 74   No. Hollywood Press
DECANNIERE, Frank B. 24-Mar-40 North Hollywood 53 wife- Mayme, 2 sis, 3 bro 28-Mar-40 a   5   San Fernando Valley Times
DECKERT, Harry J 29-Jul-36 North Hollywood   occ- Douglas Aircraft 4-Aug-36 b 1 126   No. Hollywood Press
DeLAND, Miss Stella M 14-Nov-40 North Hollywood 79   21-Nov-40 a   34   San Fernando Valley Times
deMALUASSENE, Henri S 6-Mar-36 Santa Monica   French Foreign Legion WW I 19-Mar-36 b 1 108   No. Hollywood Press
DeMERS, Charlotte Mabel 14-Mar-40 North Hollywood 55 hus- Henry Joseph, moth-Nettie DELVIN, b-Little Falls MN, sis- Mrs Harry SPEAR of IL, bro-Forrest & Robert DELVIN of LA 19-Mar-40 a   4,29 res- 12124 Viewcrest San Fernando Valley Times
DENISON, James F 8-Oct-40 North Hollywood 63 Electricuted 14-Nov-40 a   35   San Fernando Valley Times
DERRY, Alexander A 3-Mar-40 Pacoima 76 b- VT, wife- Eliza J., dau- J.D.WAITERS, Mrs Adolf STEHULE, Helen, son- Alexander A., James Hamilton 7-Mar-40 a   3,4   San Fernando Valley Times
DIAL, Marie Antoinette 7-Dec-40 San Fernando 83 Mrs S.A. GILE of Minneapolis MN 12-Dec-40 a   135   San Fernando Valley Times
DIAMOND, Albel T 29-Sep-40 Burbank 86 hit by auto 1-Oct-40 a   39,77,88   San Fernando Valley Times
DICK, Mrs Mary 25-Jan-39 Pacoima 82 son- William, Charles, dau- Eunice GOTTSCHALK, Alice E SHOEMAKER, Della BARAGRE, Maud MACEY, b- IL 2-Feb-39 a   63   San Fernando Valley Times
DICKEY, G. Wallace 23-Jul-40 Van Nuys 55 wife- Lorraine, son- Wallace, dau- Mary, to Van Nuys in 1912 30-Jul-40 a   24   San Fernando Valley Times
DIETER, Elwood 3-May-38 Panorama 56 killed by wagon 3-May-38 b   50   No. Hollywood Press
DINSMOOR, Cora B 15-Apr-40 Burbank 69 dau- Mrs Geo. CROCKER 18-Apr-40 a   8   San Fernando Valley Times
DISNEY, Flora 28-Nov-38 Toluca Lake 81 faulty heater, son- Walt DISNEY 29-Nov-38 b   46   No. Hollywood Press
DOHERTY, Frank   Burbank 71 hit by auto 7-Jul-36 a 4 112   San Fernando Valley Times
DOLLARD, John David 26-Apr-37 North Hollywood   heart disease 4-May-37 b   58   No. Hollywood Press
DONNELLY, John M. 16-Feb-40 Newhall 60 b-Ireland, long illness 22-Feb-40 a   3   San Fernando Valley Times
DOOLEY, Edward 28-Mar-40 North Hollywood 45 wife- Alice, sons- Ray F., Jack R., dau- Rosemary 4-Apr-40 a   6   San Fernando Valley Times
DORR, William K 25-Aug-38 Tarzana 53   30-Aug-38 b   47   No. Hollywood Press
DORRING, Charles   Burbank 50 suicide 23-Mar-37 b   59   No. Hollywood Press
DOUGLAS, Ellen   North Hollywood 81 bur- Montpelier ID 8-Sep-36 b 1 127   No. Hollywood Press
DOUGLAS, Matthew L 4-Jun-39 North Hollywood   son- William, dau- Juanita SMITH, b- Twin Creek WY 6-Jun-39 a front 74,146   San Fernando Valley Times
DOWSON, Harry 2-Feb-40 Newhall 60 wife- Minnie, moth-Clara, sis- Mrs John  Mace 15-Feb-40 a   2   San Fernando Valley Times
DRAGER, Anna H 24-Mar-40 North Hollywood   hus- Fred W., sons- Ed. H, Fred W., dau- Sophia D. EVANS, Olive M. HARPER, May b- SEAR 28-Mar-40 a   5   San Fernando Valley Times
DRELENKIEWICZ, Valerie 21-Dec-39 Winnipeg Alberta   dau- Halina RECKWART of Van Nuys 28-Dec-39 a   116   San Fernando Valley Times
DRESBACK, Harry   North Hollywood 28 suicide 7-Mar-39 b 2 68   No. Hollywood Press
DREW, Adelaide Louise 12-Jun-37 North Hollywood 73 hus- Clarence, decd, dau- Violet BARLOW, Elsie C RIEGEL, son- Allen B CAMPBELL 17-Jun-37 a B11 145   San Fernando Valley Times
DREW, Willis S 7-May-36 North Hollywood 51 occ- studio electrician 11-May-36 a 1 110   San Fernando Valley Times
DRUEHL, George   North Hollywood   sis- Mrs J SNYDER 29-Jul-37 a A11 147   San Fernando Valley Times
DRUMMAND, Orren M. 12-Feb-40 North Hollywood 69 b- Iowa, sis- Ora WINGFIELD 15-Feb-40 a   2   San Fernando Valley Times
DUARTE, Tony   Moorpark 40 hit by auto 8-Oct-36 a 1 129   San Fernando Valley Times
DUCKWORTH, James G 27-May-38 North Hollywood 18   31-May-38 b   49   No. Hollywood Press
DUDLEY, Thaddeos   North Hollywood 75 son- Geo, Edgar, dau-Isabelle ROBERTSON 18-Apr-40     7    
DUFEL, Mrs Glenn 25-Jul-36 Van Nuys 33 appendix operation 28-Jul-36 a 1 113   San Fernando Valley Times
DUFFY, Charles James 22-Feb-38 San FernandoV 65 heart attack 22-Feb-38 b   51   No. Hollywood Press
DUGAN, Francis Cecil 26-Mar-36 Los Angeles   auto accident 30-Mar-36 b 1 109   No. Hollywood Press
DUKEY, G. Wallace 30-Jul-40 Santa Ana 55 wife- Lorraine, son- Wallace, dau- Mary,  to Van Nuys 1912 3-Jul-40 a   11 SFV Pioneer, sub-divider San Fernando Valley Times
DULANY, Jean 4-Jan-36 Los Angeles 38 bro- Thom H LANE of NH 9-Jan-36 b 3 114   No. Hollywood Press
DUMAS, Marshall 26-Jul-38 Pacoima 64   26-Jul-38 b   48   No. Hollywood Press
DUMONT, Jean Russel 25-Mar-36 North Hollywood 44 member Sunset Masonic Lodge 30-Mar-36 b 4 109   No. Hollywood Press
DUNNIGAN, F. 4-Jan-38   51 auto accident 4-Jan-38 b   52   No. Hollywood Press
DUNNING, Arthur W 10-Dec-36 Chatsworth 65 burned in fire 15-Dec-36 a 1 131   San Fernando Valley Times
DUNNING, Charles B 22-Feb-40 Hollywood 67 suicide 27-Feb-40 a   3,30   San Fernando Valley Times
DUVAL, William F 13-May-36 North Hollywood 73   14-May-36 a 2 110   San Fernando Valley Times
DYER, Louise 27-May-36 Newhall 17 illegal operation 5-Jun-36 a 1 111   San Fernando Valley Times
Paper-  date shown is approximate; the information may have been printed in several editions            
"a " denotes San Fernando Valley Times                  
"b" denotes North Hollywood Press