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Volume 3 - (1935 to 1940)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions
GROOMS "G" - "H"

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume III" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times and the North Hollywood Press newspapers which were published between the years 1935 and 1940.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.

Groom Of Bride Of Married Paper Date   Page Sheet Other Paper
GAGE, John A North Hollywood SANFORD, Florence North Hollywood 1-Jul-39 4-Jul-39   4 15 gr mom- Pearl CHAMBERS, bro- Sanford, sis- Sarah, bri dad- N.O., sis- Jane S, class of 36 N Hollywood HS
GALLEGOS, Vincente   MARTINEZ, Pearl Sacramento 29-Sep-40 10-Oct-40 a 0 11,54a,83   San Fernando Valley Times
GALLUP, Emmet R Canoga Park BAILE, Miriam Canoga Park   13-Aug-36 b 1 105   North Hollywood Press
GARDENHIRE, Frank North Hollywood NOBLES, Myrtle Lorraine North Hollywood 10-Sep-36 17-Sep-36 b 5 106   North Hollywood Press
GARDNER, Marvin Alger North Hollywood BRETT, Loretta Jane Westwood 22-Jun-40 16-Jul-40 b   27,94 son of Albert B, dau of Joseph, grad UCLA, m- Reno NV
GARFIELD, David Van Nuys SLATE, Dorothea Des Moines IA 13-Oct-40 12-Nov-40     10    
GAZE, John A North Hollywood SANFORD, Florence North Hollywood ca July 39 12-Dec-39 b   44,86   North Hollywood Press
GEORGE, William North Hollywood REED, Grace North Hollywood 19-Jul-38 19-Jul-38 b 2 34   North Hollywood Press
GIBBS, Ellsworth North Hollywood SWANSON, Lois North Hollywood 1-Jun-36 5-Jun-36 b 6 92   North Hollywood Press
GIBSON, Roy W   WATSON, Edith San Fernando 31-Jul-37 26-Aug-37 a A11 B28,81   San Fernando Valley Times
GILBERT, Von Burbank EADS, Evelyn Pacoima 20-Dec-36 24-Dec-36 b 4 107   North Hollywood Press
GILLETTE, Raymond Van Nuys FRANKLIN, Jean F Los Angeles   3-Jan-39 b 1 39   North Hollywood Press
GILMORE, Frank Rockford IL not listed   Jan 1889 12-Jan-39 a 19 45 50th, son- William, dau- Mrs Geo DeFORRIS, Mrs John BRUCE San Fernando Valley Times
GIVOT, George   CURTIS, Maryon Encino   10-Jun-37 a B4 79   San Fernando Valley Times
GLENDOWER, Jack H New Zealand GRUNSTEAD, Mrs Gladys Safford Springfied MS   9-Jan-36 b   108   North Hollywood Press
GLIEVER, B.   not listed   22-Sep-90 24-Oct-40 a   84 50th Aniversary San Fernando Valley Times
GLOVER, Gharles O Tacoma WA MURPHY, Kathleen Hollywood 8-Jun-37 15-Jun-37 b 8 32   North Hollywood Press
GOAKES, Paul Ellington North Hollywood WILLIAMS, May Delle North Hollywood 28-Aug-37 21-Sep-37 b 5 31 m- Santa Barbara North Hollywood Press
GODSCHALK, Willaim Walter San Fernando HOTCHKISS, Vivienne Rose Canoga Park 9-Nov-39 21-Nov-39 ab   43,87   San Fernando Valley Times
GOETTLING, Willard Sherman Oaks LEPINE, Joan   14-Jul-40 1-Aug-40     18,21,29,98 son of Frank, bri b IN, grad Un of Hawaii, dau E LEPINE San Francisco
GOODROW, Thomas Hollywood ARNOLD, Florence Rose Burbank 4-Mar-39 9-Mar-39 a 5 46 son of T., dau of James, bro- Sidney  of Winnipeg Canada San Fernando Valley Times
GOODSPEED, Franklin Beverly Hills DORR, Dorothy Burbank 3-Sep-39 5-Sep-39 a 15 90   San Fernando Valley Times
GORE, Theodore L    72 North Hollywood Mrs     66 yrs North Hollywood 23 Dec1888 5-Jan-39 a 16 45 50th, son- Dr C.E., Roy C, Lawrence L, V.G., dau Beulah SHEFF, Myrtle PARKS, decd, m- Lynnville IN San Fernando Valley Times
GOTTER, Wallace B. North Hollywood MARTZ, Miriam Montebello 26-Apr-40 2-May-40 a   2,11   San Fernando Valley Times
GRACE, Richard B North Hollywood MALSTROM, Chrystine F North Hollywood   7-Jun-38 b 1 35   North Hollywood Press
GRAY, Rev K. Fillmore Mill Valley BURRILL, Dorothea North Hollywood 29-May-37 1-Jun-37 b 4 32   North Hollywood Press
GREGG, L.W. Burbank REMINGTON, Mrs Kathryn Whittier 9-Dec-40 12-Dec-40 a   9104 r- since 1886 San Fernando Valley Times
GRIFFIN, Burton C Burbank BROCK-BERBOM, Sylvia San Pedro   19-Dec-40 a   8104   San Fernando Valley Times
GRIFFIN, Dr. Richard North Hollywood FOX, Madeline M Santa Monica 19-Jun-38 21-Jun-38 b 4 35   North Hollywood Press
GRIFFIN, John Arthur Burbank DEVORE, Winifred Burbank 25-Aug-40 27-Aug-40 a 0 6,14,16 gr par- M/M Joe Z, dau of M/M W.C. THEDAKER, San Fernando Valley Times
GRINNA, Leif Van Nuys THORSON, Virginia M Van Nuys 19-Dec-40 19-Dec-40 a   9,104   San Fernando Valley Times
GRINSTEAD, Edward North Hollywood McCORMIES, Margarett North Hollywood 16-Dec-39 21-Dec-39 a   86   San Fernando Valley Times
GRUNDT, John Lloyd Van Nuys PULLEN, Bernadine Elizabeth Los Angeles 1-Aug-40 1-Aug-40     20 gr bro Harold, dau of C.H.  
GUELLOW, Harold North Hollywood HEAD, Helen North Hollywood 17-Jul-38 16-Aug-38 b 3 34   North Hollywood Press
GUERIN, Mahlon "Bud" North Hollywood MAUCK, Bette Pasadena 4-Nov-40 3-Dec-40 a   9101 m- Yuma AZ San Fernando Valley Times
GUERIN, Robert Burbank KING, Margaret Mae   1-Jul-37 6-Jul-37 b 8 31   North Hollywood Press
GULBRANSON, Richard North Hollywood LIND, Helen Bayfield WI 26-May-40 18-Jun-40 a   7,74   San Fernando Valley Times
HAAS, Edward Allen Jr North Hollywood GOOCH, Mary Willis North Hollywood 12-Nov-39 16-Nov-39 ab   87   San Fernando Valley Times
HALE, Harry O Encino SNODRASS, Florence Lucille Texhoma Ave 23-Aug-40 29-Aug-40     16 gr dad- H.L  
HALL, Gordon E North Hollywood NIELSON, Fern L North Hollywood 24-Dec-39 28-Dec-39 a   86 m- Santa Ana San Fernando Valley Times
HALL, Joseph Everett Hollywood HANNAH, Harriet Elizabeth Hollywood 7-Nov-36 10-Nov-36 b 3 106   North Hollywood Press
HALROID, Robert Ogden UT EAVES, Carrine North Hollywood 9-Sep-40 1-Oct-40 a   13,55    
HAMMOND, Frank Osage KS HYNES, Dorothy Roscoe 15-Nov-40 14-Nov-40     10    
HAND, Branson S. Jr. North Hollywood COUCH, Margaret North Hollywood 6-May-40 9-May-40 a   2   San Fernando Valley Times
HANNEMAN, Carl H. North Hollywood DUYAN, Carolyn North Hollywood 11-May-40 6-Jun-40 a   2   San Fernando Valley Times
HANSON, Ray A Los Angeles GARNER, Frances North Hollywood 30-Jun-39 6-Jul-39 a 25 52 son of August, dau of Mrs Gorgette San Fernando Valley Times
HARDIN, Robert San Fernando THOMPSON, Grace North Hollywood 14-Jun-36 19-Jun-36 b   92   North Hollywood Press
HARRINTON, Johns San Fernando DELUX, Virginia San Fernando   11-May-39 a 8 57 both students USC San Fernando Valley Times
HARVEY, Dale Burbank QUACKENBUSH, Irene North Hollywood 14-Oct-39 17-Oct-39 ab 13 42,88   San Fernando Valley Times
HARVEY, Frank North Hollywood HENDERSON,   ca 1938 12-Jan-39   22 B18    
HAUSER, William E Hollywood FERRERO, Mary Pacomia 26-Nov-40 3-Dec-40 a   84,101   San Fernando Valley Times
HAVEN, Dunbar Burbank PRATHER, Dorothy   ca 1937 13-Apr-39   14 B18    
HAVER, Ralph L San Fernando WILSON, Clare Seattle   27-Jun-40 a   7   San Fernando Valley Times
HAYES, Delmar North Hollywood ROBINSON, Virdie Marie North Hollywood 8-Jun-40 11-Jun-40 a   2,4 Res- 3828 Ridgemoor San Fernando Valley Times
HAZELDON, John Winnetka EMMONS, Elsie Los Angeles   8-Apr-37 a B3 79   San Fernando Valley Times
HAZEN, Will 26 North Hollywood PADELFORD, Marian 19 Hawthorne 13-Aug-40 20-Aug-40 a 0 6,20 gr res- 2227 Dunsmuir, bri- debutante, res- 631 S Oxford, 1st televised wedding San Fernando Valley Times
HEASLIP, Walter M Los Angeles PYE, Evelyn Marie North Hollywood 17-Jun-36 19-Jun-36 b   92   North Hollywood Press
HEIDT, Horace Los Angeles SLAUGHTER, Adeline   4-Dec-39 28-Dec-39 a   85   San Fernando Valley Times
HENDERSON, Bert N   BEATTLE, Gloria Warner Studio * 6-May-39 8-Aug-39 a 8     San Fernando Valley Times
HENRY, Arthur Ross Roscoe TYRRELL, Leona E North Hollywood 6-Aug-40 6-Aug-40 a   38&51 son of A. Ross, dau of L.A. San Fernando Valley Times
HENRY, Melvin Filmore BELAMY, Louise Van Nuys 31-Dec-35 2-Jan-36 b Society 93   North Hollywood Press
HERBERT, A.G. North Hollywood MATHISEN, Mrs Annie North Hollywood 11-Nov-39 21-Nov-39 ab   43,87 gr dau Mrs Irving H. SMITH, m-Yuma AZ North Hollywood Press
HIATT, Charles North Hollywood McCARTY, Ella North Hollywood 2-Sep-37 12-Oct-37 b 4 30   North Hollywood Press
HIATT, Richard Loring North Hollywood OWEN, Bettie Dee San FernandoV 27-Jul-40 8-Aug-40     37    
HILGER, William Los Angeles READ, Katheryn North Hollywood 12-Jun-37 15-Jun-37 b 6 32   North Hollywood Press
HILL, Egbert     age 98   Mrs     age 88     19-Nov-40 a   68 67th Aniversary, 6 children San Fernando Valley Times
HOAG, Richard Burbank COX, Virginia Rosco 18-Nov-39 21-Nov-39 b   43,87   North Hollywood Press
HOLCOMBE, Paul A Los Angeles HOEFFLIN, Laverna North Hollywood 22-Dec-37 28-Dec-37 b 11     North Hollywood Press
HOLDER, Ralph North Hollywood REDIGER, Naomi North Hollywood 5-Sep-40 10-Sep-40 a society 12,23,53,54 dau of J.M, sis- Wilma, m- Las Vegas San Fernando Valley Times
HOLLAND, Michael J Chatsworth MARTIN, Mary Florence Los Angeles 13-Jun-39 20-Jun-39 ab 0 41,72 br bro Father Martin San Fernando Valley Times
HOLLESTER, Geral Earl Van Nuys TYERMAN, Frances Los Angeles 7-Jul-40 11-Jul-40     27 son of Earl B, dau of Harry
HOLLINGSWORTH, Robert V Beverly Hills HAGER, Mary T North Hollywood 9-May-40 28-May-40 a 0 4   San Fernando Valley Times
HOLMES, Henry H Los Angeles JOHNSTON, Lorna Grace North Hollywood 19-Jun-38 21-Jun-38 b 5 35   North Hollywood Press
HOLT,  Walter Clenton   SWEENEY, Maude Ermine North Hollywood 12-Sep-40 26-Sep-40 a   13&54   San Fernando Valley Times
HOLT, Carrol J   JACOBSEN, Lillian North Hollywood   7-Oct-37 a   82   San Fernando Valley Times
HOLT, Kermit W Glendale DUBACH, Isabel Studio City "recently" 8-Oct-40     13    
HOLTS, Kenneth Wallace Seattle WA DUBACH, Isabel Phoenix/ LA 27-Jul-40 3-Oct-40     13    
HOMES, Byron M Santa Monica GERARD, Jeanne Margaret North Hollywood 21-Sep-40 26-Sep-40 a   13&54   San Fernando Valley Times
HORTON, Robert E North Hollywood LOWE, Mildred Claire Burbank 12-Sep-40 17-Sep-40 a   54   San Fernando Valley Times
HOUGH, Ellis Keith  North Hollywood SMITH, Velora Burbank 4-May-40 14-May-40 a 0 3   San Fernando Valley Times
HOUGHTON, Dean Wayne Burbank BEAUCHAMP, Delphire Victoria Roscoe 23-Jul-40 1-Aug-40     18,45 gr b- IL, dau of Mrs Welcott J
HOVEY, James A   STRONG, Anita 10809 Sarah 17-Jun-39 22-Jun-39 a 15 72   San Fernando Valley Times
HOWARD, Donald Fresno HARTMAN, Margaret Mae North Hollywood 31-Aug-40 3-Sep-40 ab   14,24,58 dau of Clarence, sis- Hazel North Hollywood Press
HUBBARD, Arthur North Hollywood STOUT, Judy Glendale 5-Sep-36 8-Sep-36 b 3 105   North Hollywood Press
HUDSON, Arthur Hamilton Van Nuys KENT, Ethelwyn M Glendale 26-Feb-37 9-Mar-37 b 6 32   North Hollywood Press
HUDSON, F. Delph Jr Hollywood DALTON, Mary North Hollywood 8-Aug-40 15-Aug-40     22,36 son of Fredrick D, dau of LA, m- Reno NV
HUFF, Thomas Orlin   BARNES, Bertha   ca 1932 9-Dec-37 a 20 D95   San Fernando Valley Times
HUGHES, Harold R Burbank STONE, Sylvia Annette Burbank   19-Jan-39 a 9 45 sis- Joesphine E. STONE San Fernando Valley Times
HULL, Warren Kendall Hollywood McAVOY, Mrs Helen North Hollywood 9-Apr-40 16-Apr-40 a 0 3 Mom- Alta Hull, Eloped to Yuma AZ, former hus- Fred M McAvoy San Fernando Valley Times
HUMM, Donald F North Hollywood BLANCHARD, Maude Alice North Hollywood 17-May-36 18-May-36 b 4 B6,91   North Hollywood Press
HUNT, Chase Van Nuys PATTERSON, Blanch North Hollywood 15-Dec-36 22-Dec-36 b 3 107   North Hollywood Press
HUNT, Harry L   COUNTS, Edith   30-Apr-39 4-May-39 a 13 57   San Fernando Valley Times
HUNTER, Jack Modesto BUCK, Leona North Hollywood 29-Feb-36 2-Mar-36 b 1 91   North Hollywood Press
HUNTER, Leonard Raymond Bell WILLIAMS, Juaniot Gertrude   4-May-40 7-May-40 a 0 3 Res- 6157  Morella, San Fernando Valley Times
HUTSON, Charles   McINERNY, Mary J   3-Sep-90       24 gr b-IN, bri b- Ireland, son Clarence 705 Alpine Dr Beverely Hills
* Employee of Warner Studio                    
Paper-  date shown is approximate; the information may have been printed in several editions              
"a " denotes San Fernando Valley Times                  
"b" denotes North Hollywood Press                  
Listings with  dates of "ca" circa, are approximate. The article was about a wedding aniversary.              

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