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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"Hu - Hz "

HUBBARD, Virginia M. North Hollywood Marriage FISHER, Allyn L. North Hollywood 4-Nov-44 14-Dec-44
HUBER, Alpha     wife of HUBER, Carlos Mora 5-Apr-45
HUBER, Carlos Mora North Hollywood Death 41 wife Alpha 1-Apr-45 5-Apr-45
HUBER, Wilmuth North Hollywood Marriage ROBERTS, Byron North Hollywood 26-Jun-42
HUBERT, Harry L., Sgt/M North Hollywood par of Harry Leo last week 21-Sep-44
HUBERT, Harry Leo Birth HUBERT, Sgt/M Harry L.   21-Sep-44
HUDDER, George, M/M Burbank son Birth par of son   15-Apr-42 24-Apr-42
HUDELSON, George Bruce Burbank Marriage PETTIBONE, Audrey Jeannette Van Nuys   17-Oct-41
HUDSON, Cpl. Edward Bishop CA Marriage SMITH, Mary L. Roscoe 17-Sep-44 2-Oct-44
HUDSON, Hattie     dau of LICHT, Adolf 19-Jun-44
HUDSON, Reuben Van Nuys Death 38 died from head injury in traffic accident last month 22-Sep-41 26-Sep-41
HUDSON, William C. North Hollywood Death 80 born Lebanon TN 20-Aug-44 24-Aug-44
HUESTIS, James E. Van Nuys Death 88   16-Oct-44 19-Oct-44
HUFF, Estella     dau of RIGONI, Emma Mary 17-Feb-42
HUFFAKER, Shirley Enid North Hollywood Marriage CLARKE, Stanley Hall San Jose 11-Feb-44 21-Feb-44
HUFFMAN, Arnold H. Van Nuys Death 54 traffic accident, wife Uba, dau Mrs LEONA, sons Lloyd, Edward, Ellison 6-Jul-41 10-Jul-41
HUFFMAN, Edward     son of HUFFMAN, Arnold H. 10-Jul-41
HUFFMAN, Ellison     son of HUFFMAN, Arnold H. 10-Jul-41
HUFFMAN, Lloyd     son of HUFFMAN, Arnold H. 10-Jul-41
HUFFMAN, Uba     wife of HUFFMAN, Arnold H. 10-Jul-41
HUFFMIRE, Elisha J. North Hollywood Death 69 car wreck, son-in-law WEDNESTER 6-Jan-43 8-Jan-43
HUGHES, Bailey Mrs     dau of COGHLAN, Mrs Mary Estelle 8-Jul-41
HUGHES, Charles Edward Birth HUGHES, Ira E., M/M   26-Oct-44
HUGHES, Charles M. Los Angeles Marriage ANDERSEN, Eleanore E. Burbank   11-Aug-42
HUGHES, Faye Nyala Birth HUGHES, Melvin Nevada, M/M 6-Feb-41
HUGHES, Ira E., M/M Reseda   par of Charles Edward last week 26-Oct-44
HUGHES, John, M/M Chatsworth son Birth par of twin sons last week 5-Oct-44
HUGHES, Laura V. Van Nuys Marriage TAYLOR, Dale R. North Hollywood 27-Mar-41 8-Apr-41
HUGHES, Louis D. Van Nuys Death 64 Spanish American War veteran 2-Jan-42
HUGHES, Melvin Nevada, M/M Tujunga   par of Faye Nyala 30-Jan-41 6-Feb-41
HUGHES, Norman San Fernando Death   killed in action 18-Dec-44 8-Feb-45
HUGHES, Sgt Howard A. Van Nuys Death 21 gunner on B-24, in action over Italy 31-Jul-44
HUGHEY, Genevive     SOLOMON, Genevive, Mrs 16-Jul-43
HUGHEY, Helen     BROWN, Helen, Mrs 16-Jul-43
HUGHEY, Mildred     dau of HUGHEY, Thomas C. 16-Jul-43
HUGHEY, Thomas C. Glendale Death 82 daus Mildred, Genevive SOLOMON, Helen BROWN 7-Jul-43 16-Jul-43
HUGRE, Sarah     sis of HARTLEY, Samuel 29-Aug-41
HUIE, Charles James Sepulveda Death 69 wife Nellie, 6 children 17-Mar-41 18-Mar-41
HUIE, Glenn C., M/M Van Nuys   par of Steve Glenn   20-Jul-44
HUIE, Nellie       wife of HUIE, Charles James 18-Mar-41
HUIE, Steve Glenn Birth HUIE, Glenn C., M/M   20-Jul-44
HULL, George M. Van Nuys Death 78 wife Margaret C., daus Mrs D. PATTERSON, Mrs George FREEMAN 16-Dec-43
HULL, Helen       dau of CURRIER, Harry Thomas 28-Jun-45
HULL, James Standiford Burbank Marriage COLLINS, Adele India North Hollywood 24-Oct-42 30-Oct-42
HULL, Margaret C.     wife of HULL, George M. 16-Dec-43
HULL, Mrs. Helen McAvoy North Hollywood Marriage THOMS, James Watson Long Beach 1-Jul-44 6-Jul-44
HULL, Patricia S.     dau of RAVENSCROFT, Bessie 28-Sep-43
HULL, Wallace Emory Sherman Oaks Marriage NELK, Dorothy Jane Van Nuys 31-Dec-43 10-Jan-44
HULTZ, Ida, Mrs Phoenix AZ Death 79 dau Mrs Richard PORTER 17-Apr-42
HUMASON, Billy Birth HUMASON, Jack, M/M   11-Jun-43
HUMASON, Jack, M/M North Hollywood par of Billy   6-Jun-43 11-Jun-43
HUMPHREY, Arlene North Hollywood Marriage FRENCH, Edward E. Long Beach 31-Dec-41 6-Jan-42
HUMPHREY, Claude Van Nuys Death 64   11-Apr-41 17-Apr-41
HUMPHREY, Thomas North Hollywood Death 68   13-Jul-42 14-Jul-42
HUMPHREYS, Herman G., Capt Parker ID Death 25 crash landed P-38 at Valjean and Valerio 7-Aug-44 10-Aug-44
HUNDEFORDS, John A. Vallejo CA Marriage BALDWIN, Beatrice Burbank   1-Apr-41
HUNGATE, Edith Waves Marriage WORTHEN, Kenneth, Jr. U.S.M.C. 24-Dec-43 3-Jan-44
HUNT, Allen L. North Hollywood Death 19 born Alberta, Canada, serviceman killed in war 26-Dec-41
HUNT, Chester Laurence Birth HUNT, R.L., M/M   14-Jan-41
HUNT, H.B., M/M North Hollywood par of Spencer Alfred last week 13-Nov-44
HUNT, Harvey M. Burbank Marriage SIMMS, Mary Elizabeth Burbank 28-Aug-41 2-Sep-41
HUNT, Laura       dau of CORLL, Anna 15-Feb-45
HUNT, R.L., M/M Burbank   par of Chester Laurence 6-Jan-41 14-Jan-41
HUNT, Spencer Alfred Birth HUNT, H.B., M/M   13-Nov-44
HUNTER, Agnes Prentice Glasgow Scotland Marriage PARSONS, Clarence Eugene North Hollywood 16-Feb-44 30-Mar-44
HUNTER, Joyce Marriage AUER, Mischa 3-Dec-41 9-Dec-41
HUNTER, Sgt. John C. Van Nuys Marriage WILSON, Lorraine North Hollywood 8-Oct-44 2-Nov-44
HUNTER, Theresa     dau of SMITH, Henry 5-Apr-45
HUNTER, Vandetta M.     mom of ROSSER, Joseph Ray 30-Oct-42
HUNTOON, Fred, M/M North Hollywood par of Toni Diane 17-Apr-45 26-Apr-45
HUNTOON, Toni Diane Birth HUNTOON, Fred, M/M   26-Apr-45
HUNTSMAN, Frank Kramer CA Death 55 hit by truck while walking on Highway 6, south of Lancaster 29-Mar-42 3-Apr-42
HUPKE, William Hermand Van Nuys Death     11-Aug-44 14-Aug-44
HUPPERT, Charles C. Evansville IN Marriage TYSON, Betty North Hollywood Jul-42 31-Jul-42
HUPPERT, Charles Christopher II Birth HUPPERT, Lt/M Charles   5-Nov-43
HUPPERT, Charles, Lt/M S.F. Valley   par of Charles Christopher II 30-Oct-43 5-Nov-43
HUPSPETH, Mary Ellen     dau of NOWLIN, Charles Fredick 9-Oct-42
HURLBUT, Frank D. Charlotte NC Marriage HOUCK, Janice O. Charlotte NC 26-Apr-44 4-May-44
HURLEY, Alice Ruth     dau of HURLEY, Ruth Stanley 14-Jun-45
HURLEY, Christina     HURLEY, Daniel M. 13-Apr-44
HURLEY, Daniel M. Roscoe Death 78 wife Christina, dau Mrs Harold BALL, son Paul 9-Apr-44 13-Apr-44
HURLEY, Janet Marie     dau of HURLEY, Ruth Stanley 14-Jun-45
HURLEY, Margaret J. New Haven CT Marriage McNEIL, Daniel A. Burbank   12-Mar-43
HURLEY, Martin M. North Hollywood Marriage MILLER, Helen M. 30-Jan-43 9-Feb-43
HURLEY, Michael     son of HURLEY, Ruth Stanley 14-Jun-45
HURLEY, Paul     HURLEY, Daniel M. 13-Apr-44
HURLEY, Ruth Stanley Long Beach Death 39 daus Janet Marie, Alice Ruth, son Michael, mother Stella STANTON 14-Jun-45
HURREN, Aubrey S., LtCol Burbank Death   accident in Italy, noted flyer, wife Margaret, son James (9) 14-May-44 22-Jun-44
HURREN, James (9)     son of HURREN, Aubrey S., LtCol 22-Jun-44
HURREN, Margaret     wife of HURREN, Aubrey S., LtCol 22-Jun-44
HURST, Willis Wayne San Fernando Marriage KLESERT, Audrey San Fernando 28-Jun-41 3-Jul-41
HUSS, George Jr., M/M San Fernando par of Sharon Lee last week 13-Nov-44
HUSS, Sharon Lee Birth HUSS, George Jr., M/M   13-Nov-44
HUSSEY, Betty Lee   HAESSIG, C.G., Mrs   19-Jun-44
HUSTON, Adam Chicago IL Marriage JONES, Lena May Dearborn MI 7-Apr-45 16-Apr-45
HUTCHINGS, Louise Nye, Mrs Burbank Death 52 born Dublin NH, bro Lynwood E. HOWE, sis Mrs Earla DORT 27-Dec-42 1-Jan-43
HUTCHINS, Bertie     LAWRENCE, Burtie, Mrs 25-Aug-42
HUTCHINS, Bessie     wife of HUTCHINS, Ray 25-Aug-42
HUTCHINS, Burd Lollac San Fernando Death 72 wife Naomi, sis Belle SHEPHERD 27-Mar-45 2-Apr-45
HUTCHINS, Naomi     wife of HUTCHINS, Burd Lollac 2-Apr-45
HUTCHINS, Ray North Hollywood Death 73 wife Bessie, sons Wheeler, Roland, dau Mrs Burtie LAWRENCE 20-Aug-42 25-Aug-42
HUTCHINS, Roland     son of HUTCHINS, Ray 25-Aug-42
HUTCHINS, Wheeler     son of HUTCHINS, Ray 25-Aug-42
HUTCHINSON, Della     dau of JURWITZ, Josephine 15-Mar-45
HUTCHINSON, Lizzie North Hollywood Death 75 born in Germany, funeral April 21 21-Apr-42
HUTCHISON, Susan Birth HUTCHISON, Thomas Grant, M/M 14-Jan-45 1-Feb-45
HUTCHISON, Thomas Grant, M/M North Hollywood par of Susan last week 22-Jan-45
HUTCHISON, William T., M/M Tarzana   par of William Thomas last week 7-Sep-44
HUTCHISON, William Thomas Birth HUTCHISON, William T., M/M 7-Sep-44
HUTSON, Charles Beverly Hills Death 73 son Walter   23-Apr-43
HUTSON, Walter     son of HUTSON, Charles 23-Apr-43
HUTTER, Michael F. Studio City Death 58 carpenter 15-Apr-44 20-Apr-44
HUTTON, John B. Casper WY Marriage BLACKMUN, Agnes Burbank 24-Dec-42 29-Dec-42
HUTTON, W.E./Mary (STAHL) Sepulveda   par of William Charles   17-Jul-41
HUTTON, William Charles Birth HUTTON, W.E./Mary (STAHL) 17-Jul-41
HYATT, Bob Los Angeles Marriage RATNER, Irene Roscoe 25-Feb-45 8-Mar-45
HYDE, Una Claire     dau of UHLHORN, Adolph Carl 27-Jul-43
HYMAN, Sam Saugus Marriage BEARSON, Martha Saugus 18-Aug-43 24-Aug-43