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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"Aa - Al "

AARON, Claude, M/M Tarzana   daughter     10-Apr-41
ABAD, Dorothy E. Los Angeles Marriage TURNHAM, Harold H. North Hollywood 24-Sep-43 24-Sep-43
ABARR, Lucille Winifred North Hollywood Marriage ACHEE, Edward Jr. North Hollywood 8-May-42 15-May-42
ABBOTT, Bud North Hollywood     comedian, brother of  ABBOTT, Harry Jr.   21-Sep-44
ABBOTT, Bud     nephew of SMITH, Martin Edward 4-Jun-45
ABBOTT, Harry Jr. North Hollywood Death 50 theatrical manager, brother of comedian Bud Abbott 19-Sep-44 21-Sep-44
ABBOTT, John D. Chatsworth Death 76 victim of beating and robbery, wife survives 21-May-45 21-May-45
ABDUM-NUR, Albert Marriage   TX Jun-42 24-Jul-42
ABEL, Curtis Van Nuys Marriage WENDT, Betty Lou Van Nuys 4-Dec-44 7-Dec-44
ABLER, Alice       dau of GODFREY, Emma L 17-Sep-43
ABLES, Len Carl Reseda Death 57   15-Nov-44 20-Nov-44
ABNEY, Christina     dau of CASTONGUAY, Peter 10-Feb-42
ABRAHAM, Michael Paul North Hollywood Birth son of ABRAHAM, Paul, M/M last week 19-Mar-45
ABRAHAM, Paul, M/M North Hollywood par of Michael Paul last week 19-Mar-45
ABRAHAM, Rose     dau of SEITZ, Frances 12-Apr-45
ABRAM, Alexander R., M/M Reseda   par of Ruth Ann last week 29-Jan-45
ABRAM, Ruth Ann Reseda Birth ABRAM,   Alexander R., M/M last week 29-Jan-45
ACHEE, Edward Jr. North Hollywood Marriage ABARR, Lucille Winifred North Hollywood 8-May-42 15-May-42
ACHESON, Leora Roscoe Marriage NOURSE, Loyd G. Burbank 13-Aug-44 21-Aug-44
ACKLEY, Herman J., M/M North Hollywood par of James Walter last week 26-Mar-45
ACKLEY, James Walter North Hollywood Birth ACKLEY,   Herman J., M/M last week 26-Mar-45
ACOSTA, Joseph San Fernando Death 42 sis Mary LOPEZ 15-May-45 21-May-45
ACOSTA, Mary     LOPEZ, Mary, Mrs 21-May-45
ADAMS, Arben H. North Hollywood Death 36 electrical engineer at defense plant 20-Oct-44 23-Oct-44
ADAMS, Ardonna Dexter KS Marriage GHRAM, Elmer F. Sunnyvale CA 14-May-44 18-May-44
ADAMS, Beverly Sue North Hollywood Birth ADAMS,   Kenneth, M/M 21-Mar-42 24-Mar-42
ADAMS, Elmer H. Burbank Marriage ANDRE, Marvell Hollywood 13-Jun-43 24-Sep-43
ADAMS, Glenn B.     son of ADAMS, William H. 2-Jul-43
ADAMS, Gordon B., M/TSgt/M Canoga Park par of William Clifford last week 28-May-45
ADAMS, Helen Jeanette Burbank Marriage GRIFFIN, Tennyas Jr. Burbank 3-Dec-44 21-Dec-44
ADAMS, Kenneth "Bud" North Hollywood Marriage LANGFORD, Ernestine Oklahoma Cty OK 7-Apr-41 15-Apr-41
ADAMS, Kenneth, M/M North Hollywood par of Beverly Sue 21-Mar-42 24-Mar-42
ADAMS, Melvin A. Tarzana Marriage SPLAN, Ruth Sherman Oaks 4-Jul-41 17-Jul-41
ADAMS, Ray H.     son of ADAMS, William H. 2-Jul-43
ADAMS, Robert G. Tujunga Death   suicide, hanged himself 19-Jan-44 27-Jan-44
ADAMS, Virginia May North Hollywood Marriage CRIST, Jack R. North Hollywood 8-May-43 28-May-43
ADAMS, William Clifford Canoga Park Birth ADAMS,  Gordon B.,M/TSgt/M last week 28-May-45
ADAMS, William H. North Hollywood Death 81 sons Ray H., Glenn B., dau Mrs Leon STUART 26-Jun-43 2-Jul-43
ADAMSON, Albert     hus of ADAMSON, Reva M. 6-Mar-44
ADAMSON, Albert     son of ADAMSON, Reva M. 6-Mar-44
ADAMSON, Almeida     ADELLA, Mrs Almeida 6-Mar-44
ADAMSON, Darell     son of ADAMSON, Hazel 15-Nov-43
ADAMSON, Dennis     son of ADAMSON, Reva M. 6-Mar-44
ADAMSON, Hazel North Hollywood Death 54 sons Darell, Norman 9-Nov-43 15-Nov-43
ADAMSON, Norman     son ofADAMSON, Hazel 15-Nov-43
ADAMSON, Reva M. North Hollywood Death 25 hus Albert, sons Dennis, Albert 3-Mar-44 6-Mar-44
ADELLA, Mrs Almeida Pacoima Death   traffic accident 25-Jul-42 28-Jul-42
ADKINS, Sharan Jean Van Nuys Death   10 days old, unable to resuscitate from choking 6-Sep-42 11-Sep-42
ADLER, Allen, M/M Burbank   daughter   27-Apr-42 5-May-42
AGEE, John R. North Hollywood Marriage MAULICK, Irene New York NY 22-Aug-42 25-Aug-42
AGEE, Judy Burbank Marriage CRABILL, Calvin Burbank 23-Oct-43 4-Jan-45
AGUILAR,  May B. San Fernando Death 64 born New Orleans, hus Ramon F., sons Henry R., Lennon D. 10-Sep-41 16-Sep-41
AGUILAR, Henry R.     son of AGUILAR,  May B 16-Sep-41
AGUILAR, Lennon D.     son of AGUILAR,  May B 16-Sep-41
AGUILAR, Ramon F.     hus of AGUILAR,  May B 16-Sep-41
AGUINAGA, Angelina     dau of AGUINAGA, Jesus Pena 12-Feb-45
AGUINAGA, Jesus     son of AGUINAGA, Jesus Pena 12-Feb-45
AGUINAGA, Jesus Pena Pacoima Death 39 born Mexico, wife Marie, son Jesus, daus Socono, Angelina 7-Feb-45 12-Feb-45
AGUINAGA, Marie     wife of AGUINAGA, Jesus Pena 12-Feb-45
AGUINAGA,Socono     dau of AGUINAGA, Jesus Pena 12-Feb-45
AGUIRRE, Salvador, M/M North Hollywood Birth son   last week 19-Mar-45
AHLSTRAND, Fern North Hollywood Marriage MANGES, Charles Frederick 14-Feb-42 3-Mar-42
AHRENS, Hanley C., M/M Van Nuys   par of Paula Charlotte last week 19-Mar-45
AHRENS, Paula Charlotte Van Nuys Birth AHRENS,   Hanley C., M/M last week 19-Mar-45
ALBERS, Barend J. Jr. North Hollywood Marriage HOWLAND, Betty Anne Beverly Hills 11-Mar-44 23-Mar-44
ALBERS, Lt Barend J. Jr. North Hollywood Death   killed in action in Germany 14-Mar-45 21-May-45
ALBITZ, Benjamin E. North Hollywood Death 77 wife Mazie J., son Walter, daus Sylvia HALLIMAN, Mary FORD, Vera DAVIS 16-Mar-44
ALBITZ, Donnie     dau of POWERS, Minnie Mae 21-Jun-45
ALBITZ, Mary     FORD, Mary Mrs 16-Mar-44
ALBITZ, Mazie     dau of WALTERS, Anna, Mrs 17-Apr-44
ALBITZ, Mazie J.     wife of ALBITZ, Benjamin E. 16-Mar-44
ALBITZ, Sylvia     HALLIMAN, Sylvia, Mrs 16-Mar-44
ALBITZ, Vera     DAVIS, Vera Mrs 16-Mar-44
ALBITZ, Walter     son of ALBITZ, Benjamin E. 16-Mar-44
ALBRECHT, Katherine Marie Tarzana Birth ALBRECHT,   Lawrence E. M/M last week 2-Apr-45
ALBRECHT, Lawrence E. M/M Tarzana   par of Katherine Marie last week 2-Apr-45
ALBRIGHT, Patsy Mayo North Hollywood Death 36 4-yr old son 29-Dec-44 4-Jan-45
ALCOTT, Guy C., Mrs     sis of HAUSER, Josephine Leona 24-Sep-43
ALDEN, Eric, M/M Studio City   par of Sarah Jo 31-Aug-44 12-Oct-44
ALDEN, Fred San Fernando Death 69   26-Nov-44 4-Dec-44
ALDEN, Marie Burbank Marriage WARREN, Guy Long Beach last week 3-Apr-42
ALDEN, Sarah Jo Studio City Birth ALDEN,   Eric, M/M 31-Aug-44 12-Oct-44
ALDENSHOF, William H. Glendale Death 50 native of Rotterdam NY 11-Jul-44 17-Jul-44
ALDERSHOF, Delroy Glendale Marriage STRONG, Betty Lee North Hollywood 22-Feb-45 8-Mar-45
ALDERSHOT, Alberta Martha North Hollywood Death 46 hus William, dau Bertha RICHISON, sons William, 3 others 1-Oct-42 2-Oct-42
ALDERSHOT, William     hus of ALDERSHOT, Alberta Martha 2-Oct-42
ALDERSHOT, William     son of ALDERSHOT, Alberta Martha 2-Oct-42
ALDES, Charles Ray North Hollywood Marriage WATSON, Dorothy Winnifred North Hollywood 16-Aug-42 25-Aug-42
ALDIS, Charles     bro of ALDIS, Walter 3-May-45
ALDIS, Edward     bro of ALDIS, Walter 3-May-45
ALDIS, Ethel       sis of ALDIS, Walter 3-May-45
ALDIS, Helen     sis of ALDIS, Walter 3-May-45
ALDIS, Mary       sis of ALDIS, Walter 3-May-45
ALDIS, Walter, Cpl. North Hollywood Death 27 killed on Okinawa, bros Edward, Charles, sis Ethel, Helen, Mary 1-Apr-45 3-May-45
ALDRICH, Myrtle     sis of ARCHER, John H. 6-Mar-44
ALDRIDGE, Kenneth Van Nuys Death 48 heart attack 18-Aug-44 21-Aug-44
ALEX, Barbara     wife of ALEX, Peter, Pvt 8-Mar-45
ALEX, Christian     dau of ALEX, Peter, Pvt 18-Jan-45
ALEX, Christy Lou North Hollywood Birth ALEX,   Peter, M/M 4-Aug-44 10-Aug-44
ALEX, Peter, M/M North Hollywood par of Christy Lou (girl) 4-Aug-44 10-Aug-44
ALEX, Peter, Pvt Burbank     killed in action, wife Barbara, dau Christian 16-Dec-45 18-Jan-45
ALEXANDER, Alice     wife of ALEXANDER, Richard 25-Jan-45
ALEXANDER, Andrew, M/M Sherman Oaks par of Robert Andrew last week 19-Oct-44
ALEXANDER, Edna     mom of ALEXANDER, Richard 25-Jan-45
ALEXANDER, Grace Christina Bakersfield Marriage BROWN, N. Clayton Burbank 5-Sep-43 14-Sep-43
ALEXANDER, Richard San Diego Marriage GIBSON, Alice Van Nuys 30-Jun-44 3-Jul-44
ALEXANDER, Richard Sherman Oaks Death   pharmacist mate 1/c USNR, killed in action, wife Alice (GIBSON), mother Edna, 5 bros Jan-45 25-Jan-45
ALEXANDER, Robert Andrew Sherman Oaks Birth ALEXANDER,   Andrew, M/M last week 19-Oct-44
ALEXANDER, Zelma Melvina Van Nuys Death 37 native of Whittier CA 10-Sep-44 14-Sep-44
ALLEN, Alvin E. North Hollywood Death 74 stroke, dau Avengeline WELBORN 11-Jun-44 15-Jun-44
ALLEN, Anna L. North Hollywood Death 78 heart attack 7-Jun-42 9-Jun-42
ALLEN, Anne M.     sis of BOX, Thomas Frank 24-Aug-43
ALLEN, Cameron W., M/M Van Nuys   par of Richard Cameron last week 22-Jan-45
ALLEN, Charles Hathaway     son of ALLEN, Mabel Emily 4-Jun-45
ALLEN, Fred C. Salt Lake UT Marriage STARK, Helen Hollywood 19-Sep-42 25-Sep-42
ALLEN, J. Mrs     dau of  of LUCKY, Delila 19-Mar-45
ALLEN, John       hus of ALLEN, Pearl 12-Apr-45
ALLEN, John Patrick Chatsworth Birth ALLEN,   Roy, M/M last week 17-May-45
ALLEN, Lloyd, M/M Van Nuys Birth daughter   last week 5-Oct-44
ALLEN, Lois Jean North Hollywood Marriage SMITH, Kenneth I. Sacramento 2-Dec-44 7-Dec-44
ALLEN, Mabel Emily North Hollywood Death 60 hus Rence J., sons Robert, Charles Hathaway 30-May-45 4-Jun-45
ALLEN, Marily Van Nuys Birth ALLEN,   Paul V., M/M last week 12-Feb-45
ALLEN, Patricia Darlene Montrose Birth ALLEN,   William, M/M   18-Feb-41
ALLEN, Paul V., M/M Van Nuys   par of Marily   last week 12-Feb-45
ALLEN, Pearl San Fernando Death 45 from MO, hus John, son Roger Apr-45 12-Apr-45
ALLEN, Rence J.     hus of ALLEN, Mabel Emily 4-Jun-45
ALLEN, Richard Cameron Van Nuys Birth ALLEN,   Cameron W., M/M last week 22-Jan-45
ALLEN, Robert     son of ALLEN, Mabel Emily 4-Jun-45
ALLEN, Roger     son of ALLEN, Pearl 12-Apr-45
ALLEN, Roy E. Sacramento Marriage KELLEY, Melba May Los Angeles 27-Jan-45 8-Feb-45
ALLEN, Roy, M/M Chatsworth   par of John Patrick last week 17-May-45
ALLEN, Sandra Lee North Hollywood Birth ALLEN,  William, Lt/M 25-May-45 11-Jun-45
ALLEN, William E., M/M Van Nuys Birth daughter   last week 24-Aug-44
ALLEN, William, Lt/M North Hollywood par of Sandra Lee 25-May-45 11-Jun-45
ALLEN, William, M/M Montrose   par of Patricia Darlene   18-Feb-41
ALLEN, Winnie     dau of COMER, Lucy 30-Jan-41
ALLES, Harold Frank North Hollywood Birth Harold Frank 6-Oct-42 13-Oct-42
ALLES, Harold/Josephine (FALKER) North Hollywood par of ALLES, Harold Frank 6-Oct-42 13-Oct-42
ALLIN, George Van Nuys Marriage PEARCE, Constance Van Nuys 13-Feb-42 17-Feb-42
ALLIS, Ruth       dau of McMAHON, John L. 21-Jun-45
ALLISON, A.       dau of HERMANN, Christina 15-Feb-45
ALLISON, Gail Burbank Birth ALLISON,   Robert, M/M 12-Sep-41 23-Sep-41
ALLISON, Robert, M/M Burbank   par of Gail   12-Sep-41 23-Sep-41
ALLWINE, Sadie     dau of PARK, Elizabeth C. 6-May-41
ALMOND, Janet     wife of ALMOND, Joseph Daniel 2-Feb-43
ALMOND, Joseph Daniel North Hollywood Death   army air cadet, died in plane crash, wife Janet (HERRING) 23-Jan-43 2-Feb-43
ALMSTEAD, Charles, Mrs     dau of MacPHERSON, Bessie 7-Jun-45
ALSOP, George E., M/M Burbank   par of Patricia Maria 8-Dec-41 13-Jan-42
ALSOP, Patricia Maria Burbank Birth ALSOP,   George E., M/M 8-Dec-41 13-Jan-42
ALSOP, William E., M/M North Hollywood par of William Ernest 5-Apr-43 23-Apr-43
ALSOP, William Ernest North Hollywood Birth ALSOP,   William E., M/M 5-Apr-43 23-Apr-43
ALSOPP, Wilber, Mrs     dau of DISNEY, Clara Arabelle 17-Oct-41
ALSPACH, Kay Malibu Death 31 W.A.S.P., auto accident 27-Feb-45 1-Mar-45
ALTMAN, Willard H., Mrs     dau of LENNY, Jessie, Mrs 10-Feb-42
ALVAREZ, Ramon Cangoa Park Death 60 body found on street, hit and run 10-Dec-41 12-Dec-41