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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"Mc "

McADAMS, Marie     dau of FIREBAUGH, Fred 26-Mar-45
McARDELLA, Geneva     dau of KOBLER, Gertrude E. 29-Mar-45
McARTHUR, Maurine Marriage STANLEY, Francis O. 7-Sep-41 23-Sep-41
McARTHUR, Mrs. Helen Elmhurst IL Marriage BARTER, Robert Fulton Mt.Vernon IN 27-Jun-44 3-Jul-44
McAVOY, Arch G. North Hollywood Death 50 wife Zelma, bros Samuel, Christopher, sis Mayme MONTAGUE, Pearl McLAUGHLIN 21-May-45 4-Jun-45
McAVOY, Christopher     bro of McAVOY, Arch G. 4-Jun-45
McAVOY, Harold Birth McAVOY, Parke/Lydell (GARDNER) 26-Mar-43
McAVOY, Mayme     MONTAGUE, Mayme, Mrs 4-Jun-45
McAVOY, Parke/Lydell (GARDNER) North Hollywood par of Harold 20-Mar-43 26-Mar-43
McAVOY, Parke/Lydell (GARDNER) Hollywood   par of Wyant Ross 23-Nov-41 28-Nov-41
McAVOY, Pearl     McLAUGHLIN, Pearl, Mrs 4-Jun-45
McAVOY, Samuel     bro of McAVOY, Arch G. 4-Jun-45
McAVOY, Wyant Ross Birth McAVOY, Parke/Lydell (GARDNER) 28-Nov-41
McAVOY, Zelma     wife of McAVOY, Arch G. 4-Jun-45
McBRIDE, Dolores Pearl Canoga Park Marriage RILEY, William Paul San Francisco 25-Jan-45 1-Feb-45
McBRIDE, Jeanne Annette North Hollywood Marriage STERNBERG, Josef Hollywood 30-Jul-43 6-Aug-43
McCABE, Carl E., M/M Van Nuys   par of Raymond Arnold last week 27-Jul-44
McCABE, Raymond Arnold Birth McCABE, Carl E., M/M   27-Jul-44
McCAFFERTY, Ida F. Fulton MO Marriage MASCARO, Louie North Hollywood 16-Jan-44 31-Jan-44
McCANN, Karl P. Hollywood Marriage FULLER, Jenny Lee North Hollywood 30-Jun-41 8-Jul-41
McCANN, Lowell Roy North Hollywood Marriage BAKER, Kathleen Rosamund Glendora 16-Jan-44 27-Jan-44
McCARTHY, Alice     dau of STOMBS, Myrtle, Mrs 9-Jan-41
McCARTHY, Barbara Jean Birth McCARTHY, Robert, M/M   12-Jun-44
McCARTHY, Jean North Hollywood Marriage GRIFFIN, Daniel E. Burbank 15-Nov-41 21-Nov-41
McCARTHY, Mary Joseph, Mrs North Hollywood Death 78 resided in community 20 years 30-Nov-44 4-Dec-44
McCARTHY, Robert, M/M Burbank   par of Barbara Jean 1-Jun-44 12-Jun-44
McCARTHY, Russell Hollywood Marriage     recently 6-Dec-43
McCARTY, M.     dau of CUNNINGHAM, Dora 22-Feb-45
McCARTY, Scott William Long Beach Marriage THOMAS, Virginia E. Van Nuys 26-Jul-44 31-Jul-44
McCAULEY, Joseph, Capt Burbank Death 35 killed in airline crash 10-Jan-45 11-Jan-45
McCAY, Philipene     dau of RENO, Bertha J. 1-Feb-45
McCHESNEY, Fred William Burbank Death 41 from Iowa City IA, wife Mildred, sis Helen FARNSWORTH 17-May-45 28-May-45
McCHESNEY, Helen     FARNSWORTH, Helen, Mrs 28-May-45
McCHESNEY, Mildred     wife of McCHESNEY, Fred William 28-May-45
McCHRISTY, Roy A. Lewis KS Marriage LUTE, Faye Emerson NB 27-Feb-44 13-Mar-44
McCLAIN, Bruce, M/M North Hollywood par of Thomas Jackson Burres 28-Mar-41 1-Apr-41
McCLAIN, Thomas Jackson Burres Birth McCLAIN, Bruce, M/M   1-Apr-41
McCLEAN, Berdena     dau of BELL, Carrie 1-Mar-45
McCLELLAN, Alden, M/M Burbank son Birth par of son   1-Aug-41 8-Aug-41
McCLELLAND, Jack, M/M Burbank dau Birth par of daughter 28-Apr-42 5-May-42
McCLELLAND, James L., M/M San Fernando par of Susan Lee last week 28-Aug-44
McCLELLAND, Susan Lee Birth McCLELLAND, James L., M/M 28-Aug-44
McCLELLON, Marvell North Hollywood Marriage GUM, John Long Beach 21-Apr-45 7-May-45
McCLENDON, Eloise Jane Birth McCLENDON, Jimmy, M/M   18-Sep-42
McCLENDON, Jimmy, M/M North Hollywood par of Eloise Jane 12-Sep-42 18-Sep-42
McCLURE, Carolyn Rae North Hollywood Death 7 par M/M Elmer L., bro Gerald, sis June Rose 13-Aug-42 14-Aug-42
McCLURE, Charles     son of McCLURE, Ervin Thomas "Bud" 17-Nov-42
McCLURE, D.D., Mrs     dau of SCHOFIELD, Eliza Ann 18-Dec-42
McCLURE, Elmer L., M/M     par of McCLURE, Carolyn Rae 14-Aug-42
McCLURE, Ervin Thomas "Bud" North Hollywood Death   wife Grace, sons Howard, Rexford, Charles 2-Nov-42 17-Nov-42
McCLURE, Gerald     bro of McCLURE, Carolyn Rae 14-Aug-42
McCLURE, Grace     wife of McCLURE, Ervin Thomas "Bud" 17-Nov-42
McCLURE, Howard     son of McCLURE, Ervin Thomas "Bud" 17-Nov-42
McCLURE, June Rose     sis of McCLURE, Carolyn Rae 14-Aug-42
McCLURE, Rexford     son of McCLURE, Ervin Thomas "Bud" 17-Nov-42
McCOLLUM, Goldie LaVern Marriage HOWELL, Robert L. Hollywood 18-Apr-42 24-Apr-42
McCONNEL, William F. North Hollywood Marriage VORIS, Mildred Inglewood 26-Apr-41 13-May-41
McCONNELL, Earl William Marriage LONG, Jessie Juliette 23-Aug-41 29-Aug-41
McCONNELL, Earl, M/M North Hollywood par of Ester Marie 21-Jun-42 26-Jun-42
McCONNELL, Ester Marie Birth McCONNELL, Earl, M/M   26-Jun-42
McCONNELL, Lucille     McCONNELL, William M. 6-Oct-42
McCONNELL, William M. San Fernando Death 45 Lockheed test pilot, killed in air crash, wife Lucille 29-Sep-42 9-Oct-42
McCONVILLE, Robert John Los Angeles Marriage TAUFER, Marilyn June North Hollywood 9-Oct-42 30-Oct-42
McCORMICK, Anna     wif of McCORMICK, Leighton 23-Dec-41
McCORMICK, Arthur J., M/M Burbank   par of Gary James last week 13-Nov-44
McCORMICK, Gary James Birth McCORMICK, Arthur J., M/M 13-Nov-44
McCORMICK, Leighton San Fernando Death 48 born Plainsville OH, Sgt in 40th Field Artillery, heart attack, wife Anna, 3 chil last week 23-Dec-41
McCORMICK, William Henry Van Nuys Death 61 found dead at home 24-Dec-44 28-Dec-44
McCORNACK, Helen B.     dau of BARR, Wesley M. 21-Aug-42
McCOY, Jessie Louise Van Nuys Death 63 hus William Henry 2-May-44 4-May-44
McCOY, William Henry     hus of McCOY, Jessie Louise 4-May-44
McCREW, Margaret, Mrs     dau of WOOD, Margaret J., Mrs 29-Aug-41
McCUISTON, Forrest R., M/M North Hollywood par of Stephanie Christine 28-Jul-43 30-Jul-43
McCUISTON, Stephanie Christine Birth McCUISTON, Forrest R., M/M 30-Jul-43
McCULLOUGH, Helen     LINDLEY, Helen, Mrs 10-Feb-42
McCULLOUGH, Henry Clyde Van Nuys Death 73 dau Helen LINDLEY last week 10-Feb-42
McCUNE, Lewis E. Jr. Marriage SHOCK, Frances Sherman Oaks 19-Sep-44 21-Sep-44
McCURDY, Howard Andrew, Capt. Ft Wayne IN Death 36 war casualty in Philippines 5-May-42
McCURDY, Orrin R. Marriage CHRISTIANSON, Myrtle San Fernando 3-Mar-42
McCUTCHEON, Lewis Texas Marriage HOUDYSHEL, Helen Y. North Hollywood 26-Apr-41 1-May-41
McDANIEL, Clyde M.     son of McDANIEL, Fannie M., Mrs 28-May-43
McDANIEL, Fannie M., Mrs North Hollywood Death 89 born St. Joseph MO, daus Mrs Charles W. EASTON, Mrs Charles E. KING, sons Herbert B., Clyde M., Homer C., buried in family plot in Perry OK 25-May-43 28-May-43
McDANIEL, George San Fernando Death 58 native of GA, actor on stage and screen 19-Aug-44 24-Aug-44
McDANIEL, Herbert B.     son of McDANIEL, Fannie M., Mrs 28-May-43
McDANIEL, Homer C.     son of McDANIEL, Fannie M., Mrs 28-May-43
McDERMOTT, A.A., M/M North Hollywood par of Marguerite Allene 25-Apr-44 1-May-44
McDERMOTT, J.T. Mrs     dau of BURGETT, Charles E. 17-Feb-42
McDERMOTT, Marguerite Allene Birth McDERMOTT, A.A., M/M   1-May-44
McDONALD, Austin E., M/M Van Nuys   par of Kenneth Austin last week 12-Oct-44
McDONALD, Carlyle Sherman Oaks Marriage CARLISLE, Marjorie Fresno 28-Mar-41 8-Apr-41
McDONALD, Carol Helen Birth McDONALD, Sidney, M/M   21-Dec-44
McDONALD, Frank S.F. North Hollywood Death     18-May-45 24-May-45
McDONALD, H.K. North Hollywood Marriage MAXWELL, Kathlyn North Hollywood 29-Nov-41 12-Dec-41
McDONALD, Harold S. Burbank Marriage KRAUSE, Bernice Pasadena 4-Jan-42 13-Jan-42
McDONALD, Kenneth Austin Birth McDONALD, Austin E., M/M 12-Oct-44
McDONALD, Marie Hollywood Marriage ORSATTI, Victor Hollywood 10-Jan-43 15-Jan-43
McDONALD, Sidney, M/M Burbank   par of Carol Helen 12-Dec-44 21-Dec-44
McDONNELL, Anna     wife of McDONNELL, William 20-Dec-43
McDONNELL, Grace     dau of McDONNELL, William 20-Dec-43
McDONNELL, Roy     son of McDONNELL, William 20-Dec-43
McDONNELL, William North Hollywood Death 47 wife, Anna, dau Grace, son Roy 18-Dec-43 20-Dec-43
McDOUGALL, William George Studio City Death 54 heart attack   28-Sep-43
McDOWELL, Floyd Los Angeles Death   son Floyd Jr. 16-Nov-43 22-Nov-43
McDOWELL, Floyd Jr     son of McDOWELL, Floyd 22-Nov-43
McDOWELL, Mary Margaret North Hollywood Marriage MASSEY, Richard Lynn Los Angeles 20-Oct-41 24-Oct-41
McEUCHERN, Robert Jr. North Hollywood Marriage HARRIS, Bess North Hollywood 25-Feb-42 10-Mar-42
McFADDEN, Charles Ivor North Hollywood Death 55 motion picture actor 14-Aug-42 18-Aug-42
McFADDIS, Stanley V. Marriage ROGERS, Anna A. North Hollywood 4-Jul-43 13-Jul-43
McFARLAND, Morris A., Corp Sherman Oaks Death 29 Killed in Jeep accident in France 29-Sep-44 19-Oct-44
McFARLAND, William North Hollywood Marriage THOMAS, Mrs Jean North Hollywood 20-Mar-44 6-Apr-44
McFARLIN, Barney C., M/M San Fernando par of Patricia Mary last week 29-Jan-45
McFARLIN, Patricia Mary Birth McFARLIN, Barney C., M/M 29-Jan-45
McFAUL, Barbara Jean Detroit MI Marriage SHEEHAN, Vincent North Hollywood 22-Apr-44 18-May-44
McFEE, Charles C. Burbank Death 60 funeral Aug 15 17-Aug-44
McFEE, Lloyd, M/M North Hollywood par of Yvonne Valeria 3-Mar-44 13-Mar-44
McFEE, Yvonne Valeria Birth McFEE, Lloyd, M/M   13-Mar-44
McGALLIN, Virgil M. Happy Valley Death 42 born Wardner ID, wife survives 1-May-45 7-May-45
McGAUGHEY, William Burbank Marriage THOMASON, Mrs Alive Huntington Park 8-Jul-44 13-Jul-44
McGEE, Charles E. Glendale Marriage BALL, Beatrice Janice Glendale 3-Jan-43 19-Jan-43
McGHEE, Douglas Burbank Marriage DOZIER, Beverly Burbank 21-Mar-45 26-Mar-45
McGILL, Fern     dau of CROSSON, Edith 3-Oct-41
McGILLICUDDY, Michael, M/M Burbank dau Birth par of daughter 7-May-42 15-May-42
McGINNIS, Frank     son of McGINNIS, Sarah M. 30-Jul-43
McGINNIS, James L. Burbank Death 29 Amer. Eagles Air Squadron, air accident in England 29-Apr-41 1-May-41
McGINNIS, Sarah M. North Hollywood Death 73 hit by Pacific Electric train in North Hollywood, son Frank, dau Vera FARRA 26-Jul-43 30-Jul-43
McGLASSON, Bessie     YATES, Bessie, Mrs 18-Jun-45
McGLASSON, Orin Burbank Death 69 suicide, buried Springfield MO, dau Bessie YATES 8-Jun-45 11-Jun-45
McGONIGLE, George     son of McGONIGLE, James 9-Mar-43
McGONIGLE, James North Hollywood Death 81 son George 6-Mar-43 9-Mar-43
McGOWN, Marjorie Elizabeth North Hollywood Marriage MARTIN, John Walter Van Nuys 23-Jul-43 30-Jul-43
McGRATH, Patricia R. Oceanside Marriage WRIGHT, F. Clare San Diego 13-Sep-44 18-Sep-44
McGREGOR, Margaret North Hollywood Marriage COOPER, Lt Robert Emerson Van Nuys   22-Nov-43
McGROATY, John S     son-in-law of LUBRECHT, Mary Louise 27-Jul-43
McGUGIN, John C., M/M North Hollywood par of William John last week 4-Dec-44
McGUGIN, William John Birth McGUGIN, John C., M/M   4-Dec-44
McHENRY, Jette Michele Birth McHENRY, Victor, M/M   21-Jun-45
McHENRY, Michael Birth McHENRY, Victor B./Merva (WILSON) 20-Jan-44
McHENRY, Victor B./Merva (WILSON) Burbank   par of Michael 14-Jan-44 20-Jan-44
McHENRY, Victor, M/M Alhambra   par of Jette Michele Jun-45 21-Jun-45
McHUGH, Jerome Superior WI Death 23 in service, father Patrick 4-Apr-43 9-Apr-43
McHUGH, Patrick     fath of McHUGH, Jerome 9-Apr-43
McINTOSH, Carrie, Mrs     dau of YOUNG, Bruce William 3-Apr-44
McINTOSH, John Burbank Death   died at L.A. Rest Home 1-May-41
McINTOSH, Sarah Alhambra Marriage REDIGER, Walter North Hollywood 26-Oct-41 4-Nov-41
McINTOSH, Thelma     dau of REICH, William Henry 15-Mar-45
McINTYRE, Willie B., Mrs     dau of BOULTER, Isaac R. 24-Feb-44
McIRVIN, Richard Sioux City IA Marriage STANTON, Mary Lou Burbank 18-Jun-44 26-Jun-44
McIVERS, Robert Redlands Marriage MORDIGAN, Myrtle San Fernando 15-May-44
McKAY, Audrey     dau of STOMBS, Myrtle, Mrs 9-Jan-41
McKAY, Ettah     wife of McKAY, Howard A. 5-Oct-43
McKAY, Howard A. North Hollywood Death 49 died on trip to Barstow, wife Ettah 29-Sep-43 5-Oct-43
McKEE, Edna Mae Burbank Marriage BEECHEL, Robert IL 28-Nov-43 16-Dec-43
McKEE, Robert Burbank Death 30 Lockheed employee, co-pilot delivering Hudson bomber to British Air Force 19-Feb-41 20-Feb-41
McKELLIP, Edna Burbank Marriage KOHL, Harry W. Burbank   24-Apr-42
McKEON, A. Ryan/Mary (WAND) Glendale   par of Sharon Ann 9-May-43 18-May-43
McKEON, Sharon Ann Birth McKEON, A. Ryan/Mary (WAND) 18-May-43
McKINNEY, Alice,  Mrs San Fernando Death 50 member of Rebekah Lodge and Past Noble Grand Club 11-Mar-42 17-Mar-42
McKINNEY, Derrill Leigh Birth McKINNEY, W.R., M/M   5-Mar-45
McKINNEY, James A. Marriage KERSTAN, Danda   5-Mar-43
McKINNEY, John     son of McKINNEY, Lucy 31-Jan-44
McKINNEY, Lucy North Hollywood Death 72 services Feb 1, sons John, seven others 31-Jan-44
McKINNEY, Robert E., M/M Burbank son Birth par of son   16-Apr-42 24-Apr-42
McKINNEY, Ronald Roy Birth McKINNEY, Wayne, M/M   28-Oct-41
McKINNEY, W.R., M/M Burbank   par of Derrill Leigh 22-Feb-45 5-Mar-45
McKINNEY, Wayne, M/M Glendale   par of Ronald Roy 18-Oct-41 28-Oct-41
McKITCHENS, Mack Kinlay, M/M Van Nuys   par of daughter last week 17-Aug-44
McKNIGHT, Gene     bro of McKNIGHT, Glenn "Bud", Sgt 5-Feb-43
McKNIGHT, Glenn "Bud", Sgt North Hollywood Death 22 Army Air Corps, airplane accident in Almagordo NM, bro Gene 24-Jan-43 5-Feb-43
McLAGLEN, Victor, Mrs Flintridge Death   outstanding horsewoman 2-Apr-42 7-Apr-42
McLAIN, Frances C., M/M Van Nuys   par of Shirley Genevieve last week 26-Apr-45
McLAIN, Lolita Geralding North Hollywood Death 31 suicide 1-Apr-45 30-Apr-45
McLAIN, Shirley Genevieve Birth McLAIN, Frances C., M/M   26-Apr-45
McLAUGHLIN, George San Fernando Death 69 no relatives   13-Mar-41
McLAUGHLIN, Pearl     sis of McAVOY, Arch G. 4-Jun-45
McLAUGHLIN, Rose     dau of MICHELIN, Sima, Mrs 5-Mar-43
McLAUGHLIN, Roy A. Jr., M/M North Hollywood par of Roy Ardyn III 8-Oct-44 19-Oct-44
McLAUGHLIN, Roy Ardyn III Birth McLAUGHLIN, Roy A. Jr., M/M 19-Oct-44
McLAUGHLIN, Thomas North Hollywood Death 74 fell into bonfire on Mar 12, died of burns 25-Mar-44 30-Mar-44
McLAUGHLIN, William H. North Hollywood Death 73 born Baltimore, Spanish American War veteran 25-Mar-44 3-Apr-44
McLEARY, HARRY III Burbank Marriage STARK, June Burbank 27-Apr-45 3-May-45
McLEOD, Anvergne Burbank Marriage BENSON, David S. 7-Jan-43 15-Jan-43
McLEOD, Patricia Joan North Hollywood Marriage WENZ, Lester E. LaGrange IL 13-Apr-45 19-Apr-45
McLEOD, Robert Bruce Los Angeles Marriage DONALD, Betty Jean Los Angeles 11-Nov-44 20-Nov-44
McMAHAN, Edwin Bruce OR Marriage ROBINSON, Ruth Louise North Hollywood 26-Mar-44 6-Apr-44
McMAHON, Alice     wife of McMAHON, William Charles 11-Jun-45
McMAHON, Anna     HOLDEN, Anna, Mrs 21-Jun-45
McMAHON, Edward     son of McMAHON, John L. 21-Jun-45
McMAHON, Frances Joseph "Mack" North Hollywood Death   grip at Warner Bros, wife Jesse 22-Jan-42 27-Jan-42
McMAHON, George     son of McMAHON, John L. 21-Jun-45
McMAHON, Gladys     POST, Gladys, Mrs 11-Jun-45
McMAHON, James     son of McMAHON, John L. 21-Jun-45
McMAHON, Jesse     wife of McMAHON, Frances Joseph "Mack" 27-Jan-42
McMAHON, John     son of McMAHON, John L. 21-Jun-45
McMAHON, John L. North Hollywood Death 54 wife Katherine, daus Anna HOLDEN, Ruth ALLIS, Loritta BROWN, Marie TWOBIG, sons Philip, Edward, George, John, James 17-Jun-45 21-Jun-45
McMAHON, Katherine     wife of McMAHON, John L. 21-Jun-45
McMAHON, Loritta     BROWN, Loritta, Mrs 21-Jun-45
McMAHON, Lucile     VOTE, Lucile, Mrs 11-Jun-45
McMAHON, Marie     TWOBIG, Marie, Mrs 21-Jun-45
McMAHON, Phillip     son of McMAHON, John L. 21-Jun-45
McMAHON, Ruth     ALLIS, Ruth, Mrs 21-Jun-45
McMAHON, William Charles Burbank Death 65 from Wamego KS, wife Alice, daus Lucile VOTE, Gladys POST 7-Jun-45 11-Jun-45
McMATH, Esther     dau of DANEWOOD, Maude M. 10-May-45
McMELLAN, Edna     sis of CHAPMAN, Mary Ann 16-Dec-43
McMICHAEL, Inez     wife of McMICHAEL, Joe W., Pvt1/c 17-Feb-44
McMICHAEL, Joe W. Minneapolis MN Marriage JAMES, Inez New York NY 31-Jan-44 31-Jan-44
McMICHAEL, Joe W. Minneapolis MN Marriage JAMES, Inez New York NY 31-Jan-44 17-Feb-44
McMICHAEL, Joe W., Pvt1/c North Hollywood Death   complications of a cold, wife (of 2 weeks) Inez JAMES, bros Judd, Ted 12-Feb-44 17-Feb-44
McMICHAEL, Judd     bro of McMICHAEL, Joe W., Pvt1/c 17-Feb-44
McMICHAEL, Ted     bro of McMICHAEL, Joe W., Pvt1/c 17-Feb-44
McMILLAN, David     son of McMILLAN, Mr 27-Jan-42
McMILLAN, Harold     son of McMILLAN, Mr 27-Jan-42
McMILLAN, Ida     wife of McMILLAN, Mr 27-Jan-42
McMILLAN, James     son of McMILLAN, Mr 27-Jan-42
McMILLAN, Mr Burbank Death 74 funeral January 22, wife Ida, dau Ruth HENDERSON, sons Harold, James, David 27-Jan-42
McMILLAN, Ruth     HENDERSON, Ruth, Mrs 27-Jan-42
McMILLEN, Morgantown WV Marriage BALDWIN, Edward P. North Hollywood 1-Aug-42 4-Aug-42
McMULLEN, Byron Van Nuys Death 17 drowned, Columbia River, deckhand on maritime freighter, par M/M Ralph 26-Oct-43 12-Nov-43
McMULLEN, Elizabeth     dau of O'REILLY, James 1-Jan-45
McMULLEN, Ralph, M/M     par of McMULLEN, Byron 12-Nov-43
McMURRAY, Robert A. North Hollywood Marriage LOTZE, Elsie Louise North Hollywood 20-Feb-43 12-Mar-43
McNAIRY, Betty North Hollywood Death 50 born Dyersville IA, hus Louis P. last week 7-Feb-44
McNAIRY, Louis P. Death   hus of McNAIRY, Betty 7-Feb-44
McNAMES, Geraldine E. Hollywood Marriage SCHMIDT, Arthur F. Hollywood 2-Nov-41 4-Nov-41
McNEIL, Daniel A. Burbank Marriage HURLEY, Margaret J. New Haven CT 12-Mar-43
McNEIL, Harry C./Dottie (KENDRICK) North Hollywood par of Steven Allen 26-May-45 11-Jun-45
McNEIL, Steven Allen Birth McNEIL, Harry C./Dottie (KENDRICK) 11-Jun-45
McOSKOR, Ralph, M/M Burbank dau Birth par of daughter 4-Jul-42 10-Jul-42
McPHEETERS, Elward Burbank Marriage FENDER, Margaret Cookville TN 5-Feb-44 21-Feb-44
McPHEETERS, Elward Burbank Marriage FENDER, Margaret Cookville TN 5-Feb-44 24-Feb-44
McPHERRON, Lt Harry A. U.S.Navy Marriage STUART, Juanita Van Nuys 19-Oct-43 15-Nov-43
McPHERSON, George, M/M Van Nuys   par of Steven George 12-Mar-44 16-Mar-44
McPHERSON, Mr. Marriage   Van Nuys 6-Dec-42 8-Dec-42
McPHERSON, Steven George Birth McPHERSON, George, M/M   16-Mar-44
McQUEEN, Roy, Mrs     dau of HOWARD, Harry 13-Mar-41
McREA, Frank North Hollywood Marriage LeVIG, Helga Marie Burbank 24-Feb-44 28-Feb-44
McVEAGH, Georgia Ann Birth McVEAGH, Stanley, M/M   15-Nov-43
McVEAGH, Stanley, M/M North Hollywood par of Georgia Ann 11-Nov-43 15-Nov-43
McVICKER, Merle B. Glendale Marriage BODENHAMER, Mary Frances Eden ID 2-Jul-43 16-Jul-43
McWHIRTER, Bertha     REDIKER, William, Mrs 24-Jan-44
McWILLIAMS, Robert Nicholas Birth McWILLIAMS, Robert, M/M 28-Oct-41
McWILLIAMS, Robert, M/M Glendale   par of Robert Nicholas 21-Oct-41 28-Oct-41