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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"Ba - Bh "

BAALAS, Margaret Sophia North Hollywood Marriage GRAHN, Richard Holmes Canoga Park 17-Apr-42 24-Apr-42
BABCOCK, Donna Maye     PERKINS, Donna Maye, Mrs 12-Mar-43
BABCOCK, Earl P.     son of BABCOCK, Mrs Fanny E. 12-Mar-43
BABCOCK, Gladys     JOHNSON, Gladys, Mrs 12-Mar-43
BABCOCK, Hortense     MONROE, Hortense, Mrs 12-Mar-43
BABCOCK, Marie     RITTER, Marie, Mrs 12-Mar-43
BABCOCK, Milan E.     son of BABCOCK, Mrs Fanny E. 12-Mar-43
BABCOCK, Mrs Fanny E. North Hollywood Death   from St. Paul MN, sons Earl P., Milan E., daus Neva Dee, Hortense MONROE, Marie RITTER, Donna Maye PERKINS, Gladys JOHNSON, Verna WILLIAMS 8-Mar-43 12-Mar-43
BABCOCK, Neva Dee North Hollywood Marriage EDGAR, Doyle 5-Sep-43 17-Sep-43
BABCOCK, Neva Dee     dau of BABCOCK, Mrs Fanny E. 12-Mar-43
BABCOCK, Verna     WILLIAMS, Verna, Mrs 12-Mar-43
BABCOCK, William L. Glendale Death 89 Born WI 7-Sep-44 11-Sep-44
BACH, Charlotte North Hollywood Marriage WOLFMUELLER, Albert C. Kernville TX 30-Sep-44 9-Oct-44
BACH, Virginia Marie Marriage BRANN, DuWain William 28-Jun-41 3-Oct-41
BACHELLER, Mildred Hope Hollywood Marriage GUERIN, Bruce North Hollywood 29-Apr-41 13-May-41
BACKER, Henry North Hollywood Death 70 wife Louise, dau LaVelle GREGG 19-Oct-43 26-Oct-43
BACKER, LaVelle     GREGG, LaVelle, Mrs 26-Oct-43
BACKER, Louise     wife of BACKER, Henry 26-Oct-43
BACON, Cornelia Louise Burbank Death 72 native of NY, funeral Aug 19 21-Aug-44
BACON, Jerry Neil Van Nuys Birth BACON,   Ray M., M/M last week 6-Nov-44
BACON, Lloyd Toluca Lake Marriage BALCH, Margaret North Hollywood 1-Nov-41 4-Nov-41
BACON, Lloyd Burbank Marriage MILLER, Clarice Burbank 18-Jan-45 29-Jan-45
BACON, Ray M., M/M Van Nuys   par of Jerry Neil last week 6-Nov-44
BACON, Walter Scott North Hollywood Marriage BALDWIN, Ida Mae Beaver UT 19-Feb-43 26-Feb-43
BACQUE, Norma     dau of HARTMEYER, Nina 22-Mar-45
BADGER, Anna     wife of BADGER, Emmon 15-Jul-41
BADGER, Emmon North Hollywood Death 72 native of WI, retired mail carrier, wife Anna 15-Jul-41
BAER, Bonnie Jean North Hollywood Birth BAER,   Fred, M/M 29-Jul-44 3-Aug-44
BAER, Fred, M/M North Hollywood par of Bonnie Jean 29-Jul-44 3-Aug-44
BAER, Frederick Jr. North Hollywood Marriage FOSTER, Ethel Mae North Hollywood 6-Jun-43 15-Jun-43
BAGBY, Louise Burbank Marriage FUNGUNDAS, David D. Burbank 22-Nov-44 27-Nov-44
BAGGEE, Carl Marriage COOK, Mary Lou North Hollywood 26-Sep-42 2-Oct-42
BAHT, John Frick Burbank Marriage ARDISSONNE, Vicki Burbank 25-Apr-42 1-May-42
BAILEY, Elmer San Fernando Death 84 hit by car 22-Nov-44 27-Nov-44
BAILON, Inez Rey Mexico Death   tomato picker, heart attack 16-Oct-43 19-Oct-43
BAIN, Vivian Mabel, Mrs Van Nuys Death 64 resident of Valley 38 years 26-Sep-44 2-Oct-44
BAINES, Mary H., Mrs North Hollywood Death 68 born Cleveland OH 9-Mar-43 12-Mar-43
BAIRD, Elizabeth     dau of RICHARDS, Charles S. 28-Feb-44
BAKER, Audrey     wife of BAKER, George Clifford 13-Jan-42
BAKER, Baldwin     son of BAKER, Frank Nelsen, Rev 12-Feb-45
BAKER, Carol Joyce Roscoe Birth BAKER,   Roscoe W., M/M last week 30-Oct-44
BAKER, Donna Kay Canoga Park Birth BAKER,   Fay N., M/M last week 19-Mar-45
BAKER, E.       RABE, E., Mrs 12-Feb-45
BAKER, F.S.       son of BAKER, Frank Nelsen, Rev 12-Feb-45
BAKER, Fay N., M/M Canoga Park par of Donna Kay last week 19-Mar-45
BAKER, Flossie     dau of KEAS, Mary G. 27-Jan-44
BAKER, Floyd "Silver Tip" Van Nuys Death 57 born San Antonio TX, wife Mable, sons Wesley, Jack, dau Myrabelle SCHMIDT 19-Mar-43
BAKER, Floyd A., M/M Burbank   par of Michael 7-Aug-41 19-Aug-41
BAKER, Frank Nelsen, Rev Burbank Death 89 sons Baldwin, F.S., daus E. RABE, Lucille 10-Feb-45 12-Feb-45
BAKER, Fred B., Pfc Van Nuys Death   killed in action 23-Oct-44
BAKER, George Clifford Death 25 died in train accident in Hasson Tunnel in Chatsworth, wife Audrey 19-Nov-41 13-Jan-42
BAKER, Jack       son of BAKER, Floyd "Silver Tip" 19-Mar-43
BAKER, Kathleen Rosamund Glendora Marriage McCANN, Lowell Roy North Hollywood 16-Jan-44 27-Jan-44
BAKER, Kerron Lynn North Hollywood Birth BAKER,   Orville W., M/M last week 12-Mar-45
BAKER, Laurence North Hollywood Death 34 worked at Lockheed 8-Aug-41
BAKER, Lucille     dau of BAKER, Frank Nelsen, Rev 12-Feb-45
BAKER, Mable     wife of BAKER, Floyd "Silver Tip" 19-Mar-43
BAKER, Marie Anna, Mrs North Hollywood Death   native of WI 19-Jul-44 20-Jul-44
BAKER, Mary E., Mrs Studio City Death 75 native of Benton County IL 18-Aug-44 24-Aug-44
BAKER, Maryann Salee North Hollywood Birth BAKER,   William Lloyd, M/M 3-Apr-41 10-Apr-41
BAKER, Merle Quinten Sacramento Marriage KEAS, Florence Mabel 31-Dec-42 22-Jan-43
BAKER, Michael Burbank Birth BAKER,   Floyd A., M/M 7-Aug-41 19-Aug-41
BAKER, Myrabelle     SCHMIDT, Myrabelle, Mrs 19-Mar-43
BAKER, Orville W., M/M North Hollywood par of Kerron Lynn (girl) last week 12-Mar-45
BAKER, Roscoe W., M/M Roscoe   par of Carol Joyce last week 30-Oct-44
BAKER, Wesley     son of BAKER, Floyd "Silver Tip" 19-Mar-43
BAKER, William Lloyd, M/M North Hollywood par of Maryann Salee 3-Apr-41 10-Apr-41
BAKMAN, Charlotte     TURNER, Charlotte, Mrs 13-Apr-43
BAKMAN, Clarence     son of BAKMAN, Fred E. 13-Apr-43
BAKMAN, Emma Pabst     wife of BAKMAN, Fred E. 13-Apr-43
BAKMAN, Esther     WYLIE, Esther, Mrs 13-Apr-43
BAKMAN, Ethel     dau of BAKMAN, Henry 7-Jun-45
BAKMAN, Eva     HAYNES, Eva, Mrs 7-Jun-45
BAKMAN, Fred     son of BAKMAN, Fred E. 13-Apr-43
BAKMAN, Fred E. Death 74 born Portsmouth OH, Nov 7, 1868, came to Valley 1883, wife Emma Pabst, sons Fred, Clarence, daus Charlotte TURNER, Esther WYLIE 10-Apr-43 13-Apr-43
BAKMAN, Geraldine     MARKS, Geraldine, Mrs 7-Jun-45
BAKMAN, Gertrude Ellen     KIDSON, Richard, Mrs 8-Dec-42
BAKMAN, Henry North Hollywood Death 65 born Portsmouth OH, daus Eva HAYNES, Geraldine MARKS, Mildred YOUNG, Ethel, son Roy 3-Jun-45 7-Jun-45
BAKMAN, Mildred     YOUNG, Mildred, Mrs 7-Jun-45
BAKMAN, Mildred Frances North Hollywood Marriage YOUNG, Paul Nichols Henning North Hollywood 14-Feb-42 24-Feb-42
BAKMAN, Roy     son of BAKMAN, Henry 7-Jun-45
BALCH, Margaret North Hollywood Marriage BACON, Lloyd Toluca Lake 1-Nov-41 4-Nov-41
BALDWIN, Alice     dau of HOUTZ, Aaron E. 19-Dec-41
BALDWIN, Beatrice Burbank Marriage HUNDEFORDS, John A. Vallejo CA   1-Apr-41
BALDWIN, Edward P. North Hollywood Marriage McMILLEN, Morgantown WV 1-Aug-42 4-Aug-42
BALDWIN, Ida Mae Beaver UT Marriage BACON, Walter Scott North Hollywood 19-Feb-43 26-Feb-43
BALDWIN, Marjory North Hollywood Marriage SCHMIDT, Robert R. Hollywood 19-Dec-41 2-Jan-42
BALDWIN, Mary Ann North Hollywood Death 68 born ME, dau Wanda FARMER 1-Jan-45 8-Jan-45
BALDWIN, Pvt William F. San Fernando Death   killed in action 16-Nov-44
BALDWIN, Wanda     FARMER, Wanda, Mrs 8-Jan-45
BALES, David E. Waters TX Marriage MILLOTT, Violet Roscoe 1-Aug-43 6-Aug-43
BALL, Beatrice Janice Glendale Marriage McGEE, Charles E. Glendale 3-Jan-43 19-Jan-43
BALL, Gregory Alan North Hollywood Birth BALL,   Harold N., M/M last week 19-Mar-45
BALL, Harold N., M/M North Hollywood par of Gregory Alan last week 19-Mar-45
BALL, Harold, Mrs     HURLEY, Daniel M. 13-Apr-44
BALL, Mrs Daisy San Fernando Death   died in rest home near Temple City 16-Sep-41
BALLARD, Elmo, M/M Burbank Birth daughter   19-Dec-41 26-Dec-41
BALLARD, George Henry North Hollywood Death 82 son Nathan, dau Tilda BUCKLIN 27-May-45 4-Jun-45
BALLARD, Jack E./Norma (CONSTANT) Westwood   par of Judith Anne 7-Jan-42 23-Jan-42
BALLARD, Judith Anne Westwood Birth BALLARD, Jack E./Norma (CONSTANT) 7-Jan-42 23-Jan-42
BALLARD, Nathan     son of BALLARD, George Henry 4-Jun-45
BALLARD, Tilda     BUCKLIN, Tilda, Mrs 4-Jun-45
BALTZER, Kathleen North Hollywood Marriage BELL, Albert Jr. North Hollywood 16-Aug-42 1-Sep-42
BALY, Nancy       wife of BALY, William 22-Aug-41
BALY, Roy       son of BALY, William 22-Aug-41
BALY, William San Fernando Death   native of Kent, England, wife, dau Nancy, son Roy 17-Aug-41 22-Aug-41
BALZER, Charles C., M/M Van Nuys   par of Michael Anthony last week 27-Nov-44
BALZER, Everett L. Jr. Studio City Marriage BIRD, Shirley Mae Studio City 9-Jun-44 19-Jun-44
BALZER, Michael Anthony Van Nuys Birth BALZER,   Charles C., M/M last week 27-Nov-44
BANDURRAGA, Fanstino [Faustino?], M/M Van Nuys   par of Janet Christine last week 12-Apr-45
BANDURRAGA, Janet Christine Van Nuys Birth BANDURRAGA,   Fanstino, M/M last week 12-Apr-45
BANK, Marshall A. Van Nuys Death 60 died suddenly at home, funeral April 3 7-Apr-42
BANKS, Barbara Eleanor North Hollywood Marriage BILLS, Sgt. Paul E. Van Nuys 14-Sep-44 5-Oct-44
BANKS, Barbara Eleanor North Hollywood Marriage BILLS, Sgt. Paul E. Van Nuys 14-Sep-44 9-Oct-44
BANKS, Max A. Van Nuys Death 45 coronary thrombosis 23-Oct-42 27-Oct-42
BANKS, Waymond Frederick OK Marriage SANDEFUR, Gwendolyn North Hollywood 10-Apr-45 19-Apr-45
BARBEE, Clayte     son of BARBEE, Harry S. 30-Jan-41
BARBEE, Echo     wfie of BARBEE, Harry S. 30-Jan-41
BARBEE, Edward H.     son of BARBEE, Harry S. 30-Jan-41
BARBEE, Harry S. North Hollywood Death 56 came to CA 1911, wife Echo, sons Clayte, Edward H. 25-Jan-41 30-Jan-41
BARBER, Guy Mervin North Hollywood Death 78 retired stationary engineer 7-Dec-44 11-Dec-44
BARBER, James, M/M Van Nuys   par of Sharon Lee 9-May-44 18-May-44
BARBER, Sharon Lee Van Nuys Birth BARBER,   James, M/M 9-May-44 18-May-44
BARBERIO, Philip Marriage STRONGO, Carrie North Hollywood 18-Jun-44 22-Jun-44
BARBOUR, Gretchen     dau of KOBLER, Gertrude E. 29-Mar-45
BARBOUR, Harold, M/M Glendale   par of Margaret Jean 22-Mar-41 25-Mar-41
BARBOUR, Harold, M/M North Hollywood par of Linda Ann 14-Aug-44 21-Aug-44
BARBOUR, Linda Ann North Hollywood Birth BARBOUR,   Harold, M/M 14-Aug-44 21-Aug-44
BARBOUR, Margaret Jean Glendale Birth BARBOUR,   Harold, M/M 22-Mar-41 25-Mar-41
BARBOUR, Maxine North Hollywood Marriage STIMOLO, Antonio A. Burbank 14-Mar-43 19-Mar-43
BARBOUR, Pauline Louise North Hollywood Marriage JENSEN, Edward F. Harvey IL 1-Jun-44 12-Jun-44
BARDWELL, Edna M.     dau of NORES, Vertie P. 8-Jun-44
BARENT, Weldon W. Seneca NB Marriage DEBLASE, Rose F. North Hollywood 22-Feb-45 8-Mar-45
BARFIELD, Joseph, Mrs     sis of ROSEBERRY, Rufus Martin 27-Nov-42
BARKALOW, Norval C. Burbank Marriage PERRY, Berniece Burbank 21-Apr-42 28-Apr-42
BARKER, San Fernando Marriage ROOF, L. Robert 3-Jan-42 13-Jan-42
BARKER, Harold W., M/M Glendale Birth son   22-Oct-41 28-Oct-41
BARKER, William Robert Marriage WALL, Adaline Elizabeth Burbank 6-Jun-43 11-Jun-43
BARLATIER, Andre John North Hollywood Death 61 wife Blanche, dau Andree GOLDBERG 7-Nov-43 9-Nov-43
BARLATIER, Andree     GOLDBERG, Andree, Mrs 9-Nov-43
BARLATIER, Blanche     wife of BARLATIER, Andre John 9-Nov-43
BARLOW, A Murray/Caddy (CONDON) North Hollywood Birth son, died Mar 28 26-Mar-44 30-Mar-44
BARLOW, Alton Murray NY Marriage CONDON, Caddie North Hollywood 13-May-43 8-Jun-43
BARLOW, Alton Murray NY Marriage CONDON, Caddie North Hollywood 9-May-43 17-Aug-43
BARLOW, baby boy North Hollywood Death 2d 3-1/2 pound birthweight 28-Mar-44 30-Mar-44
BARLOW, Carl Reginald North Hollywood Death 76 actor, wife survives 6-Jul-43 13-Jul-43
BARNABY, Angela Van Nuys Death 31 car struck by troop train, hus Frank, bro Donald F. SHEEHAN 18-Jan-44 20-Jan-44
BARNABY, Frank     hus of BARNABY, Angela 20-Jan-44
BARNARD, LeRoy Van Nuys Marriage COX, Ethelda Van Nuys 6-Sep-41 12-Sep-41
BARNES, Alice Lorraine Burbank Marriage OVERKAMP, William George Burbank 18-Oct-42 23-Oct-42
BARNES, Earnest H. Burbank Marriage GILLMAN, Katherine Los Angeles 9-Sep-44 18-Sep-44
BARNES, Fern     dau of EVANS, Rebecca 22-Jun-44
BARNES, Fred McKinzie North Hollywood Death 67 wife Theresa, daus Mae, Grace KELLEY 18-Dec-43 20-Dec-43
BARNES, George I. Van Nuys Death 76 sons Robert, Irving 19-Sep-41
BARNES, Grace     KELLEY, Grace, Mrs 20-Dec-43
BARNES, Irene Compton Marriage WEST, Siegel OK 17-Jan-42 27-Jan-42
BARNES, Irving     son of BARNES, George I. 19-Sep-41
BARNES, Joye North Hollywood Marriage FECHT, James Louis Mexico MO 9-Jun-45 26-Jun-45
BARNES, Mae     dau of BARNES, Fred McKinzie 20-Dec-43
BARNES, Robert     son of BARNES, George I. 19-Sep-41
BARNES, Theresa     wife of BARNES, Fred McKinzie 20-Dec-43
BARNET, Fred J., Dr. Studio City Death   Studio City physician, wife Sophia 1-Oct-41 3-Oct-41
BARNET, Sophia     wife of BARNET, Fred J., Dr. 3-Oct-41
BARNETT, Beulah     dau of RALSTON, Roland W. 24-Jan-44
BARNETT, Virginia   DeVORE, Walter A. Jr., Mrs 3-Feb-44
BARNETTE, Dora     dau of JONES, Oliver 1-Feb-45
BARNETTE, Marian Lenoir North Hollywood Marriage WELLINGTON, John J. Inyokern 1-Jul-44 10-Jul-44
BARNETTE, R.V., M/M Burbank Birth daughter   22-May-42 2-Jun-42
BARNETTE, Virginia North Hollywood Marriage DeVORE, Walter A. Sherman Oaks 20-Jun-42 30-Jun-42
BARNHART, Don F. North Hollywood Marriage LOPEZ, Maria San Fernando 9-Jun-40 18-Mar-41
BARNS, Ruby, Mrs     dau of ROGERS, Minnie 3-Oct-41
BARNUM, Dorothy Reseda Marriage CLARK, Melvyn 26-Jul-41 22-Aug-41
BARON, Bertha North Hollywood Marriage RAMSDEN, John Hirsh Pasadena 2-Jul-43 20-Jul-43
BARR, Gladys     dau of RAVENSCROFT, Bessie 28-Sep-43
BARR, Gladys     BARR, Gladys, Mrs 28-Sep-43
BARR, Helen B.     McCORNACK, Helen B., Mrs 21-Aug-42
BARR, Thrasilla Mt Angel OR Marriage BAUMAN, Ivo A. Los Angeles 15-Jan-43 22-Jan-43
BARR, Wesley M. North Hollywood Death 61 dau Helen B. McCORNACK 18-Aug-42 21-Aug-42
BARRE, Clara     wife of BARRE, Walter S. 24-Apr-44
BARRE, Walter S. Glendale Death   barber, wife Clara, son, dau, 4 g-chil, 2 gg-chil 17-Apr-44 24-Apr-44
BARREN, 1stLt Robert J. Marriage JEDLUND, Mary Goss Burbank 5-Sep-43 12-Sep-43
BARREN, Robert J., Lt/M Burbank   par of Robert John Jr. 7-Oct-44 19-Oct-44
BARREN, Robert John Jr. Burbank Birth BARREN,  Robert J., Lt/M 7-Oct-44 19-Oct-44
BARRES, Betty Ruth North Hollywood Marriage SKETCHLEY, Fred J. W. Los Angeles 21-Jun-42 26-Jun-42
BARRETT, Dwight Cambria Pines Marriage FORSSE, Mary Burbank 16-May-45 24-May-45
BARRETT, Inez L.     wife of BARRETT, Spencer W. 9-Feb-43
BARRETT, Spencer W. Burbank Death 61 heart attack, wife Inez L., son Victor 6-Feb-43 9-Feb-43
BARRETT, Victor     son of BARRETT, Spencer W. 9-Feb-43
BARRON, Mattie     dau of RICHARDS, Charles S. 28-Feb-44
BARRY, Neil Joseph Burbank Marriage RAMGREN, Gladys North Hollywood 22-Feb-41 27-Mar-41
BARTA, Joe North Hollywood Death 21 navy, war casualty 26-Dec-42
BARTA, Joe North Hollywood Death 21 navy, war casualty 16-Jun-42
BARTELL, Sylvia Roscoe Marriage FRANKENBERGER, Robert Roscoe 31-May-42 5-Jun-42
BARTER, Robert Fulton Mt.Vernon IN Marriage McARTHUR, Mrs. Helen Elmhurst IL 27-Jun-44 3-Jul-44
BARTHOLOMEW, Frank, M/M Burbank   par of Terry Lee 25-Jun-43 9-Jul-43
BARTHOLOMEW, Kent A. Lebanon NB Marriage RUTLEDGE, June Van Nuys 1-Feb-42 10-Feb-42
BARTHOLOMEW, Terry Lee Burbank Birth BARTHOLOMEW,   Frank, M/M 25-Jun-43 9-Jul-43
BARTLEY, James Los Angeles Marriage AMBROSE, Ann Studio City 30-Jul-41 12-Aug-41
BARTOLD, Dolores Burbank Marriage MANK, Edward Pittsburg PA 7-Nov-43 15-Nov-43
BARTOLD, Gabriel Burbank Marriage OVERFIELD, Fae Cordelia Washington DC 18-Jul-43 20-Aug-43
BARTON, Esther     dau of CASTONGUAY, Peter 10-Feb-42
BARTON, Hazel Burbank Marriage EAGEN, Sgt Robert Camp Pendleton 4-Jul-44 17-Jul-44
BARTON, Lt Robert C. Burbank Death 21 formerly from Pullman WA, killed in mission over Germany 7-Jul-44 12-Oct-44
BASHOR, Shirley Kagel Canyon Marriage SHARPE, Elmer Pomeray WA 3-Jul-42 10-Jul-42
BASSETT, Ambrose B. Van Nuys Death 82 retired landscape gardener Aug-42 11-Aug-42
BASSETT, Dorothy North Hollywood Marriage POWELL, Carl Jr. Delaware OH 9-Oct-43 15-Oct-43
BAST, Helen North Hollywood Death 40 hus Walter, chil Mary, Margaret, Walter 27-Aug-43 31-Aug-43
BAST, Margaret     dau of BAST, Helen 31-Aug-43
BAST, Mary       dau of BAST, Helen 31-Aug-43
BAST, Walter     Hus of BAST, Helen 31-Aug-43
BAST, Walter     son of BAST, Helen 31-Aug-43
BATCHELLER, George Marriage PALMER, Adele 7-Feb-42 10-Feb-42
BATES, Betty Burbank Marriage COOPER, Alva Burbank 14-Apr-45 19-Apr-45
BATES, C.W., M/M North Hollywood par of Sandra Elaine 7-Apr-42 10-Apr-42
BATES, Sandra Elaine North Hollywood Birth BATES,   C.W., M/M 7-Apr-42 10-Apr-42
BATTLER, Isabelle S., Mrs Van Nuys Death 60 mother-in-law of film star Lou Costello 12-Oct-44 23-Oct-44
BATTLES, Constance     dau of BATTLES, Eugene 12-Feb-45
BATTLES, Eugene San Fernando Death 46 son Eugene Jr., dau Constance 5-Feb-45 12-Feb-45
BATTLES, Eugene Jr     BATTLES, son of Eugene 12-Feb-45
BATZLE, Mrs Bertha Tujunga Death 75 survived by sister Miss Helen DAVIS 29-Aug-44 31-Aug-44
BAUER, Michele Rae Canoga Park Birth BAUER,   Raymond, M/M last week 28-May-45
BAUER, Raymond, M/M Canoga Park par of Michele Rae last week 28-May-45
BAUGHMAN, John R. North Hollywood Marriage BOSWELL, Lenora North Hollywood 1-May-41 6-May-41
BAUGHMAN, Kathryn North Hollywood Marriage BURNSIDE, Allan 21-Feb-42 20-Feb-42
BAUGHMAN, Kathryn North Hollywood Marriage BURNSIDE, Allan 21-Feb-42 27-Feb-42
BAUMAN, Ivo A. Los Angeles Marriage BARR, Thrasilla Mt Angel OR 15-Jan-43 22-Jan-43
BAUMAN, Mrs Elizabeth North Hollywood Death 64 native of Auburn IL 3-Apr-42 10-Apr-42
BAUMAN, Paul, Mrs     sis of MATHEWS, Helen Louise 28-May-45
BAUMGARTNER, Mrs Ernest J. W. Los Angeles Death 62 born in Madrid, Spain 23-Mar-42 27-Mar-42
BAXLEY, Mickey Eagle Rock Marriage CALBERT, Lynn Van Nuys 28-Feb-42 6-Mar-42
BAXTER, Lt. Stuart W. Van Nuys Marriage KINETTLE, Faye Van Nuys recently 10-Aug-44
BAYBOIAN, Lucille North Hollywood Death 80 born Turkey 26-Sep-44 28-Sep-44
BAYH, Beverly Jean North Hollywood Marriage DENBO, Robert B. North Hollywood 13-Aug-44 21-Aug-44
BAYLIS, Richard J. North Hollywood Marriage CAMPBELL, Barbara Anne North Hollywood 1-Nov-44 2-Nov-44
BAYNES, Peggy Burbank Marriage REES, C.E. Jr. North Hollywood 12-Jan-45 15-Feb-45