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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"Am - Az "

AMBROSE, Ann Studio City Marriage BARTLEY, James Los Angeles 30-Jul-41 12-Aug-41
AMENDOLA, Marian New York City Marriage GEHR, Richard New York City 20-Nov-43 22-Nov-43
AMICK, Lauranell North Hollywood Death 1 died from burns 15-Nov-44 20-Nov-44
AMSTER, Lena     SUTTER, Lena, Mrs 18-Mar-41
AMSTER, Lillyan     DASH, Lillyan, Mrs 18-Mar-41
AMSTER, Max North Hollywood Death 78 daus Lillyan DASH, Lena SUTTER,    Mildred PRESENT 11-Mar-41 18-Mar-41
AMSTER, Mildred     PRESENT, Mildred, Mrs 18-Mar-41
AMSTUTZ, L.B.     son of HOBSON, Maude Catherine 22-Jun-44
AMUNDSEN, John Melvin Van Nuys Birth AMUNDSEN,   Stanley, M/M last week 28-Aug-44
AMUNDSEN, Stanley, M/M Van Nuys   par of John Melvin last week 28-Aug-44
ANDERBERGS, Hilton, M/M Burbank Birth daughter   27-Jul-41 5-Aug-41
ANDERSEN, Eleanore E. Burbank Marriage HUGHES, Charles M. Los Angeles   11-Aug-42
ANDERSON, Amelia     dau of KELLENBERGER, John 18-Mar-41
ANDERSON, Anna     wife of ANDERSON, Eugene 9-Apr-45
ANDERSON, Ardele     STEELE, Ardele, Mrs 29-Mar-45
ANDERSON, Benjamin Martin North Hollywood Death   survived by wife and daughter 4-Nov-43 12-Nov-43
ANDERSON, Bera     BYMASTER, Bera, Mrs 29-Mar-45
ANDERSON, Carl Henry North Hollywood Death   fell from ladder 7-Jul-44 10-Jul-44
ANDERSON, Caroline     CLINE, Caroline, Mrs 15-Nov-43
ANDERSON, Catherine Lynn North Hollywood Birth ANDERSON,   Richard H., M/M last week 20-Nov-44
ANDERSON, Charles M. North Hollywood Death 67 wife Sarah   22-Feb-45
ANDERSON, Charles William North Hollywood Death 67 wife Mary Margaret, sons Charles W.,      Dr John W. 27-Nov-43 2-Dec-43
ANDERSON, Charles William   son of ANDERSON, Charles William 2-Dec-43
ANDERSON, Corp Warren R. Hollywood Death 19 killed in action in Italy 11-Feb-44 23-Mar-44
ANDERSON, David Glen North Hollywood Birth ANDERSON, Glen/Irene (BOOTH) 29-Sep-42 6-Oct-42
ANDERSON, Emma North Hollywood Death 68 sons Roy, Ernesto, dau Esther LUCHSINGER 15-Mar-45 19-Mar-45
ANDERSON, Emma     LUCHSINGER, Emma, Mrs 19-Mar-45
ANDERSON, Ernest de Neen North Hollywood Death   services Jun 30, daus Mrs Ralph ROGERS, Mrs James SAMPLE 9-Jul-43
ANDERSON, Ernesto     son of ANDERSON, Emma 19-Mar-45
ANDERSON, Esther Sigrid North Hollywood Death 44 hus Lt James H. Anderson 2-Oct-43 5-Oct-43
ANDERSON, Eugene Burbank Death 58 born IA, wife Anna, son Roy 3-Apr-45 9-Apr-45
ANDERSON, Frank N. North Hollywood Death 50 wife Naomi, bro Leslie, sis Mary B. DANNER 26-Oct-43
ANDERSON, Glen Charles North Hollywood Marriage BOOTH, Irene North Hollywood 8-Nov-41 25-Nov-41
ANDERSON, Glen/Irene (BOOTH) North Hollywood par of David Glen 29-Sep-42 6-Oct-42
ANDERSON, Gus Elmer Los Angeles Death 54 suicide with shotgun, wife Wanda, dau Caroline CLINE, sons Lloyd J., Leland Dean 11-Nov-43 15-Nov-43
ANDERSON, Guy William San Fernando Marriage GRACE, Billie Faye San Fernando 15-Aug-41
ANDERSON, Hortense     ROBERTS, Hortense, Mrs 29-Mar-45
ANDERSON, Howard A. Jr. Marriage MASON, LaVonne 30-Jul-41 5-Aug-41
ANDERSON, Howard L. Van Nuys Marriage TEMPLE, Frances Canoga Park 15-Jun-44 22-Jun-44
ANDERSON, James H., Lt     hus of ANDERSON, Esther Sigrid 5-Oct-43
ANDERSON, James, M/M Van Nuys   par of Nadine Louise last week 30-Apr-45
ANDERSON, Jimmie William Burbank Death 5 struck by car 8-Jul-44 13-Jul-44
ANDERSON, John E. North Hollywood Death 62 burial Dell Rapids SD 11-Jul-42 14-Jul-42
ANDERSON, John W., Dr     son of ANDERSON, Charles William 2-Dec-43
ANDERSON, Leland Dean     son of ANDERSON, Gus Elmer 15-Nov-43
ANDERSON, Leslie     bro of ANDERSON, Frank N. 26-Oct-43
ANDERSON, Lloyd J.     son of ANDERSON, Gus Elmer 15-Nov-43
ANDERSON, Mary Jane Los Angeles Marriage OLEWINE, Charles E. 30-Jan-44 31-Jan-44
ANDERSON, Mary Margaret   wife of ANDERSON, Charles William 2-Dec-43
ANDERSON, Mils, Capt Newhall Death   Spanish American war veteran, eccentric old captain, lived in his truck last 5 years, probably dead 10 days when found 28-Sep-43
ANDERSON, Nadine Louise Van Nuys Birth ANDERSON,   James, M/M last week 30-Apr-45
ANDERSON, Naomi     wife of ANDERSON, Frank N. 26-Oct-43
ANDERSON, Olaf, Los Angeles Death 45 found dead in car, hose attached to exhaust 27-Feb-41
ANDERSON, Orville L. North Hollywood Death 30 motorcycle accident, wife Sally injured 6-Jan-44
ANDERSON, Peter Martin Burbank Death 75 came to U.S. from Denmark 57 years ago, funeral Nov 29 30-Nov-44
ANDERSON, Ralph USN Marriage ROYLANCE, Bertha San Fernando 28-Jun-42 10-Jul-42
ANDERSON, Richard H., M/M North Hollywood par of Catherine Lynn last week 20-Nov-44
ANDERSON, Robb H., M/M Sherman Oaks Birth son   last week 28-Sep-44
ANDERSON, Robert     son of ANDERSON, Scott, Rev 29-Mar-45
ANDERSON, Robert Fenton Los Angeles Marriage HIDDE, Glennis Jean Burbank 21-Oct-44 30-Oct-44
ANDERSON, Roy     son of ANDERSON, Emma 19-Mar-45
ANDERSON, Roy     son of ANDERSON, Eugene 9-Apr-45
ANDERSON, Sarah     wife of ANDERSON, Charles M. 22-Feb-45
ANDERSON, Scott, Rev Studio City Death 71 born KY, son Robert, daus Bera BYMASTER, Hortense ROBERTS, Virginia REIVERT, Ardele STEELE 24-Mar-45 29-Mar-45
ANDERSON, Stephen Verner Burbank Birth ANDERSON,   Verner A., M/M 26-Apr-42 1-May-42
ANDERSON, Trygve Jerald Proctor MN Marriage DURDIN, Betty Jane Burbank 3-May-41 8-May-41
ANDERSON, Verner A., M/M Burbank   par of Stephen Verner 26-Apr-42 1-May-42
ANDERSON, Virginia     REIVERT, Virginia, Mrs 29-Mar-45
ANDERSON, Wanda     wife of ANDERSON, Gus Elmer 15-Nov-43
ANDERSON,Sally     wife of ANDERSON, Orville L. 6-Jan-44
ANDRADE, Dorothy F. North Hollywood Marriage PREVOT, Marshall Fredrick North Hollywood 22-Feb-42 3-Apr-42
ANDRE, Marvell Hollywood Marriage ADAMS, Elmer H. Burbank 13-Jun-43 24-Sep-43
ANDREASEN, Leon B. Los Angeles Marriage KENNEDY, Marjorie Pearl North Hollywood 28-Mar-42 31-Mar-42
ANDREWS, Beverly Ellen Roscoe Birth ANDREWS,   James, M/M last week 30-Apr-45
ANDREWS, Dan C.     son of CAMPBELL, Marjorie Elma 3-Jul-41
ANDREWS, Dixie North Hollywood Marriage COOK, Don W. North Hollywood 17-Apr-44 4-May-44
ANDREWS, G.B., M/M Van Nuys   par of Katherine Lorella last week 3-Aug-44
ANDREWS, James, M/M Roscoe   par of Beverly Ellen last week 30-Apr-45
ANDREWS, Katherine Lorella Van Nuys Birth ANDREWS,   G.B., M/M last week 3-Aug-44
ANGERMEIR, Esther Burbank Marriage CHRISTOFFERSON, R.V. Racine WI 5-Mar-44 16-Mar-44
ANKORS, Evelyn Marriage DENNING, Richard (actor) 5-Sep-42 11-Sep-42
APHIER, Allen J. North Hollywood Death   car struck by troop train, wife Evelyn 18-Jan-44 20-Jan-44
APHIER, Evelyn     APHIER, Allen J. 20-Jan-44
APPERSON, Lloyd Reseda Marriage       8-Dec-42
APPLEBE, Grace     wife of APPLEBE, Pierce George 2-Mar-44
APPLEBE, Pierce George North Hollywood Death 79 retired engineer, wife Grace 27-Feb-44 2-Mar-44
APPLEGATE, Sadie Ellen North Hollywood Death 75 services Jul 9, daus Echo LaVerne TUERS, Arline TUCKER 13-Jul-43
APPLEN, Arnold/Joyce (FARRELL) Sunland   par of Jeffrey Arnold 5-Apr-43 13-Apr-43
APPLEN, Jeffrey Arnold Sunland Birth APPLEN, Arnold/Joyce (FARRELL) 5-Apr-43 13-Apr-43
APPLETON, Bertha     SMITH, Bertha, Mrs 3-May-45
APPLETON, Frederick G. Burbank Death   wife Sarah, son Rev. Frederic, daus Helen GRAVEL, Bertha SMITH 29-Apr-45 3-May-45
APPLETON, Frederick G.     APPLETON, Frederick G. 3-May-45
APPLETON, Frederick, Rev     son of APPLETON, Frederick G. 3-May-45
APPLETON, Helen     GRAVEL, Helen, Mrs 3-May-45
APPLETON, Sarah     wife of APPLETON, Frederick G. 3-May-45
ARAGON, Gabriel San Fernando Death 88 born Mexico, son Ynes 22-Mar-45 26-Mar-45
ARAGON, Ynes     son of ARAGON, Gabriel 26-Mar-45
ARANDA, Pfc Eustacio Van Nuys Death   killed in action Feb-45 8-Feb-45
ARBUCKLE, Dorothy     wife of ARBUCKLE, Stanley L. 17-Nov-42
ARBUCKLE, Stanley L. North Hollywood Death 43 car wreck, wife Dorothy 15-Nov-42 17-Nov-42
ARCHER, Alton     son of ARCHER, Arthur Alexander 4-Mar-41
ARCHER, Arthur Alexander North Hollywood Death 39 born AR, wife Jewell, chil Loretta, Alton 4-Mar-41
ARCHER, Clifford, M/M San Fernando Birth son   7-Feb-41 13-Feb-41
ARCHER, Edward     bro of ARCHER, John H. 6-Mar-44
ARCHER, James William San Diego Marriage STAGE, Dixie May North Hollywood 15-May-43 25-May-43
ARCHER, James, M/M San Fernando Birth daughter   this week 6-Feb-41
ARCHER, Jewell     wife of ARCHER, Arthur Alexander 4-Mar-41
ARCHER, John H. Van Nuys Death 35 death resulted from stabbing Dec 21, 1943 in drunken brawl, sis Myrtle ALDRICH, bros Lou, William, Edward, Lee 1-Mar-44 6-Mar-44
ARCHER, Lee     bro of ARCHER, John H. 6-Mar-44
ARCHER, Loretta     dau of ARCHER, Arthur Alexander 4-Mar-41
ARCHER, Lou     bro of ARCHER, John H. 6-Mar-44
ARCHER, Myrtle     ALDRICH, Myrtle, Mrs 16-Mar-44
ARCHER, William     bro of ARCHER, John H. 6-Mar-44
ARCHIBALD, A.W., M/M Van Nuys   par of Linda Ellen   20-Jul-44
ARCHIBALD, Linda Ellen Van Nuys Birth ARCHIBALD,   A.W., M/M   20-Jul-44
ARDISSONNE, Vicki Burbank Marriage BAHT, John Frick Burbank 25-Apr-42 1-May-42
ARELLANO, Johnny Riverside Death 14 inmate of San Antonio Rancho, accident, crushed under truck wheels 20-Aug-43 24-Aug-43
ARENDT, Anna     dau of BROWER, Doris Ann 15-Dec-42
ARENDT, Anna, Mrs Los Angeles Death 53 dau Mrs J.S. GRIFFIN 15-Dec-42
ARGOS, Ann LaRue Roscoe Birth ARGOS,   Roy, M/M 7-Apr-45 16-Apr-45
ARGOS, Roy, M/M Roscoe   par of Ann LaRue 7-Apr-45 16-Apr-45
ARKIN, Elise May, Mrs Sepulveda Death 39 after four year illness 10-Feb-42 13-Feb-42
ARKULES, Albert     son of ARKULES, Clara, Mrs 27-Feb-41
ARKULES, Clara, Mrs North Hollywood Death 53 born Russia, son Albert 26-Feb-41 27-Feb-41
ARMASTED, Eva Dumble Van Nuys Death   died as result of injuries in Aug 3 auto accident, granddaughter Mary GOHLMAN 8-Sep-43 14-Sep-43
ARMBRUST, Virginia Lucile Van Nuys Marriage GABEL, Louis Chicago IL 8-Apr-45 16-Apr-45
ARMBRUST, Virginia Lucile North Hollywood Marriage GABEL, Louis Chicago IL 8-Apr-45 23-Apr-45
ARMSTRONG, Arline Doris Burbank Marriage GANAHL, John J. Los Angeles 1-Jul-43 23-Jul-43
ARMSTRONG, Frank, Mrs     dau of DICKENSON, Henry James 29-Nov-43
ARMSTRONG, James North Hollywood Death 84 native of Canada, son Percy, daus Mrs J.W. WRIGHTSON, Mrs G.M. CHAMPION 5-Jan-42 6-Jan-42
ARMSTRONG, Percy     son of ARMSTRONG, James 6-Jan-42
ARMSTRONG, Russell G. North Hollywood Marriage OLMAR, Velma F. Hollywood 27-Jan-42 6-Feb-42
ARNERICH, James Joseph Burbank Marriage KUSELY, Katherine Louise 26-Jul-41 31-Jul-41
ARNOLD, Anna B., Mrs Los Angeles Death 29 dau Ruth E. MILLER 2-Mar-44
ARNOLD, Anna May, Mrs. North Hollywood Birth son   last week 27-Jul-44
ARNOLD, Beatrice     HAUSER, Beatrice, Mrs 21-May-45
ARNOLD, Charles San Fernando Death 63 daus Beatrice HAUSER, Dolly RUCKER, bros George, Ray 13-May-45 21-May-45
ARNOLD, Dolly     RUCKER, Dolly, Mrs 21-May-45
ARNOLD, Dorothy Dalton Pasadena Marriage CROSTHWAIT, William M. Jr. North Hollywood 1-Aug-43 6-Aug-43
ARNOLD, Emma     sis of DEETER, Eloda Adilia 6-Feb-41
ARNOLD, George     bro of ARNOLD, Charles 21-May-45
ARNOLD, Jack Adrian Burbank Marriage HEY, Bonnie Jeanne Burbank 6-Sep-41 12-Sep-41
ARNOLD, Leonard Franklin Van Nuys Death 42 suicide, shot in the head, wife May also shot by him 24-Oct-41
ARNOLD, Mary   MURPHY, Jerry J., Mrs   5-Jun-44
ARNOLD, Mary Leona Sherman Oaks Marriage MURPHY, Pfc Gerald Sherman Oaks 17-Oct-43 15-Oct-43
ARNOLD, May     wife of ARNOLD, Leonard Franklin 24-Oct-41
ARNOLD, Ray     bro of ARNOLD, Charles 21-May-45
ARNOLD, Winston H. Burbank Death   sis Barbara BOUCHER 21-May-45 24-May-45
ARP, Evelyne     wife of ARP, Harry, Capt 6-Jan-44
ARP, Harry, Capt Van Nuys Death 26 air crash, Vincennes IN, wife Evelyne 30-Dec-43 6-Jan-44
ARRIGA, Carmen     dau of ESCOBOSA, Edward 24-May-45
ARTEGA, Angel San Fernando Death 40 found dead in bed 19-Jun-45 25-Jun-45
ARTHUR, Dr. David Marriage MERLO, Theresa North Hollywood 14-Oct-43 15-Nov-43
ARTHUR, Elda, Mrs Burbank Death 53 dau Merle GREER, sons Vern, Sgt Lloyd 15-Apr-45 19-Apr-45
ARTHUR, Karen LaVerne Roscoe Birth ARTHUR,   Vern, M/M 29-Jan-44 7-Feb-44
ARTHUR, Lloyd, Sgt     son of ARTHUR, Mrs Elda 19-Apr-45
ARTHUR, Vern     son of ARTHUR, Mrs Elda 19-Apr-45
ARTHUR, Vern, M/M Roscoe   par of Karen LaVerne 29-Jan-44 7-Feb-44
ARY, George Oliver, M/M Burbank   par of Linda Kay 12-Aug-44 21-Aug-44
ARY, Linda Kay Burbank Birth ARY,   George Oliver, M/M 12-Aug-44 21-Aug-44
ASBURY, Mrs Iva Belle Glendale Marriage CANOVA, Leon (Zeke) North Hollywood 30-Sep-43 10-Jan-44
ASELIN, Mildred     dau of WILLIAMS, W.A. 3-Apr-41
ASH, Goldie       dau of KENNEDY, George W. 25-Jun-43
ASH, Vaughn W. North Hollywood Death 63 native of London, England 4-Aug-44 7-Aug-44
ASHBY, John L. Reseda Death 67 born Rankin IL 29-Aug-44 31-Aug-44
ASHCRAFT, Harry B. Burbank Marriage SEITZ, Adeline Burbank Dec-44 16-Apr-45
ASHFORD, Clarence, M/M     par of ASHFORD, Lowell Edwin 25-Jan-45
ASHFORD, Lowell Edwin San Fernando Death   student, par M/M Clarence 18-Jan-45 25-Jan-45
ASHMORE, Anita North Hollywood Marriage LUCAS, Ralph Wayne Bartlesville OK 26-Feb-44 13-Mar-44
ASHTON, Joann Gardena Marriage CREAR, Vernon B. North Hollywood 22-Aug-43 27-Aug-43
ATCHESON, Sarah Ellen     dau of PHILLIPS, Sarah Ellen Atcheson 18-Nov-43
ATCHISON, Joan East Orange NJ Marriage DROPMAN, Warren San Diego 2-Jun-45 7-Jun-45
ATKINS, James M., M/M North Hollywood Birth daughter   5-Mar-41 13-Mar-41
ATTIX, Penelope     dau of CUNNINGHAM, Edwin C. 12-Feb-45
ATWATER, Frances     wife of ATWATER, John J. 20-Jan-44
ATWATER, John J. Van Nuys Death 47 born Astabula OH, pioneer real estate developer in Valley, wife Frances, son John T. 17-Jan-44 20-Jan-44
ATWATER, John T.     son of ATWATER, John J. 20-Jan-44
ATWOOD, Brad Jr. Burbank Marriage LINDSAY, Georgia Burbank week ago 9-Nov-44
AUDE, Jean   Marriage WILLIAMS, Robert L. Encino December 16-Jan-42
AUER, Mischa Marriage HUNTER, Joyce 3-Dec-41 9-Dec-41
AUER, Mischa     hus of AUER, Norma 2-Oct-42
AUER, Norma Studio City Death 36 suicide, wife of Mischa Auer 2-Oct-42 2-Oct-42
AUGUST, Joseph H., Mrs     dau of SMITH, Catherine Ellen 9-Mar-43
AUSTIN, Alice     HILDERBRAND, Alice, Mrs 29-Mar-45
AUSTIN, Clara     dau of HERE, John G. 22-Feb-45
AUSTIN, Eva       COTTON, Eva, Mrs 29-Mar-45
AUSTIN, Eva       THOMPSON, Eva, Mrs 29-Mar-45
AUSTIN, Frank     son of AUSTIN, William 29-Mar-45
AUSTIN, Harry H., M/M Roscoe Birth son   20-Apr-42 28-Apr-42
AUSTIN, Millard P. Burbank Death 68 native of ME 26-Nov-44 30-Nov-44
AUSTIN, Nell       HOCKENSMITH, Nell, Mrs 29-Mar-45
AUSTIN, Olive M. Burbank   60 hus Ralph E., funeral Dec 22 21-Dec-44
AUSTIN, Pauline     MILLAN, Pauline Austin, Mrs 1-Mar-45
AUSTIN, Ralph E.     hus of AUSTIN, Olive M. 21-Dec-44
AUSTIN, Stuart W. North Hollywood Marriage TARALDSEN, Eloise E. Hollywood July 20-Aug-43
AUSTIN, William Burbank Death 87 born Effingham IL, son Frank, daus Eva COTTON, Alice HILDERBRAND, Nell HOCKENSMITH, Eva THOMPSON 25-Mar-45 29-Mar-45
AUTREY, Lou San Fernando Marriage BERTELL, Grace San Fernando 19-Feb-42 3-Mar-42
AVEN, Daniel L. North Hollywood Death 36 died at Hillcrest Sanitarium 5-Aug-41
AWE, Lula       wife of AWE, Walter John 30-Mar-43
AWE, Walter John Burbank Death 54 wife Lula, bro Herman SCHEER of Detroit last week 30-Mar-43
AXLINE, J.O. North Hollywood Marriage MARTIN, Betty Lou North Hollywood 15-May-44
AXLINE, Victoria Lee Northridge Birth AXLINE,   William A., M/M last week 7-Sep-44
AXLINE, William A., M/M Northridge   par of Victoria Lee last week 7-Sep-44
AYRES, Robert/Barbara Ellen (BOHANNON) North Hollywood par of Timothy Robert 2-Jan-45 25-Jan-45
AYRES, Timothy Robert North Hollywood Birth AYRES, Robert/Barbara Ellen (BOHANNON) 2-Jan-45 25-Jan-45