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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"Re - Ri "



REA, Frank B., M/M North Hollywood par of Jennie Olyn last week 13-Nov-44
REA, Jennie Olyn Birth REA, Frank B., M/M   13-Nov-44
REAGAN, J.W. Long Beach Death 77 killed while crossing street, noted engineer, built Devil's Gate Dam at Pasadena and other dams 29-Jul-41
REAL, Dennis Colgan Birth REAL, Leo V., M/M   27-Nov-44
REAL, Leo V., M/M Reseda   par of Dennis Colgan last week 27-Nov-44
REAM, Edna May     wife of REAM, Frank 5-Mar-45
REAM, Forest     son REAM, Frank 5-Mar-45
REAM, Frank Burbank Death 73 born Allen Co OH, wife Eda May, sons Howard, Forest, dau Grace PIETS 24-Feb-45 5-Mar-45
REAM, Grace       PIETS, Grace, Mrs 5-Mar-45
REAM, Howard     son of REAM, Frank 5-Mar-45
REARICK, Florence S. North Hollywood Death 80 dau Verna LICHIG, sis Chestie KRAPE 23-Dec-42 22-Dec-42
REASONYA, George North Hollywood Death 68 wife Mary 21-May-45 24-May-45
REASONYA, Mary     wife of REASONYA, George 24-May-45
REAVES, David Roy Birth REAVES, M.R., M/M   6-Oct-42
REAVES, M.R., M/M Hollywood Hills par of David Roy 24-Sep-42 6-Oct-42
REAVES, M.R., M/M North Hollywood par of Roger Charles 8-Jan-43 15-Jan-43
REAVES, Roger Charles Birth REAVES, M.R., M/M   15-Jan-43
RECTOR, Dorothy L. Burbank Marriage BECK, Robert S. Calgary CAN 5-Jul-44 24-Jul-44
REDDIN, Louise Glendora Marriage LAVORS, Paul Pomona 6-Nov-41 14-Nov-41
REDIGER, Walter North Hollywood Marriage McINTOSH, Sarah Alhambra 26-Oct-41 4-Nov-41
REDIKER, William     REDIKER, William, Mrs 24-Jan-44
REDIKER, William, Mrs Van Nuys Death 65 born Columbus IN, hus William, daus Lillian KRINER, Bertha McWHIRTER 21-Jan-44 24-Jan-44
REDLICH, Christopher Rudolph San Francisco Marriage FULCHER, Jeanne Louise North Hollywood 19-Dec-42 1-Jan-43
REDMON, Charles Burbank Marriage     30-May-41 8-Aug-41
REDMON, Charles, Mrs     sis of KIRKLAND, William Neil 23-Jul-43
REDMON, Minnie Houston TX Marriage FEAST, Paul Franklin LA 18-Aug-43 17-Aug-43
REDWINE, Marl Glendale Marriage POWELL, E. Dulane Long Beach 30-Dec-43 10-Jan-44
REED, George Albert III North Hollywood Marriage SHOAT, Mary Jane Hollywood 20-Mar-42 27-Mar-42
REED, Hulda       dau of STIER, Elizabeth 27-Jan-44
REED, James H., M/M Burbank   par of Jean Carole 17-Jan-43 26-Jan-43
REED, Jean Carole Birth REED, James H., M/M   26-Jan-43
REED, Lois Burbank Marriage WEAVER, John H. Seattle WA last week 23-Apr-43
REED, Orville Wilmar CA Marriage CALKINS, Mary Ellen North Hollywood 14-Jan-45 18-Jan-45
REED, Pearl, Mrs Burbank Death 63 heart attack   20-Nov-44
REEDER, Arthur L. Burbank Death 71 son Robert 10-Jun-45 21-Jun-45
REEDER, Robert     son of REEDER, Arthur L. 21-Jun-45
REES, C.E. Jr. North Hollywood Marriage BAYNES, Peggy Burbank 12-Jan-45 15-Feb-45
REESE, Frank     son of BEDDOME, Anna 3-May-45
REESE, Maude     dau of PICARD, Charles 2-Apr-45
REESE, Vera       dau of WALTERS, Anna, Mrs 17-Apr-44
REESE, W.A., Mrs     dau of GILBERT, Ethel 26-Mar-45
REEVES, Coy A., M/M Burbank son Birth par of son   21-Mar-42 31-Mar-42
REEVES, Ruth Paoli OK Marriage BLACKWOOD, Leonard Olympia WA 1-Jul-43 13-Jul-43
REFER, Henry C. Los Angeles Marriage MARUCCI, Maria Elenor North Hollywood 25-Feb-43 9-Mar-43
REGER, Quentin Van Nuys Death 34 scarlet fever and pneumonia 1-Jun-42 2-Jun-42
REICH, Lucian     son of REICH, William Henry 15-Mar-45
REICH, Stella     wife of REICH, William Henry 15-Mar-45
REICH, Thelma     McINTOSH, Thelma, Mrs 15-Mar-45
REICH, William Henry North Hollywood Death 57 wife Stella, dau Thelma McINTOSH, son Lucian 11-Mar-45 15-Mar-45
REID, Beulah     dau of BELL, Carrie 1-Mar-45
REID, Charles A. North Hollywood Marriage MAHONEY, Madelyn North Hollywood 12-Sep-42 15-Sep-42
REID, Charles, M/M North Hollywood par of Robert Gerald 31-Jul-44 3-Aug-44
REID, Kay Lu Sherman Oaks Death 28 died in San Diego Naval Hospital while visiting husband 10-Oct-44 16-Oct-44
REID, Robert Gerald Birth REID, Charles, M/M   3-Aug-44
REILLY, E.F. Van Nuys Death   internment in Ventura 16-Mar-42 20-Mar-42
REILLY, Kathleen Los Angeles Death 8 school bus accident 11-Nov-41
REIN, Alex Van Nuys Death   heart attack, wife Rose 24-Apr-44 27-Apr-44
REIN, Rose       wife of REIN, Alex 27-Apr-44
REINICKE, William H. North Hollywood Marriage HAUSMAN, Betty North Hollywood 20-Aug-41 2-Sep-41
REINKE, Audrey Marriage WEIS, Dick   13-Feb-43 19-Feb-43
REISER, John, M/M North Hollywood par of Sandra Jean last week 27-Jul-44
REISER, Sandra Jean Birth REISER, John, M/M   27-Jul-44
REISS, Robert John Burbank Marriage MAY, Jean Burbank 12-Jul-44 31-Jul-44
REIVERT, Virginia     dau of ANDERSON, Scott, Rev 29-Mar-45
RELLES, Felez Vola Birth RELLES, Frank, M/M   1-Mar-45
RELLES, Frank, M/M North Hollywood par of Felez Vola (boy) last week 1-Mar-45
RELTER, Frank P./Virginia (HALL) Glendale   par of Kathleen 26-Feb-44 2-Mar-44
RELTER, Kathleen Birth RELTER, Frank P./Virginia (HALL) 2-Mar-44
REMICK, Ada     wife of REMICK, Harry Eugene 29-Oct-43
REMICK, Dorothy     dau of REMICK, Harry Eugene 29-Oct-43
REMICK, Harry Eugene San Fernando Death 75 wife Ada, son Kenneth, dau Dorothy 26-Oct-43 29-Oct-43
REMICK, Kenneth     son of REMICK, Harry Eugene 29-Oct-43
REMPT, Henry, M/M Van Nuys   par of Rodney 13-Jun-45 21-Jun-45
REMPT, Rodney Birth REMPT, Henry, M/M   21-Jun-45
RENFRO, Clyde     son of RENFRO, William Henry 30-Jan-41
RENFRO, Daisy     dau of RENFRO, William Henry 30-Jan-41
RENFRO, Herbert N.     son of RENFRO, William Henry 30-Jan-41
RENFRO, Nellie     ROWLAND, Nellie, Mrs 30-Jan-41
RENFRO, Rennie     son of RENFRO, William Henry 30-Jan-41
RENFRO, William Henry North Hollywood Death 89 sons Rennie, Clyde, Herbert N., daus Nellie ROWLAND, Daisy 28-Jan-41 30-Jan-41
RENKEL, Richard Earl, Pvt North Hollywood Death 20 killed in action in Dutch New Guinea 19-Jun-44
RENNIE, Maude Lee, Mrs San Fernando Death 73 son owned Rennie and Town theaters last week 23-Oct-44
RENO, Beatrice Opal North Hollywood Marriage MILAN, Russell E. North Hollywood 4-Mar-44 13-Mar-44
RENO, Bertha J. Glendale Death 72 daus Philipene McCAY, Bertha SINGER, sons George, Gilbert, William 26-Jan-45 1-Feb-45
RENO, Curtis E., M/M North Hollywood par of Louise Karen last week 12-Mar-45
RENO, George     son of RENO, Bertha J. 1-Feb-45
RENO, Gilbert     son of RENO, Bertha J. 1-Feb-45
RENO, Louise Karen Birth RENO, Curtis E., M/M   12-Mar-45
RENO, William     son of RENO, Bertha J. 1-Feb-45
RENSHAW, Margaret     MITCHELL, Margaret Renshaw, Mrs 13-Aug-43
REPPE, Stanley Harold Burbank Marriage WRIGHT, Jeanette E. North Hollywood 30-Aug-42 8-Sep-42
RESCHER, John J. North Hollywood Death 89 services in Jefferson IN, dau Mrs F.S. LLOYD 10-Jan-44
RETTING, Elizabeth Jane, Mrs Burbank Death 74 born Brookfield MO, sons Francis A., Fred O., dau Hattie Louise HILDERBRACHT 22-Oct-41 24-Oct-41
RETTING, Francis A.     RETTING, Elizabeth Jane, Mrs 24-Oct-41
RETTING, Fred O.     RETTING, Elizabeth Jane, Mrs 24-Oct-41
REUSS, Karl Woodward Agoura Death   navy air accident 27-Jul-43
REYES, Felix Garcia Birth REYES, Jose Cordova, M/M 27-Jul-44
REYES, Jose Cordova, M/M North Hollywood par of Felix Garcia last week 27-Jul-44
REYNOLDS, Beatrice     dau of WADLEIGH, Rosa, Mrs 28-Feb-44
REYNOLDS, Beth     dau of SCOTT, Ellen 20-Feb-42
REYNOLDS, C.     dau of CUNNINGHAM, Dora 22-Feb-45
REYNOLDS, Elvina     dau of REYNOLDS, Nora 26-Mar-45
REYNOLDS, Erford     hus of REYNOLDS, Nora 26-Mar-45
REYNOLDS, Gerald E. Lenox IA Marriage CLIFFORD, Marjorie Gail Hollywood 29-Jan-44 28-Feb-44
REYNOLDS, Gladys Eileen Sepulveda Marriage BEAUDIN, Alfred J. Jr. Van Nuys 15-Jul-43 20-Jul-43
REYNOLDS, Jennie, Mrs Sherman Oaks Death 97 resident 49 years, dau Mrs Watts CLARKE 12-Sep-41 16-Sep-41
REYNOLDS, Juanita     dau of REYNOLDS, Nora 26-Mar-45
REYNOLDS, Nora Burbank Death 56 hus Erford, daus E. GRIFFITH, Elvina, Juanita, Leona DONALDSON 22-Mar-45 26-Mar-45
RHILANDER, Bessie Ann, Mrs   dau of ROGERS, Minnie 3-Oct-41
RHODES, Verna North Hollywood Marriage DORAN, William Los Angeles 31-May-42 9-Jun-42
RICCIARDI, August Burbank Marriage OLSEN, Vera Edna Hoboken NJ last week 1-Jun-43
RICCO, Opal     dau of STEWART, Milton 8-Jun-44
RICE, E. Richard San Francisco Marriage MENDEZ, Lorraine Agnes North Hollywood 3-Jun-44 3-Jul-44
RICH, Audrey Elizabeth North Hollywood Marriage ELLIOTT, M. Arthur St. Marys WV 22-Mar-41 1-Apr-41
RICH, Billie Hollywood Marriage LARSON, Edwin Viroqua WI 12-Apr-41 24-Apr-41
RICHARDS, Charles S. Van Nuys Death 86 body sent to Hereford TX, sons Frank, LeRoy, daus Elizabeth BAIRD, Emma GORMAN, Mattie BARRON 23-Feb-44 28-Feb-44
RICHARDS, Edna     wife of RICHARDS, Ralph H. 3-May-45
RICHARDS, Elizabeth     BAIRD, Elizabeth, Mrs 28-Feb-44
RICHARDS, Emma     GORMAN, Emma, Mrs 28-Feb-44
RICHARDS, Fletcher McDonald, M/M Burbank   par of Melvin Leonard 12-Oct-43 2-Nov-43
RICHARDS, Frank     son of RICHARDS, Charles S. 28-Feb-44
RICHARDS, Gladys Harriett Marriage WORDEN, Edward Seymour London England 15-Feb-41 20-Feb-41
RICHARDS, Jessie     wife of RICHARDS, Joseph Broome 29-Aug-41
RICHARDS, Jonnie Mildred North Hollywood Marriage BOEBEL, Corp. William P. Burbank 6-Feb-42 17-Feb-42
RICHARDS, Joseph Broome North Hollywood Death 60 retired chemist, wife Jessie, dau Leah PHELPS 24-Aug-41 29-Aug-41
RICHARDS, Leah     PHELPS, Leah, Mrs 29-Aug-41
RICHARDS, LeRoy     son of RICHARDS, Charles S. 28-Feb-44
RICHARDS, Lillian     wife of RICHARDS, Oscar 29-Jan-45
RICHARDS, Madelen     sis of RICHARDS, Ralph H. 3-May-45
RICHARDS, Mattie     BARRON, Mattie, Mrs 28-Feb-44
RICHARDS, Melvin  Leonard Birth RICHARDS, Fletcher McDonald, M/M 2-Nov-43
RICHARDS, Michael     son of RICHARDS, Ralph H. 3-May-45
RICHARDS, Oscar North Hollywood Death 54 wife Lillian, dau Ruby LYNCH 24-Jan-45 29-Jan-45
RICHARDS, Ralph H. North Hollywood Death   killed in action, burial at sea, wife Edna, son Michael, sis Madelen Apr-45 3-May-45
RICHARDS, Ruby     LYNCH, Ruby, Mrs 29-Jan-45
RICHARDS, William F., M/M Burbank dau Birth par of daughter 15-Apr-42 24-Apr-42
RICHARDSON, Florence Tarzana Death 81 born Brooklyn NY, dau Dixie LaMONTE 17-Jan-44 24-Jan-44
RICHARDSON, Fred F. Burbank Marriage SEARE, Beryl Brisbane Aus. 26-Feb-45
RICHARDSON, Gordon L., Dr/M North Hollywood par of Ranalla Lynn 13-Apr-42 17-Apr-42
RICHARDSON, Helen Antoinette Los Angeles Marriage CORP, Charles H. Jr. San Fernando 2-Nov-41 11-Nov-41
RICHARDSON, Ranalla Lynn Birth RICHARDSON, Gordon L., Dr/M 17-Apr-42
RICHARDSON, Richard R. Marriage OSBORN, Helen Marie Burbank 6-Feb-42 13-Feb-42
RICHARDSON, William L. Burbank Marriage PAYNE, Cora Beth Woonsocket SD 11-Jan-44 17-Jan-44
RICHARDSON, Worthy A. Baton Rouge LA Marriage KRAEMER, Doris Jean Van Nuys 16-Apr-44 20-Apr-44
RICHESON, Cecil, M/M North Hollywood par of Joan   11-Feb-42 13-Feb-42
RICHESON, Joan Birth RICHESON, Cecil, M/M   13-Feb-42
RICHEY, Mabel A., Mrs North Hollywood Death 58 born NB, burial Norman OK 25-Aug-44 28-Aug-44
RICHISON, Bertha     dau of ALDERSHOT, Alberta Martha 2-Oct-42
RICHTER, John, Mrs     dau of PINKEL, Rudolph Raymond 18-Jun-43
RICHTER, Joline     dau of SIMMONS, Bennett Clem 26-Mar-45
RICHTER, William Adams Marriage SKINNER, Bertha 8-Jan-44 13-Jan-44
RICKARDS, Jo E. Death 71 wife Martha Irene 1-Apr-43 9-Apr-43
RICKARDS, Martha Irene     wife of RICKARDS, Jo E. 9-Apr-43
RICKIE, Connie North Hollywood Marriage DURIS, Ralph San Bernardino 31-Mar-44 10-Apr-44
RICKMAN, Adam Henry North Hollywood Death 71 sons Earl, Phillip H., daus Mrs Albert FAYE, Mrs Clarence HOWARD 12-Mar-44 16-Mar-44
RICKMAN, Earl     son of RICKMAN, Adam Henry 16-Mar-44
RICKMAN, Elden Philip North Hollywood Marriage BROWN, Carol Isobel North Hollywood 14-Feb-42 17-Feb-42
RICKMAN, Phillip H.     son of RICKMAN, Adam Henry 16-Mar-44
RIDDEL, Joseph T., Mrs     dau of NEIDERFRIM, Nick 6-May-41
RIDDLE, Albert     son of RIDDLE, Luis L. 25-Dec-43
RIDDLE, Beaulah     dau of RIDDLE, Luis L. 25-Dec-43
RIDDLE, Edna     dau of RIDDLE, Luis L. 25-Dec-43
RIDDLE, Eva       dau of RIDDLE, Luis L. 25-Dec-43
RIDDLE, Everett Burdett Van Nuys Marriage GRAHAM, Jacqueline C. Van Nuys 17-Oct-44 26-Oct-44
RIDDLE, Harold B. Death 43   11-Jan-44 13-Jan-44
RIDDLE, Luis L. North Hollywood Death 76 services Nov 23, chil Beaulah, Albert, Edna, Eva, Roland, Rex 25-Dec-43
RIDDLE, Rex     son of RIDDLE, Luis L. 25-Dec-43
RIDDLE, Roland     son of RIDDLE, Luis L. 25-Dec-43
RIDER, Rose     dau of KELLENBERGER, John 18-Mar-41
RIDLEY, Jane Dean     2nd wife of JONES, Howard Harding 29-Jul-41
RIEMER, Anna C.     wife of RIEMER, Henry 10-Jul-41
RIEMER, Evelyn     dau of RIEMER, Henry 10-Jul-41
RIEMER, Henry North Hollywood Death 84 wife Anna C., daus Evelyn, Mrs C. CLYNE, Mrs F. SHIRLEY, 3-Jul-41 10-Jul-41
RIES, Helen Elaine Birth RIES, Warren A., M/M   11-Dec-44
RIES, Warren A., M/M San Fernando par of Helen Elaine   11-Dec-44
RIFE, Alla May Flower Canoga Park Death 75 died in VN rest home, son J. Eddington 9-Sep-41 12-Sep-41
RIGBY, Frederick R. Van Nuys Death   U.S.M.C., war casualty 6-Mar-44
RIGGINS, Betty Lou Roscoe Marriage SCRIBNER, Hubert Jr. Los Angeles 16-Apr-43 20-Apr-43
RIGGINS, Dennie Pearl Burbank Death 58 born IA, son Richard, 11 siblings 6-May-45 10-May-45
RIGGINS, Richard     son of RIGGINS, Dennie Pearl 10-May-45
RIGGIO, Jack Burbank Marriage FRITZ, Eileen Burbank 25-Sep-43 15-Oct-43
RIGGS, Wiley M. Los Angeles Marriage ROSE, Carolyn Los Angeles 14-Feb-42 20-Feb-42
RIGONI, Emma Mary Paso Robles Death   daus Nettie HENCHEY, Josephine YONKER, Irene KAPUCGIN, Olive MUNDING, Estella HUFF, sons Orlando, Herbert, Frank, 25 grandchildren 15-Feb-42 17-Feb-42
RIGONI, Estella     HUFF, Estella, Mrs 17-Feb-42
RIGONI, Frank     son of RIGONI, Emma Mary 17-Feb-42
RIGONI, Herbert     son of RIGONI, Emma Mary 17-Feb-42
RIGONI, Irene     KAPUCGIN, Irene, Mrs 17-Feb-42
RIGONI, Josephine     YONKER, Josephine, Mrs 17-Feb-42
RIGONI, Nettie     HENCHEY, Nettie, Mrs 17-Feb-42
RIGONI, Olive     MUNDING, Olive, Mrs 17-Feb-42
RIGONI, Orlando     son of RIGONI, Emma Mary 17-Feb-42
RILEY, Florence Louise North Hollywood Marriage THOMPSON, John Raymond North Hollywood 10-Jan-45 25-Jan-45
RILEY, Kenneth L., M/M North Hollywood par of Maureen Elizabeth last week 6-Nov-44
RILEY, Margaret Coleen Birth RILEY, Russell Lee, M/M   28-Aug-44
RILEY, Maureen Elizabeth Birth RILEY, Kenneth L., M/M   6-Nov-44
RILEY, Russell Lee, M/M Van Nuys   par of Margaret Coleen last week 28-Aug-44
RILEY, William Paul San Francisco Marriage McBRIDE, Dolores Pearl Canoga Park 25-Jan-45 1-Feb-45
RINGHEIM, Jennie Gertrude San Fernando Death 95 born Norway, son L.A. 2-Dec-44 8-Jan-45
RINGHEIM, L.A     son of RINGHEIM, Jennie Gertrude 8-Jan-45
RIOS, Tony Burbank Death 12 in auto struck by train 24-Feb-44 28-Dec-44
RIOS, Tony Van Nuys Death 12 in auto struck by train 11-Jan-45
RIPPEY, Richard B., Maj North Hollywood Death 32 killed in action in France 28-Jul-44 25-Sep-44
RISDON, Joseph Camp Swift TX Death 19 in Army, spinal meningitis, 2-Apr-43
RISDON, Juanita Irene Burbank Marriage BROWN, Oran K. "Miles" NY 27-Jan-44 7-Feb-44
RISTINE, Dorothy Birth RISTINE, T.W., M/M   27-Jul-44
RISTINE, T.W., M/M North Hollywood par of Dorothy 23-May-44 27-Jul-44
RITCHEY, Capt William U.S.M.C. Marriage HOLT, Jennifer Newhall   29-Nov-43
RITCHIE, Jane     dau of PHILLIPS, Sarah Ellen Atcheson 18-Nov-43
RITGOLD, L.       ROTEN, Bertha 14-Sep-43
RITTER, Marie     dau of BABCOCK, Mrs Fanny E. 12-Mar-43
RIVERS, Dorothy Jean Burbank Marriage BURNS, Ralph E. Lyons NB 25-Aug-43 3-Sep-43
RIVETTI, James, M/M Van Nuys   par of Norma last week 15-Jan-45
RIVETTI, Norma Birth RIVETTI, James, M/M   15-Jan-45