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Volume 3 - (1935 to 1940)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions
GROOMS "A" - "B"

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume III" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times and the North Hollywood Press newspapers which were published between the years 1935 and 1940.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.

Groom Of Bride Of Married Paper Date   Page Sheet Other Paper
ABEL, Edwin Moore Tarzana HEIDTMAN, Billy Jane Reno NV 12-Jan-39 19-Jan-39 a 11 45 son of Richard James, bri uncle- Senator Harry C of Reno San Fernando Valley Times
ADAMS,  James W Van Nuys GERRARD, Agnes E Van Nuys 1-Jan-40 1-Feb-40 a   1   San Fernando Valley Times
ADDINGTON, Hugh C Van Nuys NICELY, Adelaide Tarzana 6-Jun-36 12-Jun-36 b   92   North Hollywood Press
ADLER, Kenneth 1021 N Cypress CARDWELL, Beth 1025 N San Jose   24-Sep-40 a   48 son of A.M., dau of Charles San Fernando Valley Times
AHLSTROM, Edward   KING, Lorna     24-Jun-37 a B7 80   San Fernando Valley Times
AINSWORTH, Walter H North Hollywood BOYER, Mary North Hollywood 16-Jun-36 19-Jun-36 b   92   North Hollywood Press
ALBERTSON, William Van Nuys BOSWELL, Beverly Los Angeles m- Las Vegas 27-Aug-40 a 0 6,14 m- Las Vegas, bro- Myron Boswell, San Fernando Valley Times
ALCOCK, J.H. Taylor NV Mrs Northridge Jan 1889 12-Jan-39 a 22 45 50th, dau- Mrs B.O. MERRIHEW San Fernando Valley Times
ALDRICH, Thomas Harold North Hollywood ROMMA, Florence Katherine Fresno   7-Oct-37 a 35 82   San Fernando Valley Times
ALFORD, Marcus Van Nuys CROPP, Hazel Fern San Fernando 17-Aug-40 22-Aug-40     14,29    
ALLEN, Stanley P North Hollywood     7-Sep-37 23-Sep-37 a 13 81   San Fernando Valley Times
ALLES, Harold Los Angeles FALKNER, Josephine North Hollywood 8-Dec-36 8-Dec-36 b 3 107   North Hollywood Press
ALLISON, Charles G   WEIS, Helen Greer Los Angeles 5-Mar-39 9-Mar-39 a 35 47 son of Charles B, dau of Lester GREER, San Fernando Valley Times
ANDERSON, A. Ernest Jr Hollywood MILLIGAN, Peggy North Hollywood 6-Jul-40 16-Jul-40 a 0 5,27 m- Yuma AZ, bri res- 12114 View Chest San Fernando Valley Times
ANDERSON, Harold Los Angeles POWERS, Irene North Hollywood 31-May-37 1-Jun-37 b 4 32   North Hollywood Press
ANDERSON, Leroy J   Jr San Fernando RECORD, Dorothy Alden Northridge 23-Jul-39 25-Jul-39 a 1 52   San Fernando Valley Times
ANDERSON, Paul E Van Nuys LE MONS, Edythe Mae Hollywood Easter 16-Apr-36 b 1 91   North Hollywood Press
ANDREWS, Dana Van Nuys TODD, Mary Santa Monica 17-Nov-39 21-Nov-39 ab   43,87   North Hollywood Press
ANDREWS, Vernon   LUNBERG, Vera   23-Jul-40 6-Aug-40 a   17&51 m- Yuma AZ San Fernando Valley Times
APPLE, Dave Van Nuys SWARENS, Mary Van Nuys 19-Oct-40 24-Oct-40     8    
APPLING, Harold Saxton   VAN SLYKE, Elnor Oxnard 1-Jul-40 9-Jul-40 a 0 5,26 Elnor teacher @ Oxnard school, wedding in Santa Monica San Fernando Valley Times
ARCHER, Earl Vermont BONEKEMPLER, Margaret Northridge   12-Jan-39 a 6 45   San Fernando Valley Times
ARNOLD, Claud M Los Angeles ELM, Margaret Westwood 23-Nov-39 28-Nov-39 ab   44,87   San Fernando Valley Times
ASBURY, Albert North Hollywood CISCO, Faustina Glendale 18-Jun-36 19-Jun-36 b 1 92   North Hollywood Press
ASKEW, Lawrence K Van Nuys BERNARD, Carmen Maxine Van Nuys 25-Oct-36 29-Oct-36 b A5 106   North Hollywood Press
ATKINSON, Guy F San Francisco WHITEHOUSE, Rathel Carlson San Diego   28-Nov-39 a   87   San Fernando Valley Times
AUSTIN, Oliver   HARDING, Charlotte B Encino 2-Sep-40 8-Oct-40     13    
AYERS, Don Port Beverly Hills LADEWIG, Mary Jayne North Hollywood 24-Dec-39 28-Dec-39 a   85   San Fernando Valley Times
BAC-SO, John D Encino CRAN, Diana Victoria Santa Barbara   5-Dec-39 a   86   San Fernando Valley Times
BAILEY, Curtis J North Hollywood VAN PATTEN, Shirley E North Hollywood 12-Oct-40 17-Oct-40 a   11,83 m- Las Vegas San Fernando Valley Times
BALZER, Charles   not listed   31-Mar-40 2-Apr-40 a   2   San Fernando Valley Times
BARCHARD, Paul Ray   HARLEY, Betty Smith North Hollywood   31-Oct-39 b 13 43   North Hollywood Press
BARNES, Buckley Studio City HAYDEN, Esther   27-Dec-40 31-Dec-40 a   101104 m- Las Vegas San Fernando Valley Times
BARNES, Lee Carroll North Hollywood DETHMAN, Evangeline North Hollywood   13-Aug-36 b B3 105   North Hollywood Press
BARR, Matt North Hollywood WILHOIT, Elinor   ca 1938 1-Aug-39 a   B25   San Fernando Valley Times
BARRETT, Charles North Hollywood KNUTSEN, Margaret North Hollywood Palm Sunday 6-Apr-36 b 6 91   North Hollywood Press
BARRETT, Richard E North Hollywood CHRISTOPHER, Evelyn Warrensburg MO   8-Oct-40     13    
BASORE, Vernon San Fernando PRESTON, Marie Josephine San Fernando 3-Aug-36 6-Aug-36 b 2B 105   North Hollywood Press
BASS, Howard J North Hollywood CORDER, Barbara Joyce North Hollywood 28-Jun-39 6-Jul-39 a 25 52 son of Mrs Kathryne, dau of Virgil Q San Fernando Valley Times
BASSETT, Harold Ward Pasadena CALLAWAY, Josephine North Hollywood 7-Nov-36 10-Oct-36 b 3 B18,106   North Hollywood Press
BATES, Chester Wilson Venice BITTLE, Thelma Elaine North Hollywood 15-Nov-40 19-Nov-40 a   10,68   San Fernando Valley Times
BAYLER, Harry Moore Jr Carmel BERRY, Mary Ellen Encino Mt Pleasant IA 24-Sep-40 a B 13,54,53 dau of Dr Milton H. (decd) & Emma, m- Mt Pleasant IA San Fernando Valley Times
BAYON, Frank North Hollywood TATE, Beatrice North Hollywood 30-Sep-39 12-Oct-39 a 19 88   San Fernando Valley Times
BEAMAN, Orris Van Nuys PRITCHARD, Mary Los Angeles 1-Jun-40 6-Jun-40 a   2   San Fernando Valley Times
BECHTOLD, Edward Boston MA WOOD, Grace Marie San Fernando 23-Feb-37 25-Feb-37 a Society 79   San Fernando Valley Times
BEERY, Noah 26 Van Nuys JONES, Mayine 22 Van Nuys 30-Mar-40 2-Apr-40 a 0 3 dad, Uncle Wallace Beery, star Buck Jones San Fernando Valley Times
BEGUE, Phillip Jr Tujunga GARLOCK, Mary Louise Tujunga 1-Jul-37 6-Jul-37 b 3 31   North Hollywood Press
BELL, Charles Burbank CHRISTIANSON, Esther Burbank 28-May-39 1-Jun-39 a 13 57   San Fernando Valley Times
BENTLEY, James San Francisco CHANEY, Evelyn North Hollywood 24-Dec-37 4-Jan-38 b 5 35   North Hollywood Press
BENTON, Jayne Canoga Park CROSTHWAIT, Ane North Hollywood ca 1938 1-Aug-39 a   B25   San Fernando Valley Times
BERRY, Milton A Sherman Oaks HALL, Mary Anne Hollywood 7-Jan-39 10-Jan-39 b 2 39   North Hollywood Press
BETTINGER, George C Alhambra FREEMAN, Thelma M Hollywood 4-Oct-40 10-Oct-40 a   11,54a   San Fernando Valley Times
BILZ, Hugo C Warner Studio * HEINE, Esther   9-Apr-39 8-Aug-39 a 8     San Fernando Valley Times
BLACK, Harry William Los Angeles CARLSTED, Virginia Van Nuys 2-Aug-40 18-Jul-40 b Society 28,37,94 son of William, dau of Mrs Paul C North Hollywood Press
BLACKBURN, Raymond  Jr Van Nuys STURGEON, Muriel Van Nuys 17-Aug-40 22-Aug-40     21,36    
BLAESSER, Vernon C Glendale GILBERT, Buelah Mae North Hollywood 18-Oct-39 24-Oct-39 a 10 88   San Fernando Valley Times
BLAIR, Glenwood A   ROODE, Mrs Elsie Pobjoy   10-Sep-39 26-Dec-40 a   104   San Fernando Valley Times
BLAKE, Michael J Los Angeles RICHARDS, Margaret North Hollywood 22-Oct-38 1-Nov-38 b 4 34   North Hollywood Press
BLAUDIN, C. W. North Hollywood DENSLEY, Mrs Gladys North Hollywood 31-Aug-40 10-Sep-40 a   12&54 m- Las Vegas San Fernando Valley Times
BLOMQUISTS, Fred   VEST, Marie   ca Sep 40 24-Oct-40 a   84   San Fernando Valley Times
BLOOMBERG, Theodore North Hollywood FORTE, Gladys Canoga Park   8-Jul-37 a A7 64   San Fernando Valley Times
BLOOMER, Jimmy Sherman Oaks ZELLERS, Imogene Sherman Oaks 10-Nov-40 7-Nov-40     10    
BLUMENKRANZ, James W Los Angeles SCHULAR, Suzanne North Hollywood 2-Nov-40 7-Nov-40     10 m- Reno NV  
BOCK, Harold North Hollywood MONTELL, Connie Vancouver BC 17-Dec-38 3-Jan-39 b 4 39   North Hollywood Press
BOGGESS, Wallace W Calmont LOGAN, Nancy Lee Tarzana 27-Jun-39 29-Jun-39 a 9 83   San Fernando Valley Times
BOLES, Frederick B San Francisco SPENCER, Anna Lee North Hollywood 9-May-37 11-May-37 b 4 32   North Hollywood Press
BOND, Warren Eugene North Hollywood MARSDEN, Florence Mary Van Nuys 14-Jun-36 19-Jun-36 b   92 m- Yuma AZ North Hollywood Press
BONNIEFIELD, Samuel A Warner Studio * PARKER, Martha C   21-Apr-39 8-Aug-39 a 8     San Fernando Valley Times
BOWEN, Victor James North Hollywood WOOD, Mary Margaret Van Nuys 1-Nov-40 14-Nov-40     10    
BOWER, Ernest Van Nuys FRENCH, Lis Gertrude   14-Mar-40 21-Mar-40 a   2   San Fernando Valley Times
BOWMAN, Delmar Q Newhall   Houston TX ca Jul 1939 8-Aug-39 a 3 77   San Fernando Valley Times
BRANCH, Harvy M North Hollywood WEATHERS, Norma North Hollywood 8-Oct-38 11-Oct-38 b 3 34   North Hollywood Press
BRAND, Harlow F. Encino BANTON, June C. Encino 3-Feb-40 13-Feb-40 a   1   San Fernando Valley Times
BRAND, Ray North Hollywood RAY, Florence North Hollywood 1-Feb-36 10-Feb-36 b 4 91   North Hollywood Press
BRAVERO, Anthony North Hollywood SCOTT, Shirley North Hollywood 12-Dec-39 19-Dec-39 a   86   San Fernando Valley Times
BREAM, Bruce North Hollywood WEST, Lillie Marie North Hollywood 6-Jul-37 5-Aug-37 a B3 64   San Fernando Valley Times
BREAM, Mr 5717 Ensign FORSTER, Helen Marie   2-Apr-39 6-Apr-39 a 13 47 son of E.P., dau of Otto H San Fernando Valley Times
BREER, Henry San Marino ELLIOTT, Margaret North Hollywood 11-Sep-40 19-Sep-40 ab   12,50,53,54 m- Las Vegas NV San Fernando Valley Times
BRENNAM, Frank E North Hollywood FEE, Virginia Isabelle North Hollywood 1-Feb-38 1-Feb-38 b 4 35   North Hollywood Press
BREUER, August Van Nuys MICHEL, Emma Van Nuys   14-May-40 a 0 3 Eloped to Yuma AZ San Fernando Valley Times
BREVOORT, Harry Los Angeles PETTIGREW, Marian Los Angeles 23-Dec-39 28-Dec-39 a   86   San Fernando Valley Times
BRIGGS, Robert Burbank YOUNG, Evelyn 337 W Linder 14-Dec-40 24-Dec-40 a   8104   San Fernando Valley Times
BRITWEISER, C.A. Beverly Hills BIDWELL, LaVena North Hollywood 4-Feb-37 9-Feb-27 b 4 32   North Hollywood Press
BROOKS, Carl G Van Nuys ROBERTS, Helen Portland OR 14-Aug-40 17-Sep-40     12&48 m- Vancouver WA, son of Mrs Maude
BROWN, Robert Baxter Prescott AZ LYNCH, Dicy Jane North Hollywood 7-Jul-36 14-Jul-36 b 2 92   North Hollywood Press
BRUCE, Eugene San FernandoV PURTELL, Francis Rose North Hollywood 17-Nov-40 21-Nov-40     10    
BRYAN, Clifford North Hollywood GEICKEL, Doris Glenadale 20-Oct-37 26-Oct-37 b 4 30   North Hollywood Press
BURCH, "Larry" North Hollywood CASTONGUAY, Thelma North Hollywood 10-Aug-38 23-Aug-38 b 2 34   North Hollywood Press
BURCHELLE, Stanley W North Hollywood ROAKE, Gladys D North Hollywood 30-Jan-38 1-Feb-38 b 5 35   North Hollywood Press
BURLISON, Dale North Hollywood CORNWELL, Barbara Cenzie North Hollywood 18-Sep-40 19-Sep-40 a   13,23,24,50,54 dau of Frank J, son of I.L. of AK San Fernando Valley Times
BURNLEY, Ralph North Hollywood LA MAIDA, Betty North Hollywood 4-Aug-40 8-Aug-40   Society 37    
BURNS, William C San Fernando LEE, Helen L North Hollywood   10-Aug-37 b 5 31   North Hollywood Press
BURSON, Donald Van Nuys PINNELL, Marion   19 Van Nuys 30-Jun-40 4-Jul-40 a   26103 dau of Bertha San Fernando Valley Times
BUSH, Armand Glendale GARTZ, Irma Los Angeles 26-Aug-36 1-Sep-36 b 3 105   North Hollywood Press
BUSH, James R Los Angeles HOSTUTLER, Mary Jane North Hollywood 16-Feb-39 16-Feb-39 a 13 46   San Fernando Valley Times
BUSHMAN, Edward L Burbank GUIRE, Edna C Burbank 8-Dec-40 19-Dec-40     9    
BUSSARD, Orville North Hollywood COLE, Peggy North Hollywood   24-Aug-37 b 5 31   North Hollywood Press
BUTTERWORTH, Joseph Burbank GILLIS, Gertrude North Hollywood 22-Mar-36 2-Mar-36 b   91   North Hollywood Press
BUTTS, Ted North Hollywood COHEN, Harriet North Hollywood 13-Oct-40 31-Oct-40     8    
BYARD, Alvin A   JORDAN, Sally Ann North Hollywood 25-Oct-40 31-Oct-40     8    
* Employee of Warner Studio                    
Paper-  date shown is approximate; the information may have been printed in several editions              
"a " denotes San Fernando Valley Times                  
"b" denotes North Hollywood Press                  
Listings with  dates of "ca" circa, are approximate. The article was about a wedding aniversary.