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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"Ho "

HOAG, James Encino Death 83 auto accident 23-Mar-41 27-Mar-41
HOBBS, Leavitt P., Lt Burbank Death   B-17 pilot,killed in action over Holland Dec-43 10-Jul-44
HOBBS, Leavitt P., Lt Burbank Death   B-17 pilot,killed in action over Holland 9-Nov-44
HOBSON, Maud S.     dau of WELLS, James Tempest 13-Apr-44
HOBSON, Maude Catherine North Hollywood Death   hus W.L. sons L.B. AMSTUTZ, R.B. KENNEDY 17-Jun-44 22-Jun-44
HOBSON, W.L.     hus of HOBSON, Maude Catherine 22-Jun-44
HOCKENSMITH, Nell     dau of AUSTIN, William 29-Mar-45
HODGE, E.A. Hollywood Marriage LUTHER, Nellie J. Wiggins North Hollywood 5-Jan-44 10-Jan-44
HODGE, Marguerite Anne Los Angeles Marriage KOHLER, Robert Hammond U.S.A.F. 11-Feb-44 6-Mar-44
HODGES, Edwin P. Glendale Marriage SNYDER, Jean Lorraine Burbank 19-Feb-44 28-Feb-44
HODGES, Jeane Santa Barbara Marriage WRIGHT, Lawson Roscoe 14-Sep-43 24-Sep-43
HODGES, Leonard Los Angeles Marriage FARRAND, Jennie Alice North Hollywood 13-Jul-42 24-Jul-42
HODGES, Lt. James A. New York NY Marriage BURGER, Louise Miami, FL last week 26-Oct-44
HODSON, Roger, M/M Burbank son Birth par of son   16-Apr-42 24-Apr-42
HOECKELBERG, Harold Burbank Marriage OLDS, Shirley Westville IN 26-Dec-43 10-Jan-44
HOF, Sgt. Roland K. Mansfield LA Marriage INGRAM, Margaret Lou Roscoe 6-Sep-44 18-Sep-44
HOFFMAN, Henrietta Agatha North Hollywood Death 61 born Portsmouth OH, dau Mrs Lowell B. JUSTICE 16-Jun-43 18-Jun-43
HOFFMAN, Hugh North Hollywood Death   born Madison WI, services Dec 9, bro Ralph 11-Dec-42
HOFFMAN, Pamela Birth HOFFMAN, Ralph, M/M   8-Aug-41
HOFFMAN, Ralph     HOFFMAN, Hugh 11-Dec-42
HOFFMAN, Ralph, M/M Burbank   par of Pamela 26-Jul-41 8-Aug-41
HOFFMANN, Sgt John S. North Hollywood Marriage CUNNINGHAM, Cloe Nell Henrietta TX 1-Jan-44 17-Jan-44
HOFFSTATER, Fred L.     bro of STOMBS, Myrtle, Mrs 9-Jan-41
HOFFSTATER, Myrtle     STOMBS, Myrtle, Mrs 9-Jan-41
HOGAN, Ida       PETERSON, Ida, Mrs 15-Feb-45
HOGAN, Ina       wife of HOGAN, James P. 9-Nov-43
HOGAN, Jacquelan Tujunga Marriage HEERWALD, William Mobridge SD 5-Mar-44 13-Mar-44
HOGAN, James P. Van Nuys Death 52 heart attack, wife Ina, dau Kathleen, 3 yrs 4-Nov-43 9-Nov-43
HOGAN, Joseph Burbank Death   born England, sons Roy, Walter, dau Ida PETERSON 11-Feb-45 15-Feb-45
HOGAN, Kathleen     dau of HOGAN, James P. 9-Nov-43
HOGAN, Roy       son of HOGAN, Joseph 15-Feb-45
HOGAN, Walter     son of HOGAN, Joseph 15-Feb-45
HOGGARD, Hugh Page Marriage FLEET, Charlotte Elenor Burbank 5-Jul-41 15-Jul-41
HOGLE, Edwin     hus of HOGLE, Grace Bradley 20-Jan-42
HOGLE, Grace Bradley North Hollywood Death 67 hus Edwin, dau Mrs HERGESHEIMER, son Howard C. 12-Jan-42 20-Jan-42
HOGLE, Howard C.     son of HOGLE, Grace Bradley 20-Jan-42
HOHMAN, Walter Philadelphia PA Marriage KNORR, Betty Burbank 23-Jun-42 30-Jun-42
HOHN, Carl Van Nuys Death   wife deceased, son survives 23-Apr-43 27-Apr-43
HOLCOMB, Kenneth R., Mrs   dau of MADISON, Agnes Rebecca 13-Apr-44
HOLDEN, Anna     dau of McMAHON, John L. 21-Jun-45
HOLDEN, Clara     dau of FLEMING, Mrs Ida B. 24-Feb-44
HOLDEN, Peter Westfield Birth HOLDEN, Lt William (actor)/Brenda (MARSHALL) 22-Nov-43
HOLDEN, William, Lt (actor)/Brenda (MARSHALL) North Hollywood par of Peter Westfield 17-Nov-43 22-Nov-43
HOLLAND, Daniel F. Burbank Marriage YOUNKER, Katherine Marie Burbank 10-Apr-44 13-Apr-44
HOLLAND, Ens. Clinton C. Burbank Marriage OSTENSON, Alane L. North Hollywood 28-Oct-44 2-Nov-44
HOLLAND, Peggy Ann Glendale Marriage FLEMMING, Sgt Andrew VA 26-Jul-44 31-Jul-44
HOLLAWAY, Edward Lee Birth HOLLAWAY, Richard C., M/M 12-Feb-45
HOLLAWAY, Frederick Dean Birth HOLLAWAY, Richard C., M/M 12-Feb-45
HOLLAWAY, Richard C., M/M Van Nuys   par of Frederick Dean last week 12-Feb-45
HOLLAWAY, Richard C., M/M par of Edward Lee   12-Feb-45
HOLLENBECK, Lee J.     son of HOLLENBECK, Lola H., Mrs 12-Apr-45
HOLLENBECK, Lloyd D.     son of HOLLENBECK, Lola H., Mrs 12-Apr-45
HOLLENBECK, Lola H., Mrs Burbank Death 75 from IL, sons Lee J., Lloyd D., dau Grace JOLLY 8-Apr-45 12-Apr-45
HOLLEY, Mary E., Mrs Burbank Death 90 teacher, native of Rochester NY, body shipped to New Orleans 11-Nov-44 13-Nov-44
HOLLINGSWORTH, Mary T.   dau of HAGER, Clyde A. 8-Jun-44
HOLLINS, Barbara     dau of SCHULTZ, Margaret 19-Apr-45
HOLLIS, Lula May San Fernando Marriage GRAFTSTROM, Carl WI 8-Apr-45 16-Apr-45
HOLLISTER, Frank T. Studio City Death 54 suicide, strychnine, survived by wife 3-Dec-42 8-Dec-42
HOLLISTER, Glenn M. Long Beach Marriage HILL, Ava Leona North Hollywood 1-Jan-42 13-Jan-42
HOLM, Donald North Hollywood Death 21 polio, wife Marjorie, 2 children 19-Sep-43 21-Sep-43
HOLM, Marjorie     wife of HOLM, Donald 21-Sep-43
HOLMAN, Glenn Chester Birth HOLMAN, Glenn, M/M   14-Sep-44
HOLMAN, Glenn, M/M Burbank   par of Glenn Chester last week 14-Sep-44
HOLMES, Edward O.     son of ROSS, Nellie 13-Dec-43
HOLMES, Henry, Mrs     dau of JOHNSTON, James William 19-Feb-43
HOLSBORG, William Montgomery AL Marriage CRAMER, Lorraine North Hollywood 19-Aug-44 4-Sep-44
HOLSTED, Ellen     sis of CASPERSON, Hilma C. 29-Mar-45
HOLT, Helen Irene, Mrs North Hollywood Death 19 young mother and baby died in local hospital, funeral July 19 20-Jul-44
HOLT, Jennifer Newhall Marriage RITCHEY, Capt William U.S.M.C.   29-Nov-43
HOMEFELD, Marilda E. Death 58 hus survives 19-Jun-43 22-Jun-43
HOMEYER, Otto C. Burbank Death 67 native of Ft Wayne IN, funeral Jul 26 31-Jul-44
HON, Bertha       dau of DUNN, Benjamin 11-Jun-45
HON, Earl   Marriage WOODY, Bertha North Hollywood 9-Jul-43 6-Aug-43
HON, Earl       hus of HON, Lula Daisy (HOOVER) 3-Feb-42
HON, I.H., M/M Hollywood   par of Mary Frances last week 28-Aug-44
HON, Ira       son of HON, Lula Daisy (HOOVER) 3-Feb-42
HON, Ira Hoover North Hollywood Marriage DAVIS, Mary Ada Toluca Lake 19-Nov-41 28-Nov-41
HON, Lula Daisy (HOOVER) North Hollywood Death 58 OH native, hus Earl, son Ira 30-Jan-42 3-Feb-42
HON, Mary Frances Birth HON, I.H., M/M   28-Aug-44
HONEYDEW, LeRoy     hus of HONEYDEW, Marie Irwin 8-Apr-41
HONEYDEW, Marie Irwin Van Nuys Death   heart attack, hus LeRoy 8-Apr-41
HONIGS, Mel, M/M Burbank son Birth par of son     24-Sep-43
HONN, Douglas Hugh Birth HONN, Hugh H., M/M   27-Mar-41
HONN, Frank L. North Hollywood Death 84 exposure and shock, lost 3 days in San Fernando hills, wife Jane, 6 sons, 2 daus 6-Jan-44
HONN, Hugh H., M/M North Hollywood par of Douglas Hugh 20-Mar-41 27-Mar-41
HONN, Jane       wife of HONN, Frank L. 6-Jan-44
HOOD Grants Pass OR Marriage WAXHAM, Steward Sepulveda   7-Nov-41
HOOD, Martha E., Mrs Los Angeles Death 84 born Erbona IL 14-Jul-44 20-Jul-44
HOOD, Virgil Edmond Birth HOOD, Virgil, M/M   1-May-41
HOOD, Virgil, M/M North Hollywood par of Virgil Edmond 24-Apr-41 1-May-41
HOOKS, Clark, M/M Burbank   par of Cynthia Eileen 12-Apr-43 27-Apr-43
HOOKS, Cynthia Eileen Birth HOOKS, Clark, M/M   27-Apr-43
HOOPER, Arthur     bro of FRANCOGUR, Emily, Mrs 27-Feb-42
HOOPER, Emily     FRANCOGUR, Emily, Mrs 27-Feb-42
HOOVER, Hallie     mom of HOOVER, William Moore 13-Apr-43
HOOVER, Lula Daisy     HON, Lula Daisy, Mrs 3-Feb-42
HOOVER, Mabel Arlene     DOW, Mabel Arlene, Mrs 13-Apr-43
HOOVER, William Moore Marfa TX Death 23 Army flight instructor, crashed more than a week ago, mother Mrs Hallie, sis Mrs Mabel Arline DOW 13-Apr-43
HOPE, Dean Robert Birth HOPE, Glenn, M/M   30-Apr-45
HOPE, Glenn, M/M Pomona   par of Dean Robert last week 30-Apr-45
HOPFER, Florence     dau of TOBIN, Thomas Angus 23-Feb-43
HOPPER, Dorothy Maxine Brentwood Hts. Marriage HAYNER, Lt. John Brooks Los Angeles 26-Jul-44 3-Aug-44
HOPPIE, J.F., M/M   par of Richard Lyman 17-Feb-41 25-Feb-41
HOPPIE, Richard Lyman Birth HOPPIE, J.F., M/M   25-Feb-41
HOPTON, H. Russell Van Nuys Death 45 wife Marjorie Apr-45 12-Apr-45
HOPTON, Marjorie     wife of HOPTON, H. Russell 12-Apr-45
HORNOR, Elmer, M/M     par of HORNOR, Jack 25-Jun-45
HORNOR, Jack Burbank Death 13 burial Webb City MO, par M/M Elmer, sis Wanda June 13-Jun-45 18-Jun-45
HORNOR, Wanda June     sis of HORNOR, Jack 18-Jun-45
HORSELEY, Maria Hollywood Marriage MALLAS, Donald G. North Hollywood Jun-45 26-Jun-45
HORWEDEL, Jeanne Louise North Hollywood Marriage TUNHEIM, Thorval North Hollywood 4-Jun-44 8-Jun-44
HOSKING, Fred Seattle WA Marriage RADCLIFF, Grace North Hollywood 31-May-45 11-Jun-45
HOSKINS, Bonnie Louise     wife of HOSKINS, Edward Randall 11-Jun-45
HOSKINS, Burton Northridge Marriage SEWARD, Hazel Canoga Park 24-Jul-41
HOSKINS, Edward Randall Van Nuys Death 29 wife Bonnie Louise, par M/M Edward 7-Jun-45 11-Jun-45
HOSKINS, Edward, M/M     par of HOSKINS, Edward Randall 11-Jun-45
HOSKINS, Minnie     dau of THRASHER, Josiah Jackson 16-Apr-43
HOUCHINS, Juanita Seattle WA Marriage MANLEY, A. Leon Jr. Burbank   5-Jan-43
HOUCK, Janice O. Charlotte NC Marriage HURLBUT, Frank D. Charlotte NC 26-Apr-44 4-May-44
HOUDE, Mary Jane Shelby MT Marriage HANSON, Alton Shelby MT 7-Sep-44 14-Sep-44
HOUDEN, Bob, M/M North Hollywood par of Robert Lee 21-Jan-43 9-Feb-43
HOUDEN, Robert Lee Birth HOUDEN, Bob, M/M   9-Feb-43
HOUDYSHEL, Helen Y. North Hollywood Marriage McCUTCHEON, Lewis Texas 26-Apr-41 1-May-41
HOUGH, Freda F. North Hollywood Death 51 died of burns sustained in accidental fire 16-Nov-43 18-Nov-43
HOUGH, John S., M/M North Hollywood par of Mary Elizabeth 24-Feb-44 13-Mar-44
HOUGH, Mary Elizabeth Birth HOUGH, John S., M/M   13-Mar-44
HOUGHTON, Eleanor A. Van Nuys Marriage NEWKIRK, Kenneth Wayne 4-Oct-42 6-Oct-42
HOUGHTON, John Van Nuys Marriage BEVIS, Barbara Ann Van Nuys   20-Mar-44
HOUSE, Dorothy     dau of HOUSE, Oran Calvin 22-Jul-41
HOUSE, Eleanor     wife of HOUSE, Oran Calvin 22-Jul-41
HOUSE, Oran Calvin Van Nuys Death 54 died on vacation at Yosemite, wife Eleanor, daus Dorothy, Ruth 15-Jul-41 22-Jul-41
HOUSE, Oscar E. Roscoe Death 51 worked for Pacific Airmotive 1-Jul-44 6-Jul-44
HOUSE, Ruth     dau of HOUSE, Oran Calvin 22-Jul-41
HOUSE, Walter Pope Burbank Death 67 heart attack after car accident 22-Sep-41 26-Sep-41
HOUTZ, Aaron E. North Hollywood Death 82 heart attack, Valley Pioneer, retired rancher, daus Ruby THOMPSON, Leona JONES, Alice BALDWIN 16-Dec-41 19-Dec-41
HOUTZ, Alice     BALDWIN, Alice, Mrs 19-Dec-41
HOUTZ, Carmen     dau of OLIVER, Bertha 26-Mar-45
HOUTZ, Leona     JONES, Leona, Mrs 19-Dec-41
HOUTZ, Ruby     THOMPSON, Ruby, Mrs 19-Dec-41
HOVDEN, Robert T. North Hollywood Marriage FRAZIER, Marjorie North Hollywood 30-Jan-42
HOVEY, George K., M/M Van Nuys   par of Terry Kaye (boy) last week 1-Mar-45
HOVEY, Terry Kaye Birth HOVEY, George K., M/M   1-Mar-45
HOWARD, Alan Bryan Colorado Marriage MEYER, Lois Burbank   19-Aug-41
HOWARD, Cecelia     wife of HOWARD, Harry 13-Mar-41
HOWARD, Clarence, Mrs     dau of RICKMAN, Adam Henry 16-Mar-44
HOWARD, Dave North Hollywood Death 63 wife Ida, sons William Henry, Leroy Kenneth, daus Goldie SLATE, Evelyn DOLLARHIDE 23-May-45 28-May-45
HOWARD, David Harold Woodland Hills Death 84 veteran actor, funeral Dec 13 14-Dec-44
HOWARD, Ella     YEAKEL, Edward Eugene, Mrs 12-Sep-41
HOWARD, Evellyn Lucille Marriage VonHEEDERS, Vernon Westly Burbank 12-Jul-41 17-Jul-41
HOWARD, Evelyn     DOLLARHIDE, Evelyn, Mrs 28-May-45
HOWARD, Goldie     SLATE, Goldie, Mrs 28-May-45
HOWARD, Harry North Hollywood Death 75 wife Cecelia, sis Mrs H.O MARSH, Mrs Roy McQUEEN 20-Mar-41 13-Mar-41
HOWARD, Ida     wife of HOWARD, Dave 28-May-45
HOWARD, Jack W. Burbank Marriage SWINGLE, Norma C. Burbank 25-Jun-44 10-Jul-44
HOWARD, Joseph A. Victorville Marriage LANE, Priscilla Hollywood 22-May-42 26-May-42
HOWARD, Leroy Kenneth     son of HOWARD, Dave 28-May-45
HOWARD, Margaret E. Van Nuys Marriage JACOBS, Paul J. Sepulveda 23-Jan-44 31-Jan-44
HOWARD, Margaret Louise Sherman Oaks Death 55   9-Oct-44 12-Oct-44
HOWARD, Martha North Hollywood Marriage LaCOSTE, William P. 22-Feb-41 27-Feb-41
HOWARD, Mary Elizabeth Calabasas Death 84 born NY 17-Dec-44 21-Dec-44
HOWARD, Wilbur K. North Hollywood Death 66 born St.Paul MN, wife survives 26-Apr-45 7-May-45
HOWARD, William Henry     son of HOWARD, Dave 28-May-45
HOWE, Hubert Jr., Mrs     dau of MOODY, Clyde R. 6-Jan-44
HOWE, Lynwood E.     bro of HUTCHINGS, Louise Nye, Mrs 1-Jan-43
HOWE, Vera Urbana IL Marriage FRANSON, Wilfred R. Canoga Park 25-Feb-44 2-Mar-44
HOWE, William Samuel San Fernando Death 77 native of Siam IA, funeral Aug 4 10-Aug-44
HOWELL, Alfred T. Roscoe Death 67 hit by train 24-Mar-44 27-Mar-44
HOWELL, Barbara Ellen Burbank Death 1 whooping cough, pneumonia, funeral July 17 20-Jul-44
HOWELL, Carolyn North Hollywood Death 3 par M/M John, bro Thomas 19-Jan-45 25-Jan-45
HOWELL, John, M/M     par of HOWELL, Carolyn 25-Jan-45
HOWELL, Marshall A. Van Nuys Death 54 found dead in shack on ranch after 2 days 22-Apr-44 27-Apr-44
HOWELL, Muriel     dau of DODGE, Louise M., Mrs 28-May-43
HOWELL, Robert L. Hollywood Marriage McCOLLUM, Goldie LaVern 18-Apr-42 24-Apr-42
HOWELL, Thomas     bro of HOWELL, Carolyn 25-Jan-45
HOWELLS, Dennis George Birth HOWELLS, John/Florence (LAPASH) 22-Feb-45
HOWELLS, John/Florence (LAPASH) Burbank   par of Dennis George 12-Feb-45 22-Feb-45
HOWEN, Beatrice North Hollywood Marriage MISER, Arthur T. San Diego 23-Feb-43 9-Mar-43
HOWLAND, Betty Anne Beverly Hills Marriage ALBERS, Barend J. Jr. North Hollywood 11-Mar-44 23-Mar-44
HOWLEY, Reginald G. Jr. Brentwood Marriage THATCHER, Patricia Studio City 27-Dec-42 15-Jan-43
HOWSDEN, Archie O., M/M Roscoe   par of Arlene Roberta last week 12-Oct-44
HOWSDEN, Arlene Roberta Birth HOWSDEN, Archie O., M/M   12-Oct-44
HOXIE, Doris San Fernando Marriage HALE, Benjamin L. San Fernando May-41 21-Apr-42
HOYLE, Burman Jr Birth HOYLE, Burman/Lee (MIDDLETON) 20-Feb-41
HOYLE, Burman/Lee (MIDDLETON) Studio City   par of Burman Jr. 14-Feb-41 20-Feb-41
HOYT, Mark Edward MN Marriage WENBERG, Jeanne Adel Canoga Park 2-Mar-43 9-Mar-43