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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"O "

O'BRIEN, Jessie     son of O'BRIEN, Margaret Ann 15-Mar-45
O'BRIEN, Margaret Ann Reseda   83 born Brigham City UT, dau Cassie COOK, sons William MILLIKEN, Jessie 14-Mar-45 15-Mar-45
O'BRIEN, Yorba     dau of PILLET, Max F. 29-Jan-45
O'BRYAN, James Harold Louisville KY Marriage DAVIS, Jean Howland North Hollywood 13-Oct-44 2-Nov-44
O'CONNOR, Elsie     wife of O'CONNOR, John C. 6-Mar-42
O'CONNOR, Elsie     dau of O'CONNOR, John C. 6-Mar-42
O'CONNOR, Helen     dau of O'CONNOR, John C. 6-Mar-42
O'CONNOR, James M., 2Lt North Hollywood Death   killed in action Feb-45 8-Feb-45
O'CONNOR, John C. North Hollywood Death   heart attack, wife Elsie, daus, Elsie, Helen 3-Mar-42 6-Mar-42
O'CONNOR, William G. North Hollywood Marriage EDWARDS, Betty Maxine North Hollywood 10-Mar-44 16-Mar-44
O'DONNELL, Lt Burbank Death   U.S. Army, wife Mary 1945 28-May-45
O'DONNELL, Mary     O'DONNELL, Lt 28-May-45
O'GRIFFIN, Mary North Hollywood Marriage PAGE, Carlos Grant Albuquerque NM 9-Aug-42 14-Aug-42
O'HAIR, Billy       dau of CAMPBELL, Flora 3-Mar-42
O'HAIR, Grace, Mrs     dau of CAMPBELL, Flora 3-Mar-42
O'HARA, Clancy, M/M     g-par of JOHANSON, infant 2-Mar-43
O'HARA, Peggy North Hollywood Marriage JOHANSON, Frank North Hollywood 4-Oct-41 14-Oct-41
O'HARA, Peggy Birth JOHANSEN, Mrs   22-Jan-43
O'MALLEY, John Malibu Death   actor, auto accident 27-Feb-45 1-Mar-45
O'NEAL, Charles C. North Hollywood Death 76 dau Lorena Pearl JONES, sons Harry C., Robert Z., Ronald R. 21-Feb-44 24-Feb-44
O'NEAL, Harry C.     son of O'NEAL, Charles C. 24-Feb-44
O'NEAL, Lorena Pearl     JONES, Lorena Pearl, Mrs 24-Feb-44
O'NEAL, Patricia Lee Glendale Marriage SCHNEIDER, Jack Glendale 12-Nov-44 20-Nov-44
O'NEAL, Robert Z.     son of O'NEAL, Charles C. 24-Feb-44
O'NEAL, Ronald R.     son of O'NEAL, Charles C. 24-Feb-44
O'REILLY, Anne     THOMAS, Anne O'Reilly, Mrs 2-Apr-45
O'REILLY, Edna     O'REILLY, James 1-Jan-45
O'REILLY, Elizabeth     McMULLEN, Elizabeth, Mrs 1-Jan-45
O'REILLY, Gerald     son of O'REILLY, James 1-Jan-45
O'REILLY, James Burbank Death 55 wife Edna, daus Eliz. McMULLEN, Virginia JOHNSON, sons Robert, Gerald, Richard 28-Dec-44 1-Jan-45
O'REILLY, Richard     son of O'REILLY, James 1-Jan-45
O'REILLY, Robert     son of O'REILLY, James 1-Jan-45
O'REILLY, Virginia     JOHNSON, Virginia, Mrs 1-Jan-45
O'ROURKE, Patricia (Stewart) Marriage MORRIS, Ens. Wayne 25-Feb-42 27-Feb-42
O'STEEN, Anne     wife of O'STEEN, John 25-Aug-42
O'STEEN, Daisey     dau of O'STEEN, John 25-Aug-42
O'STEEN, Eugene E.     son of O'STEEN, John 25-Aug-42
O'STEEN, James A.     son of O'STEEN, John 25-Aug-42
O'STEEN, John Burbank Death 64 wife Anne, sons Eugene E., James A., John R., Samuel A, dau Daisey 21-Aug-42 25-Aug-42
O'STEEN, John R.     son of O'STEEN, John 25-Aug-42
O'STEEN, Samuel A.     son of O'STEEN, John 25-Aug-42
OAKLEY, Jettie May Burbank Marriage BOREN, Doyle H. Bentonville AR 27-Jun-42 7-Jul-42
OATMAN, Ann     wife of HAAS, George H. Jr. 23-Mar-44
OATMAN, Anne Marie North Hollywood Marriage HAAS, George H. Jr. Van Nuys 14-Feb-42 27-Feb-42
OATMAN, Mary Louise North Hollywood Marriage LOUDON, Terry E. North Hollywood 18-Mar-44 23-Mar-44
OBERHULZER, Alois, M/M North Hollywood par of Robert Michael last week 12-Mar-45
OBERHULZER, Robert Michael Birth OBERHULZER, Alois, M/M   12-Mar-45
OBREMSKI, Constant J., M/M Van Nuys   par of Harold Martin last week 15-Jan-45
OBREMSKI, Harold Martin Birth OBREMSKI, Constant J., M/M 15-Jan-45
ODDONI, Rika     dau of CORRADI, Bianca 26-Jun-44
ODEGAARD, James M. North Hollywood Death 23 killed in plane crash on island in Mississippi River, wife Marilyn 1-Jul-43 16-Jul-43
ODEGAARD, Marilyn     ODEGAARD, James M. 16-Jul-43
ODELL, Donn C. Los Angeles Marriage KERR, Ruth F. North Hollywood 28-Jun-43 6-Jul-43
ODERKIRK, Cassel Frances Burbank Marriage BORGERSON, John M. Missoula MT 5-Jul-44 24-Jul-44
OFENBERG, Jonne Ellen Birth OFENBERG, Samuel, M/M   12-Feb-45
OFENBERG, Samuel, M/M Van Nuys   par of Jonne Ellen last week 12-Feb-45
OGDEN, Bertha     dau of STIER, Elizabeth 27-Jan-44
OGDEN, Henry, M/M Belfast Ireland dau Birth par of daughter 10-Dec-44 21-Dec-44
OKENIG, William, M/M North Hollywood dau Birth par of daughter 11-Mar-45 15-Mar-45
OLDERBURG, William Van Nuys Marriage BILLUPS, Billie Van Nuys 7-Feb-45 26-Feb-45
OLDHAM, Jesse Mae Burbank Marriage WILLIAMS, Stanley E. Burbank 30-Sep-41 7-Oct-41
OLDS, Shirley Westville IN Marriage HOECKELBERG, Harold Burbank 26-Dec-43 10-Jan-44
OLESEN, Anker B. Los Angeles Marriage MAGNESS, Ellen Margaret North Hollywood 28-Nov-42 8-Dec-42
OLEWELER, Grant, M/M Toluca Lake   par of Suzan Jill 11-Feb-44 24-Feb-44
OLEWELER, Suzan Jill Birth OLEWELER, Grant, M/M   24-Feb-44
OLEWINE, Charles E. Marriage ANDERSON, Mary Jane Los Angeles 30-Jan-44 31-Jan-44
OLINGER, James A. Glendale Death 73 native of Sedalia MO 26-Jul-44 31-Jul-44
OLIVARIUS, Holger Kaj de Fine, M/M San Diego   par of Lawrence 4 mos ago 6-Jan-44
OLIVARIUS, Lawrence Birth OLIVARIUS, Holger Kaj de Fine, M/M 6-Jan-44
OLIVAS, Reuben, M/M Canoga Park son Birth par of son   last week 4-Dec-44
OLIVER, Bertha Burbank Death   born Stone Co MO, hus William, son Charles, daus Carmen HOUTZ, Patricia THOMPSON 20-Mar-45 26-Mar-45
OLIVER, Carmen     HOUTZ, Carmen, Mrs 26-Mar-45
OLIVER, Charles     son of OLIVER, Bertha 26-Mar-45
OLIVER, Opal Marie North Hollywood Death   despondent, took lethal dose of rat poison, hus Wayne 28-Feb-42 3-Mar-42
OLIVER, Patrica     THOMPSON, Patrica, Mrs 26-Mar-45
OLIVER, Wayne     hus of OLIVER, Opal Marie 3-Mar-42
OLIVER, William     hus of OLIVER, Bertha 26-Mar-45
OLMAR, Velma F. Hollywood Marriage ARMSTRONG, Russell G. North Hollywood 27-Jan-42 6-Feb-42
OLMSTEAD, Laura A.     wife of OLMSTEAD, Vanderbilt R. 17-Jul-41
OLMSTEAD, Laurance     son of OLMSTEAD, Vanderbilt R. 17-Jul-41
OLMSTEAD, Vanderbilt R. Burbank Death 72 retired advertising salesman, wife Laura A., son Laurance, 3 grandchildren 17-Jul-41
OLNEY, Abbott F. North Hollywood Death 73   26-Sep-43 28-Sep-43
OLRICH, Earl Stafford San Fernando Marriage PARKER, Arletta 23-Aug-41 29-Aug-41
OLSEN, Betty     sis of CASPERSON, Hilma C. 29-Mar-45
OLSEN, Ruth Burbank Marriage JOHNSON, Phillip R. Pine Bluff AR 25-Sep-43 1-Oct-43
OLSEN, Vera Edna Hoboken NJ Marriage RICCIARDI, August Burbank last week 1-Jun-43
OLSON, Bertine M.     wife of OLSON, Ole C. 6-Feb-41
OLSON, Bess North Hollywood Marriage MADDOX, James Fresno 13-Sep-42 2-Oct-42
OLSON, Betty     dau of BOTELER, Wade 14-May-43
OLSON, Edward Van Nuys Death 56 building manager 22-Jul-44 27-Jul-44
OLSON, Erbin     son of OLSON, John 7-May-45
OLSON, Everett Gordon Almont ND Marriage PEDERSON, Mildred Emelie Almont ND 14-Jun-42 23-Jun-42
OLSON, Handsford North Hollywood Marriage NELSON, Constance North Hollywood 3-Apr-41 17-Apr-41
OLSON, Jack/Betty (BOTELER) North Hollywood par of Karen   25-Sep-42 29-Sep-42
OLSON, John Sherman Oaks Death 80 born Norway, son Erbin, dau Lillian ROYLE 1-May-45 7-May-45
OLSON, Karen North Hollywood Death 1 had brief illness 15-Jul-44 20-Jul-44
OLSON, Karen Birth OLSON, Jack/Betty (BOTELER) 29-Sep-42
OLSON, Kathleen Van Nuys Marriage CRAFT, Lynn North Hollywood 16-Mar-41 25-Mar-41
OLSON, Lillian     ROYLE, Lillian, Mrs 7-May-45
OLSON, Norman L. North Hollywood Marriage   TX Feb-42 15-Sep-42
OLSON, Ole C. Long Beach Death 79 wife Bertine M, dau Mrs Ralph A. GILROY, son Roy A. 4-Feb-41 6-Feb-41
OLSON, Raymond John WI Marriage BOTELER, Betty North Hollywood 29-Nov-41 5-Dec-41
OLSON, Roger North Hollywood Marriage BEEBE, Maxine North Hollywood 24-Feb-42 27-Feb-42
OLSON, Roy A.     son of OLSON, Ole C. 6-Feb-41
OLSON, Willard E. Story City IA Marriage SKROMME, Katherine Estherville IA 8-Jul-44 28-Aug-44
ONG, Frank North Hollywood Death 68 auto accident 26-Jan-42 27-Jan-42
ONG, Frank North Hollywood Death 68 auto accident 26-Jan-42 30-Jan-42
ONSTETT, Clyde Olan Fresno Marriage RUMMELL, Lois M. Glendale 15-Jan-43 26-Jan-43
OPPELT, James William San Fernando Death 1d par M/M Richard R. 17-Jan-45 22-Jan-45
OPPELT, Richard R., M/M     par of OPPELT, James William 22-Jan-45
ORCUTT, William W. Canoga Park Death 73 former Superintendent of San Joaquin Valley Div. of Union Oil, funeral April 30 5-May-42
ORDELMUNDT, Etta Mae Van Nuys Marriage HEINZ, Stewart L. Jul-43 10-Jan-44
ORDRONNEAU, Rene Northridge Death 68 WWI veteran, born in France, funeral last week 21-Apr-42
ORR, Lela       mom of ORR, Norman G 13-Oct-42
ORR, Mary       wife of ORR, Norman G 13-Oct-42
ORR, Norman G Burbank Death 38 hit a locomotive, wife Mary, mother Lela 6-Oct-42 13-Oct-42
ORRILL, George San Fernando Marriage MENSING, Margaret North Hollywood 20-Feb-42 24-Feb-42
ORSATTI, Victor Hollywood Marriage McDONALD, Marie Hollywood 10-Jan-43 15-Jan-43
ORTHEL, Aurelia VA Marriage RUFFNER, Lestor Van Nuys May-45 17-May-45
ORTHOBER, Lucile R.     dau of PARKER, Carrie S. 9-Dec-43
ORTIZ, David San Fernando Death   Navy, died of wounds received in S. Pacific 7-Dec-44
ORTIZ, Frank S. Roscoe Death 27 inducted in army March 14, 1941, ten days later reported missing at Camp Callan, body found March 6, l942 10-Mar-42
ORTON, Virginia Los Angeles Marriage SHUYLER, Leland R. North Hollywood 12-Apr-43 23-Apr-43
OSBORN, Helen Marie Burbank Marriage RICHARDSON, Richard R. 6-Feb-42 13-Feb-42
OSBORN, Raymond Tennent Birth OSBORN, Raymond, M/M   31-May-45
OSBORN, Raymond, M/M Canoga Park par of Raymond Tennent last week 31-May-45
OSBORNE, Alice     dau of HERRMAN, Anna W. 12-Mar-45
OSBORNE, Donald Death 22 soldier at camp near Riverside, stepped in path of car 11-Dec-43 9-Dec-43
OSBORNE, Harry L. North Hollywood Death 60 born NY, wife Peggy 6-May-44 11-May-44
OSBORNE, Peggy     wife of OSBORNE, Harry L. 11-May-44
OSBORNE, W.E., Mrs     dau of HESKETT, James Arthur 23-Dec-43
OSIER, Patricia North Hollywood Marriage WHITNEY, Orval Burbank 6-May-45 24-May-45
OSMOND, Alice     dau of MARELIUS, August 1-May-41
OSTENSON, Alane L. North Hollywood Marriage HOLLAND, Ens. Clinton C. Burbank 28-Oct-44 2-Nov-44
OSTRON, Clyde, M/M North Hollywood par of Sherril Lynn 1-Feb-44 3-Feb-44
OSTRON, Sherril Lynn Birth OSTRON, Clyde, M/M   3-Feb-44
OSWALD, Harold     son of OSWALD, Margaret, Mrs 9-Sep-41
OSWALD, Margaret, Mrs North Hollywood Death 61 died at Van Nuys Sanitarium, son Harold 6-Sep-41 9-Sep-41
OTTMAN, Mary  North Hollywood son Birth CARTER, Robert Allen 10-May-43 4-Jun-43
OTTO, Frank, Mrs     dau of WILKINSON, Robert H. 26-Sep-41
OVERFIELD, Fae Cordelia Washington DC Marriage BARTOLD, Gabriel Burbank 18-Jul-43 20-Aug-43
OVERHOLSER, Melvin     g-son of OVERHOLSER, Susan D. 25-Dec-42
OVERHOLSER, Susan D. Sunland Death   grandson Melvin 20-Dec-42 25-Dec-42
OVERKAMP, William George Burbank Marriage BARNES, Alice Lorraine Burbank 18-Oct-42 23-Oct-42
OVERMAN, Johanna Joan Hollywood Marriage SMILLIN, Dallas G. Berkeley CA 15-Apr-45 19-Apr-45
OWEN, Audrey Donna North Hollywood Marriage TEMPLER, Max William North Hollywood 7-Jan-42 27-Feb-42
OWEN, Audrey Donna North Hollywood Marriage TENTLER, Max W. Van Nuys 17-Jan-42 6-Mar-42
OWEN, Ethel       dau of COLLIER, John Henry 12-Feb-45
OWEN, Leona L. North Hollywood Marriage SUTPHEN, Jordan M. Hollywood 10-Jul-44 24-Jul-44
OWEN, Mary Long Beach Marriage MERCHANT, Irvin L. North Hollywood 3-Apr-45 16-Apr-45
OWEN, Noble Ray Birth OWEN, Thomas W., M/M   30-Oct-44
OWEN, Thomas W., M/M North Hollywood par of Noble Ray last week 30-Oct-44
OWENS, Daisy     WOODS, Melville Converse, Mrs 1-Dec-42
OWENS, Evelyn North Hollywood Marriage KALT, Frank Los Angeles 30-Aug-41 30-Sep-41
OWENS, Genevieve H.     dau of HAGER, Clyde A. 8-Jun-44
OWENS, James R. (Jim) North Hollywood Death 65 born WI, complications of broken hip, funeral Dec 19 14-Dec-44 18-Dec-44
OWENS, James R. (Jim) Sherman Oaks Death 66 born WI, complications of broken hip, funeral Dec 19 15-Dec-44 21-Dec-44
OWENS, Roy E., M/M Van Nuys son Birth par of son     11-Dec-44
OWENS, Vivian E. North Hollywood Death 36 services Nov 12 13-Nov-44
OWENSON, Carl     bro of NELSON, Hanna 13-Apr-43
OWENSON, Hanna     NELSON, Hanna, Mrs 13-Apr-43
OZMAN, Barbara L. North Hollywood Marriage PRYNE, Gordon Clark North Hollywood 9-Jun-45 21-Jun-45