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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"Le - Ll "

LEAKE, Eldridge T. Burbank Death 78 born GA, funeral Dec 4 4-Dec-44
LEARY, Mary Margaret Birth LEARY, Phillip A., M/M   22-Jan-45
LEARY, Phillip A., M/M Canoga Park par of Mary Margaret last week 22-Jan-45
LEATHERMAN, Scott Newhall Death 29 highway patrolman, killed on motorcycle while chasing speeder 5-May-42
LEBEL, Raymond E. Burbank Marriage GORDON, Marjorie Burbank 21-Oct-43 29-Oct-43
LeBLANC, Lionel Burbank Marriage DRISCOLL, Loretta last week 31-Jul-41
LECY, Alden J., Pfc Encino Death   killed in action Feb-45 8-Feb-45
LEDERER, Francis Canoga Park Marriage IRVING, Marion Canada 10-Jul-41 15-Jul-41
LEDGER Dewey North Hollywood Death   WWI veteran, died in Albuquerque NM last week 2-Nov-44
LEDGER, Dorothy North Hollywood Son Birth BOLLMAN, Richard Calvin 18-Feb-43 26-Feb-43
LeDUC, Albert Burbank Death 73 born MI, son Clarence 2-Mar-45 8-Mar-45
LeDUC, Clarence     son of LeDUC, Albert 8-Mar-45
LeDUC, Clarence M. Marriage MANIFOR, Josephine Burbank 17-Aug-41 19-Aug-41
LEE, Barbara Jeannette North Hollywood Marriage GARNER, Beniston North Hollywood 14-Jun-42 19-Jun-42
LEE, Barbara Jeannette North Hollywood Marriage GARNER, Beniston North Hollywood 14-Jun-42 26-Jun-42
LEE, Barbara Lorraine San Fernando Marriage GIRDNER, Bruce Westcott Van Nuys 15-Sep-44 28-Sep-44
LEE, Betty Lou Burbank Marriage BROOKS, James W. Hollywood 20-Mar-45 23-Apr-45
LEE, Charlotte Ann North Hollywood Marriage BOURGEOIS, JESS C. Jr. St Louis MO 18-Jan-45 29-Jan-45
LEE, Deanne Elen Birth LEE, Verne, M/M   3-Oct-41
LEE, Della       sis of WILLIAMS, Milford 21-Jul-42
LEE, Donald Lewis Birth LEE, Robert L., M/M   20-Jul-43
LEE, Edward San Fernando Marriage CORNELL, Lillian San Fernando 2-Aug-41 15-Aug-41
LEE, Genevieve Los Angeles Marriage MAY, Richard Joseph 5-Dec-43 9-Dec-43
LEE, Robert L., M/M Burbank   par of Donald Lewis 12-Jul-43 20-Jul-43
LEE, Verne, M/M Burbank   par of Deanne Elen 25-Sep-41 3-Oct-41
LEEDOM, Ralph     son of LEEDOM, William 11-May-44
LEEDOM, Rosemary     DeCARLO, Rosemary, Mrs 11-May-44
LEEDOM, William North Hollywood Death 72 dau Rosemary DeCARLO, son Ralph 8-May-44 11-May-44
LEEMBRUGGEN, Marjorie Tuttle Burbank Death   native Anaconda MT 28-Jun-44 3-Jul-44
LEESON, Louis L., M/Sgt Van Nuys Death   reported dead by War Dept., wife Margaret 20-Jan-44
LEESON, Margaret     wife of LEESON, Louis L., M/Sgt 20-Jan-44
LEET, Arthur Ryan Van Nuys Death 72     5-Jan-43
LEFFINGWELL, Orville, M/M Van Nuys   par of Richard Kirby 28-Nov-43 6-Dec-43
LEFFINGWELL, Richard Kirby Birth LEFFINGWELL, Orville, M/M 6-Dec-43
LEFFINGWELL, Shirley     dau of NICOLA, Benn Eugene, Dr 22-Nov-43
LEFORD, T., M/M Burbank dau Birth par of daughter 3-Jul-43 16-Jul-43
LEGGETT, Mildred Lee Roscoe Marriage MYERS, Harry Raymond 13-Sep-41 19-Sep-41
LeGRAND, Richard Los Angeles Marriage NIXON, Mrs Alice Los Angeles 14-Dec-43 20-Dec-43
LEHMAN, Evelyn, Mrs     dau of WOOD, Margaret J., Mrs 29-Aug-41
LEHMAN, Janice San Fernando Marriage COWELL, William Hollywood 10-Aug-41 15-Aug-41
LEHMANN, Barbara Van Nuys Death 83 dau Freida KRUEGER 23-Oct-43 29-Oct-43
LEIBOW, Karen Joy Birth LEIBOW, Norman, M/M   13-May-41
LEIBOW, Norman, M/M Burbank   par of Karen Joy 7-May-41 13-May-41
LEISLE, Jacob, M/M San Fernando son Birth par of son   last week 19-Oct-44
LELIVELT, Ethel     wife of LELIVELT, Jack 28-Jan-41
LELIVELT, Frank, M/M San Fernando   par of LELIVELT, Jack 20-Jan-41 28-Jan-41
LELIVELT, Hermand     son of LELIVELT, Jack 28-Jan-41
LELIVELT, Jack Van Nuys Death   heart attack, died in Seattle, par M/M Frank LELIVELT, wife Ethel, bros William, Herman 21-Jan-41 23-Jan-41
LELIVELT, William     son of LELIVELT, Jack 28-Jan-41
LeMAY, Jeanette     dau of MILLER, Amos M 3-Apr-41
LEMBKE, Lenore Los Angeles Marriage PHILLIPS, H. Gerald Loa Angeles 27-Jul-42 7-Aug-42
LeMOYNE, Marian Estelle North Hollywood Marriage MARTIN, Robert R. Hollywood 22-Mar-41 10-Apr-41
LeMOYNE, Phyllis   QUINBY, Windle, Mrs   19-Mar-45
LENAU, 19 mo son     son of LENAU, Mary 22-Aug-41
LENAU, John       hus of LENAU, Mary 22-Aug-41
LENAU, Mary Burbank Death   hus John, 19 month-old son 22-Aug-41
LENHOFF, Joseph Birth LENHOFF, Raymond J., M/M 20-Nov-44
LENHOFF, Raymond J., M/M Canoga Park par of Joseph last week 20-Nov-44
LENNY, Jessie, Mrs Portland OR Death   was visiting dau, Mrs Willard H. ALTMAN 6-Feb-42 10-Feb-42
LENON, Esther North Hollywood Marriage SETTERBERG, James Morrell Portland OR 8-Aug-42 8-Sep-42
LENZ, Elaine Winapao WI Marriage DAVIS, Everett W. Long Beach 1-Apr-45 5-Apr-45
LEON, Carmen     wife of LEON, Vicente 9-Dec-43
LEON, Vicente San Fernando Death 33 wife Carmen, 6 children 6-Dec-43 9-Dec-43
LEONA, Mrs       dau of HUFFMAN, Arnold H. 10-Jul-41
LEONARD, Robert H. Marriage LaVELLE, Frances Emily North Hollywood 23-May-43 1-Jun-43
LeQUIRE, William R. "Bob" Van Nuys Death   born in Tennessee 19-Mar-42 20-Mar-42
LESLIE, George F., M/M Van Nuys   par of Winetta Jean last week 19-Feb-45
LESLIE, Winetta Jean Birth LESLIE, George F., M/M   19-Feb-45
LESSER, Claire     dau of BONFIELD, Georgianna 15-Jul-41
LEV, James Roy Birth LEV, Roy J., M/M   19-Feb-45
LEV, Roy J., M/M Van Nuys   par of James Roy last week 19-Feb-45
LEVEQUE, Evelyne Burbank Marriage TIDWELL, James F. Santa Maria 13-Mar-43 23-Mar-43
LEVER, Clara, Mrs Hollywood Death 74 survived by dau Grace 28-Aug-44 31-Aug-44
LEVER, Grace     dau of LEVER, Clara, Mrs 31-Aug-44
LEVERICH, Clifford, M/M Van Nuys   par of Lois Ann 4-May-45 7-May-45
LEVERICH, Lois Ann Birth LEVERICH, Clifford, M/M   7-May-45
LeVIG, Helga Marie Burbank Marriage McREA, Frank North Hollywood 24-Feb-44 28-Feb-44
LeVINES, L.R,, M/M North Hollywood par of Laurence Robert Jr. 29-Jul-43 3-Aug-43
LeVINES, Laurence Robert J. Birth LeVINES, L.R,, M/M   3-Aug-43
LEVY, Abraham North Hollywood   wife Laura, daus Dorothy, Mrs M. LERNER 20-Mar-44
LEVY, Meyer T. North Hollywood Death 52 attorney, died at Sawtelle Soldiers Home, wife Mindelle 26-Aug-41 2-Sep-41
LEVY, Mindelle     wife of LEVY, Meyer T. 2-Sep-41
LEWIS, Eva, Mrs     dau of DILLON, Marion, Mrs 30-Apr-45
LEWIS, George R, M/M. Van Nuys   par of Lorraine Marie last week 29-Jan-45
LEWIS, Gerald New York Marriage JOHNSON, Helen North Hollywood 2-Jul-44 3-Jul-44
LEWIS, Harry     son of LEWIS, Ida Elizabeth, Mrs 24-Nov-42
LEWIS, Ida Elizabeth, Mrs Glendale Death 75 burial Oskaloosa IA, son Harry 19-Nov-42 24-Nov-42
LEWIS, J.R., M/M Burbank dau Birth par of daughter 16-Apr-42 24-Apr-42
LEWIS, Julius North Hollywood Death 48 interment in NY 28-Mar-42 3-Apr-42
LEWIS, Lorraine Marie Birth LEWIS, George R, M/M.   29-Jan-45
LEWIS, Martha Baker Van Nuys Death 78 born Berlin, Germany 6-Mar-44
LEWIS, Neville R., M/M San Fernando par of William Raleigh 15-Aug-42 18-Aug-42
LEWIS, Norman H., M/M Sherman Oaks par of Rodney Norman last week 13-Nov-44
LEWIS, Rodney Norman Birth LEWIS, Norman H., M/M   13-Nov-44
LEWIS, Samuel, M/M Burbank son Birth par of son   23-Nov-41 2-Dec-41
LEWIS, W.A., Mrs     dau of TURNER, Harry 28-Nov-41
LEWIS, William Raleigh Birth LEWIS, Neville R., M/M   24-Aug-42
LEWISON, Mrs. Freda Burbank Marriage BUCHOLZ, W.H. New York 1-Nov-41 11-Nov-41
LEY, Betty Jane North Hollywood Marriage BORZAGE, John Pacoima 13-Apr-41 13-May-41
LEY, Helen C., Mrs North Hollywood Death 46 native of San Bernardino 22-Mar-42 27-Mar-42
LICAS, Virginia Van Nuys Death 100 born Harrisburg PA 21-Dec-42 25-Dec-42
LICHMAN, Joseph North Hollywood Marriage BEM, Mary Caroline North Hollywood 19-Apr-42 28-Apr-42
LICHT, Adolf Van Nuys Death 70 wife Josephine, daus Josephine, Magdaline, Hattie HUDSON, Gertrude PIEPER, sons Herman, Adolf 9-Jun-44 19-Jun-44
LICHT, Adolf       son of LICHT, Adolf 19-Jun-44
LICHT, Gertrude     PEIPER, Gertrude, Mrs 19-Jun-44
LICHT, Hattie     HUDSON, Hattie, Mrs 19-Jun-44
LICHT, Herman     son of LICHT, Adolf 19-Jun-44
LICHT, Josephine     wife of LICHT, Adolf 19-Jun-44
LICHT, Josephine     dau of LICHT, Adolf 19-Jun-44
LICHT, Magdaline     dau of LICHT, Adolf 19-Jun-44
LIEBER, Gertrude Cook Kenosha WI Death 75 son Perry, 3 daus 29-Oct-43
LIEBER, Perry     son of LIEBER, Gertrude Cook 29-Oct-43
LIEBERS, Lawrence P. Marriage MAIZE, Carol I. Burbank 21-Dec-42 15-Jan-43
LIEBHART, Edith     BLAIR, Edith, Mrs 2-Mar-44
LIEBHART, Effie     BOBIER, Effie, Mrs 2-Mar-44
LIEBHART, Frank L.     son of LIEBHART, Jacob E. 2-Mar-44
LIEBHART, Jacob E. Death 90 came to Valley in 1887, pioneered as rancher, son Frank L., daus Edith BLAIR, Effie BOBIER 2-Mar-44
LIEN, Howard V./McGain North Hollywood dau Birth par of daughter 4-Oct-42 20-Oct-42
LIFQUIST, Bonnie Ann     dau of LIFQUIST, Myrtle 22-Mar-45
LIFQUIST, Charles     hus of LIFQUIST, Myrtle 22-Mar-45
LIFQUIST, Clarice     dau of LIFQUIST, Myrtle 22-Mar-45
LIFQUIST, Muriel     FULTER, Muriel, Mrs 22-Mar-45
LIFQUIST, Myrtle Burbank Death 46 born MN, hus Charles, daus Bonnie Ann, Ramona, Clarice, Muriel FULTER 18-Mar-45 22-Mar-45
LIFQUIST, Ramona     dau of LIFQUIST, Myrtle 22-Mar-45
LILLEY, Samuel Y. Acton Death 52 found dead in his room at Hotel Goodhap 22-Sep-44 25-Sep-44
LILLY, John Robert Tarzana Death 80   26-Oct-44 30-Oct-44
LINCOLN, James Van Nuys Death 40   20-Jan-44 27-Jan-44
LIND, Lillian North Hollywood Death 42   26-Jun-43 2-Jul-43
LINDEN, Cecil, Mrs     mom of LINDEN, Marc Jack 1-Dec-42
LINDEN, Elizabeth     dau of LINDEN, Marc Jack 1-Dec-42
LINDEN, Irving     bro of LINDEN, Marc Jack 1-Dec-42
LINDEN, Joan     wife of LINDEN, Marc Jack 1-Dec-42
LINDEN, Lee Albert     bro of LINDEN, Marc Jack 1-Dec-42
LINDEN, Marc Jack Burbank Death 32 actor, wife Joan, mother Mrs Cecil, dau Elizabeth, bros Irving, Nathan, Lee Albert 24-Nov-42 1-Dec-42
LINDEN, Nathan     bro of LINDEN, Marc Jack 1-Dec-42
LINDGRIN, Lena North Hollywood Death 77 burial Portland OR 7-Jul-42 14-Jul-42
LINDLEY, Helen     dau of McCULLOUGH, Henry Clyde 10-Feb-42
LINDMANN, Martha Lincoln NB Marriage LARSON, Wilford Viroqua WI 8-Jan-42 16-Jan-42
LINDSAY, Elsie North Hollywood Death 33   10-Nov-44 13-Nov-44
LINDSAY, Georgia Burbank Marriage ATWOOD, Brad Jr. Burbank week ago 9-Nov-44
LINDSEY, Mary Louise North Hollywood Marriage STUTSMAN, Carl Allen 13-Mar-43 19-Mar-43
LINDSLEY, Winifred Bonna North Hollywood Death 44 carbon monoxide poisoning 30-Aug-44 4-Sep-44
LINDSTROM, Emma North Hollywood Death 73 interred Valhalla 26-Jun-43 2-Jul-43
LINEBERGER, Walter Franklin Santa Barbara Death   son Walter Jr., daus Mrs Archibald HART, Mrs PARTRIDGE, Mrs James SAALFIELD last week 19-Oct-43
LINEBERGER, Walter Jr     son of LINEBERGER, Walter Franklin 19-Oct-43
LINEBERGER, Walter, Mrs     dau of HITE, Elizabeth Courtright 27-Apr-43
LINSTROM, Barbara Churchill Birth LINSTROM, D.M./Juanita (CHURCHILL) 6-Nov-42
LINSTROM, D.M./Juanita (CHURCHILL) Uplands   par of Barbara Churchill 31-Oct-42 6-Nov-42
LINTZ, John A., M/M Van Nuys   par of Linda Lee last week 4-Dec-44
LINTZ, Linda Lee Birth LINTZ, John A., M/M   4-Dec-44
LIPPINCOTT, Truman G. Van Nuys Death 73 interment in Fresno 10-Oct-44 16-Oct-44
LISTER, Mrs Lucy Burbank Death 71 born Maryville MO 13-Sep-44 18-Sep-44
LISTON, H. Edward Los Angeles Marriage CRAWFORD, Mary Frances Burbank 23-Jul-43 27-Jul-43
LITTON, Coya Birth LITTON, Joseph A., M/M   27-Mar-41
LITTON, Joseph A., M/M North Hollywood par of Coya   19-Mar-41 27-Mar-41
LIVELY, Elanora, Mrs     dau of YDE, Ellen, Mrs 5-Mar-45
LIVENGOOD, Chester Roe Roscoe Death   heart attack 21-Jun-42 23-Jun-42
LIVINGSTON, , M/M San Fernando par of Gary Bruce   27-Mar-41
LIVINGSTON, Bernard, M/M North Hollywood par of Bruce David 10-May-43 18-May-43
LIVINGSTON, Bruce David Birth LIVINGSTON, Bernard, M/M 18-May-43
LIVINGSTON, D.J. U.S.M.C. Marriage MANFULL, Matie Louise Pacoima 3-Jan-45 5-Apr-45
LIVINGSTON, Gary Bruce Birth LIVINGSTON, , M/M   27-Mar-41
LIVINGSTON, William J. Roscoe Death   hit by car 14-Jun-43 18-Jun-43
LIZOTTE, Beverly     dau of MILLER, Paul 10-Jul-41
LLEWELLYN, Franklin Powell Pasadena Death     12-Apr-42 17-Apr-42
LLOYD, Dorothy Encino Marriage WOODS, Robert Lawrence Los Angeles   23-Oct-42
LLOYD, Emma     sis of GRAY, Joe Boune 16-Apr-45
LLOYD, Ethel Lee TX Marriage LAW, Thomas H. Burbank 13-Jul-43 16-Jul-43
LLOYD, F.S., Mrs     dau of RESCHER, John J. 10-Jan-44
LLOYD, Gilbert, M/M San Fernando dau Birth par of daughter 13-Jul-41 17-Jul-41
LLOYD, Peter F. North Hollywood Marriage MILLER, Cecelia Katherine Hopkins, MN 23-May-45 28-May-45