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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"Co "

COATES, Lillie     wife of DAVIS, Walter M. 21-Oct-41
COATNEY, Betty Jean North Hollywood Marriage DeMARCHI, Pvt. Don B. IA   23-Jan-42
COATS, Arthur, Judge     father of COATS, Lauren 10-Jul-41
COATS, Lauren Death 15 crushed to death under load of 50 gal. drums, father Superior Judge Arthur Coats of Yuba City 10-Jul-41
COATS, Robert Lee North Hollywood Marriage WINANS, Mary Eileen Burbank 4-Apr-44 10-Apr-44
COBB, Gus G. North Hollywood Marriage RUNKEL, Mrs Rachel E. North Hollywood 2-Sep-43 14-Sep-43
COBB, Orla San Fernando Death   phosphorus burns at Flare Mfg Corp. 30-Mar-44 3-Apr-44
COBBLEDICK, Beulah E.     wife of COBBLEDICK, Charles F. 1-May-41
COBBLEDICK, Charles F. Van Nuys Death   wife Beulah E. 30-Apr-41 1-May-41
COCHRANE, Bess Burbank Marriage TEAGUE, Jay Y. Burbank spring 45 21-Jun-45
COCKSHOTT, Hugh Arcadia Marriage BRANEN, Virginia Irene North Hollywood 14-Aug-42 18-Aug-42
COCREHAM, Nora Allen Burbank Marriage PERRY, Herbert O. Walla Walla WA Labor Day 23-Oct-42
CODER, Ellis Lloyd Seattle Marriage TUMBLESON, Margaret Sherman Oaks 18-Jun-44 19-Jun-44
COEN, Thornton North Hollywood Marriage BROWN, Maurine KS 24-Feb-41 4-Mar-41
COESTER, Alfred, Dr     hus of COESTER, Amalie 13-Apr-43
COESTER, Amalie Death   died in Palo Alto, hus Dr Alfred, sis Esther B. Ross, Carla B. Nobles 7-Apr-43 13-Apr-43
COFFIN, Vincent New York Marriage ENGLUND, Millianna B. Starback MN 27-Jun-43 9-Jul-43
COFFMAN, John H., M/M Van Nuys   par of John Lyle last week 19-Mar-45
COFFMAN, John Lyle Van Nuys Birth COFFMAN,   John H., M/M last week 19-Mar-45
COGAN, Ada S. Sherman Oaks Death 79 born WI, in CA 16 years, hus John T. 29-Jun-41 8-Jul-41
COGAN, John T.     hus of COGAN, Ada S. 8-Jul-41
COGESHALL, Mrs Myrtle Roscoe Death 57   15-Dec-44 21-Dec-44
COGHLAN, Mrs Mary Estelle Van Nuys Death 71 daus Mrs Helen JONES, Mrs Bailey HUGHES 29-Mar-41 3-Apr-41
COLBLY, Alfred Death 22 motorcycle accident 16-Mar-41 20-Mar-41
COLCLOUGH, Ella B. North Hollywood Death 77 hus John, daus Essie NOLAN, Losa BRICKER, Olive KYLE, Jettie SPENCER 26-Mar-41 1-Apr-41
COLCLOUGH, John     hus of COLCLOUGH, Ella B. 1-Apr-41
COLE, Mary Jane Glendale Marriage STANELL, Harry LeRoy Burbank 19-Oct-41 28-Oct-41
COLE, Richard, M/M Burbank Birth daughter   17-May-42 26-May-42
COLE, Robert Tujunga Death 5 foot caught in stirrup, burro dragged and trampled him 13-Mar-43 16-Mar-43
COLE, Stan Hollywood Marriage SMITH, Mary Roberta North Hollywood 12-May-45 24-May-45
COLE, William Alvin Tujunga Birth COLE,   William, M/M   11-Feb-41
COLE, William, M/M Tujunga   par of William Alvin   11-Feb-41
COLEMAN, Ernest     hus of COLEMAN, Jessie B. 28-May-43
COLEMAN, Frances North Hollywood Death   Colorado native, hus Irving 7-Jan-42 13-Jan-42
COLEMAN, Irving     hus of COLEMAN, Frances 13-Jan-42
COLEMAN, James, M/M North Hollywood par of Lynn Wood (son) 5-Sep-42 18-Sep-42
COLEMAN, James, M/M Burbank Birth daughter   27-Apr-42 5-May-42
COLEMAN, Jane     dau of COLEMAN, Jessie B. 28-May-43
COLEMAN, Jessie B. Van Nuys Death   services May 28, hus Ernest, dau Jane 28-May-43
COLEMAN, Lynn Wood North Hollywood Birth COLEMAN,   James, M/M 5-Sep-42 18-Sep-42
COLEMAN, Marie     dau of HARLOW, Reba 14-Jun-45
COLEMAN, Mildred Louise Northridge Marriage MITCHELL, Charles F. Van Nuys 2-Mar-41 11-Mar-41
COLEMAN, Ruth Ellen Murphy NC Marriage MURPHY, William Arthur North Hollywood 19-Feb-44 28-Feb-44
COLES, Clara     wife of COLES, John B. 17-Aug-43
COLES, E., Mrs     dau of SMITH, Kittie 25-Nov-43
COLES, John B Jr     son of COLES, John B. 17-Aug-43
COLES, John B. North Hollywood Death   wife Clara, son John Jr., dau Malvina SMITH 10-Aug-43 17-Aug-43
COLES, Joyce Birth KELLY, Jack, Mrs   19-May-42
COLES, Malvina     SMITH, Malvina, Mrs 17-Aug-43
COLGAN, Robert F. Corpus Chr. TX Marriage PEACH, Rosemary North Hollywood 11-Aug-44 16-Oct-44
COLGATE, Gerald David Burbank Birth COLGATE,   Roswell E., M/M 8-Aug-43 17-Aug-43
COLGATE, Roswell E., M/M Burbank   par of Gerald David 8-Aug-43 17-Aug-43
COLLENS, T.J., Mrs     SMALLEY, John 21-Sep-43
COLLIER, Ernest     son of COLLIER, John Henry 12-Feb-45
COLLIER, Ethel     OWEN, Ethel, Mrs 12-Feb-45
COLLIER, Harold     son of COLLIER, John Henry 12-Feb-45
COLLIER, Irene North Hollywood Marriage TAYLOR, Pfc. Jackie L. Canoga Park` 14-Oct-44 26-Oct-44
COLLIER, John Henry North Hollywood Death 84 born England, dau Ethel OWEN, sons Ernest, Harold 10-Feb-45 12-Feb-45
COLLINGS, Janis North Hollywood Marriage DOOLEY, Raymond North Hollywood 25-Sep-42 6-Oct-42
COLLINS, Adele India North Hollywood Marriage HULL, James Standiford Burbank 24-Oct-42 30-Oct-42
COLLINS, Benjamin     son of COLLINS, Walton L. 1-Feb-45
COLLINS, Clifton     son of COLLINS, Walton L. 1-Feb-45
COLLINS, Della Mary Burbank Death 66 dau Frances Margaret 27-Apr-44 1-May-44
COLLINS, Frances Margaret   dau of COLLINS, Della Mary 1-May-44
COLLINS, Jessie     wife of COLLINS, Walton L. 1-Feb-45
COLLINS, Kenneth L. Burbank Marriage BUCHANAN, Peggy L. Alhambra 25-Dec-41 2-Jan-42
COLLINS, Lillian New York Marriage SECHER, Edward Burbank 5-Apr-45 26-Apr-45
COLLINS, Maude     dau of CAMPBELL, Marjorie Elma 3-Jul-41
COLLINS, Virginia     BLAIR, Virginia, Mrs 1-Feb-45
COLLINS, Walton Jr.     son of COLLINS, Walton L. 1-Feb-45
COLLINS, Walton L. San Fernando Death 57 wife Jessie, sons Walton Jr., Clifton, Benjamin, dau Virginia BLAIR 23-Jan-45 1-Feb-45
COLLINS, William Burbank Death 65 native of Johnson Co. MO 3-Aug-44 7-Aug-44
COLLINS, William E. North Hollywood Marriage DONATELLA, Jan North Hollywood 24-Apr-45 26-Apr-45
COLQUETT, Helen Jordan Glendale Marriage WHITED, Leslie Everett Glendale 18-Feb-44 21-Feb-44
COLUMBUS, Linda Joyce Van Nuys Birth COLUMBUS,   Ted, M/M last week 12-Oct-44
COLUMBUS, Ted, M/M Van Nuys   par of Linda Joyce last week 12-Oct-44
COLVIN, George M. Burbank Marriage PROCTOR, Marjorie Jean Burbank 25-Sep-43 1-Oct-43
COLVIN, George M. Burbank Marriage PROCTOR, Marjorie Jean Burbank 26-Sep-43 5-Oct-43
COMBS, Dorothy Canoga Park Marriage SCHNEIDER, Eugene A. Jr. Canoga Park 12-Apr-41 17-Apr-41
COMBS, George     bro of MATHEWS, Helen Louise 28-May-45
COMBS, Helen Louise     MATHEWS, Helen Louise, Mrs 28-May-45
COMBS, Mrs M.J. San Fernando Death 82 body shipped to Monett MO for burial 7-Nov-44 13-Nov-44
COMEAU, Frances North Hollywood Death 27 car accident in Austin TX, hus Mason (driver) injured, son Roger killed 26-Oct-41 7-Nov-41
COMEAU, Mason     hus of COMEAU, Frances 7-Nov-41
COMEAU, Roger Death   son of COMEAU, Frances 26-Oct-41 7-Nov-41
COMEAU, Roger North Hollywood Death 3 car accident in Austin TX, father (driver) injured, mother Frances killed 26-Oct-41 7-Nov-41
COMER, Lucy North Hollywood Death 69 hus Simpson C., daus Pearl FRILOT, Winnie ALLEN, Muriel SULLIVAN, Maude MARSHALL, June INGELSON 30-Jan-41
COMER, Simpson C.     hus of COMER, Lucy 30-Jan-41
COMMON, Lloyd Harold Tarzana Marriage BLACK, Lila Coolidge Grand Forks ND 13-Jul-41 24-Jul-41
COMPTON, Charles Burbank Marriage WOODBURY, Lila Amesbury MA 26-Dec-44 4-Jan-45
COMSTOCK, Conant     bro of COMSTOCK, Irma E. 19-Sep-41
COMSTOCK, Daisie     FELTER, Daisie, Mrs 19-Sep-41
COMSTOCK, Irma E. Burbank Death   born Adrian MI, sis Mrs Daisie FELTER, bro Conant 13-Sep-41 19-Sep-41
CONANT, William R. Pacoima Marriage TOMLINSON, La Vonne Pacoima 1-Jun-42 26-Jun-42
CONDE, Lynn Boyd Jr. Beverly Hills Marriage LYNDON, Betty Alice North Hollywood 12-May-44 22-May-44
CONDON, Caddie North Hollywood Marriage BARLOW, Alton Murray NY 13-May-43 8-Jun-43
CONDON, Caddie North Hollywood Marriage BARLOW, Alton Murray NY 9-May-43 17-Aug-43
CONDON, Caddy  North Hollywood Son Birth BARLOW son, died Mar 28 26-Mar-44 30-Mar-44
CONGER, Al, M/M Burbank   par of Sharon May 3-Oct-41 21-Oct-41
CONGER, Sharon May Burbank Birth CONGER,   Al, M/M 3-Oct-41 21-Oct-41
CONINE, Mary Louise Tarzana Death 65 native of Butler NJ 28-Nov-44 4-Dec-44
CONINGER, C.F, Mrs     dau of TAYLOR, W.H. 16-Sep-41
CONKLIN, Catherine, Mrs Sherman Oaks Death 53 murdered by son-in-law, Frederick FERGUSON 29-Mar-42 26-May-42
CONKLIN, Catherine, Mrs Death   mother-in-law of FERGUSON, Frederick H. 26-May-42
CONKLIN, Gordon D.     nephew of CONKLIN, Oscar 20-Jul-43
CONKLIN, Mary Lavinia     GREER-CONKLIN, Mary Lavinia 3-Sep-43
CONKLIN, Oscar Van Nuys Death 76 nephew Gordon D. 13-Jul-43 20-Jul-43
CONNELL, Barbara Jean     dau of CONNELL, Byron 24-Jul-41
CONNELL, Byron Sepulveda Death 42 born Omaha NB, died after 12 yr illness, wife Kathryn, dau Barbara Jean 21-Jul-41 24-Jul-41
CONNELL, George Edward Baker OR Marriage WORLEY, Velma Elaine 9-Feb-43 26-Feb-43
CONNELL, Kathryn     wife of CONNELL, Byron 24-Jul-41
CONNOR, Lt James North Hollywood Death   killed in action in France, was in 141st Infantry 4-Oct-44 30-Nov-44
CONSTABLE, G.W.     son of MOONAW, Mabel Elizabeth 15-Jul-41
CONSTABLE, J.W.     son of MOONAW, Mabel Elizabeth 15-Jul-41
CONSTANT, Norma  Westwood dau Birth BALLARD, Judith Anne 7-Jan-42 23-Jan-42
CONTRERAS, Edward Canoga Park Birth CONTRERAS,   Edward, M/M last week 3-Aug-44
CONTRERAS, Edward, M/M Canoga Park par of Edward last week 3-Aug-44
CONWAY, Frank J. Chicago IL Marriage BECKTON, Beulah North Hollywood 15-Aug-43 20-Aug-43
CONWAY, Pfc Robert H. La Crescenta Death   killed in action 23-Oct-44
COOGAN, Jackie (movie star), M/M Van Nuys Birth son   5-Mar-42 7-Apr-42
COOK, Alice       wife of COOK, Joseph C. 4-Jun-45
COOK, Amos H. North Hollywood Death 60 wife Ruth A., son William H., daus Joyce V., Mrs Pete SCHULLER 31-Aug-43 3-Sep-43
COOK, Beulah     dau of BLAIR, Lizzie Amelia 24-Jan-44
COOK, Beulah     COOK, W.R., Mrs 24-Jan-44
COOK, Burton Mrs     BOX, Mary A. 30-Dec-41
COOK, Cassie     dau of O'BRIEN, Margaret Ann 15-Mar-45
COOK, Charles W. Burbank Marriage BROWNILE, Reba R. Martensdale IA 5-Dec-42 15-Dec-42
COOK, Don W. North Hollywood Marriage ANDREWS, Dixie North Hollywood 17-Apr-44 4-May-44
COOK, Emma L. North Hollywood Death 81 born Canada 11-Jul-44 13-Jul-44
COOK, Francis     son of COOK, Joseph C. 4-Jun-45
COOK, Franklin Delano Van Nuys Death 6 auto accident, par M/M Ivan 3-Feb-41 6-Feb-41
COOK, Gertrude     MYERS, Gertrude, Mrs 4-Jun-45
COOK, Gladys   MAW, Dale, Mrs   10-Jan-44
COOK, Harold USMC Corp. North Hollywood Death 22 killed defending Wake Island 2-Jan-42
COOK, Ivan, M/M     par of COOK, Franklin Delano 6-Feb-41
COOK, Joseph C. North Hollywood Death   wife Alice, sons Francis, Leonard, daus Marie, Margaret HILBERT, Gertrude MYERS 27-May-45 4-Jun-45
COOK, Joyce V.     dau of COOK, Amos H. 3-Sep-43
COOK, Lawrence Edward Marriage DAVIS, Clarice Preston Burbank 30-Aug-42 8-Sep-42
COOK, Leonard     son of COOK, Joseph C. 4-Jun-45
COOK, Lois Iris TX Marriage FIELD, Fielding, J. North Hollywood 20-Dec-41 23-Jan-42
COOK, Margaret     HILBERT, Margaret, Mrs 4-Jun-45
COOK, Marie     dau of COOK, Joseph C. 4-Jun-45
COOK, Mary Lou North Hollywood Marriage BAGGEE, Carl 26-Sep-42 2-Oct-42
COOK, Ruth A     wife of COOK, Amos H. 3-Sep-43
COOK, William H.     son of COOK, Amos H. 3-Sep-43
COOKE, Marjorie     dau of WEADOCK, Louis 17-Feb-42
COOKSTON, Harry Gidgeon Burbank Marriage PURKISS, Betty Los Angeles 6-Mar-45 12-Mar-45
COOLEY, Clyde "Spade"     son of COOLEY, John Westley 23-Jul-43
COOLEY, Dorothy     GRAHAM, Dorothy, Mrs 23-Jul-43
COOLEY, Emma     wife of COOLEY, John Westley 23-Jul-43
COOLEY, Gladys     TOWNS, Glady, Mrs 23-Jul-43
COOLEY, Hazel     SWANSON, Hazel, Mrs 23-Jul-43
COOLEY, Jack Glendale Marriage HENDERSON, Betty Reseda Mar-45 15-Mar-45
COOLEY, John Westley North Hollywood Death   wife Emma, son Clyde "Spade" (orchestra leader), daus Gladys TOWNS, Hazel SWANSON, Dorothy GRAHAM 19-Jul-43 23-Jul-43
COOMBES, George William North Hollywood Marriage CULLINS, Alice Ann North Hollywood 9-Mar-45 22-Mar-45
COON, Jean       dau of PARK, Elizabeth C. 6-May-41
COON, Margaret     dau of PARK, Elizabeth C. 6-May-41
COONEY, Mary Pittsburgh PA Marriage STEWART, George Pittsburgh PA 17-Aug-42 1-Sep-42
COOPER, Alva Burbank Marriage BATES, Betty Burbank 14-Apr-45 19-Apr-45
COOPER, Iris Van Nuys Marriage SMOLEN, Julian Encino 27-Aug-44 7-Sep-44
COOPER, Lt Robert Emerson Van Nuys Marriage McGREGOR, Margaret North Hollywood 22-Nov-43
COOPER, William Les North Hollywood Death 28 hit and run truck accident, wife in AZ 6-Dec-43 9-Dec-43
COPELAND, Margaret Carthew North Hollywood Death 33   6-Aug-42 14-Aug-42
COPELAND, William A. Burbank Death 76 native of Canada 6-Jun-42 9-Jun-42
COPPIN, Vera     dau of BRIDGE, Mary Matilda 9-Apr-45
CORBIN, Alfred     son of CORBIN, Rosa M. 14-Aug-42
CORBIN, George N.     Hus of CORBIN, Rosa M. 14-Aug-42
CORBIN, Harry     son of CORBIN, Rosa M. 14-Aug-42
CORBIN, Rosa M. North Hollywood Death 77 hus George N, sons Alfred, Harry, funeral on 60th wedding anniversary 6-Aug-42 14-Aug-42
COREY, Clarence Howard North Hollywood Marriage HILTON, Barbara Marie North Hollywood 23-Nov-41 16-Dec-41
CORINA, Hilda     dau of WHELOCK, Willis H. 17-Aug-43
CORLL, Anna Highland Park Death 68 daus Margaret CURTIS, Laura HUNT 18-Feb-45 15-Feb-45
CORMAN, Nadine G. Burbank Marriage BOYINGTON, James C. Burbank 30-Jul-44 3-Aug-44
CORNELIS, Clement E. Simi Valley Death 65 dairyman 29-Mar-41 3-Apr-41
CORNELIUS, Jose Van Nuys Death 38 Mexican alien, epileptic, had head wound 19-Jul-42 21-Jul-42
CORNELL, Edward J., M/M North Hollywood par of Shiela 3-Oct-42 20-Oct-42
CORNELL, Jerry, Mrs     dau of SMITH, Catherine Ellen 9-Mar-43
CORNELL, Lillian San Fernando Marriage LEE, Edward San Fernando 2-Aug-41 15-Aug-41
CORNELL, Shiela North Hollywood Birth CORNELL,   Edward J., M/M 3-Oct-42 20-Oct-42
CORNITIUS, William Cody Van Nuys Marriage BOLLER, Dorothy Elouise Sherman Oaks 20-Feb-42
CORNMAN, Leighton R. Pasadena Death 68 struck by car 14-Mar-42 17-Mar-42
CORNWELL, Donna Louise Chicago Birth CORNWELL,  Joseph, Ltjg/M 27-Apr-45 17-May-45
CORNWELL, Frank J., Mrs     sis of VOGHT, August 31-Aug-43
CORNWELL, Joseph Wm. North Hollywood Marriage ZELLER, Dorothy Louise Chicago 7-Jun-44 31-Aug-44
CORNWELL, Joseph, Ltjg/M Chicago   par of Donna Louise 27-Apr-45 17-May-45
CORP, Charles H. Jr. San Fernando Marriage RICHARDSON, Helen Antoinette Los Angeles 2-Nov-41 11-Nov-41
CORP, Clarence E. North Hollywood Marriage PARKER, Emma F. North Hollywood 26-Nov-44 28-Dec-44
CORP, Clarence E. North Hollywood Marriage PARKER, Emma F. North Hollywood 26-Nov-44 1-Jan-45
CORRADI, Allessandro     hus of CORRADI, Bianca 26-Jun-44
CORRADI, Bianca Burbank Death 51 born Italy, hus Allessandro, daus Melvina SAGONA, Rika ODDONI, son Henry 19-Jun-44 26-Jun-44
CORRADI, Henry     son of CORRADI, Bianca 26-Jun-44
CORRADI, J. Pamela Birth CORRADI,   James P., M/M 7-Jul-43 16-Jul-43
CORRADI, James P., M/M   par of J. Pamela 7-Jul-43 16-Jul-43
CORRADI, Melvina     DAGONA, Melvina, Mrs 26-Jun-44
CORRADI, Rika     ODDONI, Rika, Mrs 26-Jun-44
CORRELL, Mildred Roscoe Marriage FAULKNER, George Ernest North Hollywood 1-Nov-41 14-Nov-41
CORWIN, Bert     hus of CORWIN, Ella 15-Aug-41
CORWIN, Ella San Fernando Death 66 ill for some time, hus Bert, bro Edwin T. MALONE this week 15-Aug-41
COSBY, Betty Jane San Fernando Marriage GOEDERT, Ralph T. Burbank 15-Apr-44 20-Apr-44
COSGROVE, Phoebe Roscoe Death   died after two year illness 22-Jul-43 30-Jul-43
COSTA, Gloria E.     SEPAUGH, Gloria E., Mrs 18-Mar-41
COSTA, Mary E.     SANDERS, Mary E., Mrs 18-Mar-41
COSTA, Mary, Mrs Reseda Death 75 born Azores, daus Gloria E. SEPAUGH, Mary E. SANDERS, sons Thomas, Pete 16-Mar-41 18-Mar-41
COSTA, Pete     son of COSTA, Mary, Mrs 18-Mar-41
COSTA, Thomas     son of COSTA, Mary, Mrs 18-Mar-41
COSTELLO, Lou     son-in-law of BATTLER, Isabelle S., Mrs 23-Oct-44
COTER, Robert J., M/M Van Nuys Birth daughter   last week 26-Oct-44
COTTINGHAM, Kearn Arthur Valyermo Birth COTTINGHAM,   William A., M/M last week 15-Jan-45
COTTINGHAM, William A., M/M Valyermo   par of Kearn Arthur last week 15-Jan-45
COTTON, Eva     dau of AUSTIN, William 29-Mar-45
COUCH, Andrea Adele North Hollywood Birth COUCH,  Dorothy Day (STANLEY),Sgt Glenn P./ Pvt, both USMCR 23-May-45 31-May-45
COUCH, Glenn P.Dorothy Day (STANLEY),Sgt / Pvt, both USMCR North Hollywood par of Andrea Adele 23-May-45 31-May-45
COUDERC, Albert Van Nuys Death 81 step-son Arthur NOWELL, step-dau F.S. FOSTER 3-Jan-45 4-Jan-45
COULTAS, Carol Anne North Hollywood Birth COULTAS, Fred Jr./Dolores (VANOUS) 18-Feb-43 9-Mar-43
COULTAS, Fred Jr./Dolores (VANOUS) North Hollywood par of Carol Anne 18-Feb-43 9-Mar-43
COULTAS, Frederick E. Jr. North Hollywood Marriage VANOUS, Dolores North Hollywood 1-May-42 8-May-42
COULTER, Joseph Doughty North Hollywood Death 46 died following attack of indigestion 15-Dec-44 18-Dec-44
COURTAS, Jane, Mrs     dau of WORCESTER, Warner C., Dr 4-Jun-45
COURTMANCHE, Charles     son of COURTMANCHE, Emma 15-Jan-45
COURTMANCHE, Emma Burbank Death 73 daus M. SKETCHLEY, P. WILSON, L.WHITE, E. CUNNITT, D.WILSON, sons Charles, Ralph, Fred, Frank 11-Jan-45 15-Jan-45
COURTMANCHE, Frank     son of COURTMANCHE, Emma 15-Jan-45
COURTMANCHE, Fred     son of COURTMANCHE, Emma 15-Jan-45
COURTMANCHE, Ralph     son of COURTMANCHE, Emma 15-Jan-45
COURTRIGHT, Elizabeth     HITE, Elizabeth Courtright, Mrs 27-Apr-43
COUTU, Leonard North Hollywood Marriage LYMAN, Ethel Mae Eagle Rock 28-Nov-42 1-Dec-42
COVENEY, Howard, M/M Burbank   par of Maureen 26-Jul-43 10-Sep-43
COVENEY, Mari Lynn Burbank Birth COVENEY,   Robert, M/M 8-Aug-43 10-Sep-43
COVENEY, Maureen Burbank Birth COVENEY,   Howard, M/M 26-Jul-43 10-Sep-43
COVENEY, Robert, M/M Burbank   par of Mari Lynn 8-Aug-43 10-Sep-43
COVEY, Janie Francis North Hollywood Marriage SMITH, Glenn O. North Hollywood 6-Apr-44
COWAN, Jeanne North Hollywood Marriage STEVENSON, Gerald Charles Beverly Hills 26-Jun-42 30-Jun-42
COWAN, Jeanne North Hollywood Marriage STEVENSON, Gerald Charles Beverly Hills 26-Jun-42 10-Jul-42
COWAN, T.B., M/M Burbank Birth daughter   15-Jul-41 17-Jul-41
COWDIN, J. Cheever Bel-Air Marriage BERENS, Katherine Andrea Parker Universal City 30-Dec-41 2-Jan-42
COWDREY, Roy (nee PARKER), M/M Sepulveda Birth son     13-Feb-42
COWELL, William Hollywood Marriage LEHMAN, Janice San Fernando 10-Aug-41 15-Aug-41
COX, Bess North Hollywood Marriage SEXTON, Richard W. Ft Stevens OR 12-Aug-43 24-Aug-43
COX, Donald K. North Hollywood Marriage SCUFFINS, Helen North Hollywood 18-Sep-42 25-Sep-42
COX, Ethelda Van Nuys Marriage BARNARD, LeRoy Van Nuys 6-Sep-41 12-Sep-41
COX, Eugene Richard Long Beach Marriage FREEMAN, Julia North Hollywood 6-Dec-41 30-Dec-41
COX, Herbert J.     hus of COX, Phyllis Carol 15-Dec-42
COX, James Judson North Hollywood Marriage LAMB, Inez Bell Center OH 6-Sep-42 15-Sep-42
COX, Leora North Hollywood Marriage NYLANDER, Wallace Van Nuys 24-Jan-41 14-Jan-41
COX, Patricia Thompson     dau of COX, Phyllis Carol 15-Dec-42
COX, Phyllis Carol Studio City Death 34 hus Herbert J., dau Patricia Thompson  par M/M Dale BRADO 11-Dec-42 15-Dec-42
COX, Ray H. Van Nuys Death 58 Veteran Valley Nursery man 23-Sep-41 26-Sep-41
COX, Virginia Irene North Hollywood Marriage MARTIN, Louis Sunland 13-Aug-43 20-Aug-43
COYLE, Dorothy     dau of DANEWOOD, Maude M. 10-May-45