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Volume 3 - (1935 to 1940)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions
GROOMS "W" - "X"

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume III" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times and the North Hollywood Press newspapers which were published between the years 1935 and 1940.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.

Groom Of Bride Of Married Paper Date   Page Sheet Other Paper
WALIN, John S Los Angeles KNAPP, Joan North Hollywood 1-Sep-39 2-Nov-39 a 12 88 m- Yuma AZ San Fernando Valley Times
WALKER, Charles V North Hollywood IVERSON, Jane Los Angeles 28-Jul-39 8-Aug-39 a 4 77   San Fernando Valley Times
WALTER, Loren T of Auburn IN BARENTZEN, Jeanette Hollywood   16-Jul-40     27 dau of Mrs Joseph T MACH
WALTERS, Harvey North Hollywood GRANT, Bernardine North Hollywood 6-Jul-36 16-Jul-36 b 5 92 m- Medford OR North Hollywood Press
WANEK, Robert L   TIPTON, Letha Jess   ca 1936 6-May-37 a B5 D143   San Fernando Valley Times
WARD-LLEWELYN, John P North Hollywood MURPHY, Agnes Terese Santa Barbara 9-Nov-40 21-Nov-40     10    
WARMINGTON, Edward Geo. Northridge PARSONS, Virginia Lee San Fernando 17-Aug-40 22-Aug-40     21,36 gr- 17417 Parthenia, bri- grad USC, dau of EE.
WARREN, Alvin Sepulveda PETERMICHEL, Mary San Fernando 20-Sep-37 7-Oct-37 a 2 82   San Fernando Valley Times
WATSON, Albert Faxon Van Nuys GIFFORD, Frances Mavis Reseda   6-Apr-39 a 9 47 dau of  Arthur San Fernando Valley Times
WEAVER, Milton A North Hollywood PALMER, Carol B North Hollywood 16-Dec-39 26-Dec-39 a   86   San Fernando Valley Times
WEBB, Roy R San Fernando FIELD, Mildred North Hollywood 24-Nov-37 2-Dec-37 a 17 59   San Fernando Valley Times
WEBB, Wilber Lloyd Roscoe KEATING, Betty Sue North Hollywood 2-Nov-40 7-Nov-40 a   10,68 m- Las Vegas San Fernando Valley Times
WEBER, James Tarzana VEGHTE, Ida Lee Encino   28-Sep-39 a 6 89   San Fernando Valley Times
WEDGE, Oliver Ionia MI not listed   31-Dec-85 6-Jan-36 b Front 93 50th Aniversary North Hollywood Press
WEICHLEIN, Roderck O Palm Springs LANDENBERG, Betty North Hollywood 20-Sep-40 24-Sep-40 a   13,48,53,54 son of Mrs Claude Yurkes, dau of Carl San Fernando Valley Times
WEISBART, David M Warner Studio * UNGAR, Gladys   19-May-39 8-Aug-39 a 8     San Fernando Valley Times
WEISS, Ray Wisconsin McCUTCHEON, La Faye North Hollywood 28-Sep-40 10-Oct-40     11,83 m- Las Vegas  
WEITER, Joe North Hollywood NELSON, Dorothy North Hollywood 18-Jan-37 11-Feb-37 a   56   San Fernando Valley Times
WELBOURNE, Charles S Warner Studio * VINTON, Victoria   1-May-39 8-Aug-39 a 8     San Fernando Valley Times
WESTALL, William Henry San Gabriel JONES, Bobbie North Hollywood ca 1938 15-Aug-39 a   B25   San Fernando Valley Times
WHEELER, Harold Glendale WILLETT, Dolores Van Nuys 1-Aug-37 10-Aug-37 b 4 31   North Hollywood Press
WHEELES, William G   MOUTLARE, Rose Marie 11742 Vose 17-Aug-40 22-Aug-40     29    
WHITAKER, John A Van Nuys REINOLD, Madalyn H.M. Santa Monica intentions 24-Dec-40     8    
WHITCOMB, George Jr Beverly Hills MORROW, Barbara Nell North Hollywood 2-Aug-39 10-Aug-39 a 8 77   San Fernando Valley Times
WHITE,  C.W. Van Nuys FELLS, Idalene Mary     23-Sep-37 a 1 D91   San Fernando Valley Times
WHITLEY, Frank North Hollywood THOMPSON, Margaret Los Angeles 26-Jul-37 29-Jul-37 a A10 64   San Fernando Valley Times
WHULIS, William Burbank MOULTARE, Rose Marie North Hollywood 17-Aug-40 22-Aug-40     14    
WIKLENS, Willard L 21 Sherman Oaks STOKES, Ruth M  20 Van Nuys 27-Jun-40 6-Aug-40 ab   17,28,38,94 son of Orman, dau of R.O.
WILKINSON, Robert North Hollywood ORRILL, Fannie Roscoe 20-Jun-37 24-Jun-37 a A3 80   San Fernando Valley Times
WILL, L.R. North Hollywood not listed   1-Jun-15 4-Jul-40     26 dau- M/M L.W. MERRILL
WILLIAMS, Bernard Warner Studio * MULVEY, Kay   20-May-39 8-Aug-39 a 8     San Fernando Valley Times
WILLIAMS, George E Burbank BILLUPS, Florence North Hollywood 25-May-40 28-May-40 a 0 4 Res- Wm 1819 W Sparks, Dorothy 6938 Simpson San Fernando Valley Times
WILSON, Don Longacre Estates KENTY, PEGGY 23     24-Sep-40 a   48 NBC announcer for Jack Benny, dau of Sidnery R San Fernando Valley Times
WILSON, Howard S   ROSS, Shirley Ruth Van Nuys 1-Sep-39 5-Sep-39 a   90   San Fernando Valley Times
WILSON, Robert W Hollywood OLIVER, Lois Mae North Hollywood 8-Jul-38 12-Jul-38 b 2 34   North Hollywood Press
WINNEGUTH, Gilbert Glendale JAQUES, Barbara Canoga Park 14-May-39 18-May-39 a 13 57   San Fernando Valley Times
WINTER, Michael North Hollywood STRICKLAND, Dorothy Norwalk 15-Sep-40 19-Sep-40 a   12&50&54 son of Otto, dau of T.F. San Fernando Valley Times
WISE, Louis Alliance OH BLANCHARD, Alice Burbank 8-Jan-38 18-Jan-38 b 2 35   North Hollywood Press
WOOD, Ernest North Hollywood MARSH, Marion Glendale 26-Nov-37 14-Dec-37 b 7 30   North Hollywood Press
WOOD, Glenn North Hollywood LESSERT, Alta North Hollywood 4-Dec-37 16-Dec-37 a 13 59 br b- OK San Fernando Valley Times
WOODRUFF, Maurice Hollywood WHITAKER, June Juanita Van Nuys 1-Jun-37 3-Jun-37 a A6 79   San Fernando Valley Times
WOODRUFF, Roland S Pasadena BEVERIDGE, Muriel E Burbank   31-Oct-40     8    
WOOLDRIDGE, Dean E New York NY DETWEILER, Helene North Hollywood 5-Sep-36 8-Sep-36 b 3 105   North Hollywood Press
WOOSTER, Tracy C San Fernando QUICK, Mrs Gretchen   m- Las Vegas 28-Oct-37 a   82 m- Las Vegas San Fernando Valley Times
WORDEN, Meade Canoga Park PATTERSON, Ruth Canoga Park 18-Oct-40 17-Dec-40     9    
WRIGHT, Frank Holden Chicago IL MINOR, Janet Elizabeth Encino 10-Nov-40 26-Nov-40 a 1 68   San Fernando Valley Times
WRIGHT, Jack Canoga Park COOPER, Ina Grace Van Nuys no date 16-May-40 a   2   San Fernando Valley Times
WRIGHT, Raymond   THROOP, Marion   30-Jun-40 9-Jul-40 a 0 5,26 both grad USC San Fernando Valley Times
WRIGHT, William Dean Kemmerer, WY CHASE, LaVerne North Hollywood 27-Jan-37 11-Feb-37 a   56   San Fernando Valley Times
WYCKOFF, Dr Louis E Studio City   Marshalltown IA   7-Sep-39 a   90   San Fernando Valley Times
WYCOFF, Robert H Warner Studio * BURBANK, Barbara   21-May-39 8-Aug-39 a 8     San Fernando Valley Times
No "X" names listed                    
* Employee of Warner Studio                    
Paper-  date shown is approximate; the information may have been printed in several editions              
"a " denotes San Fernando Valley Times                  
"b" denotes North Hollywood Press                  
Listings with  dates of "ca" circa, are approximate. The article was about a wedding aniversary.