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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"Mo "

MOBLEY, A. Dale Fallon NE Marriage SWANSON, Mary North Hollywood 16-Dec-44 5-Feb-45
MOBRATEN, Dennis Laverne Birth MOBRATEN, Glen, M/M   27-Jul-44
MOBRATEN, Glen, M/M Van Nuys   par of Dennis Laverne last week 27-Jul-44
MOCK, Lauretta North Hollywood Marriage MADSEN, Clyde North Hollywood 29-Aug-42 15-Sep-42
MOE, Marlin G. Van Nuys Death 78 son Melvin B. 17-Dec-42 18-Dec-42
MOE, Melvin B.     son of MOE, Marlin G. 22-Dec-42
MOEDE, Owen F., Pvt Encino Death   killed in action in Mediterranean area 2-Oct-44
MOFFETT, Nora North Hollywood Marriage LAND, Arliss Studio City 15-Mar-45 5-Apr-45
MOFFETT, Wm. Jr. "Billie" Burbank Death 11 killed by tank trailer while folding newspapers, first day delivering 7-Mar-44 9-Mar-44
MOGY, Doris North Hollywood Marriage WINEGARTEN, Adrian N. New York NY 25-Jan-45 26-Feb-45
MOHR, John R. Burbank Marriage KARLSSON, Margit North Hollywood 17-Mar-45 22-Mar-45
MOHR, Mrs       dau of WIED, Otto Henry 12-Mar-45
MOINIKEN, Mildred North Hollywood Marriage WELDON, Robert L. 26-Jun-43 20-Jun-43
MOIR, Donald Finlay, M/M North Hollywood par of James Charles last week 17-Aug-44
MOIR, James Charles Birth MOIR, Donald Finlay, M/M   17-Aug-44
MOLCHAN, John, M/M Tarzana   par of Rebecca last week 26-Mar-45
MOLCHAN, Rebecca Birth MOLCHAN, John, M/M   26-Mar-45
MOLIDOR, Rosetta Van Nuys Marriage HAMMERSMITH, Elmer T. Van Nuys 12-Apr-45 16-Apr-45
MOLL, Evelyn Burbank dau Birth CSONGRADI,  Joanne Elizabeth 23-Aug-42 18-Sep-42
MOLLOT, Leopoldine North Hollywood Death 91 born France, 2 dau, son, 14 g-chil, 7 gg-chil 20-Apr-44 24-Apr-44
MONAHAN, Shirley Burbank Marriage TAYLOR, Harlan North Hollywood 31-Dec-41 9-Jan-42
MONGOLD, Delpha Antonia Birth MONGOLD, James, M/M   8-Jan-45
MONGOLD, James, M/M Van Nuys   par of Delpha Antonia last week 8-Jan-45
MONINGER, Fridtjoy Los Angeles Marriage WINDFELDT, Elsie North Hollywood 18-Jan-41 30-Jan-41
MONROE, Earl     son of MONROE, Edgar Seely 13-Apr-44
MONROE, Edgar     son of MONROE, Edgar Seely 13-Apr-44
MONROE, Edgar Seely North Hollywood Death 65 wife Effie Louise, dau Mrs Ted DAVIES, sons Edgar, Earl, Eugene 3-Apr-44 13-Apr-44
MONROE, Effie Louise     wife of MONROE, Edgar Seely 13-Apr-44
MONROE, Eugene     son of MONROE, Edgar Seely 13-Apr-44
MONROE, Frank G. North Hollywood Death 68 Universal Studio plumber, funeral Feb 23 24-Feb-44
MONROE, Fred, Mrs     dau of SIEVERS, George D. 6-Mar-44
MONROE, Hortense     dau of BABCOCK, Mrs Fanny E. 12-Mar-43
MONROE, Naomi Gene Studio City Marriage SPARLING, John St Louis MO 31-Dec-43 13-Jan-44
MONSKE, Dennis Michael Birth MONSKE, Leon S., M/M   11-Dec-44
MONSKE, Leon S., M/M Van Nuys   par of Dennis Michael   11-Dec-44
MONTAGUE, Mayme     sis of McAVOY, Arch G. 4-Jun-45
MONTANDON, William B., Sgt Burbank Death   killed in action, European theater 16-Nov-44
MONTENEGRO, Michael H., M/M Canoga Park son Birth par of son   last week 19-Mar-45
MONTGOMERY, Charles C.     son of FLEMING, Mrs Ida B. 24-Feb-44
MONTGOMERY, J.A.     son of FLEMING, Mrs Ida B. 24-Feb-44
MONTGOMERY, Richard E. II, M/M   par of MONTGOMERY, Richard E. III 24-Sep-43
MONTGOMERY, Richard E. III Glendale Death 3 services Sep 20, fell through wire netting into storm drain, par M/M Richard E. 24-Sep-43
MONTGOMERY, Robert Ukiah CA Marriage WENTZ, Lee Louise North Hollywood 27-Nov-42 4-Dec-42
MONTGOMERY, Warren D. North Hollywood Marriage BROOKS, Betty Jean North Hollywood 27-Jun-41 3-Jul-41
MONTHAVEN, Robert Wayne Burbank Marriage PARKER, Erma Aileen Parsons KS 14-Feb-43 19-Feb-43
MOODY, Al B. Burbank Marriage ROTEN, Roberta Burbank 12-Sep-42 11-Sep-42
MOODY, Clyde R. San Fernando Death 57 city attorney, daus Ruth, Mrs Hubert HOWE Jr., son Lt Clyde Richard 6-Jan-44
MOODY, Clyde Richard, Lt     son of MOODY, Clyde R. 6-Jan-44
MOODY, Ruth     dau of MOODY, Clyde R. 6-Jan-44
MOONAW, Mabel Elizabeth Van Nuys Death   daus Mabel HART, Alice PEET, sons G.W. CONSTABLE, J.W. CONSTABLE 6-Jul-41 15-Jul-41
MOONEY, James Robert Birth MOONEY, Robert, M/M   10-Aug-44
MOONEY, Robert, M/M Van Nuys   par of James Robert last week 10-Aug-44
MOORE, Alice     HICKS, Alice, Mrs 23-Apr-45
MOORE, Allan Milton Roscoe Marriage JACK, Beverley Beverly Hills 24-Jan-42 3-Feb-42
MOORE, Barbara Marriage JANK, Alfred San Gabriel 21-Sep-41 23-Sep-41
MOORE, Betty Lou North Hollywood Marriage LOYD, Bert   14-Apr-44 24-Apr-44
MOORE, Charles     son of MOORE, Myrtie Belle 25-Jun-45
MOORE, Charles Franklin San Fernando Death 84 native of GA, daus Alice HICKS, Mrs E.E. SUTUM 13-Apr-45 23-Apr-45
MOORE, Eleen Van Nuys Marriage SUEME, Hal Los Angeles 3-Oct-44 9-Oct-44
MOORE, Elsie E. Burbank Marriage PIERCE, Amos Bernard Springerton IL 13-Feb-43 16-Feb-43
MOORE, Erdon     hus of MOORE, Erdon, Mrs 26-Sep-41
MOORE, Erdon, Mrs San Fernando Death   war nurse, hus Erdon, 8 bros, 3 sis 18-Sep-41 26-Sep-41
MOORE, Florence Death   Health Dept inspector 16 years, hus Phil, dau, son 26-Jun-43 9-Jul-43
MOORE, Frances Burton North Hollywood Death 67 native of France 5-Dec-44 11-Dec-44
MOORE, Frank     son of MOORE, Myrtie Belle 25-Jun-45
MOORE, George     hus of MOORE, Margaret E. 6-Aug-43
MOORE, Gwendolyn San Fernando Marriage FRANCISCO, Anthony Pacoima 1-Nov-41 11-Nov-41
MOORE, Helen Wae Birth MOORE, Louis/Alice (MILLER) 29-Sep-42
MOORE, Kenneth     son of MOORE, Myrtie Belle 25-Jun-45
MOORE, Louis/Alice (MILLER) par of Helen Wae 18-Sep-42 29-Sep-42
MOORE, Margaret E. Reseda Death 45 hus George 30-Jul-43 6-Aug-43
MOORE, Marvel Rita New Orleans LA Marriage LANGFORD, W.D. North Hollywood 7-Mar-42 7-Aug-42
MOORE, Myrtie Belle San Fernando Death 63 born MN, hus William, sons Kenneth, Charles, Frank, dau Mrs Paul MUELER, Mrs Florence BRIGGS, Mrs W. BOND 21-Jun-45 25-Jun-45
MOORE, Opal Cornell, Mrs North Hollywood Death 48 born Idaville IN 18-Oct-44 23-Oct-44
MOORE, Phil       hus of MOORE, Florence 9-Jul-43
MOORE, T.J., Mr Van Nuys Death 67 auto accident 12-Jan-42 16-Jan-42
MOORE, William     hus of MOORE, Myrtie Belle 25-Jun-45
MOORE, William Bateman New York Marriage JONES, Consuelo Lucy Burbank 3-Sep-44 11-Sep-44
MOORES, James/Jean (STEINER) Burbank   par of Stevan James 19-Jan-45 29-Jan-45
MOORES, Stevan James Birth MOORES, James/Jean (STEINER) 29-Jan-45
MOORMAN, Richard P. Burbank Marriage ZOERB, Joy Burbank 27-Jul-43 27-Jan-44
MORALES, Louis San Fernando Death 21 Mexican citizen, hit by truck 15-Sep-44 18-Sep-44
MORAN, Charles     hus of MORAN, Ellen Blanche 26-Apr-45
MORAN, Charles     son of MORAN, Ellen Blanche 26-Apr-45
MORAN, Ellen Blanche Van Nuys   51 from Scotland, hus Charles, sons Charles, John, daus Helen, Mary 22-Apr-45 26-Apr-45
MORAN, Fred S., M/M North Hollywood par of Michael James 17-Sep-41 23-Sep-41
MORAN, Helen     dau of MORAN, Ellen Blanche 26-Apr-45
MORAN, John     son of MORAN, Ellen Blanche 26-Apr-45
MORAN, Mary     dau of MORAN, Ellen Blanche 26-Apr-45
MORAN, Michael James Birth MORAN, Fred S., M/M   23-Sep-41
MORAN, Napoleon Clied Van Nuys Death 65 born IL 1-Sep-42 8-Sep-42
MORDIGAN, Myrtle San Fernando Marriage McIVERS, Robert Redlands   15-May-44
MOREHEAD, Donald, M/M North Hollywood dau Birth par of daughter last week 13-Nov-44
MORELL, Richard H. North Hollywood Marriage BRAWNER, Mary Venice CA 14-Jun-45 21-Jun-45
MORENO, Manuel Tobey Birth MORENO, Trino G., M/M   7-Sep-44
MORENO, Nicholas, M/M North Hollywood par of Stephen last week 29-Jan-45
MORENO, Stephen Birth MORENO, Nicholas, M/M   29-Jan-45
MORENO, Trino G., M/M Van Nuys   par of Manuel Tobey last week 7-Sep-44
MORGAN, Gertrude     wife of MORGAN, Samuel 25-May-44
MORGAN, Katherine     dau of TEEL, Mary, Mrs 10-Feb-44
MORGAN, Samuel North Hollywood Death 63 wife Hilda Gertrude 21-May-44 25-May-44
MORGAN, Tommie     bro of MORGAN, Wilkes, Cpl 16-Apr-45
MORGAN, Wilkes, Cpl North Hollywood Death   U.S.M.C., killed at Iwo Jima, buried by brother Tommie Apr-45 16-Apr-45
MORK, Hjalmar E., M/M Roscoe   par of William Eugene last week 26-Apr-45
MORK, Hjalmer E. North Hollywood Marriage GRUBE, Berdell Marie Bellingham MN 31-Jan-43 5-Feb-43
MORK, William Eugene Birth MORK, Hjalmar E., M/M   26-Apr-45
MORLEY, Joyce Alhambra Marriage BUCKWALTER, Herbert W. Burbank 3-May-42 12-May-42
MORLEY, Milton O., M/M Van Nuys   par of Shearan Sue last week 30-Oct-44
MORLEY, Shearan Sue Birth MORLEY, Milton O., M/M   30-Oct-44
MOROSCO, Cheryl     dau of MOROSCO, Helen M. 28-Jun-45
MOROSCO, Donna     dau of MOROSCO, Helen M. 28-Jun-45
MOROSCO, Helen M. North Hollywood Death 38 hus Robert, daus Donna, Teresa, Cheryl 27-Jun-45 28-Jun-45
MOROSCO, Robert     hus of MOROSCO, Helen M. 28-Jun-45
MOROSCO, Teresa     dau of MOROSCO, Helen M. 28-Jun-45
MORPHIS, Warren M., M/M Burbank son Birth par of son   this week 17-Aug-44
MORRELL, Jack Tujunga Death 59 heart attack,found dead in bedroom several days later 28-Aug-42 1-Sep-42
MORRIS, Anna     wife of MORRIS, Bert 7-Feb-44
MORRIS, Bert North Hollywood Death 47 heart attack while driving, wife Anna 7-Feb-44
MORRIS, Edith Mae     wife of MORRIS, Sampson James, Dr 13-Apr-43
MORRIS, Ens. Wayne Marriage O'ROURKE, Patricia (Stewart) 25-Feb-42 27-Feb-42
MORRIS, Florance, Mrs     dau of WRIGHT, Joseph Ellias 17-Apr-44
MORRIS, Grace Isabelle Burbank Marriage HECK, Alan R. Burbank 8-Apr-45 12-Apr-45
MORRIS, John W. North Hollywood Marriage STEEN, Helen Delight AK 4-Jun-42 13-Oct-42
MORRIS, Martha Virginia Birth MORRIS, Thomas F., M/M   23-Apr-45
MORRIS, Millie M. TX Marriage EAKLE, Frank George Los Angeles 24-Dec-43 13-Jan-44
MORRIS, Sampson James, Dr Van Nuys Death 58 from Chicago, retired, funeral Apr 12, wife Edith Mae, son Wiliam B. 13-Apr-43
MORRIS, Thomas F., M/M North Hollywood par of Martha Virginia 9-Apr-45 23-Apr-45
MORRIS, William B.     son of MORRIS, Sampson James, Dr 13-Apr-43
MORRISON, Anna     sis of TRUMAN, Mary Anna, Mrs 8-Jun-43
MORRISON, Betty Ann Burbank Marriage HAILE, William R. Orlando FL 5-Mar-44 13-Mar-44
MORRISON, George Alfred North Hollywood Death 68 NH niece Ivanette, nephew Robert only survivors 25-Jun-43 9-Jul-43
MORRISON, Ivanette     niece of MORRISON, George Alfred 8-Jul-43 13-Jul-43
MORRISON, Robert     nephew of MORRISON, George Alfred 13-Jul-43
MORRISSELY, Thomas A. North Hollywood Marriage RUSSELL, Martha Lee Roscoe 26-Jun-43 6-Jul-43
MORSE, Charlotte Mary Birth MORSE, Clyde, M/M   9-Apr-45
MORSE, Clyde, M/M North Hollywood par of Charlotte Mary 4-Apr-45 9-Apr-45
MORSE, Emma, Mrs North Hollywood Death 63 born IA, 3-Mar-43 5-Mar-43
MORSE, Florence D.     dau of LOVEJOY, Thomas H. 1-Jan-43
MORSE, U.       dau of RUHNOW, Carl 22-Jan-45
MORTON, Beatrice Sinclair Los Angeles Death 61 was visiting in Van Nuys 10-Aug-43 13-Aug-43
MORTON, Beatrice Sinclair Los Angeles Death 65 was visiting in Van Nuys 17-Aug-43
MORTON, Clarence Eugene Lancaster Marriage VAULET, Alberta Cecelia Verdugo Hilla 6-Aug-44 14-Aug-44
MORTON, Loretta   HAWKINS, E.L., Mrs   22-Dec-42
MOSER, Bettye Jean Birth MOSER, Byron A., M/M   26-Oct-44
MOSER, Byron A., M/M Van Nuys   par of Bettye Jean last week 26-Oct-44
MOSHER, Aileen     dau of MOSHER, Hazel 19-Oct-43
MOSHER, Hazel Valley Death 50 trapped in burning car after accident, hus Walter, dau Aileen 15-Oct-43 19-Oct-43
MOSHER, Merrill/Virginia (BUCHANAN) North Hollywood son Birth par of son   25-Dec-44 8-Jan-45
MOSHER, Richard L. Burbank Marriage LAMMERS, O. Fern Monroe NB 29-Nov-42 4-Dec-42
MOSHER, Vivian North Hollywood Marriage GRAY, Eric G. North Hollywood 20-Jun-42 30-Jun-42
MOSHER, Walter     hus of MOSHER, Hazel 19-Oct-43
MOSQUEDA, Frumencio     hus of MOSQUEDA, Sahas Reyes 2-Apr-45
MOSQUEDA, Sahas Reyes Pacoima Death 64 hus Frumencio 28-Mar-45 2-Apr-45
MOTT, J.C. North Hollywood Death   born VA, death from heart ailment 21-Jan-42 23-Jan-42
MOTTER, Louise     wife of MOTTER, Richard Hullet 20-Apr-43
MOTTER, Richard Hullet Reseda Death 55 wife Louise 17-Apr-43 20-Apr-43
MOUNTS, Mattie E.     BRYAN, Mattie E. Mrs 10-Feb-42
MOURTON, Valera "Vickie" North Hollywood Marriage FERNALD, Hayes M. Jr. North Hollywood 3-Jan-43 30-Jul-43
MOWBRAY, Flo     dau of TEEL, Mary, Mrs 10-Feb-44
MOYLE, Bettelee Burbank Marriage SEMPLE, Gardner Elliott Pasadena 1-Jan-43 15-Jan-43