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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"Br "

BRACE, Betty     KELLEY, Betty, Mrs 17-Feb-44
BRACE, Elmer E. Van Nuys Death 40 wife, daus Nell, Betty KELLEY 10-Feb-44 17-Feb-44
BRACE, Nell       dau of BRACE, Elmer E. 17-Feb-44
BRADBURY, Myra   QUACKENBUSH, Ralph, Mrs 26-Mar-43
BRADEN, Rob A., M/M Burbank   par of Robert Arden 21-May-42 2-Jun-42
BRADEN, Robert Arden Burbank Birth BRADEN,   Rob A., M/M 21-May-42 2-Jun-42
BRADEN, Robert Rector Jr. Inglewood Marriage BROWN, Willadeen Claire North Hollywood 9-Jun-44 12-Jun-44
BRADFORD, Harry Budd North Hollywood Death   born MN, wife Mayme 25-Dec-44 1-Jan-45
BRADFORD, Mayme     wife of BRADFORD, Harry Budd 1-Jan-45
BRADFORD, Ruth Burbank Marriage BRANSON, John W. Burbank 3-Apr-43 20-Apr-43
BRADLEY, Chester O. Burbank Marriage SHARPE, Hazel Van Nuys 25-Nov-44 30-Nov-44
BRADLEY, Loren Wesley Van Nuys Death 45 sons, Phillip, Thomas 15-Apr-42 21-Apr-42
BRADLEY, Phillip     son of BRADLEY, Loren Wesley 21-Apr-42
BRADLEY, Thomas     son of BRADLEY, Loren Wesley 21-Apr-42
BRADO, Dale, M/M     par of COX, Phyllis Carol 15-Dec-42
BRADO, Phyllis Carol     COX, Phyllis Carol, Mrs 15-Dec-42
BRADOR, Pamiala Carol Van Nuys Birth BRADOR,   William, M/M last week 2-Apr-45
BRADOR, William, M/M Van Nuys   par of Pamiala Carol last week 2-Apr-45
BRADY, Ida       wife of BRADY, John Joseph 15-Mar-45
BRADY, Jeanne     dau of BRADY, John Joseph 15-Mar-45
BRADY, John Joseph Burbank Death 61 born Philadelphia PA, wife Ida, daus Louise, Jeanne 14-Mar-45 15-Mar-45
BRADY, Lester Jr, Mrs     dau of VOKES, Helena, Mrs 30-Mar-43
BRADY, Louise     dau of BRADY, John Joseph 15-Mar-45
BRADY, Maude     sis of STRANHAN, Marie 6-Aug-43
BRADY, William Whitfield North Hollywood Marriage ROE, Patricia Rhea North Hollywood 30-Oct-42 6-Nov-42
BRAITHWAITE, J.W., M/M Van Nuys   par of James Wayland Jr. 15-Nov-43 22-Nov-43
BRAITHWAITE, James Wayland Jr. Van Nuys Birth BRAITHWAITE,   J.W., M/M 15-Nov-43 22-Nov-43
BRAMBLET, James, M/M North Hollywood par of Timothy Lee last week 2-Apr-45
BRAMBLET, Timothy Lee North Hollywood Birth BRAMBLET,   James, M/M last week 2-Apr-45
BRAMMER, George, M/M     par of BRAMMER, Louis C. 25-Jun-45
BRAMMER, Louis C. Burbank Death 24 killed in air crash, par M/M George 10-Jun-45 25-Jun-45
BRAND, Charles Francis PA Marriage LOEBS, Mary Anna Burbank 28-Aug-43 3-Sep-43
BRANDE, Allen Phillip     son of BRANDE, Lloyd D. 15-Mar-45
BRANDE, Allen, M/M Roscoe   par of Mary Frances last week 29-Jan-45
BRANDE, Lloyd D. Roscoe Death 64 dau Lorilla BROWN, son Allen Phillip 9-Mar-45 15-Mar-45
BRANDE, Lorilla     BROWN, Lorilla, Mrs. 15-Mar-45
BRANDE, Mary Frances Roscoe Birth BRANDE,   Allen, M/M last week 29-Jan-45
BRANDENBERG, James Valyermo Marriage INMAN, Anita Jean Burbank 23-Aug-42 25-Aug-42
BRANDES, Mrs Marie M. Newhall Death 75 retired opera singer, native of PA 25-Nov-44 4-Dec-44
BRANDI, Allen P.     son of BRANDI, Gertrude A. 9-Nov-43
BRANDI, Gertrude A. Roscoe Death 62 hus Lloyd D., son Allen P., dau Loretta BROWN 6-Nov-43 9-Nov-43
BRANDI, Lloyd D.     hus of BRANDI, Gertrude A. 9-Nov-43
BRANDI, Loretta     BROWN, Loretta, Mrs 9-Nov-43
BRANDON, Robert E. Northridge Marriage VASQUES, Senorita Aura Columbia S.A. a month ago 9-Nov-43
BRANDT, Marion     dau of LUTSEY, Richard M. 17-Jul-41
BRANDY, E.R. Van Nuys Marriage NEUMEIER, Kay Van Nuys 3-Jan-43 12-Jan-43
BRANEN, E., Mrs San Fernando Death 77 dau Mrs F.E. MUNSON 27-Feb-41
BRANEN, Virginia Irene North Hollywood Marriage COCKSHOTT, Hugh Arcadia 14-Aug-42 18-Aug-42
BRANN, DuWain William Marriage BACH, Virginia Marie 28-Jun-41 3-Oct-41
BRANSON, John W. Burbank Marriage BRADFORD, Ruth Burbank 3-Apr-43 20-Apr-43
BRASCH, Edith     dau of CURRIER, Harry Thomas 28-Jun-45
BRATTON, F. Arnold North Hollywood Marriage VITALICH, Antoinitte North Hollywood 2-Aug-44 10-Aug-44
BRAUN, Clarence     son of BRAUN, Mary A. 22-Jun-44
BRAUN, Mary A. Van Nuys Death 75 son Clarence 22-Jun-44
BRAUN, Mary Louise Glendale Marriage FERGUSON, Donald Scott Burbank 6-May-41 13-May-41
BRAWNER, Mary Venice CA Marriage MORELL, Richard H. North Hollywood 14-Jun-45 21-Jun-45
BRAY, Cassie     dau of BLAISDELL, Mrs Annie 27-Oct-42
BRAYFIELD, Eugene E., M/M Van Nuys   par of Donna Jean last week 28-Aug-44
BRECKENRIDGE, Grant C., M/M Van Nuys   par of Stephen Douglas last week 21-Sep-44
BRECKENRIDGE, Robert B. Tujunga Marriage WILSON, Marie Roscoe 18-Jul-43 30-Jul-43
BRECKENRIDGE, Stephen Douglas Van Nuys Birth BRECKENRIDGE,   Grant C., M/M last week 21-Sep-44
BRECKENRIDGE, Theodore R. Los Angeles Marriage VERNON, Dorothy North Hollywood 26-Jun-43 9-Jul-43
BRECKENRIDGE, William San Fernando Death 29 killed in Newhall Refining Co. explosion and fire 11-Aug-44 14-Aug-44
BREEN, Rezelda Chicago IL Marriage FAIRBURN, Rex Hamil Bellingham WA 14-Apr-44 17-Apr-44
BREEVORT, Harry, M/M North Hollywood par of Robert Hayes last week 21-May-45
BREEVORT, Robert Hayes North Hollywood Birth BREEVORT,   Harry, M/M last week 21-May-45
BRENAHAM, Charles North Hollywood Marriage GOLL, Mrs. George North Hollywood 25-Sep-41 28-Oct-41
BRENKMAN, Roy E. North Hollywood Marriage WHEELER, Bernice Orange CA 25-Jul-42 31-Jul-42
BRENNAN, Christine Alice North Hollywood Birth BRENNAN, John/Aurora (FILIPPINI) 8-Apr-43 13-Apr-43
BRENNAN, John/Aurora (FILIPPINI) North Hollywood par of Christine Alice 8-Apr-43 13-Apr-43
BRENNAN, John/Aurora (FILIPPINI) North Hollywood par of Patrick John 10-Apr-45 16-Apr-45
BRENNAN, Marjorie North Hollywood Marriage ICARDO, Jimmy Sepulveda   12-Dec-41
BRENNAN, Patrick John North Hollywood Birth BRENNAN, John/Aurora (FILIPPINI) 10-Apr-45 16-Apr-45
BRENNAN, Robert Burbank Marriage DICKSON, Rubyearl Burbank 13-Jul-43 16-Jul-43
BRENNER, Adam     son of BRENNER, Adam J. 15-Feb-45
BRENNER, Adam J. Roscoe Death 60 wife Anna, sons Anthony, Joseph, Adam, dau Anna 11-Feb-45 15-Feb-45
BRENNER, Anna     wife of BRENNER, Adam J. 15-Feb-45
BRENNER, Anna     dau of BRENNER, Adam J. 15-Feb-45
BRENNER, Anthony     son of BRENNER, Adam J. 15-Feb-45
BRENNER, John Roscoe Birth BRENNER,   Joseph, M/M   15-Apr-41
BRENNER, Joseph     son of BRENNER, Adam J. 15-Feb-45
BRENNER, Joseph, M/M Roscoe   par of John     15-Apr-41
BRENT, George (actor) Hollywood Marriage SHERIDAN, Ann (actress) Hollywood 5-Jan-42 9-Jan-42
BRENT, George (actor) Hollywood Marriage SHERIDAN, Ann (actress) Hollywood 5-Jan-42 20-Mar-42
BREUER, Mrs Dorothy Van Nuys Death 69 born in Germany, funeral last week 21-Apr-42
BREWER, Clifford E. Sepulveda Death 29 heart attack 10-Dec-44 14-Dec-44
BREWER, Donna Jean North Hollywood Marriage JASON, Michael Mitchell Boston MA 19-Jan-45 25-Jan-45
BREWER, Lt John N. Studio City Death 24 killed in action in New Guinea 29-Jul-44 7-Sep-44
BREWER, Mary Burbank Marriage NYE, Robert Gerald Glendale 10-Aug-44 14-Aug-44
BREWER, Paul E., M/M Los Angeles   par of Roxanne last week 1-Jan-45
BREWER, Roxanne Los Angeles Birth BREWER,   Paul E., M/M last week 1-Jan-45
BREZNAK, John N. Jr. Marriage MILLER, Gladys Bernice 30-Jun-41 15-Jul-41
BRICKER, Losa     dau of COLCLOUGH, Ella B. 1-Apr-41
BRICKMAN, John S.     hus of BRICKMAN, Viola 7-Jun-45
BRICKMAN, Viola San Fernando Death 69 hus John S., dau Lydia DOWLING 3-Jun-45 7-Jun-45
BRIDGE, Dorothy     dau of BRIDGE, Mary Matilda 9-Apr-45
BRIDGE, Eva       BRUCKER, Eva, Mrs 9-Apr-45
BRIDGE, Harry     son of BRIDGE, Mary Matilda 9-Apr-45
BRIDGE, Mary     GRUBBS, Mary, Mrs 9-Apr-45
BRIDGE, Mary Matilda North Hollywood Death 88 son Harry, daus Eva BRUCKER, Vera COPPIN, Mary GRUBBS, Dorothy 5-Apr-45 9-Apr-45
BRIDGE, Vera     COPPIN, Vera, Mrs 9-Apr-45
BRIDGEFORD, Robert L. Burbank Death 15 drowned in gravel pit at Laurel Canyon and Sherman Way 19-Jun-42 26-Jun-42
BRIESE, Doris San Francisco Marriage IRWIN, James Burbank 21-Mar-42 31-Mar-42
BRIGGS, Florence, Mrs     dau of MOORE, Myrtie Belle 25-Jun-45
BRIGGS, Joe Los Angeles Death 26 heart attack at Lockheed 8-Dec-43 9-Dec-43
BRIGGS, William Crane Burbank Marriage CLARK, Joyce Margaret Glendale 24-Nov-42 1-Dec-42
BRIGGS, William Crane Burbank Marriage CLARK, Joyce Margaret Glendale 29-Nov-42 4-Dec-42
BRIGHT, Raymond Van Nuys Marriage QUIRK, Jeanne Burbank 22-Apr-44 15-May-44
BRINDLE, Ernest H. Bremerton WA Marriage HADLEY, Grace Burbank 27-Nov-42 25-Dec-42
BRINKMAN, BRUCE Detroit MI Marriage LONG, Dolly Lee Sheridan WY 1-Sep-42 11-Sep-42
BRISSAUD, Henriette North Hollywood Marriage FESTA, Sgt Eddie North Hollywood 17-Sep-43 17-Sep-43
BRITTON, Gertrude Burbank Death   killed in auto accident 6-Oct-42 3-Nov-42
BROCK, Benjamin Wesley Burbank Death 86 native of Cherokee County, GA 11-Dec-44 18-Dec-44
BROCK, George Thompson North Hollywood Death 52 native of VT, funeral May 2 8-May-42
BRODERICK, Lola     dau of MILES, Charles Cyril 17-Apr-41
BROLICK, Benjamin Burbank Marriage DOMINQUE, Marie North Hollywood 9-Jun-42
BROMMER, 2Lt William L. Jr. Roscoe Death   killed in action 23-Oct-44
BRONG, Aaron, M/M Van Nuys   par of Thomas Raymond last week 24-Aug-44
BRONG, Thomas Raymond Van Nuys Birth BRONG,   Aaron, M/M last week 24-Aug-44
BRONS, Louis Glendale Marriage WILLIAMS, Mildred North Hollywood 19-Oct-41 31-Oct-41
BROOKBANK, Anabelle     dau of RALPHS, Wallula 13-Feb-41
BROOKS, Betty Jean North Hollywood Marriage MONTGOMERY, Warren D. North Hollywood 27-Jun-41 3-Jul-41
BROOKS, Blanche A. North Hollywood Death 60 kindergarten teacher 2-Apr-44 1-May-44
BROOKS, Cleo Williams     dau of BROOKS, Laura 11-Jan-45
BROOKS, James W. Hollywood Marriage LEE, Betty Lou Burbank 20-Mar-45 23-Apr-45
BROOKS, L.W., M/M Van Nuys   par of Sharon Ann last week 3-Aug-44
BROOKS, Laura North Hollywood Death 31 daus Cleo Williams, Lola George 8-Jan-45 11-Jan-45
BROOKS, Lola George     dau of BROOKS, Laura 11-Jan-45
BROOKS, Oliver A. North Hollywood Death 64 services Jan 25 last week 27-Jan-44
BROOKS, Sharon Ann Van Nuys Birth BROOKS,   L.W., M/M last week 3-Aug-44
BROPHY, Frances     dau of VALDEZ, Jessie Lillian 10-May-45
BROPHY, Stanley J. San Fernando Marriage EARLEY, Martha J. Roscoe 27-Dec-41 30-Dec-41
BROTSIS, George J., M/M Burbank   par of Stephanie Kay 7-Mar-44 20-Mar-44
BROTSIS, Stephanie Kay Burbank Birth BROTSIS,  George J., M/M 7-Mar-44 20-Mar-44
BROUGHTON, Helen     dau of BROUGHTON, Letta M. 10-May-45
BROUGHTON, Letta M. Burbank Death 82 born Crystal Lake IL, dau Helen 6-May-45 10-May-45
BROWER, Doris Ann Van Nuys Death 53 dau Anna ARENDT, sis J. GRIFFIN 15-Dec-42
BROWN, Artis     wife of BROWN, Elmer C. 19-Jun-44
BROWN, baby girl Burbank Death 0 still born, par M/M Gordon Brown, sis Marilyn, Judith 5-Oct-42 9-Oct-42
BROWN, Carol Isobel North Hollywood Marriage RICKMAN, Elden Philip North Hollywood 14-Feb-42 17-Feb-42
BROWN, Carrie     wife of BROWN, Lewis O'Neal 13-Jan-42
BROWN, Charles Roscoe Death 75   3-Jul-44 6-Jul-44
BROWN, Charles Dudley Van Nuys Marriage DREW, Norma Annette Van Nuys 2-Oct-41 10-Oct-41
BROWN, Daniel D. North Hollywood Death 33 car crash with train in L.A. this week 4-May-43
BROWN, Daniel Thomas Chatsworth Birth BROWN,   Thomas B., M/M last week 1-Mar-45
BROWN, Don Carlos/Shirley (CAMPBELL) North Hollywood par of Shirley Ann 11-Jun-44 19-Jun-44
BROWN, Donn Beck Dayton OH Marriage FLEISHMAN, Leontine Joy North Hollywood 21-Apr-45 26-Apr-45
BROWN, Elmer C. Van Nuys Death 56 wife Artis 11-Jun-44 19-Jun-44
BROWN, Esther Van Nuys Death 81 born IA 8-Sep-42 11-Sep-42
BROWN, Ethel     dau of BLAISDELL, Mrs Annie 27-Oct-42
BROWN, Fern Pauline Glendale Marriage WILSON, Lockridge Ward Glendale 14-Mar-41 20-Mar-41
BROWN, Genevieve San Fernando Marriage SWART, Andrew San Fernando 21-Nov-44 30-Nov-44
BROWN, Georgia     dau of WARREN, Tabitha, Mrs 12-Sep-41
BROWN, Glenn Lee Van Nuys Birth BROWN,   Huston, M/M 3-May-45 10-May-45
BROWN, Gloria Dean Burbank Death 17 heart attack, father Sidney M. BROWN Sr. 22-Sep-41 26-Sep-41
BROWN, Gordon, M/M     par of BROWN, baby girl 9-Oct-42
BROWN, Gordon, M/M Burbank Birth still born girl   5-Oct-42 9-Oct-42
BROWN, H.F., Mrs     dau of SLOAN, Robert Russell 23-Apr-43
BROWN, Helen     dau of HUGHEY, Thomas C. 16-Jul-43
BROWN, Horace     hus of BROWN, Virginia 10-Feb-42
BROWN, Horace Rodney     hus of BROWN, Verna Pauline 3-Feb-44
BROWN, Houston B. Van Nuys Marriage LARSON, June Marie Naswauk MN 19-Feb-44 16-Mar-44
BROWN, Huston, M/M Van Nuys   par of Glenn Lee 4-May-45 7-May-45
BROWN, Irene     dau of MARTIN, Edgar O. 19-Apr-45
BROWN, James A., M/M Burbank   par of Randall Arden 5-Jul-43 16-Jul-43
BROWN, James Richard Birth BROWN,  Sam E./Jacqueline (WOOD) 29-Mar-44 6-Apr-44
BROWN, Janice Elizabeth North Hollywood Marriage SAVACOOL, William Carey Telford PA 28-Aug-44 21-Sep-44
BROWN, Jerry Keith North Hollywood Birth BROWN,   Milton, M/M   27-Oct-42
BROWN, Jessie V.     wife of BROWN, Wilbur N. 27-Mar-41
BROWN, John A. North Hollywood Death 59 born IL, suicide, hit by train 6-Sep-44 11-Sep-44
BROWN, John Zee     bro of BROWN, Mary Elizabeth 9-Jan-41
BROWN, John, Mrs     dau of PINKEL, Rudolph Raymond 18-Jun-43
BROWN, Judith     dau of BROWN, Gordon, M/M 9-Oct-42
BROWN, June V. North Hollywood Marriage STEVENS, Thomas A. Canoga Park 22-Aug-41
BROWN, Laura May North Hollywood Death   dau Mrs Ira S. BOURDO 24-Mar-44 27-Mar-44
BROWN, Lewis     son of BROWN, Lewis O'Neal 13-Jan-42
BROWN, Lewis O'Neal North Hollywood Death 55 LDS, wife Carrie, sons Lewis, Melvin, Vernal 6-Jan-42 13-Jan-42
BROWN, Loretta     dau of BRANDI, Gertrude A. 9-Nov-43
BROWN, Lorilla     dau of BRANDE, Lloyd D. 15-Mar-45
BROWN, Loritta     dau of McMAHON, John L. 21-Jun-45
BROWN, Marilyn     dau of BROWN, Gordon, M/M 9-Oct-42
BROWN, Mary Elizabeth Death 82 retired teacher, bro John Zee 4-Jan-41 9-Jan-41
BROWN, Maurine KS Marriage COEN, Thornton North Hollywood 24-Feb-41 4-Mar-41
BROWN, Melvin     son of BROWN, Lewis O'Neal 13-Jan-42
BROWN, Melvin E., M/M Roscoe Birth daughter   last week 12-Feb-45
BROWN, Milton, M/M North Hollywood par of Jerry Keith 30-Sep-42 23-Oct-42
BROWN, N. Clayton Burbank Marriage ALEXANDER, Grace Christina Bakersfield 5-Sep-43 14-Sep-43
BROWN, Oran K. "Miles" NY Marriage RISDON, Juanita Irene Burbank 27-Jan-44 7-Feb-44
BROWN, Paul V., M/M Burbank   par of Paula Edna 10-Oct-41 21-Oct-41
BROWN, Paula Edna Burbank Birth BROWN,   Paul V., M/M 10-Oct-41 21-Oct-41
BROWN, Randall Arden Burbank Birth BROWN,   James A., M/M 5-Jul-43 16-Jul-43
BROWN, Rieba     dau of HERE, John G. 22-Feb-45
BROWN, Robert Sanford Roscoe Birth BROWN,   Sanford W., M/M last week 1-Jan-45
BROWN, Russell     son of BROWN, Virginia 10-Feb-42
BROWN, Sam E./Jacqueline (WOOD) BROWN,  James Richard 29-Mar-44 6-Apr-44
BROWN, Samuel Wilson North Hollywood Death 66 Spanish American War veteran 3-May-44 11-May-44
BROWN, Sanford W., M/M Roscoe   par of Robert Sanford last week 1-Jan-45
BROWN, Shirley Ann North Hollywood Birth BROWN, Don Carlos/Shirley (CAMPBELL) 11-Jun-44 19-Jun-44
BROWN, Sidney M. Sr     dad of BROWN, Gloria Dean 26-Sep-41
BROWN, Thomas B., M/M Chatsworth   par of Daniel Thomas last week 1-Mar-45
BROWN, Verna Pauline Hollywood Death   active in music, hus Horace Rodney 31-Jan-44 3-Feb-44
BROWN, Vernal     son of BROWN, Lewis O'Neal 13-Jan-42
BROWN, Virginia North Hollywood Death 31 hus Horace, son Russell (6), all three in auto accident 10-Feb-42
BROWN, Wilbur N. Burbank Death 69 born Piedmont OH, Masonic Lodge 486, wife Jessie V. 20-Mar-41 27-Mar-41
BROWN, Willadeen Claire North Hollywood Marriage BRADEN, Robert Rector Jr. Inglewood 9-Jun-44 12-Jun-44
BROWN, William Preston Jr. North Hollywood Marriage WALFORD, Florence Eileen Van Nuys 10-Oct-43 12-Oct-43
BROWN, William Preston Jr. North Hollywood Marriage WALFORD, Florence Eileen Van Nuys 10-Oct-43 15-Oct-43
BROWNELL, Esther     KRUSE, Esther, Mrs 21-Jun-45
BROWNELL, Forest F.     son of BROWNELL, Jennie A. 21-Jun-45
BROWNELL, Genevive     CUD, Genevive, Mrs 21-Jun-45
BROWNELL, Gordon W.     son of BROWNELL, Jennie A. 21-Jun-45
BROWNELL, Jennie A. Donna TX Death   daus Esther KRUSE, Genevive CUD, sons Gordon W., Forest F. 16-Jun-45 21-Jun-45
BROWNILE, Reba R. Martensdale IA Marriage COOK, Charles W. Burbank 5-Dec-42 15-Dec-42
BROWNLEY, Pvt Arlo Leon North Hollywood Death 19 WWII paratrooper, killed in action in Holland 21-Sep-44 19-Oct-44
BRUCE, Donald R. Los Angeles Marriage SCOTT, Reva Margaret North Hollywood 9-Nov-43 9-Dec-43
BRUCE, Helen S.     dau of STODDARD, Robert L. 23-Feb-43
BRUCE, Neal, Mrs     dau of BLANCHARD, Willard Arthur 9-Sep-41
BRUCKER, Eva     dau of BRIDGE, Mary Matilda 9-Apr-45
BRUE, Sigard Nelson Van Nuys Death 50 killed in auto accident 9-Aug-44 14-Aug-44
BRUNER, Oliver N., Mrs     sis of UPDIKE, Bertha Jane 29-Oct-43
BRUYN, Gertrude     dau of PFAFF, August 9-Sep-41
BRYAN, Gideon     hus of BRYAN, Mattie E. (MOUNTS) 10-Feb-42
BRYAN, James, Mrs     dau of CHRISTIE, H.H. 20-Mar-41
BRYAN, Mattie E. (MOUNTS) North Hollywood Death 84 hus Gideon, dau Mrs Winbourne GOODFELLOW 8-Feb-42 10-Feb-42
BRYANT, Katherine     dau of BRYANT, William P. 3-Apr-44
BRYANT, Marion     wife of BRYANT, William P. 3-Apr-44
BRYANT, William P. North Hollywood Death 47 wife Marion, dau Katherine 29-Mar-44 3-Apr-44
BRYSILSEN, Jacob Van Nuys Death 85 born Norway 13-Sep-44 18-Sep-44
BRYSON, Clarence E. North Hollywood Death 58 wife Minnie   25-May-44
BRYSON, Minnie     wife of BRYSON, Clarence E. 25-May-44