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Volume 3 - (1935 to 1940)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions
GROOMS "Q" - "R"

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume III" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times and the North Hollywood Press newspapers which were published between the years 1935 and 1940.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.

Groom Of Bride Of Married Paper Date   Page Sheet Other Paper
QUATRE, Lewis Sherman Oaks GFELLER, Mengabelle Van Nuys m- Yuma AZ 28-Dec-37 b 2 30 m- Yuma AZ North Hollywood Press
QUINBY, Paul Windle North Hollywood LE MOYNE, Phyllis North Hollywood 30-Jun-39 4-Jul-39     16 bri dad- Charles J, sis Marrian Estelle, bro- Charles
RADMACHER, Stanley Van Nuys McCARTHY, Mildred North Hollywood 19-Feb-39 21-Feb-39 b 6 39   North Hollywood Press
RAFAILORICH, Stephen North Hollywood CHESTER, Margaret North Hollywood 19-May-40 23-May-40 a   2   San Fernando Valley Times
RAHM, Gerald M La Tuna Canyon TARBELL, Frances V La Tuna Canyon 12-Aug-39 10-Aug-39 a 5 77   San Fernando Valley Times
RAMESY, Robert Hollywood DAVIS, Thelma Arkansas   25-Apr-39 b 1 39   North Hollywood Press
RAMSEY, Boris North Hollywood LONG, Lillian North Hollywood   1-Jul-37 a A7 80   San Fernando Valley Times
RANDELL, Roger March Field CARSON, Dorothy Riverside m- Las Vegas 19-Sep-40 a   12,48 gr res of Tarzana, dau of L.A., m- Las Vegas NV San Fernando Valley Times
RANISZEWSKI, Medard Norbert PRICE, June Catherine Hollywood 22-Jul-39 3-Aug-39 a 4 77   San Fernando Valley Times
RATHBUN, Loyd North Hollywood MOORE, Betty Los Angeles 20-Sep-36 22-Sep-36 b 2 106   North Hollywood Press
RATTERREE, Allen 5109 Amstoy BOYLE, Patricia Encino   25-Aug-40     29,37 grad Webb Menlo College, dau of Lawrence Henry
RAUCH, Wendel W North Hollywood YOUNG, Ruth North Hollywood 7-Jun-36 13-Jun-35 b 4 92   North Hollywood Press
RAWAK, Bertram J Los Angeles WHITE, Alice Pauline Kansas 26-Oct-37 28-Oct-37 a 15 82   San Fernando Valley Times
RAWLSTON, George North Hollywood DUNNAM, Elouise North Hollywood 30-May-40 11-Jun-40 a   4,7 m- Yuma AZ San Fernando Valley Times
REDICK, Fred Tarzana COMMON, Anna Grand Forks ND 26-Oct-39 9-Nov-39 a   87   San Fernando Valley Times
REDING,  J.M.   not listed   ca Sep 1887 30-Sep-37 a 4 82 50th Aniversary San Fernando Valley Times
REED, Edward Fresno CANNON, Mary North Hollywood 20-Apr-40 13-Jun-40 a   7   San Fernando Valley Times
REESER, John North Hollywood BRENNEISE, Annie North Hollywood   10-Aug-37 b 5 31   North Hollywood Press
REILMAN, Frank North Hollywood MESSER, Elizabeth North Hollywood 3-Sep-38 6-Sep-38 b 8 34   North Hollywood Press
REISS, Raymond North Hollywood MOORE, Dorothy North Hollywood 24-Aug-37 31-Aug-37 b 6 31   North Hollywood Press
REYNOLDS, Donald Roscoe STOCKMAN, Rosalie Roscoe 17-Jun-39 27-Jul-39 a 15 52 dau of Elmer M, m- Santa Ana San Fernando Valley Times
REYNOLDS, Earl S   WILLIS, Naomi Warner Studio * 10-Feb-39 8-Aug-39 a 8     San Fernando Valley Times
REYNOLDS, Keith Burdette North Hollywood PLANTZ, La Fern North Hollywood 25-Sep-36 29-Sep-36 b 5 106   North Hollywood Press
REYNOLDS, Lee   30   GENBRY, Glenna Denver CO 10-Aug-40 27-Aug-40 a   6,21 occ- Contractor, m- Yuma AZ
REYNOLDS, Noel Hudson Eagle Rock OLIVER, Freda Bernice North Hollywood 14-Oct-40 22-Oct-40     8 gr res- of MS  
RHYMES, Dr Lester H Canoga Park BENEDICT, Nina Inglewood 19-Dec-39 26-Dec-39 a   86   San Fernando Valley Times
RICE, Wilber R Sherman Oaks WOLGAMOTT, Doris Sherman Oaks 5-Aug-37 12-Aug-37 a A2 81   San Fernando Valley Times
RICH, Raymond Van Nuys ZONA, Walsh Los Angeles 12-Mar-38 22-Mar-38 b 4 35   North Hollywood Press
RICHARDSON, Gilbert North Hollywood BALL, Evelyn Canoga Park 31-Dec-38 5-Jan-39 a 19 45 son of L.W., dau of L.H. of Van Nuys San Fernando Valley Times
RICHARDSON, William T North Hollywood CHIARODIT, Susie North Hollywood 3-Oct-36 8-Oct-36 b 5 106   North Hollywood Press
RIO, Henry P   MORRIS, Marjorie Louis North Hollywood 3-Aug-40 8-Aug-40   Society 37    
RIVERA, Rudolph San Fernando WAITERS, Dawn Anna Vallejo 14-Jun-40 20-Jun-40 a   7,75   San Fernando Valley Times
RIZZI, Eugene V North Hollywood McVEAGH, Eve E   30-Jun-40 27-Jun-40 a   71   San Fernando Valley Times
ROBERTS, Elliot De Forrest North Hollywood WELLER, Armetia North Hollywood 28-Sep-40 3-Oct-40     13,15,67 gr dad- Herbert W, grad of N. Hollywood HS
ROBERTS, Glen 4561 Tujunga FREEBORG, Helen   17-May-39 22-Jun-39 a 13 72 m- Yuma AZ San Fernando Valley Times
ROBERTS, Herbert North Hollywood SPENCER, Dorothy Toluca Lake 28-Feb-39 2-Mar-39 a 17 46 son of Walter H, dau of Ruth, bro of Doane, g dau of Marietta STARR San Fernando Valley Times
ROBERTSON, George North Hollywood MORRIS, Charlotte North Hollywood 18-Sep-37 23-Sep-37 a 13 81   San Fernando Valley Times
ROBERTSON, John Bernard Camden Dr KNOLLE, Clarabelle Westwood 10-Jul-40 20-Jun-40 ab   74,94 bri sis- Daphne San Fernando Valley Times
ROGERS, Charles J Van Nuys not listed Wilbur NB 10-Dec-90 24-Dec-40 a   104 50th Aniversary San Fernando Valley Times
ROGERS, Homer Jr San Diego JENKINS, Artie Lee Tarzana 26-Jul-39 3-Aug-39 a 4 77   San Fernando Valley Times
ROSS, Benjamin   KIRKHAM, Kathleen North Los Angeles   16-Jul-36 b 1 92   North Hollywood Press
ROSS, Nelson Caude North Hollywood HOOVER, Billie B North Hollywood 24-Aug-37 7-Sep-37 b 8 31   North Hollywood Press
RUCHERFORD, E.   FISHER, Orlenia A   ca 1925 3-Dec-40 a   D140   San Fernando Valley Times
RUGGERI, Samuel L North Hollywood SHILLING, Mabel Burbank 13-Nov-36 19-Nov-36 b   106   North Hollywood Press
RUMSEY, John Van Nuys FOX, Rose A North Hollywood 1-Jun-36 5-Jun-36 b 6 92   North Hollywood Press
RUTHERFORD, Edward W North Hollywood CHAPMAN, Grace Louise Los Angeles 10-Sep-37 14-Sep-37 ab 4 31,82   North Hollywood Press
RUTHERFORD, Russell Burbank WHITE, Elizabeth New York 5-Aug-39 10-Aug-39 a 18 77   San Fernando Valley Times
RYAN, Elbert Sacramento SCHNEIDER, Marrette   22-Mar-40 4-Apr-40 a   2 m- Las Vegas San Fernando Valley Times
RYLANDER, W.R. North Hollywood GARNER, May Los Angeles 17-Jul-40 23-Jul-40 a 0 5,28 Wed Yuma AZ, gr res- 5718 Tujunga, occ- Blanchard Lumber San Fernando Valley Times
* Employee of Warner Studio                    
Paper-  date shown is approximate; the information may have been printed in several editions              
"a " denotes San Fernando Valley Times                  
"b" denotes North Hollywood Press                  
Listings with  dates of "ca" circa, are approximate. The article was about a wedding aniversary.