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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"Ka - Ke "



KAHN, Leigh Palmer Birth KAHN, Sanford L., M/M   1-Jan-45
KAHN, Sanford L., M/M North Hollywood par of Leigh Palmer 23-Dec-44 1-Jan-45
KALLGREN, Emily Christina North Hollywood Marriage WHITE, William P. Los Angeles 29-Apr-45 7-May-45
KALOR, Emma Alice Burbank Death   from Kewanna IN, sis Maude FLYNN, Lillian SAYGER 25-Apr-45 30-Apr-45
KALOSKY, Rose     dau of SAPERSTEIN, Yetta, Mrs 6-Mar-44
KALT, Frank Los Angeles Marriage OWENS, Evelyn North Hollywood 30-Aug-41 30-Sep-41
KAMERAD, Chester Canoga Park Death 39 heart attack, wife Marie 31-Oct-42 3-Nov-42
KAMERAD, Marie     wife of KAMERAD, Chester 3-Nov-42
KAMPMAN, Kay Francis Birth KAMPMAN, Norvie J., M/M   25-Feb-41
KAMPMAN, Norvie J., M/M Burbank   par of Kay Francis 7-Jan-41 25-Feb-41
KANALY, Ruth   FREIBURGHOUSE, Wayne, Mrs 20-Jan-42
KANDELIN, Irene Corpus Chr. TX Marriage SHAFER, Darrel W. North Hollywood 18-Apr-42 8-May-42
KANDER, George L., M/M Reseda   par of Paula Lee last week 1-Jan-45
KANDER, Paula Lee Birth KANDER, George L., M/M   1-Jan-45
KAPNER, Madeline Bellaire OH Marriage FULLMAN, Elliot Seymour Studio City 14-Aug-42 18-Aug-42
KAPUCGIN, Irene     dau of RIGONI, Emma Mary 17-Feb-42
KARABINUS, Ruth North Hollywood Marriage WINTER, George G. San Francisco 25-May-45 31-May-45
KARELS, Kleo Audrey North Hollywood Marriage KENNEDY, Jerome M. DeLano MN 29-Aug-44 4-Sep-44
KARLSSON, Margit North Hollywood Marriage MOHR, John R. Burbank 17-Mar-45 22-Mar-45
KARNOPP, Mrs     dau of SELCH, Mary 2-Dec-41
KATELLE, Hurbert, Mrs     dau of INGERSOLL, Luther H. 28-Oct-41
KATHMAN, Lois Jeanne Birth KATHMAN, William, M/M   26-Apr-45
KATHMAN, William, M/M Canoga Park par of Lois Jeanne last week 26-Apr-45
KATZ, Mollie North Hollywood Marriage MESSINEO, Steven Sausalito 15-Jul-44 20-Jul-44
KAUFMAN, Hazel E. North Hollywood Marriage SCHOENBORN, Robert L. Los Angeles 14-May-45 17-May-45
KAUFMAN, Mary Lou North Hollywood Marriage MURDOCK, Robert Jr. North Hollywood 4-Jan-42 30-Jan-42
KAYS, Mary N.     dau of THRASHER, Josiah Jackson 16-Apr-43
KEAPROTH, Muriel Lakota MN Marriage BOETTCHER, Alvin E. Burbank 31-Dec-41 13-Jan-42
KEARIN, Melvyn J., M/M North Hollywood par of Thomas Donovan 5-Sep-44 7-Sep-44
KEARIN, Thomas Donovan Birth KEARIN, Melvyn J., M/M   7-Sep-44
KEARNS, F.H.     son of HAMMOND, Emma May 19-Jun-44
KEAS, Adelle       dau of KEAS, Mary G. 27-Jan-44
KEAS, Florence Mabel Marriage BAKER, Merle Quinten Sacramento 31-Dec-42 22-Jan-43
KEAS, Mary G. North Hollywood Death   funeral service Jan 27, daus Adelle, Flossie BAKER 24-Jan-44 27-Jan-44
KEATING, Eleanor M. North Hollywood Marriage BURSELL, Theron R. Burbank 15-Jun-41 8-Jul-41
KEATING, Nellie M.     wife of KEATING, William Robert 8-May-44
KEATING, William Robert North Hollywood Death 77 wife Nellie M., 2 daus, 1 son 5-May-44 8-May-44
KEEF, Mrs Bessie San Fernando Death   killed in auto accident 24-Aug-44 4-Sep-44
KEEFER, Clifford Marriage PAVLOCK, Valerie M. Clearfield PA 19-Apr-43 30-Apr-43
KEEHNEL, W.H., M/M Burbank dau Birth par of daughter 22-Jul-41 31-Jul-41
KEELER, Marjorie North Hollywood Marriage VIEIRA, George North Hollywood 22-Apr-41 29-Apr-41
KEELEY, Clarence H.     hus of KEELEY, Mae Robinson 6-Mar-44
KEELEY, Jane   FORD, Newton B, Mrs   19-Mar-43
KEELEY, Julia Pearl Burbank Death 32 hus Lowell, dau Pearl Jane 24-Dec-42 29-Dec-42
KEELEY, Lowell     hus of KEELEY, Julia Pearl 29-Dec-42
KEELEY, Mae Robinson Van Nuys Death   hus Clarence H., son Donald ROBINSON 28-Feb-44 6-Mar-44
KEELEY, Pearl Jane     dau of KEELEY, Julia Pearl 29-Dec-42
KEELEY, William F. North Hollywood Death 57 born Meriden CT 31-Mar-42 10-Apr-42
KEENAN, Lt. James H. New Jersey Marriage DOLAN, Anna Marie Van Nuys 2 wks ago 9-Dec-41
KEENE, Margaret     dau of WHIPPLE, Frank Lemont 11-May-43
KEENER, Alvin     son of KEENER, Calvin S. 17-Apr-41
KEENER, Calvin S. Los Angeles Death 68 wife Mae F., daus Mrs Eugene JAMES,    Mrs Dwight THOMPSON, bro Alvin 13-Apr-41 17-Apr-41
KEENER, Mae F.     wife of KEENER, Calvin S. 17-Apr-41
KEENEY, Kenneth Chicago IL Marriage BETZ, Lucille Puyallup WA 2-Sep-42 8-Sep-42
KEENZLER, Nicholaus Roscoe Death 77 born in Germany 5-May-42 8-May-42
KEEVER, Charles F. North Hollywood Death 62 died from car accident 19-Sep-41 14-Oct-41
KEHRER, Oriole     dau of JOHNSTON, Madge K. 26-Apr-45
KEIM, George, M/M North Hollywood par of Julia Emma 7-Apr-41 15-Apr-41
KEIM, Julia Emma Birth KEIM, George, M/M   15-Apr-41
KELKER, Katherine     PORTMAN, Katherine Kelker, Mrs 15-Dec-42
KELLENBERGER, Amelia     ANDERSON, Amelia, Mrs 18-Mar-41
KELLENBERGER, Edward     son of KELLENBERGER, John 18-Mar-41
KELLENBERGER, Ernest     son of KELLENBERGER, John 18-Mar-41
KELLENBERGER, Friedrika     wife of KELLENBERGER, John 18-Mar-41
KELLENBERGER, Hannah     WARD, Hannah, Mrs 18-Mar-41
KELLENBERGER, John North Hollywood Death 86 born Switzerland, wife Friedrika, sons John, Ernest, Edward, daus Amelia ANDERSON, Rose RIDER, Hannah WARD 12-Mar-41 18-Mar-41
KELLENBERGER, John     son of KELLENBERGER, John 18-Mar-41
KELLENBERGER, Rose     RIDER, Rose, Mrs 18-Mar-41
KELLER, Frieda Los Angeles Marriage STORY, Walter Burbank 18-Nov-44 7-Dec-44
KELLER, Jacob     bro of KELLER, Jonas C. 6-May-41
KELLER, James Meek Tarzana Death 13 sudden, possibly polio, father Melvin M. 17-Jul-43 20-Jul-43
KELLER, Jonas C. North Hollywood Death 76 dau Mrs Edwin MILLER, bro Jacob, sis Mrs Nancy WILLIAMS, services Apr. 29 6-May-41
KELLER, Melvin M.     par of KELLER, James Meek 20-Jul-43
KELLER, Nancy     WILLIAMS, Nancy, Mrs 6-May-41
KELLEY, Betty     dau of BRACE, Elmer E. 17-Feb-44
KELLEY, Della Van Nuys Marriage SWINK, Rodger Van Nuys 30-Jun-44 3-Jul-44
KELLEY, Grace     dau of BARNES, Fred McKinzie 20-Dec-43
KELLEY, Martha Kathryne North Hollywood Marriage BLIXT, Eugene San Fernando 4-Jul-41 15-Jul-41
KELLEY, Melba May Los Angeles Marriage ALLEN, Roy E. Sacramento 27-Jan-45 8-Feb-45
KELLOGG, John William Los Angeles Marriage SMITH, Virginia M. Glendale 19-May-45 31-May-45
KELLY, Arthur     son of KELLY, Martha 16-Apr-43
KELLY, Colin P. Jr. North Hollywood Death   first hero of war 12-May-42
KELLY, Frederick J.     hus of KELLY, Martha 16-Apr-43
KELLY, Henry     son of KELLY, Martha 16-Apr-43
KELLY, Jack E. Jr. Burbank Marriage PRATT, Margaret E. Burbank 22-Mar-42 7-Apr-42
KELLY, Jack/Joyce (COLES) Studio City   par of Kathleen 8-May-42 19-May-42
KELLY, James L. San Diego Marriage FRANCES, Nyna May Springfield IL 25-Jun-42 30-Jun-42
KELLY, Kathleen Birth KELLY, Jack/Joyce (COLES) 19-May-42
KELLY, Martha North Hollywood Death 63 born England, hus Frederick J., sons Arthur, Henry, dau Mona B. KELLY 13-Apr-43 16-Apr-43
KELLY, Mona B.     dau of KELLY, Martha 16-Apr-43
KELLY, Mrs Colin P. Jr. North Hollywood Marriage PEDLOW, Dr. J. Watson Philadelphia PA 15-Oct-43 15-Oct-43
KELSEY, Alexander J. Burbank Death 50 native of Bridgeport CT, funeral Nov 29 30-Nov-44
KELSEY, Leach A., Mrs     dau of WRIGHT, Joseph Ellias 17-Apr-44
KELSEY, Pauline     dau of MILLER, Ellvessie 6-Mar-44
KELSO, George Vail Los Angeles Marriage PRESCOTT, Betty J. Burbank 12-Mar-43 19-Mar-43
KEMP, Alan L.     son of KEMP, John Norman 17-Aug-43
KEMP, Evelyn     wife of KEMP, John Norman 17-Aug-43
KEMP, John Norman North Hollywood Death 50 services Aug 14, wife Evelyn, son Alan L. 17-Aug-43
KEMP, Pearl Van Nuys Marriage JONES, Robert Bruce Yosemite Nat Pk 13-May-44 12-Jun-44
KENDALL, Angelina, Mrs Long Beach, CA Death 88   6-Jul-42 7-Jul-42
KENDALL, Jacob Leroy Port Hueneme Marriage STRONG, Edna Mae Van Nuys 4-Nov-44 16-Nov-44
KENDRICK, Dottie   McNEIL, Harry C., Mrs   11-Jun-45
KENNARD, Stanley C., Pfc North Hollywood Death   killed in action in Pacific 7-Jun-45
KENNEDY, Annie     wife of KENNEDY, George W. 25-Jun-43
KENNEDY, Asia E.     NEWBILL, Asia E., Mrs 25-Jun-43
KENNEDY, Bernice     dau of SMITH, Minnie E., Mrs 10-Jan-44
KENNEDY, Donald/Marjorie, M/M Encino   par of daughter 2-Jan-44 17-Jan-44
KENNEDY, Dorothy     dau of KENNEDY, Oscar Edward 23-Mar-43
KENNEDY, Florence Studio City     wife of KENNEDY, Oscar Edward 23-Mar-43
KENNEDY, George W. North Hollywood Death 82 wife Annie, daus Asia E. NEWBILL, Goldie ASH 16-Jun-43 25-Jun-43
KENNEDY, Geraldine Okla. City OK Marriage MAW, Fred J. North Hollywood 20-Nov-43 22-Nov-43
KENNEDY, Goldie     ASH, Goldie, Mrs 25-Jun-43
KENNEDY, Harvey Paul Paris IL Marriage WILCOX, Joan Burbank 10-Sep-43 21-Sep-43
KENNEDY, Jerome M. DeLano MN Marriage KARELS, Kleo Audrey North Hollywood 29-Aug-44 4-Sep-44
KENNEDY, Marjorie Birth KENNEDY, Donald, Mrs   17-Jan-44
KENNEDY, Marjorie Pearl North Hollywood Marriage ANDREASEN, Leon B. Los Angeles 28-Mar-42 31-Mar-42
KENNEDY, Mary Woodland Hills Marriage VEGHTE, Dale Reseda 14-Feb-42 13-Feb-42
KENNEDY, Oscar Edward North Hollywood Death 57 car wreck, wife Florence, daus Dorothy, Mrs George SIKORA 16-Mar-43 19-Mar-43
KENNEDY, R.B.     son of HOBSON, Maude Catherine 22-Jun-44
KENNEY, Fred Van Nuys Death 76 accident, hit by car, sis, Mrs DAVIS 6-Jul-42 11-Dec-42
KENNICOTT, Robert W. Burbank Death   infant, suffocated in bed, par M/M Robert 16-Dec-41 19-Dec-41
KENNICOTT, Robert, M/M     par of KENNICOTT, Robert W. 19-Dec-41
KENNOY, Chester I. Parks North Hollywood Death 21 Navy, Pearl Harbor 7-Dec-41 26-Dec-41
KENT, Douglas Clarke Birth KENT, George, M/M   19-Oct-44
KENT, George, M/M Van Nuys   par of Douglas Clarke last week 19-Oct-44
KENT, Walby F., M/M Van Nuys dau Birth par of daughter last week 5-Oct-44
KENWORTHY, James Hollywood Death 47 7-yr member of Universal Studio police force, wife Mary 29-Jun-43 2-Jul-43
KENWORTHY, Mary     wife of KENWORTHY, James 2-Jul-43
KENZEL, LeRoy J. Hollywood Marriage PHELPS, Shirley Ann North Hollywood 26-Feb-44 27-Mar-44
KEPNER, Evelyn E., Mrs Burbank Death 29   13-Sep-44 18-Sep-44
KEPSAY, Carl W. Burbank Marriage JONES, Marian T. Burbank 5-Sep-43 21-Sep-43
KERCHNER, Frederick F. North Hollywood Death 53 dept. store salesman 2-Nov-44 6-Nov-44
KERR, Helen L. North Hollywood Marriage HICKMAN, Harvey D. Westwood 9-Aug-43 24-Aug-43
KERR, Ruth F. North Hollywood Marriage ODELL, Donn C. Los Angeles 28-Jun-43 6-Jul-43
KERSTAN, Danda Marriage McKINNEY, James A.   5-Mar-43
KESTER, Laura     dau of EVANS, Rebecca 22-Jun-44
KETTMER, Walter A. Los Angeles Marriage TIMS, Imogene Toronto, Canada 28-May-42 5-Jun-42
KEULEN, Agnes Marriage PAYNE, Joseph William North Hollywood 6-Aug-43 13-Aug-43
KEYSTON, Alfred J., Pfc Van Nuys Death   killed in action 25-Sep-44