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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"Ce - Ch "

CEARLEY, Charlotte Anne Van Nuys Birth CEARLEY,   Lloyd T., M/M last week 18-Dec-44
CEARLEY, Lloyd T., M/M Van Nuys   par of Charlotte Anne last week 18-Dec-44
CECIL, George Clifford North Hollywood Death 64 born Visalia CA, son Paul N. 3-Mar-43 5-Mar-43
CECIL, Paul N.     father of CECIL, George Clifford 5-Mar-43
CENICEROS, Barbara     wife of CENICEROS, Salvador, Pvt 8-Mar-45
CENICEROS, Salvador, Pvt Roscoe Death   killed in action, wife Barbara 8-Mar-45
CENTMEYERS, Ruth     dau of WAGNON, Nannie S., Mrs 12-Dec-41
CHACE, Wiliam Miller North Hollywood Marriage FORCE, Ione Marcella Studio City 2-Aug-41 12-Aug-41
CHACE, William Miller II, M/M North Hollywood par of William Miller III 22-Dec-42 1-Jan-43
CHACE, William Miller III North Hollywood Birth CHACE,   William Miller II, M/M 22-Dec-42 1-Jan-43
CHACON, Pasqual Isabel Jr. San Fernando Birth CHACON,   Pasqual L., M/M last week 19-Mar-45
CHACON, Pasqual L., M/M San Fernando par of Pasqual Isabel Jr. last week 19-Mar-45
CHADWELL, John, M/M Van Nuys   par of Sandra Jeanne 14-Feb-43 16-Feb-43
CHADWELL, Sandra Jeanne Van Nuys Birth CHADWELL,   John, M/M 14-Feb-43 16-Feb-43
CHADWICK, Earl Van Nuys Death 57 born Laplata MO, wife Minnie, son Earl, daus Emaline, Naomi, Virginia PHILLIPS 7-Mar-45 15-Mar-45
CHADWICK, Earl     son of CHADWICK, Earl 15-Mar-45
CHADWICK, Emaline     dau of CHADWICK, Earl 15-Mar-45
CHADWICK, Minnie     wife of CHADWICK, Earl 15-Mar-45
CHADWICK, Naomi     dau of CHADWICK, Earl 15-Mar-45
CHADWICK, Virginia     PHILLIPS, Virginia, Mrs 15-Mar-45
CHAIKIN, Allen H., M/M North Hollywood par of Richard Allen last week 15-Jan-45
CHAIKIN, Richard Allen North Hollywood Birth CHAIKIN,   Allen H., M/M last week 15-Jan-45
CHAMBERS, Eugene F. Los Angeles Marriage PRIESTMAN, Dorothy C. North Hollywood 20-Nov-41 28-Nov-41
CHAMPION, Della Mae Glendale Marriage MULLEN, Frank A.Jr. Burbank 14-May-42 26-May-42
CHAMPION, G.M. Mrs     sau of ARMSTRONG, James 6-Jan-42
CHANCE, Heloise D.     dau of DOANE, George Peck 24-Aug-43
CHANDLER, Marvin, M/M Burbank Birth daughter   20-Mar-42 31-Mar-42
CHANSLOR, Hattie     wife of CHANSLOR, Robert P. 16-Mar-44
CHANSLOR, Robert P. North Hollywood Death 78 wife Hattie, son Roy 16-Mar-44
CHANSLOR, Roy     son of CHANSLOR, Robert P. 16-Mar-44
CHAPMAN, Dale     bro of CHAPMAN, Mary Ann 16-Dec-43
CHAPMAN, Edna     McMELLAN, Edna, Mrs 16-Dec-43
CHAPMAN, Ella, Mrs Glendale Death   rosary Oct 18 19-Oct-44
CHAPMAN, Harvey Hewett Ontario Marriage CRAWSHAW, Marilyn Jane North Hollywood 14-Jun-42 19-Jun-42
CHAPMAN, Mary Ann Van Nuys Death 72 sis Mrs M. Edna McMELLAN, bro Dale 8-Dec-43 16-Dec-43
CHAPMAN, Opal, Mrs North Hollywood Death 51 died at Good Samaritan Hospital 29-Jul-41
CHAPPEE, Edith     wife of CHAPPEE, Perry 27-Jul-43
CHAPPEE, George, M/M     par of CHAPPEE, Perry 27-Jul-43
CHAPPEE, Perry North Hollywood Death 47 wife Edith, par M/M George 24-Jul-43 27-Jul-43
CHAPPEL, Marjorie Joyce Burbank Marriage CUMMINS, Arthur B. Burbank last summer 17-Apr-42
CHARLTON, Ella M. Van Nuys Death 72 nephew, Wilfird C. CHARLTON, nieces Helen JOLLY, Mrs Wolford BENNETT 14-May-43 18-May-43
CHARLTON, Wilfird C.     nephew of CHARLTON, Ella M. 18-May-43
CHAVEZ, Lucy Cabrera Van Nuys Birth CHAVEZ,   Mike, M/M last week 17-Aug-44
CHAVEZ, Mary Pacoima Birth CHAVEZ,   Robert, M/M last week 24-Aug-44
CHAVEZ, Mike, M/M Van Nuys   par of Lucy Cabrera last week 17-Aug-44
CHAVEZ, Robert, M/M Pacoima   par of Mary   last week 24-Aug-44
CHENEY, Cassie North Hollywood Death 84   19-Nov-44 23-Nov-44
CHEPIN, Jimmy North Hollywood Birth CHEPIN,   Joseph, M/M   15-Jul-41
CHEPIN, Joseph, M/M North Hollywood par of Jimmy   15-Jul-41
CHERRY, William Studio City Marriage BLACK, Martha Jean 3-Jan-43 12-Jan-43
CHESEBRO, Virgil Los Angeles Marriage PAYNE, Scott E. Burbank   30-Mar-44
CHIARODIT, Dorothy North Hollywood Marriage RYAN, George North Hollywood 13-May-45 17-May-45
CHIARODIT, Leola North Hollywood Marriage MILLER, Glenn North Hollywood 12-Mar-43 26-Mar-43
CHICKERING, E.G., M/M Van Nuys Birth son     7-May-43
CHICKERING, Elbridge G., M/M Van Nuys   par of Gerry Lyn last week 1-Mar-45
CHICKERING, Gerry Lyn Van Nuys Birth CHICKERING,   Elbridge G., M/M last week 1-Mar-45
CHILDS, Allen Edward Van Nuys Birth CHILDS,   Allen, M/M   20-Jul-44
CHILDS, Allen, M/M Van Nuys   par of Allen Edward   20-Jul-44
CHILDS, Carolyn Burbank Death   sis in Pittsburgh PA 31-May-45 7-Jun-45
CHILES, Alan R., M/M Cangoa Park par of Alan Ross last week 19-Mar-45
CHILES, Alan Ross Cangoa Park Birth CHILES,   Alan R., M/M last week 19-Mar-45
CHIPS, George Tujunga Marriage CANE, Margie Alice North Hollywood 7-Jul-43 20-Jul-43
CHITWOOD, LeRoy, M/M Van Nuys   par of Wiley Richard 15-Jun-44 26-Jun-44
CHITWOOD, Wiley Richard Van Nuys Birth CHITWOOD,   LeRoy, M/M 15-Jun-44 26-Jun-44
CHIVERTON, Fred San Francisco Marriage WOODSFORD, Mrs. Florence Sepulveda 18-Jan-42 23-Jan-42
CHRISHOLM, Louise Los Angeles Marriage STEVENSON, Robert W. North Hollywood 23-May-42 9-Jun-42
CHRISMAN, Charles Burbank Birth son   17-Sep-41 23-Sep-41
CHRIST, Mrs William North Hollywood Death 35 native of New York City 24-Apr-42 1-May-42
CHRISTENSEN, Cardell D., M/M Van Nuys   par of Yahna Christina last week 19-Mar-45
CHRISTENSEN, Yahna Christina Van Nuys Birth CHRISTENSEN,   Cardell D., M/M last week 19-Mar-45
CHRISTENSON, John Sidney Burbank Death   native of Hutchinson KS 12-Dec-44 18-Dec-44
CHRISTERSON, Alma Josephene   wife of CHRISTERSON, John Edward 22-Jul-41
CHRISTERSON, John Albert   son of CHRISTERSON, John Edward 22-Jul-41
CHRISTERSON, John Edward San Fernando Death 69 resident since 1916, retired from W&P, born Lund, Sweden, S.F. Masonic Lodge, V.N. Royal #135, L.A. Council #11, S.F. Elks #1539, First Lutheran Church, wife Alma Josephine, son John Albert 20-Jul-41 22-Jul-41
CHRISTIAN, George Elmer Burbank Marriage BOECHER, Florence Shirly Kingfisher OK 21-Mar-42 31-Mar-42
CHRISTIANSON, Myrtle San Fernando Marriage McCURDY, Orrin R.   3-Mar-42
CHRISTIE, Cyrus     son of CHRISTIE, H.H. 20-Mar-41
CHRISTIE, H.H. North Hollywood Death 71 Pioneer Hotel operator, heart attack, wife Shirley, sons Cyrus, Richard, Howard, dau Mrs James F. BRYAN 15-Mar-41 20-Mar-41
CHRISTIE, Howard     son of CHRISTIE, H.H. 20-Mar-41
CHRISTIE, Richard     son of CHRISTIE, H.H. 20-Mar-41
CHRISTIE, Shirley     wife of CHRISTIE, H.H. 20-Mar-41
CHRISTISON, Richard H. Denver CO Marriage WILSON, Alleen Sarah North Hollywood 19-Apr-42 22-May-42
CHRISTISON, Richard H. Denver CO Marriage WILSON, Alleen Sarah North Hollywood 14-Jun-42 23-Jun-42
CHRISTISON, Richard H. Denver CO Marriage WILSON, Alleen Sarah North Hollywood June 26-Jun-42
CHRISTOFFERSON, Laurence, M/M Van Nuys   par of Terry Allen last week 12-Apr-45
CHRISTOFFERSON, R.V. Racine WI Marriage ANGERMEIR, Esther Burbank 5-Mar-44 16-Mar-44
CHRISTOFFERSON, Terry Allen Van Nuys Birth CHRISTOFFERSON,   Laurence, M/M last week 12-Apr-45
CHRISTOPHERSON, Ralph M. Brawley Marriage PETERSON, Bobbie Michelle Roscoe 25-Apr-43 30-Apr-43
CHURCH, Leon Wiley North Hollywood Birth CHURCH, Lyndon, M/M 26-Sep-44 9-Oct-44
CHURCH, Lyndon J. North Hollywood Marriage WALKER, Marjorie Plantersville AL 27-Nov-43 20-Dec-43
CHURCH, Lyndon, M/M North Hollywood par of Leon Wiley 26-Sep-44 9-Oct-44
CHURCH, Russell M., M/M Burbank   par of Sharon Louise 15-Apr-44 27-Apr-44
CHURCH, Sharon Louise Burbank Birth CHURCH,   Russell M., M/M 15-Apr-44 27-Apr-44
CHURCHHILL, Esther M. Burbank Marriage GATLIFF, Roy L. Los Angeles 7-Apr-45 12-Apr-45
CHURCHILL, Alfred     son of CHURCHILL, Clara J. 15-Jun-43
CHURCHILL, Betty Lou North Hollywood Marriage LYON, Pvt. Lewis E. Fresno 20-Aug-44 24-Aug-44
CHURCHILL, Charles Los Angeles Death   U.S.M.C.   9-Dec-41
CHURCHILL, Clara J. North Hollywood Death 67 born Bloomington IL, hus Fred, son Alfred 11-Jun-43 15-Jun-43
CHURCHILL, Fred     hus of CHURCHILL, Clara J. 15-Jun-43
CHURCHILL, Juanita   LINSTROM, D.M., Mrs   6-Nov-42
CHURCHILL, June LaCrescenta Marriage VAN LOON, Dana B. Glendale a week ago 8-Aug-41