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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"Cr - Cz "

CRABILL, Calvin Burbank Marriage AGEE, Judy Burbank 23-Oct-43 4-Jan-45
CRABTREE, Mildred     wife of CRABTREE, Sam G. 10-May-45
CRABTREE, Sam G. Sherman Oaks Death 45 wife Mildred 5-May-45 10-May-45
CRAFT, Lynn North Hollywood Marriage OLSON, Kathleen Van Nuys 16-Mar-41 25-Mar-41
CRAGG, Jean     dau of BERRY, Mina Marion 19-Jun-44
CRAIG, Donald Wolff Hollywood Marriage LANGTON, Elizabeth North Hollywood 22-Apr-45 7-May-45
CRAIG, James William Burbank Death 59 native of Felton, worked for S.P.R.R. last week 28-Dec-44
CRAIG, Lt Norvin Francis Burbank Death   intelligence officer with D-Day 29th Division, killed in action in France 15-Jul-44 9-Nov-44
CRAIG, Lt Norvin Francis Burbank Death   intelligence officer with D-Day 29th Division, killed in action in France 8-Feb-45
CRAMER, Lorraine North Hollywood Marriage HOLSBORG, William Montgomery AL 19-Aug-44 4-Sep-44
CRAMER, Mary Kathleen North Hollywood Birth CRAMER, Robert/Mary Louise (SCHALLERT) 22-Aug-41 29-Aug-41
CRAMER, Robert/Mary Louise (SCHALLERT) North Hollywood par of Mary Kathleen 22-Aug-41 29-Aug-41
CRANDALL, Jane E. Astoria OR Marriage LOKAN, Albert E. Astoria OR 14-Feb-42 24-Feb-42
CRANE, Clara Louise Burbank Death 66 native of Silver Reef UT 13-Aug-44 17-Aug-44
CRANE, Elsie       dau of FRIEBURG, Hanna M., Mrs 6-Feb-41
CRANE, Richard O. Burbank Marriage BECKER, Charlotte June La Crescenta 17-Apr-42 28-Apr-42
CRANER, George W. North Hollywood Death   wife Virginia J. 28-Aug-43 31-Aug-43
CRANER, Virginia J.     wife of CRANER, George W. 31-Aug-43
CRANFORD, Victor E. San Fernando Death 65   4-Jul-42 10-Jul-42
CRANK, Fillmore, M/M Tarzana Birth daughter   6-Jul-44 10-Jul-44
CRAVEN, Laura M. Van Nuys Death 20 killed in collision 9-Apr-45 12-Apr-45
CRAWFORD, Bessie Lee San Fernando Death 23 born Shawnee OK, father Laurence, sis Ruby PARKS, bros Roy, Kennedy, Otto 24-Dec-44 1-Jan-45
CRAWFORD, Kennedy     bro of CRAWFORD, Bessie Lee 1-Jan-45
CRAWFORD, Laurence     father of CRAWFORD, Bessie Lee 1-Jan-45
CRAWFORD, Mary Frances Burbank Marriage LISTON, H. Edward Los Angeles 23-Jul-43 27-Jul-43
CRAWFORD, Mildred Lenore Burbank Marriage BELL, Joseph Edward Santa Barbara 20-Aug-44 28-Aug-44
CRAWFORD, Otto     bro of CRAWFORD, Bessie Lee 1-Jan-45
CRAWFORD, Richard Bruce Burbank Birth CRAWFORD,   Richard N., M/M 26-Apr-42 1-May-42
CRAWFORD, Richard N., M/M Burbank   par of Richard Bruce 26-Apr-42 1-May-42
CRAWFORD, Roy     bro of CRAWFORD, Bessie Lee 1-Jan-45
CRAWFORD, Ruby     PARKS, Ruby, Mrs 1-Jan-45
CRAWFORD, Virgil K. Burbank Marriage FORSYTH, Ruth Burbank 21-May-42 29-May-42
CRAWLEY, Alma Rose North Hollywood Marriage SPARKS, Lt R.T. Fort Worth TX 28-May-44 8-Jun-44
CRAWLEY, Alma Rose North Hollywood Marriage SPARKS, Rupert T. 28-May-44 29-May-44
CRAWSHAW, Marilyn Jane North Hollywood Marriage CHAPMAN, Harvey Hewett Ontario 14-Jun-42 19-Jun-42
CREAMER, Harry Dale Burbank Marriage ERWIN, Doris May North Hollywood 7-Aug-43 20-Aug-43
CREAR, Vernon B. North Hollywood Marriage ASHTON, Joann Gardena 22-Aug-43 27-Aug-43
CREECH, Margaret Louise Newhall Death 49 struck by car, funeral Aug 24 24-Aug-44
CREED, Roger Magnolia Park Marriage SMITH, June   4-Jul-41 15-Jul-41
CRENSHAW, Betty Lou North Hollywood Marriage SECCOMBE, Clinton Jr. North Hollywood 1-Apr-45 5-Apr-45
CRETAN, J.E.       dau of DUNHAM, Bertha May 18-Dec-42
CREWS, John Sylvester North Hollywood Marriage FASTNER, Loraine Maryann North Hollywood 17-Mar-42 20-Mar-42
CRIBB, Aurthor, Mrs     dau of SLOAN, Robert Russell 23-Apr-43
CRIPPS, Robert R. Van Nuys Marriage WOODBURY, Madalyn Van Nuys 15-Jul-43 20-Jul-43
CRIST, Edna       dau of SMITH, Mary Belle G. 29-Mar-45
CRIST, Jack R. North Hollywood Marriage ADAMS, Virginia May North Hollywood 8-May-43 28-May-43
CRITSER, R.E., M/M North Hollywood Birth son   last week 20-Nov-44
CROCKER, Betty North Hollywood Marriage SENNETT, John Joseph III Hollywood 9-Oct-44 16-Oct-44
CROFF, Adella Roblis Bisbee AZ Death   died boarding airplane to return home 15-Apr-44 24-Apr-44
CROLIUS, Gilbert M. North Hollywood Death 57 services Feb 12, wife Olive O., son Gilbert M. Jr. 14-Feb-44
CROLIUS, Gilbert M. Jr     son of CROLIUS, Gilbert M. 14-Feb-44
CROLIUS, Olive O.     wife of CROLIUS, Gilbert M. 14-Feb-44
CRONE, E.G.       son of CRONE, Louis Henry 8-Apr-41
CRONE, Elizabeth     SUNDERMAN, Elizabeth, Mrs 8-Apr-41
CRONE, Louis Henry Canoga Park Death 65 son E.G., sis Elizabeth SUNDERMAN 6-Apr-41 8-Apr-41
CRONWELL, Clinton E. Lincoln KS Marriage HAM, Laura Burbank 23-Oct-43 29-Oct-43
CROSBY, Lewis OK Marriage HAYES, Linda Hermosa Beach 19-Jan-41 23-Jan-41
CROSLEY, Ann     WALKER, Ann, Mrs 25-Feb-41
CROSLEY, Harry     bro of CROSLEY, James 25-Feb-41
CROSLEY, James North Hollywood Death 74 sis Anna WALKER, Mrs Carl WENTZEL, bro Harry 23-Feb-41 25-Feb-41
CROSS, Albert Edward Victor North Hollywood Death 79 born Dartmouth, Nova Scotia 4-Aug-44 10-Aug-44
CROSS, H.       dau of DROZ, Ferdinand David 1-Feb-45
CROSS, Jewel West Hollywood Marriage DERIAN, Richard Studio City 1-Mar-41 20-Mar-41
CROSS, Rosemary Pasadena Marriage WOODWARD, Lynn E. Brooklyn NY 13-Feb-44 2-Mar-44
CROSSEN, J., M/M Van Nuys   par of Joan Kathryn last week 21-May-45
CROSSEN, Joan Kathryn Van Nuys Birth CROSSEN,   J., M/M last week 21-May-45
CROSSLEY, Clifford, M/M North Hollywood par of Michael Samuel 24-Jan-44 27-Jan-44
CROSSLEY, Michael Samuel North Hollywood Birth CROSSLEY,   Clifford, M/M 24-Jan-44 27-Jan-44
CROSSMAN, Dwight Walter North Hollywood Death 38 died at Queen of Angels, wife Mary, father Herbert, bros Henry, Frank 25-Jul-41 5-Aug-41
CROSSMAN, Frank     bro of CROSSMAN, Dwight Walter 5-Aug-41
CROSSMAN, Henry     bro of CROSSMAN, Dwight Walter 5-Aug-41
CROSSMAN, Herbert     father of CROSSMAN, Dwight Walter 5-Aug-41
CROSSMAN, Mary     wife of CROSSMAN, Dwight Walter 5-Aug-41
CROSSON, Edith Burbank Death   hus Hugh, daus Fern McGILL, Olive BOYER 3-Oct-41
CROSSON, Fern     McGILL, Fern, Mrs 3-Oct-41
CROSSON, Hugh     hus of CROSSON, Edith 3-Oct-41
CROSSON, Olive     BOYER, Olive, Mrs 3-Oct-41
CROSTHWAIT, William M. Jr. North Hollywood Marriage ARNOLD, Dorothy Dalton Pasadena 1-Aug-43 6-Aug-43
CROW, Charles Everett "Jim" (CROWE) Van Nuys Death 48 pneumonia, died in Eugene OR where he had been working, funeral Dec 19 13-Dec-44 18-Dec-44
CROW, Charles Everett "Jim" (CROWE) Van Nuys Death 48 pneumonia, died in Eugene OR where he had been working, funeral Dec 19 21-Dec-44
CROW, Ruth B. Hollywood Marriage WALKER, John Hickman Hollywood recently 13-Mar-42
CROWL, Carl Van Nuys Death 40 auto accident 21-Apr-41 24-Apr-41
CROWLEY, Anna S. Reseda Death   native of Switzerland 8-Oct-44 16-Oct-44
CROWLEY, Betty Lou Victorville CA Marriage DISTEL, Frank W. North Hollywood 7-Aug-42 11-Aug-42
CRUETZ, Laurence Thomas Van Nuys Death 44 heart attack 18-Nov-42 20-Nov-42
CRUMP, Owen Marriage FAIRBANKS, Lucile   3-Apr-41
CRUTCHFIELD, Jack T. Salt Lake Cty UT Marriage WALKER, Bernice Ethel North Hollywood 6-Aug-43 13-Aug-43
CRUZ, Frank, M/M Van Nuys Birth son     20-Jul-44
CRUZ, Jesus Santa, Mrs     sis-in-law of DELGADO, Daniel Mendoza 22-Feb-45
CRUZ, John, M/M Van Nuys   par of Lillian May last week 20-Nov-44
CRUZ, Lillian May Van Nuys Birth CRUZ,   John, M/M last week 20-Nov-44
CRUZ, Virginia North Hollywood Marriage QUIRINO, John Los Angeles 29-Aug-41 9-Sep-41
CSONGRADI, Joanne Elizabeth Burbank Birth CSONGRADI, Joseph/Evelyn (MOLL) 23-Aug-42 18-Sep-42
CSONGRADI, Joseph/Evelyn (MOLL) Burbank   par of Joanne Elizabeth 23-Aug-42 18-Sep-42
CUD, Genevive     dau of BROWNELL, Jennie A. 21-Jun-45
CUDDY, John Burbank Marriage SMITH, Aubrey Burbank 4-Jul-41 8-Aug-41
CUEY, John A., M/M Tarzana   par of John Dean last week 5-Mar-45
CUEY, John Dean Tarzana Birth CUEY,   John A., M/M last week 5-Mar-45
CULBERT, Claude Eugene North Hollywood Death 60 wife Maude, daus Virginia PEDRETTI, Joy SACKS, Melba SMITH 8-Jun-45 14-Jun-45
CULBERT, Joy     SACKS, Joy, Mrs 14-Jun-45
CULBERT, Maude     CULBERT, Claude Eugene 14-Jun-45
CULBERT, Melba     SMITH, Melba, Mrs 14-Jun-45
CULBERT, Virginia     PEDRETTI, Virginia, Mrs 14-Jun-45
CULLEN, Robert, M/M Van Nuys Birth son   1-Nov-43 5-Nov-43
CULLERS, Evelyn Van Nuys Marriage MALLERY, Charles T. Los Angeles 17-Jan-41 23-Jan-41
CULLINS, Alice Ann North Hollywood Marriage COOMBES, George William North Hollywood 9-Mar-45 22-Mar-45
CUMMINGS, Chandler E. Burbank Marriage HASBROOK, Jeanne E. Glendale 6-Feb-44 10-Feb-44
CUMMINGS, George H.     hus of CUMMINGS, Georgia Alma 20-Oct-42
CUMMINGS, Georgia Alma Studio City Death 61 hus George H. 16-Oct-42 20-Oct-42
CUMMINGS, James W. Los Angeles Marriage HERTON, Lillian North Hollywood 23-Jan-44 13-Jan-44
CUMMINGS, Margaret     wife of CUMMINGS, Richard 11-Nov-41
CUMMINGS, Margaret, Mrs North Hollywood Death 85 native of Scotland, sis Elizabeth LAWLER 10-Jan-42 16-Jan-42
CUMMINGS, Richard North Hollywood Death 85 retired farmer, wife Margaret 5-Nov-41 11-Nov-41
CUMMINS, Arthur B. Burbank Marriage CHAPPEL, Marjorie Joyce Burbank last summer 17-Apr-42
CUNKLE, LaChance, M/M Northridge   par of Loma Jeanne last week 15-Jan-45
CUNKLE, Loma Jeanne Northridge Birth CUNKLE,   LaChance, M/M last week 15-Jan-45
CUNNING, Anna Olivis Tarzana Death 81 born PA, hus Ed 6-Mar-45 8-Mar-45
CUNNING, Ed     Hus of CUNNING, Anna Olivis 8-Mar-45
CUNNINGHAM, C.S.     son of CUNNINGHAM, Nellie 3-Nov-42
CUNNINGHAM, Cloe Nell Henrietta TX Marriage HOFFMANN, Sgt John S. North Hollywood 1-Jan-44 17-Jan-44
CUNNINGHAM, Dora Van Nuys Death 61 son Lawrence, daus C. DOTSON, M. McCARTY, C. REYNOLDS 19-Feb-45 22-Feb-45
CUNNINGHAM, Edwin C. Van Nuys Death 74 born MN, wife Grace, dau Penelope ATTIX 5-Feb-45 12-Feb-45
CUNNINGHAM, Grace     wife of CUNNINGHAM, Edwin C. 12-Feb-45
CUNNINGHAM, Lawrence     son of CUNNINGHAM, Dora 22-Feb-45
CUNNINGHAM, Nellie North Hollywood Death 80 sons Willard, C.S. 30-Oct-42 3-Nov-42
CUNNINGHAM, Penelope     ATTIX, Penelope, Mrs 12-Feb-45
CUNNINGHAM, Willard     son of CUNNINGHAM, Nellie 3-Nov-42
CUNNINGHAM, William Leonard North Hollywood Death 47 born Merrick OK, veteran of WWI 12-Aug-44 17-Aug-44
CUNNITT, E.       dau of COURTMANCHE, Emma 15-Jan-45
CUPP, Addie Lee Van Nuys Death 68 born KY, funeral Aug 10 14-Aug-44
CURLEY, Edward A., M/M Burbank   par of Madeline Gay 5-Jul-43 16-Jul-43
CURLEY, Madeline Gay Burbank Birth CURLEY,   Edward A., M/M 5-Jul-43 16-Jul-43
CURNEEN, Joseph Michael Olive View San. Death 54 killed by car while crossing street 20-Dec-41 23-Dec-41
CURRIER, Bernice Pearl     wife of CURRIER, Harry Thomas 28-Jun-45
CURRIER, Dora     ELSLOL, Dora, Mrs 28-Jun-45
CURRIER, Dorothy     JAMES, Dorothy, Mrs 28-Jun-45
CURRIER, Edith     BRASCH, Edith, Mrs 28-Jun-45
CURRIER, Harry Thomas Burbank Death 73 born Denmark, wife Bernice Pearl, son Harry T. Jr., daus Edith BRASCH, Dora ELSLOL, Dorothy JAMES, Helen HULL 23-Jun-45 28-Jun-45
CURRIER, Harry Thomas Jr.   son of CURRIER, Harry Thomas 28-Jun-45
CURRIER, Helen     HULL, Helen, Mrs 28-Jun-45
CURRY, Bertha Marie Hamlin WV Marriage DARCH, James E. Hagersville CAN 30-Jun-44 11-Sep-44
CURRY, Connie Anne Burbank Marriage BOLDUC, Victory Camelle Burbank 19-Mar-44 9-Mar-44
CURRY, Patricia Elaine North Hollywood Marriage HINES, Robert Emmett Jr. Los Angeles 21-Sep-43 24-Sep-43
CURT, N., Mrs     dau of MASTROINNI, Pasquale 25-Jan-45
CURTIS, Leroy Marriage     30-Jul-41 29-Aug-41
CURTIS, Margaret     dau of CORLL, Anna 15-Feb-45
CUTLER, Dena Susan Van Nuys Birth CUTLER,   William F., M/M last week 5-Mar-45
CUTLER, William F., M/M Van Nuys   par of Dena Susan last week 5-Mar-45
CUTTING, Ralph James, M/M North Hollywood   daughter   8-Aug-41 12-Aug-41