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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"Bu - Bz "

BUCHANAN, E.H., Mrs     sis of NELSON, Josephine J., Mrs 24-May-45
BUCHANAN, Peggy L. Alhambra Marriage COLLINS, Kenneth L. Burbank 25-Dec-41 2-Jan-42
BUCHANAN, Virginia   MOSHER, Merrill, Mrs   8-Jan-45
BUCHOLZ, W.H. New York Marriage LEWISON, Mrs. Freda Burbank 1-Nov-41 11-Nov-41
BUCHZIK, Ruth Catherine North Hollywood Marriage VanBEENEN, Harry Rochester NY 28-Jan-44 7-Feb-44
BUCK, Cliff, Mrs     dau of MESSMORE, Mary Elizabeth 1-Oct-43
BUCKENDORF, James B.     hus of BUCKENDORF, Letitia May 13-Apr-44
BUCKENDORF, Letitia May North Hollywood Death 42 hus James B., dau Mrs Fin LAWSON 11-Apr-44 13-Apr-44
BUCKHEIM, Joseph Burbank Marriage SEALY, Harriet Burbank   22-May-42
BUCKLIN, Tilda     dau of BALLARD, George Henry 4-Jun-45
BUCKMAN, Donald Edward North Hollywood Marriage PHILLIPS, Bette Jean North Hollywood 22-Oct-44 6-Nov-44
BUCKNEL, Mrs Edna San Fernando Death 72 native of Canada, funeral Sep 27 28-Sep-44
BUCKNELL, James Constant Van Nuys Birth BUCKNELL,   Roy L., M/M last week 26-Mar-45
BUCKNELL, Roy L., M/M Van Nuys   par of James Constant last week 26-Mar-45
BUCKWALTER, Herbert W. Burbank Marriage MORLEY, Joyce Alhambra 3-May-42 12-May-42
BUDD, Oliver Jerry Los Angeles Marriage PETERSON, Mildred F. Burbank 20-Feb-44 9-Mar-44
BUDGE, E.J., M/M Burbank Birth son   11-Aug-41 19-Aug-41
BUDLONG, John Death 28 millionaire movie extra, died of saber wounds on location in Calabasas 30-Jul-41 22-Aug-41
BUELL, Audrey Jean Burbank Marriage PONTINE, Lyle R. Harvard NB 27-Aug-43 7-Sep-43
BUELOW, Edward H., M/M North Hollywood par of Patricia Lee last week 6-Nov-44
BUELOW, Patricia Lee North Hollywood Birth BUELOW,   Edward H., M/M last week 6-Nov-44
BUFORD, Thyra     dau of RALSTON, Roland W. 24-Jan-44
BUKEY, Henry Clark Northridge Marriage SATTLER, Mary Beth Burbank 17-Jul-43 27-Jul-43
BUKEY, Leonard, M/M Encino   par of Robert Norman last week 10-Aug-44
BUKEY, Robert Norman Encino Birth BUKEY,   Leonard, M/M last week 10-Aug-44
BULL, Arlene       BULL, John Wesley 9-Dec-43
BULL, Cora E., Mrs     dau of WRIGHT, Joseph Ellias 17-Apr-44
BULL, John Wesley Van Nuys Death 22 complications following surgery, buried Inglewood, wife Arlene 3-Dec-43 6-Dec-43
BUMANN, Olga Cherokee IA Marriage JOSLIN, Evan Cherokee IA 31-Jan-42 6-Feb-42
BUNCH, John Ft. MacArthur Marriage GIDDINGS, Martha North Hollywood 28-Jun-42 30-Jun-42
BUNTON, Joyce Eileen Grants Pass OR Marriage GUSTAFSON, Jack H. North Hollywood 14-Aug-43 15-Oct-43
BURCH, Thelma     dau of CASTONGUAY, Peter 10-Feb-42
BURCHAM, Milo Burbank Death   Lockheed test pilot, crashed near Valerio and Tujunga 20-Oct-44 23-Oct-44
BURCHFIELD, Patricia Elizab. Los Angeles Death   6 weeks old, pneumonia 10-Apr-44 13-Apr-44
BURDETT, Clarice, Mrs Los Angeles Death 32 died in car accident in Austin TX with COMEAU family 7-Nov-41
BURDICK, Claude Gibbs     son of BURDICK, Elisha T. 18-Nov-43
BURDICK, Elisha T. North Hollywood Death 74 wife Ida May, sons Claude Gibbs, Lewis 15-Nov-43 18-Nov-43
BURDICK, Ida May     wife of BURDICK, Elisha T. 18-Nov-43
BURDICK, Lewis     son of BURDICK, Elisha T. 18-Nov-43
BURDINE, John Burbank Marriage KNOTTS, Edith Virginia Yates Center KS 21-Mar-45 2-Apr-45
BURGER, Louise Miami, FL Marriage HODGES, Lt. James A. New York NY last week 26-Oct-44
BURGESS, Allen Barrett Canoga Park Death 74 wife Letta D. 21-Mar-41 25-Mar-41
BURGESS, Allen Barrett     hus of BURGESS, Letta D. 25-Mar-41
BURGESS, Elizabeth, Mrs North Hollywood Death 78 born Canada 9-Sep-44 11-Sep-44
BURGESS, Letta D.     wife of BURGESS, Allen Barrett 25-Mar-41
BURGESS, Martha     dau of WAERS, Martha Susan 27-Feb-42
BURGETT, Charles E. San Fernando Death 73 dau Mrs J.T. McDERMOTT 11-Feb-42 17-Feb-42
BURGHOUT, Mary Jeanne Burbank Marriage SCHAFER, Paul Douglas Burbank 11-Oct-43 15-Oct-43
BURK, Ora L., M/M Van Nuys Birth son     20-Jul-44
BURKE, Joseph L. Marriage RUSSELL, Vivienne-Mary Van Nuys 16-Jan-41 25-Feb-41
BURKHARDT, Helen E.     dau of SMYSER, John Wesley 27-Jan-42
BURLEIGH, Barry Robert Tarzana Birth BURLEIGH,   G., M/M   5-Sep-41
BURLEIGH, G., M/M Tarzana   par of Barry Robert   5-Sep-41
BURLISON, Barbara Dale Van Nuys Birth BURLISON,   Dale, M/M 3-Feb-43 9-Feb-43
BURLISON, Dale, M/M Van Nuys   par of Barbara Dale 3-Feb-43 9-Feb-43
BURLISON, H. Dale, M/M North Hollywood par of Joy Lynn 28-Sep-44 5-Oct-44
BURLISON, Joy Lynn North Hollywood Birth BURLISON,   H. Dale, M/M 28-Sep-44 5-Oct-44
BURNAN, Edna, Mrs North Hollywood Death 46 died after short illness, hus Nate, prominent N.H. tailor 29-Jul-41
BURNAN, Nate     hus of BURNAN, Edna, Mrs 29-Jul-41
BURNAP, Joseph Burbank Marriage FERGUSON, Ella Pearl Burbank 8-Aug-43 13-Aug-43
BURNETTE, G.W., M/M Burbank   par of Michael James 16-Oct-44 30-Oct-44
BURNETTE, Helen Ruth Burbank Marriage LARGE, Jack Donald Burbank 19-Jan-45 12-Feb-45
BURNETTE, Helen Ruth Burbank Marriage LARGE, Jack Donald Burbank 19-Jan-45 8-Mar-45
BURNETTE, Michael James Burbank Birth BURNETTE,   G.W., M/M 16-Oct-44 30-Oct-44
BURNETTE, Robert W. Burbank Marriage STEINEN, Paulette Los Angeles   12-May-42
BURNISON, Gertrude     dau of HENSLEY, Mary D. 1-Dec-42
BURNS, Aileen Roscoe Marriage NETHERTON, Joseph Portland OR 13-Mar-43 23-Mar-43
BURNS, Ardes Glendale Marriage DEWEY, Cpt William A. North Hollywood Dec-43 10-Jan-44
BURNS, Bernard Joseph North Hollywood Death   former wife: Gladys Marie GREEN 21-Mar-43 23-Mar-43
BURNS, C. Robert Jr., M/M Glendale   par of Linda Fay 28-Mar-45 16-Apr-45
BURNS, Eloise     dau of BURNS, Lillian 4-Jun-45
BURNS, Ens Robert George North Hollywood Marriage JONES, Marilyn Esther Van Nuys 2-Jan-44 6-Jan-44
BURNS, Irene Los Angeles Marriage CARPENTER, Philip Burbank 24-Dec-41 13-Jan-42
BURNS, Lillian San Fernando Death   dau Eloise, son William 26-May-45 4-Jun-45
BURNS, Linda Fay Glendale Birth BURNS,   C. Robert Jr., M/M 28-Mar-45 16-Apr-45
BURNS, Oscar Harris North Hollywood Marriage VAN DOREN, Dorothy North Hollywood 14-Feb-41 4-Jan-41
BURNS, Oscar Harris Studio City Marriage VAN DOREN, Dorothy Studio City   20-Feb-41
BURNS, Ralph E. Lyons NB Marriage RIVERS, Dorothy Jean Burbank 25-Aug-43 3-Sep-43
BURNS, Ray Earl     son of BURNS, Zilpha Pearl 14-Aug-42
BURNS, Rose Jane     dau of BURNS, Zilpha Pearl 14-Aug-42
BURNS, Vaughan Ray     hus of BURNS, Zilpha Pearl 14-Aug-42
BURNS, William     son of BURNS, Lillian 4-Jun-45
BURNS, Zilpha Pearl North Hollywood Death 47 hus Vaughn Ray, son Ray Earl, dau Rose Jane 9-Aug-42 14-Aug-42
BURNSIDE, Allan Marriage BAUGHMAN, Kathryn North Hollywood 21-Feb-42 20-Feb-42
BURNSIDE, Allan Marriage BAUGHMAN, Kathryn North Hollywood 21-Feb-42 27-Feb-42
BURR, Mable     dau of SHULL, William H. 1-Jan-45
BURR, Ralph Glendale Marriage TAYLOR, Winifred Burbank   13-May-41
BURRELL, Phoebe     wife of BURRELL, Sydney George 10-Jan-44
BURRELL, Sydney George Alhambra Death 60 wife Phoebe, formerly of Van Nuys 5-Jan-44 10-Jan-44
BURRIS, Virginia Lee Glendale Birth BURRIS,   Winston, M/M 7-May-45 17-May-45
BURRIS, Winston, M/M Glendale   par of Virginia Lee 7-May-45 17-May-45
BURROWS, Michael Herbert Roscoe Birth BURROWS,   Robert, M/M 1-Jan-45 8-Feb-45
BURROWS, Robert, M/M Roscoe   par of Michael Herbert 1-Jan-45 8-Feb-45
BURSELL, Theron R. Burbank Marriage KEATING, Eleanor M. North Hollywood 15-Jun-41 8-Jul-41
BURSON, Blanche     wife of BURSON, Moses H. 12-Sep-41
BURSON, Doris     dau of BURSON, Moses H. 12-Sep-41
BURSON, James     son of BURSON, Moses H. 12-Sep-41
BURSON, Margaret     dau of BURSON, Moses H. 12-Sep-41
BURSON, Moses H. North Hollywood Death 57 retired cobbler, wife Blanche, daus Margaret, Doris, sons James, Walter 8-Sep-41 12-Sep-41
BURSON, Walter     son of BURSON, Moses H. 12-Sep-41
BURSTON, Jessie, Mrs Burbank Death 65 native of Nova Scotia, Canada 5-Aug-44 10-Aug-44
BURT, Cpl William J. Tujunga Death   killed in action, wife Mary 12-Mar-45
BURTON, Audrey     dau of BURTON, Lila E. 13-Dec-43
BURTON, Clarence C. San Fernando Death   walked in front of car 11-Nov-44 13-Nov-44
BURTON, Doris     dau of BURTON, Lila E. 13-Dec-43
BURTON, George     hus of BURTON, Lila E. 13-Dec-43
BURTON, George Jr     son of BURTON, Lila E. 13-Dec-43
BURTON, Lila E. Van Nuys Death 34 hus George, chil Audrey, Doris, George Jr. par M/M ROBINSON 5-Dec-43 13-Dec-43
BURTON, Mary Jane San Diego Marriage PEEL, Robert Charles Holland MI 20-Aug-44 24-Aug-44
BUSCH, A. Hayes Beverly Hills Marriage WESTMORELAND, Jackie North Hollywood 25-Aug-43 10-Sep-43
BUSH, Hama H.     hus of BUSH, Helen H. 13-Dec-43
BUSH, Harry A. North Hollywood Death 57 body shipped to NY for services 6-Feb-41
BUSH, Helen H. North Hollywood Death 51 hus Hama H., 3 dau 8-Dec-43 13-Dec-43
BUSH, Walter William PA Marriage BECKETT, Jean E. St Louis IL 22-Apr-44 24-Apr-44
BUSS, Robert, M/M Burbank Birth daughter   23-Nov-41 2-Dec-41
BUSSARD, Leona     dau of HARLOW, Reba 14-Jun-45
BUSTAMONTE, Frances     wife of BUSTAMONTE, Jesus 6-Mar-44
BUSTAMONTE, Jesus Canoga Park Death 40 wife Frances, son, dau 1-Mar-44 6-Mar-44
BUSTIN, Emeline Foster San Fernando Death   sis Eugenia 28-Dec-44 8-Jan-45
BUSTIN, Eugenia     sis of BUSTIN, Emeline Foster 8-Jan-45
BUTCHER, Bernard L., M/M Cangoa Park par of Susan Ann last week 6-Nov-44
BUTCHER, Susan Ann Cangoa Park Birth BUTCHER,   Bernard L., M/M last week 6-Nov-44
BUTLER, Ada     BENT, Ada, Mrs 30-Mar-43
BUTLER, Ann     FARMER, Ann, Mrs 30-Mar-43
BUTLER, Elizabeth     dau of LUTTGE, Belle 22-Mar-45
BUTLER, Ella       PENOCK, Ella, Mrs 30-Mar-43
BUTLER, George H. North Hollywood Death 61 wife Mary C.,son George H., daus Ella PENOCK, Ann FARMER, Ada BENT 21-Mar-43 30-Mar-43
BUTLER, George H.     son of BUTLER, George H. 30-Mar-43
BUTLER, Graham F., M/M North Hollywood par of Phillip Gordon last week 24-Aug-44
BUTLER, Jane North Hollywood Marriage JOUETTE, C.M. Chicago IL 9-Jun-42 19-Jun-42
BUTLER, Jane North Hollywood Marriage JOUETTE, C.M. Chicago IL 9-Jun-42 26-Jun-42
BUTLER, Jim, M/M   par of Linda Ann 14-Jun-42 19-Jun-42
BUTLER, Linda Ann Birth BUTLER,   Jim, M/M 14-Jun-42 19-Jun-42
BUTLER, Mary C.     wife of BUTLER, George H. 30-Mar-43
BUTLER, Phillip Gordon North Hollywood Birth BUTLER,   Graham F., M/M last week 24-Aug-44
BUTLER, Willie Parks Jr. U.S. Navy Marriage SINGLAUB, Anita M. Sherman Oaks 26-Jun-44 22-Jun-44
BUTT, Nona       dau of PALMER, Isabella M., Mrs 2-Dec-41
BUTTERFIELD, William H. Burbank Marriage YOAK, Betty Lee Burbank 20-Dec-41 23-Dec-41
BUTTERFIELD, William H., Lt/M Douglas AZ Birth daughter     10-Feb-44
BUTTERWORTH, Dennis Michael Burbank Birth BUTTERWORTH,   Joseph Thomas, M/M 16-Apr-41 24-Apr-41
BUTTERWORTH, Joseph Thomas, M/M Burbank   par of Dennis Michael 16-Apr-41 24-Apr-41
BUTTON, Harold Care Roscoe Marriage SMITH, June Jeanette Roscoe 23-Jan-43 5-Feb-43
BUTTS, Frank C., Mrs     sis-in-law of MADISON, William Mattis 28-Jan-41
BUZZELL, Margie Burbank Marriage SOVEREIGN, Dale M. Los Angeles 9-May-42 15-May-42
BUZZILL, Geneva Phoenix AZ Marriage WERTHEIMER, Walter Phoenix AZ 4-Jul-43 6-Jul-43
BYARD, Pauline Beverly Tarzana Marriage DEAUX, Fred Commings 13-Jul-41 24-Jul-41
BYARD, Vivian Myrtle North Hollywood Marriage YALE, George David North Hollywood 27-Nov-44 14-Dec-44
BYER, Allen C.     hus of BYER, Charlotte Dorothy 18-Jan-45
BYER, Charlotte Dorothy San Fernando Death   hus Allen C. 9-Jan-45 18-Jan-45
BYMASTER, Bera     dau of ANDERSON, Scott, Rev 29-Mar-45
BYRD, Bryan C.     son of BYRD, Thomas Edwin 13-Feb-42
BYRD, Paul W.     son of BYRD, Thomas Edwin 13-Feb-42
BYRD, Thomas Edwin Van Nuys Death 82 sons Paul W., Bryan C., Thomas L., remains to MO for interment 11-Feb-42 13-Feb-42
BYRD, Thomas L.     son of BYRD, Thomas Edwin 13-Feb-42
BYRES, Lorna North Hollywood Marriage CALKINS, Victor Jr. Van Nuys 24-Jun-43 6-Jul-43
BYRON, Arthur William North Hollywood Death 71 actor, wife Kathryn, daus Eileen, Mrs Wallis CLARK 16-Jul-43 20-Jul-43
BYRON, Eileen     dau of BYRON, Arthur William 20-Jul-43
BYRON, Kathryn     wife of BYRON, Arthur William 20-Jul-43