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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"Mab - Man "

MABIE, Doris Ma Birth MABIE, Hal R., M/M   25-Nov-41
MABIE, Hal R., M/M Van Nuys   par of Doris Ma   25-Nov-41
MacBURNIE, Edith Enid North Hollywood Marriage CARSON, Frank William North Hollywood 21-Apr-42 28-Apr-42
MacDOUGAL, Clara A., Mrs North Hollywood Death 86   9-Oct-44 12-Oct-44
MacDOUGALL, Coline San Fernando Marriage MARSH, E. James Burbank last week 23-Apr-43
MACHENHIMER, William Los Angeles Marriage SMITH, Ethel B. Burbank 16-May-43 25-May-43
MACK, William Edward North Hollywood Marriage SPENCER, Dorothy Laura North Hollywood 8-Nov-41 18-Nov-41
MacKINNON, Vernon Robert Reseda Death 53 cleaning establishment proprietor 26-Jun-44 3-Jul-44
MacLEAN, Charles F., M/M Van Nuys   par of Roselyn last week 21-Sep-44
MacLEAN, Roselyn Birth MacLEAN, Charles F., M/M   21-Sep-44
MacMILLIN, Lt Jane F. Sherman Oaks Marriage DAY, Capt Richard M. Milwaukee WI 16-Oct-43 15-Oct-43
MacNAUGHTON, Virginia (stage name: ) FERSON, James, Mrs   15-Jul-41
MacNEIL, Doris Linda     dau of MacNEIL, Eleanor M. 21-May-45
MacNEIL, Eleanor M. North Hollywood Death 25 hus Leuray, dau Doris Linda 17-May-45 21-May-45
MacNEIL, Leuray     hus of MacNEIL, Eleanor M. 21-May-45
MacNEIL, Robert Weston Birth MacNEIL, William G., M/M   5-Feb-43
MacNEIL, William G., M/M North Hollywood par of Robert Weston 14-Jan-43 5-Feb-43
MacNISH, Isabel Muriel North Hollywood Marriage WALTER, Don Lombard Burbank   21-Oct-41
MacPHERSON, Bessie North Hollywood Death   dau Mrs Charles ALMSTEAD 5-Jun-45 7-Jun-45
MacPHERSON, William F. Burbank Death 30 suicide   8-Sep-42
MADDEN, Charles     hus of MADDEN, Lorena 17-Apr-41
MADDEN, Lorena North Hollywood Death 81 born NY, hus Charles H, son H.P. STAPLES 12-Apr-41 17-Apr-41
MADDEN, Shirley Burbank Marriage BLOCHER, Dwain North Hollywood 29-Jun-44 6-Jul-44
MADDOX, James Fresno Marriage OLSON, Bess North Hollywood 13-Sep-42 2-Oct-42
MADISON, Agnes Rebecca North Hollywood Death 68 dau Mrs Kenneth R. HOLCOMB, sons Lyle, Wayne, Luther 9-Apr-44 13-Apr-44
MADISON, Luther     son of MADISON, Agnes Rebecca 13-Apr-44
MADISON, Lyle     son of MADISON, Agnes Rebecca 13-Apr-44
MADISON, Wayne     son of MADISON, Agnes Rebecca 13-Apr-44
MADISON, William Mattis Los Angeles Death Mrs Frank C. BUTT 21-Jan-41 28-Jan-41
MADOLE, Eugene P. Burbank Death 21 2 Lt. Marine Reserve, Battle of Midway 1-Jul-42 3-Jul-42
MADSEN, Clyde North Hollywood Marriage MOCK, Lauretta North Hollywood 29-Aug-42 15-Sep-42
MADSON, Patricia Sherman Oaks Death 15 fell from 100 foot cliff 19-Apr-42 21-Apr-42
MAESTRI, Charles B., M/M North Hollywood par of Jean LaVonne last week 26-Apr-45
MAESTRI, Jean LaVonne Birth MAESTRI, Charles B., M/M   26-Apr-45
MAGALLANES, Pvt Antonio Van Nuys Death   killed in action 3-May-45
MAGALLANEZ, Paul, M/M Van Nuys   par of Teresa last week 30-Oct-44
MAGALLANEZ, Teresa Birth MAGALLANEZ, Paul, M/M   30-Oct-44
MAGEE, William Carleton North Hollywood Death 48 heart attack 16-May-42 19-May-42
MAGENN, Edward F. Jr. Los Angeles Marriage VALENCOURT, Marcella North Hollywood 12-Jan-44 13-Jan-44
MAGNESS, Ellen Margaret North Hollywood Marriage OLESEN, Anker B. Los Angeles 28-Nov-42 8-Dec-42
MAGNESS, John H. North Hollywood Marriage JOHNSTON, Rosemary North Hollywood 12-Aug-44 24-Aug-44
MAGUIRE, James David North Hollywood Death 19 killed in action, par M/M Norvall 3-Jan-45 28-May-45
MAGUIRE, Norvall, M/M     par of MAGUIRE, James David 28-May-45
MAHAN, Graham Sherman Oaks Death   U.S.N., chief pharmacists mate, killed in action 21-Aug-44
MAHER, Betty North Hollywood Marriage KNIGHT, Gerald R. San Fernando 20-Jan-45 26-Feb-45
MAHONEY, Charles Lester Birth MAHONEY, George, M/M   9-Dec-43
MAHONEY, George H. North Hollywood Marriage LORE, Virginia Elaine North Hollywood 8-Nov-41 11-Nov-41
MAHONEY, George, M/M North Hollywood par of Charles Lester 9-Oct-43 9-Dec-43
MAHONEY, Madelyn North Hollywood Marriage REID, Charles A. North Hollywood 12-Sep-42 15-Sep-42
MAHONEY, Mary Elizabeth Burbank Death 72 dau Leona M. POTTER 17-Feb-42 20-Feb-42
MAIDMENT, Frederick Thomas Tujunga Death 66 painter 26-Nov-44 30-Nov-44
MAILHOT, Bertha     wife of MAILHOT, Joseph Hector 1-Dec-42
MAILHOT, Joseph Hector Newhall Death 71 owned cafe in Newhall, wife Bertha 27-Nov-42 1-Dec-42
MAIN, A.J., Mrs     dau of SLOAN, Robert Russell 23-Apr-43
MAINEY, Francis S., M/M Burbank   par of Robert Francis 22-Jan-41 28-Jan-41
MAINEY, Robert Francis Birth MAINEY, Francis S., M/M   28-Jan-41
MAINS, Jack Pierce Cleveland OH Marriage PAIGE, Marguerite North Hollywood 2-Jun-45 7-Jun-45
MAIZE, Carol I. Burbank Marriage LIEBERS, Lawrence P. 21-Dec-42 15-Jan-43
MAKETA, Irene MN Marriage KUZMA, William J. MN 23-Oct-42 3-Nov-42
MAKI, Martin, M/M Roscoe   par of Robert Alex last week 12-Apr-45
MAKI, Robert Alex Birth MAKI, Martin, M/M   12-Apr-45
MALAK, James R. North Hollywood Death 20 marine, killed in action 29-Dec-42
MALCOLM, George E. North Hollywood Death 60 wife Maggie 2-May-44 4-May-44
MALCOLM, Maggie     wife of MALCOLM, George E. 4-May-44
MALCOLM, Margaret Bell North Hollywood Death 84 burial in Spanish Fork UT 12-Dec-44 14-Dec-44
MALCOM, George E. North Hollywood Death 67 sons Paul, Otis, daus Lowell ZEIGLER, Ruth DePALMA 20-Mar-45 22-Mar-45
MALCOM, Otis     son of MALCOM, George E. 22-Mar-45
MALCOM, Paul     son of MALCOM, George E. 22-Mar-45
MALCOM, Ruth     DePALMA, Ruth, Mrs 22-Mar-45
MALDONADO, Dolores R. Birth MALDONADO, Jacinto, M/M 15-Jan-45
MALDONADO, Jacinto, M/M Reseda   par of Dolores R. last week 15-Jan-45
MALHERBE, Eugene M. Van Nuys Death 78 born in Germany 25-Mar-42 27-Mar-42
MALLAS, Donald G. North Hollywood Marriage HORSELEY, Maria Hollywood Jun-45 26-Jun-45
MALLERY, Charles T. Los Angeles Marriage CULLERS, Evelyn Van Nuys 17-Jan-41 23-Jan-41
MALLERY, Frances     MALLERY, Frances, Mrs 29-Dec-42
MALLERY, John B. North Hollywood Death 86 dau Frances WHITE 25-Dec-42 29-Dec-42
MALLOY, Edward Van Nuys Death 64 retired merchant marine 7-Sep-42 11-Sep-42
MALONE, Carol Jill Birth MALONE, J.W., M/M   30-Apr-45
MALONE, Edwin T.     bro of CORWIN, Ella 15-Aug-41
MALONE, Ella     CORWIN, Ella, Mrs 15-Aug-41
MALONE, J.W., M/M Van Nuys   par of Carol Jill last week 30-Apr-45
MALTBY, Arline Marie Palmdale, Marriage PAINE, John R. Van Nuys 25-Jan-42 23-Jan-42
MALTBY, Arline Marie North Hollywood Marriage PAINE, John R. Van Nuys 25-Jan-42 30-Jan-42
MALTKA, Elgy     dau of RALSTON, Roland W. 24-Jan-44
MALWICK, Vivian Violet Marriage RASMUSSEN, Herman H. 20-Jul-41 24-Jul-41
MANDELOFF, Arthur, M/M   par of Denis   28-Jan-42 30-Jan-42
MANDELOFF, Denis Birth MANDELOFF, Arthur, M/M   30-Jan-42
MANES, Betty Chicago Marriage VOLPI, Gene Burbank 14-Feb-45 15-Mar-45
MANFULL, Matie Louise Pacoima Marriage LIVINGSTON, D.J. U.S.M.C. 3-Jan-45 5-Apr-45
MANGES, Charles Frederick Marriage AHLSTRAND, Fern North Hollywood 14-Feb-42 3-Mar-42
MANGUM, Genevieve Naomi Roscoe Marriage KRAMER, David Charles North Hollywood 23-Oct-42 23-Oct-42
MANGUS, Alice     dau of WILLEY, Wesley 15-Mar-45
MANIFOR, Josephine Burbank Marriage LeDUC, Clarence M. 17-Aug-41 19-Aug-41
MANK, Edward Pittsburg PA Marriage BARTOLD, Dolores Burbank 7-Nov-43 15-Nov-43
MANKIA, Mary   HEATHCATE, R.M., Mrs   15-May-44
MANKIN, Mary Winifred North Hollywood Marriage HEATHCOTE, Richard Monroe Los Angeles 5-Jun-43 11-Jun-43
MANLEY, A. Leon Jr. Burbank Marriage HOUCHINS, Juanita Seattle WA   5-Jan-43
MANN, Arthur North Hollywood Death 59 wife Clara, dau 15-Jul-43 23-Jul-43
MANN, Clara       wife of MANN, Arthur 23-Jul-43
MANN, John W. North Hollywood Marriage GUILLARD, Yvette F. Venice 23-May-42 29-May-42
MANN, Thomas R. Jr., Pfc Van Nuys Death   killed in action in France 9-Nov-44 7-Dec-44
MANNES, Lloyd A. Los Angeles Marriage STRAINGE, Edythe North Hollywood 14-Feb-42 20-Feb-42
MANNING, Carroll, M/M Burbank   par of Marcia Jean 25-Nov-42 4-Dec-42
MANNING, Marcia Jean Birth MANNING, Carroll, M/M   4-Dec-42
MANOLOVICH, George North Hollywood Marriage MAXWELL, June Audrey Los Angeles 26-Jul-42 31-Jul-42
MANONE, Joseph Birth MANONE, Joseph, M/M   19-Mar-43
MANONE, Joseph, M/M North Hollywood par of Joseph 5-Mar-43 19-Mar-43
MANSFIELD, William Clair North Hollywood Death 36 heart attack 8-Aug-44 10-Aug-44
MANTILLA, Idalia Mexico City Marriage MAXWELL, Dr. Donald Van Nuys May-41 1-May-42
MANUEL, Juanita Burbank Marriage STEVENSON, Kenneth 26-Jul-41 5-Aug-41
MANZO, Eraclio R., Pfc Hollywood Death   killed when army truck overturned on Mulholland Drive 1-Sep-44 4-Sep-44