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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"Bo "

BOAG, Alice E. Van Nuys Death 70 son Floyd WALKER, dau Mrs Harold WILSON 14-Apr-45 19-Apr-45
BOBIER, Effie     dau of LIEBHART, Jacob E. 2-Mar-44
BODENHAMER, Mary Frances Eden ID Marriage McVICKER, Merle B. Glendale 2-Jul-43 16-Jul-43
BODGET, Allen, M/M Van Nuys   par of Richard Neil last week 3-Aug-44
BODGET, Richard Neil Van Nuys Birth BODGET,   Allen, M/M last week 3-Aug-44
BODIE, Evalyn (SALMON) North Hollywood Death   hus Ping Bodie (former NY Yankee outfielder) last week 24-Feb-44
BODIE, Ping       hus of BODIE, Evalyn (SALMON) 24-Feb-44
BODLE, Catherine     wife of BODLE, John D. 6-Mar-44
BODLE, John D. Van Nuys Death   wife Catherine 2-Mar-44 6-Mar-44
BODTKE, E.W. Ottumwa IA Marriage LOWEN, Erna Hillsboro KS 8-May-43 28-May-43
BODWELL, Lois C. North Hollywood Marriage HARRIS, Carl Wesley North Hollywood 26-Jun-42
BOE, Olaf E., M/M North Hollywood Birth daughter   last week 30-Oct-44
BOEBEL, Corp. William P. Burbank Marriage RICHARDS, Jonnie Mildred North Hollywood 6-Feb-42 17-Feb-42
BOECHER, Florence Shirly Kingfisher OK Marriage CHRISTIAN, George Elmer Burbank 21-Mar-42 31-Mar-42
BOENING, Marguerite     dau of VOEGLER, Anne J. 20-Dec-43
BOERNER, Kenneth North Hollywood Marriage WELLER, Renata North Hollywood 25-Dec-44 4-Jan-45
BOES, Nella North Hollywood Marriage TUTTLE, Guy S. North Hollywood 20-Oct-44 7-Dec-44
BOESCAR, Barbara Ann     dau of BOESCAR, Frank A 10-Feb-42
BOESCAR, Frank A North Hollywood Death 42 wife La Priel, dau Barbara Ann (2) 8-Feb-42 10-Feb-42
BOESCAR, La Priel     wife of BOESCAR, Frank A 10-Feb-42
BOETTCHER, Alvin E. Burbank Marriage KEAPROTH, Muriel Lakota MN 31-Dec-41 13-Jan-42
BOFFEY, Joseph North Hollywood Death 72 born in England, rancher 19-Mar-44 23-Mar-44
BOGARD, E.F. Burbank Marriage ROTEN, Mary Burbank last Feb 10-Jul-44
BOHANNON, Barbara Ellen North Hollywood Son Birth AYRES, Timothy Robert, Mrs 2-Jan-45 25-Jan-45
BOHANNON, George H, M/M   par of BOHANNON, Gloria Patricia 19-Sep-41
BOHANNON, Gloria Patricia North Hollywood Death 1 found strangled, fell out of bed in zippered bed garment, par M/M George H. 8-Sep-41 19-Sep-41
BOLDUC, Victory Camelle Burbank Marriage CURRY, Connie Anne Burbank 19-Mar-44 9-Mar-44
BOLE, William Warwick Houston TX Marriage HEATH, Mable Marie North Hollywood 28-Aug-43 3-Sep-43
BOLES, Arthur G. Cedar City UT Death 17 formerly of Sepulveda, pneumonia 31-Jan-44
BOLEY, Gertrude T., Mrs North Hollywood Death 72 son Wilson N., dau Esther PECK 31-Jan-44
BOLEY, Wilson N.     son of BOLEY, Gertrude T., Mrs 31-Jan-44
BOLLE, Margaret Cheyenne WY Marriage PRINE, Cpl E.L. North Hollywood 26-Feb-44 2-Mar-44
BOLLER, Dorothy Elouise Sherman Oaks Marriage CORNITIUS, William Cody Van Nuys   20-Feb-42
BOLLMAN, Jack/Dorothy (LEDGER) North Hollywood par of Richard Calvin 18-Feb-43 26-Feb-43
BOLLMAN, Richard Calvin North Hollywood Birth BOLLMAN, Jack/Dorothy (LEDGER) 18-Feb-43 26-Feb-43
BOLSINGER, Janet Katherine North Hollywood Birth BOLSINGER,   Wilfred E., M/M last week 6-Nov-44
BOLSINGER, Wilfred E., M/M North Hollywood par of Janet Katherine last week 6-Nov-44
BOLTON, Edgar P. North Hollywood Death 88 lived in Valley 10 years 1-Nov-44 2-Nov-44
BOMAR, William W.Jr. Burbank Death   Pvt., U.S. Marine Corps, war casualty 9-Jun-42
BONADIMAN, Carlo     bro of BONADIMAN, Florian 30-Dec-41
BONADIMAN, Florian North Hollywood Death 70 born Austria, retired rancher, bros Carlo, Vigillo, lived here 26 years 24-Dec-41 30-Dec-41
BONADIMAN, Vigillo     bro of BONADIMAN, Florian 30-Dec-41
BOND, Susan Rae Van Nuys Birth BOND,   Warren E., M/M last week 19-Feb-45
BOND, W., Mrs     dau of MOORE, Myrtie Belle 25-Jun-45
BOND, Warren E., M/M Van Nuys   par of Susan Rae last week 19-Feb-45
BONDURANT, John Mrs     dau of DAY, Ralph 20-Aug-43
BONFIELD, Agatha     SCHMIDT, Agatha, Mrs 15-Jul-41
BONFIELD, Claire     LESSER, Claire, Mrs 15-Jul-41
BONFIELD, Georgianna Chicago Death 81 visiting dau in N. Hollywood, daus Claire LESSER, Agatha SCHMIDT, son Harry 15-Jul-41
BONFIELD, Harry     son of BONFIELD, Georgianna 15-Jul-41
BONNELL, Lena J. North Hollywood Death 69 native of MO 30-Sep-42 6-Oct-42
BONNEVILLE, Betty E. Northridge Marriage GOLLIBAUGH, Jerrell A. Encino 4-Oct-42 6-Oct-42
BONTER, Oscar W. PA Death   born PA, died visiting son in Van Nuys 20-Feb-43 23-Feb-43
BONTHIUS, Klass, M/M Burbank Birth son   29-Jul-41 5-Aug-41
BONWELL, Carl, M/M Burbank   par of David Foster Apr-45 9-Apr-45
BONWELL, David Foster Burbank Birth BONWELL,   Carl, M/M Apr-45 9-Apr-45
BOOHER, Ella Beauregard San Fernando Death 83 born Cross Key VA, hus Willard, sons Harley, Leslie, dau Mary STEVENS 15-May-45 21-May-45
BOOHER, Harley     son of BOOHER, Ella Beauregard 21-May-45
BOOHER, Leslie     son of BOOHER, Ella Beauregard 21-May-45
BOOHER, Mary     STEVENS, Mary, Mrs 21-May-45
BOOHER, Willard     hus of BOOHER, Ella Beauregard 21-May-45
BOOTH, Gerald Glenn North Hollywood Marriage MARTIN, Dorothy Price UT 1-May-42 12-Jun-42
BOOTH, Gerald Glenn North Hollywood Marriage MARTIN, Dorothy Price UT 1-May-42 18-Sep-42
BOOTH, Irene North Hollywood Marriage ANDERSON, Glen Charles North Hollywood 8-Nov-41 25-Nov-41
BOOTH, Irene  North Hollywood Son Birth ANDERSON, David Glen 29-Sep-42 6-Oct-42
BOOTH, Rose, Mrs     dau of WINTERTON, Harriet Jane 5-Apr-45
BOOTH-CLIBBORN, Genevieve Portland OR Marriage ROBINSON, J.W. Burbank 6-May-44 11-May-44
BORAD, Sybel Barbara North Hollywood Marriage BOSSE, Bernard Howard 14-Aug-43 10-Sep-43
BORDEN, Frank Van Nuys Death   drowned in car in January  in Sepulveda Basin flood, body recovered this week, wife Ruth, son Frank G. 23-Jan-43 5-Mar-43
BORDEN, Frank G.     son of BORDEN, Frank 5-Mar-43
BORDEN, Ruth     wif of BORDEN, Frank 5-Mar-43
BOREN, Deanna Jo North Hollywood Death 8 m suffocation 5-Apr-42 7-Apr-42
BOREN, Doyle H. Bentonville AR Marriage OAKLEY, Jettie May Burbank 27-Jun-42 7-Jul-42
BORG, Mrs Hazel M. Marriage MAY, George North Hollywood 12-Apr-44 13-Apr-44
BORG, Oscar M. North Hollywood Death 57 partner in Yates & Borg Hardware, died on vacation at Grand Canyon AZ 19-Jun-42 23-Jun-42
BORGERSON, John M. Missoula MT Marriage ODERKIRK, Cassel Frances Burbank 5-Jul-44 24-Jul-44
BORGIA, Phyllis Rose North Hollywood Marriage VISCO, Louis Roscoe 22-Aug-43 27-Aug-43
BOROFSKY, Paul North Hollywood Death   retired from poultry business 13-Dec-44 18-Dec-44
BORUD, Tana North Hollywood Marriage MATTSON, Robert North Hollywood 27-May-44 5-Jun-44
BORWICK, William Robert Sepulveda Death 1 electrocuted by light cord of lamp 19-Nov-44 23-Nov-44
BORZAGE, John Pacoima Marriage LEY, Betty Jane North Hollywood 13-Apr-41 13-May-41
BOSLER, Robert H. Burbank Marriage PAULSEN, Bernadine North Hollywood 13-Dec-44 21-Dec-44
BOSS, Gwendolyn June Glendale Marriage HILLS, James Kirk Glendale   3-Oct-41
BOSSE, Bernard Howard Marriage BORAD, Sybel Barbara North Hollywood 14-Aug-43 10-Sep-43
BOSTOLMAN, Mathilde North Hollywood Death 81 daus Esther ROSS, Carla NOBLES 9-Jan-45 11-Jan-45
BOSTON, Joseph A., M/M Canoga Park par of Linda Lou last week 6-Nov-44
BOSTON, Linda Lou Canoga Park Birth BOSTON,   Joseph A., M/M last week 6-Nov-44
BOSTWICKS, James Arthur Jr. Roscoe Birth BOSTWICKS,  James Arthur, M/M 29-Apr-45 3-May-45
BOSTWICKS, James Arthur, M/M Roscoe   par of James Arthur Jr. 29-Apr-45 3-May-45
BOSWELL, Fred Arnold Los Angeles Marriage SCHWARTZ, Marjorie Aileen Van Nuys   19-Feb-43
BOSWELL, Lenora North Hollywood Marriage BAUGHMAN, John R. North Hollywood 1-May-41 6-May-41
BOSWELL, Rebekah Jeane Sherman Oaks Birth BOSWELL,  Roland C., Rev/M 8-Jul-41 15-Jul-41
BOSWELL, Robert Charles Van Nuys Birth BOSWELL,   Vern D., M/M last week 26-Oct-44
BOSWELL, Roland C., Rev/M Sherman Oaks par of Rebekah Jeane 8-Jul-41 15-Jul-41
BOSWELL, Vern D., M/M Van Nuys   par of Robert Charles last week 26-Oct-44
BOTELER, Betty North Hollywood Marriage OLSON, Raymond John WI 29-Nov-41 5-Dec-41
BOTELER, Betty     OLSON, Betty, Mrs 14-May-43
BOTELER, Betty   OLSON, Jack, Mrs   29-Sep-42
BOTELER, Douglas     son of BOTELER, Wade 14-May-43
BOTELER, Evelyn     wife of BOTELER, Wade 14-May-43
BOTELER, James     son of BOTELER, Wade 14-May-43
BOTELER, Lanham     son of BOTELER, Wade 14-May-43
BOTELER, Wade North Hollywood Death   wife Evelyn, dau Betty OLSON, sons Lanham, Douglas, James, g-dau, Karen 7-May-43 14-May-43
BOTHAMLEY, Patricia Leona Sepulveda Birth BOTHAMLEY,   W.E., M/M 11-Mar-41 27-Mar-41
BOTHAMLEY, Patricia Leona Northridge Birth BOTHAMLEY,   W.E., M/M 11-Mar-41 3-Apr-41
BOTHAMLEY, W.E., M/M Van Nuys   par of Patricia Leona 11-Mar-41 20-Mar-41
BOUCHER, Barbara     sis of ARNOLD, Winston H. 24-May-45
BOULANGER, Carolyn Van Nuys Marriage LARSON, Paul El Cajon CA 5-Mar-44 6-Mar-44
BOULTER, Alfred     son of BOULTER, Isaac R. 24-Feb-44
BOULTER, Alma     FIELDS, Alma, Mrs 24-Feb-44
BOULTER, Isaac R. North Hollywood Death 61 son Alfred, daus Mary Jane POITEVINT, Alma FIELDS, Mrs Willie B. McINTYRE 21-Feb-44 24-Feb-44
BOULTER, Mary Jane     POITEVINT, Jane, Mrs 24-Feb-44
BOURDO, Ira S., Mrs     dau of BROWN, Laura May 27-Mar-44
BOURGEOIS, JESS C. Jr. St Louis MO Marriage LEE, Charlotte Ann North Hollywood 18-Jan-45 29-Jan-45
BOUTIN, Frank E., M/M North Hollywood par of Mary Jean 12-Feb-42 17-Feb-42
BOUTIN, Mary Jean North Hollywood Birth BOUTIN,   Frank E., M/M 12-Feb-42 17-Feb-42
BOVEY, Oscar, Mrs     dau of TRUMBULL, Owen 8-Apr-41
BOWDEN, Vera Grove City PA Marriage VAUGH, Elroy D. Palo Alto CA 28-Jan-43 2-Feb-43
BOWERS, Robert N. Burbank Marriage TOPPING, Dorothy Burbank 27-Mar-42 3-Apr-42
BOWLING, John San Fernando Death 61 wife Margaret 18-Jun-45 25-Jun-45
BOWLING, Margaret     wife of BOWLING, John 25-Jun-45
BOWMAN, Jessie M. North Hollywood Death     23-Dec-43 27-Dec-43
BOX, Anne M.     ALLEN, Anne M., Mrs 24-Aug-43
BOX, Ben       bro of BOX, Thomas Frank 24-Aug-43
BOX, John       bro of BOX, Thomas Frank 24-Aug-43
BOX, L.G.       bro of BOX, Thomas Frank 24-Aug-43
BOX, Mary A. North Hollywood Death 76 born Covington KY, dau Mrs Burton COOK 30-Dec-41
BOX, Thomas Frank North Hollywood Death 50 sis Anne M. ALLEN, bros John, Ben, Virgil, L.G., mother Mrs Dean MITCHELL 20-Aug-43 24-Aug-43
BOX, Virgil       bro of BOX, Thomas Frank 24-Aug-43
BOYD, Betty North Hollywood Marriage ELLIOTT, Pfc Lee (USMC) North Hollywood 8-May-42 15-May-42
BOYD, Billie Jean     dau of BOYD, Jefferson Carlee 10-Feb-44
BOYD, Billie Jean     ROGERS, Hardy Lee, Mrs 10-Feb-44
BOYD, Charles     son of BOYD, Orville 19-Apr-45
BOYD, Charles A. Dalheart TX Marriage MENNER, Betty Ann North Hollywood 13-Sep-42 18-Sep-42
BOYD, Chauncey     son of BOYD, Orville 19-Apr-45
BOYD, Edwin Forrest Los Angeles Marriage ROSS, Frances North Hollywood 21-Dec-42 25-Dec-42
BOYD, Helen Rae     TINNIN, Helen Rae, Mrs 19-Apr-45
BOYD, Jefferson Carlee Van Nuys Death   wife Myrtle, daus Billie Jean, Mrs Hardy Lee ROGERS, son Vollie Jenkens 6-Feb-44 10-Feb-44
BOYD, Leonard     hus of BOYD, Margaret 18-Nov-43
BOYD, Margaret Studio City Death 45 hus Leonard, dau Mildred 18-Nov-43
BOYD, Mildred     dau of BOYD, Margaret 18-Nov-43
BOYD, Myrtle     wife of BOYD, Jefferson Carlee 10-Feb-44
BOYD, Orville Burbank Death 66 from Allegeny Co. PA, dau Helen Rae TINNIN, sons Chauncey, Charles 10-Apr-45 19-Apr-45
BOYD, Vollie Jenkins     son of BOYD, Jefferson Carlee 10-Feb-44
BOYER, Dorothy Belle North Hollywood Marriage DIKE, Laurence M. Culver City 6-Jun-42 16-Jun-42
BOYER, Jacqueline     sis of BOYER, William Charles 5-Mar-45
BOYER, Olive     dau of CROSSON, Edith 3-Oct-41
BOYER, Walter, M/M     par of BOYER, William Charles 5-Mar-45
BOYER, William Charles Burbank Death   Merchant Marine, killed in auto accident, par M/M Walter, sis Jacqueline 27-Feb-45 5-Mar-45
BOYINGTON, James C. Burbank Marriage CORMAN, Nadine G. Burbank 30-Jul-44 3-Aug-44