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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"Sea - Shu "

SEAGOE, John Santa Barbara Marriage KRIHY, Ruth Arlene Burbank 6-Apr-45 12-Apr-45
SEAGRAVES, M.N./Marjorie (RADAR) Wilmington DE par of Veral Mack 28-Mar-45 5-Apr-45
SEAGRAVES, Veral Mack Birth SEAGRAVES, M.N./Marjorie (RADAR) 5-Apr-45
SEAGREN, Willard Eugene Burbank Death 21 aviation radioman, bomber crash near Jacksonville FL, burial last week 17-Aug-43
SEAL, Freadus Jr., M/M Burbank son Birth par of son   7-Dec-44 11-Dec-44
SEALY, Harriet Burbank Marriage BUCKHEIM, Joseph Burbank   22-May-42
SEAMER, Charles North Hollywood Marriage GRAY, Jeanne Phoenix AZ 19-May-45 24-May-45
SEARE, Beryl Brisbane Aus. Marriage RICHARDSON, Fred F. Burbank   26-Feb-45
SEARLES, Henry G.     hus of SEARLES, Susan B. 13-Feb-42
SEARLES, Hildred     dau of SEARLES, Susan B. 13-Feb-42
SEARLES, Susan B. Sherman Oaks Death 71 hus Henry G., daus Hildred, Mrs John FLANAGAN, son William 8-Feb-42 13-Feb-42
SEARLES, William     son of SEARLES, Susan B. 13-Feb-42
SEATON, Elsie B. Van Nuys Death 38 hus James B. 19-Sep-42 25-Sep-42
SEATON, James B.     hus of SEATON, Elsie B. 25-Sep-42
SEATON, Mable     dau of LOY, Harry William 1-Feb-45
SECCOMBE, Clinton Jr. North Hollywood Marriage CRENSHAW, Betty Lou North Hollywood 1-Apr-45 5-Apr-45
SECHER, Edward Burbank Marriage COLLINS, Lillian New York 5-Apr-45 26-Apr-45
SEDDON, Margaret Rose     dau of SEDDON, Victoria 26-Mar-45
SEDDON, Victoria San Fernando Death 80 born WI, dau Margaret Rose 17-Mar-45 26-Mar-45
SEELKE, Adolph     son of SEELKE, Charles 16-Mar-44
SEELKE, Charles Encino Death 69 wife Zelma, dau Helen, sons Fred, Charles, Monroe, Adolph 10-Mar-44 16-Mar-44
SEELKE, Charles     son of SEELKE, Charles 16-Mar-44
SEELKE, Fred       son of SEELKE, Charles 16-Mar-44
SEELKE, Helen     dau of SEELKE, Charles 16-Mar-44
SEELKE, Monroe     son of SEELKE, Charles 16-Mar-44
SEELKE, Zelma     wife of SEELKE, Charles 16-Mar-44
SEGGERMAN, Dorothy IA Marriage DORR, Dale Burbank 4-Jan-42 13-Jan-42
SEGUIN, Eloise     dau of KRAUSE, Wilhelmina, Mrs 30-Mar-43
SEIBEL, Eva       dau of PITSCH, Sophie 13-Aug-43
SEIBERT, Jack S.     son of SEIBERT, Janette 17-Jan-44
SEIBERT, Janette Encino Death 56 born IN, hus W. Harry, son Jack S., dau Jean WOOLFOLK, mother Bessie FISK last week 17-Jan-44
SEIBERT, W. Harry     hus of SEIBERT, Janette 17-Jan-44
SEID, Daniel Encino Death 23 Ensign, killed Marshall Islands, recieved Navy medal 31-Jan-42 7-Aug-42
SEIDENBERG   David, M/M Van Nuys   par of Gerald Frederick last week 5-Mar-45
SEIDENBERG   Gerald Frederick Birth SEIDENBERG   David, M/M   5-Mar-45
SEIDL, Michael A. Van Nuys Death 56 pioneer in cleaning business 10-Mar-42 17-Mar-42
SEITZ, Adeline Burbank Marriage ASHCRAFT, Harry B. Burbank Dec-44 16-Apr-45
SEITZ, Cyril       son of SEITZ, Frances 12-Apr-45
SEITZ, Frances Burbank Death 76 born Austria, sons John, Rudolph, Jacob, Cyril, daus Angie WOOD, Helen MEAD, Rose ABRAHAM 6-Apr-45 12-Apr-45
SEITZ, Jacob     son of SEITZ, Frances 12-Apr-45
SEITZ, John       son of SEITZ, Frances 12-Apr-45
SEITZ, Rudolph     son of SEITZ, Frances 12-Apr-45
SELBY, B.E, M/M     par of LONG, Shirley Olive 17-Nov-42
SELBY, Shirley Olive     LONG, Shirley Olive, Mrs 17-Nov-42
SELCH, Anton     hus of SELCH, Mary 2-Dec-41
SELCH, Anton Charlie     son of SELCH, Mary 2-Dec-41
SELCH, Mary Tarzana Death 83 born Bohemia, lived here 60 years, hus Anton, son Anton Charlie, daus Mrs James HANLON, Mrs A. HAIG, Mrs KARNOPP 27-Nov-41 2-Dec-41
SELPH, Horace W. Cedar Glades AR Marriage WINDRUM, Edith North Hollywood 15-Nov-42 17-Nov-42
SELTON, Victor North Hollywood Marriage FISHER, Thelma Shirley North Hollywood 23-Oct-41 28-Oct-41
SELZNICK, Helen North Hollywood Death 44 of well-known motion picture family 16-May-42 22-May-42
SEMPLE, Gardner Elliott Pasadena Marriage MOYLE, Bettelee Burbank 1-Jan-43 15-Jan-43
SENLOW, James Los Angeles Marriage WINDRUM, Tilvia North Hollywood 22-Feb-42 27-Feb-42
SENNETT, John Joseph III Hollywood Marriage CROCKER, Betty North Hollywood 9-Oct-44 16-Oct-44
SENNETT, Max     alias LANGDON, Harry 28-Dec-44
SENSEMAN, W.R., M/M Lancaster CA dau Birth par of daughter last week 22-Jan-45
SEPAUGH, Gloria E.     dau of COSTA, Mary, Mrs 18-Mar-41
SEPULVEDA, Allie     SMITH, Harvey Sylvester, Mrs 25-Feb-41
SERENA, Joseph Hollywood Marriage JEFFRIES, Ann Hollywood 10-Mar-45 19-Mar-45
SERENIL, Louis M. Pacoima Death 2m choked to death 23-Aug-44 28-Aug-44
SERNLUK, James Michael Birth SERNLUK, Melium, M/M   7-May-45
SERNLUK, Melium, M/M Northridge   par of James Michael 4-May-45 7-May-45
SESSOMS, Lawrence Clausen North Hollywood Death   killed in action at Normandy Beach D-Day 27-Jul-44
SETON, Donald A. Bellingham WA Marriage JOHNSEN, Margaret L. Bellingham WQ 8-Aug-43 17-Aug-43
SETTERBERG, James Morrell Portland OR Marriage LENON, Esther North Hollywood 8-Aug-42 8-Sep-42
SETTLE, Kathleen Birth SETTLE, William T /Virginia (WORTHINGTON) 18-Sep-42
SETTLE, Susan Birth SETTLE, W.J./Virginia (WORTHINGTON) 18-Jan-45
SETTLE, W.J./Virginia (WORTHINGTON) North Hollywood par of Susan 6-Jan-45 18-Jan-45
SETTLE, William T /Virginia (WORTHINGTON) North Hollywood par of Kathleen 13-Sep-42 18-Sep-42
SEVERANCE, Alvin     son of SEVERANCE, Vance L. 23-Mar-44
SEVERANCE, Evelyn     dau of SEVERANCE, Vance L. 23-Mar-44
SEVERANCE, Larry     son of SEVERANCE, Vance L. 23-Mar-44
SEVERANCE, Madeline     wife of SEVERANCE, Vance L. 23-Mar-44
SEVERANCE, Vance L. Sherman Oaks Death 44 wife Madeline, dau Evelyn, sons Alvin, Larry 19-Mar-44 23-Mar-44
SEWARD, Edith     dau of FISHER, Sarah Ann 22-Dec-42
SEWARD, Hazel Canoga Park Marriage HOSKINS, Burton Northridge   24-Jul-41
SEWELL, Glenn, M/M North Hollywood par of Richard Earl   17-Apr-41
SEWELL, Mary Ann Birth SEWELL, William M., M/M   28-Aug-44
SEWELL, Richard Earl Birth SEWELL, Glenn, M/M   17-Apr-41
SEWELL, William M., M/M San Fernando par of Mary Ann last week 28-Aug-44
SEXTON, Richard W. Ft Stevens OR Marriage COX, Bess North Hollywood 12-Aug-43 24-Aug-43
SEXTON, William Francis Birth SEXTON, William, M/M   6-Feb-41
SEXTON, William, M/M North Hollywood par of William Francis 31-Jan-41 6-Feb-41
SEYERLE, Waldo, M/M Burbank son Birth par of son   17-Dec-41 26-Dec-41
SGROSSMAN, Ethel     dau of SAPERSTEIN, Yetta, Mrs 6-Mar-44
SHACKEFORD, Kermit Akron OH Marriage NELSON, Betty North Hollywood 18-Jul-42 28-Jul-42
SHAFER, Darrel W. North Hollywood Marriage KANDELIN, Irene Corpus Chr. TX 18-Apr-42 8-May-42
SHAKMAN, Arthur Van Nuys Death   exhibited Afghan and Doberman dogs, wife Muriel Mar-45 29-Mar-45
SHAKMAN, Muriel     wife of SHAKMAN, Arthur 29-Mar-45
SHANAHAN, Guy William Birth SHANAHAN, Stanley F., M/M 21-Sep-44
SHANAHAN, Stanley F., M/M Pacoima   par of Guy William last week 21-Sep-44
SHANKLE, Nora     BERTLESEN, Ruth Anna 13-Nov-42
SHANNON, Albert C.     hus of SHANNON, Peggy 13-May-41
SHANNON, Peggy North Hollywood Death   found dead at home by husband Albert C 13-May-41
SHAPIRO, Harry Sunland Death 46   16-Oct-44 19-Oct-44
SHARP, Gladys     dau of WARREN, Tabitha, Mrs 12-Sep-41
SHARP, John Simi Marriage MARTIN, Betty Joyce Canoga Park 25-Nov-44 18-Dec-44
SHARP, Louise Margaret Van Nuys Death 18 funeral was on wedding day, March 20 20-Mar-42
SHARPE, Elmer Pomeray WA Marriage BASHOR, Shirley Kagel Canyon 3-Jul-42 10-Jul-42
SHARPE, Hazel Van Nuys Marriage BRADLEY, Chester O. Burbank 25-Nov-44 30-Nov-44
SHAVE, Marjorie North Hollywood Death 14 in auto accident, car driven by Lewis Murray (age 22), mother Mrs Stanley H. 11-Nov-41
SHAVE, Stanley H., Mrs     mom of SHAVE, Marjorie 11-Nov-41
SHAW   Marriage ROBINS, Frank Burbank 30-May-44 19-Jun-44
SHAW, C.A., M/M Reseda   par of Winston Elliott last week 28-Sep-44
SHAW, Winston Elliott Birth SHAW, C.A., M/M   28-Sep-44
SHAWHAN, Helen     dau of HIBBS, Chlora Esther 30-Jan-41
SHEARER, Alice C. North Hollywood Death 72 sis Mrs Lulu HIVNER, Mrs Katherine WEST, Mrs May BLAISDELL 20-Oct-41 28-Oct-41
SHEARER, B.E. Van Nuys Marriage RUL, Margaret Louise Van Nuys 1-Dec-44 11-Dec-44
SHEARER, Rev. John Willis North Hollywood Marriage GORHAM, Marguerite North Hollywood 9-Oct-44 19-Oct-44
SHEASBY, John , M/M Van Nuys   par of Rex Richards 26-Jan-41 30-Jan-41
SHEASBY, Rex Richards Birth SHEASBY, John , M/M   30-Jan-41
SHEEHAN, Donald F.     Bro of BARNABY, Angela 20-Jan-44
SHEEHAN, Vincent North Hollywood Marriage McFAUL, Barbara Jean Detroit MI 22-Apr-44 18-May-44
SHEELER, Charlotte     dau of MILES, Charles Cyril 17-Apr-41
SHELLENBERGER, Cora C.     RABE, Cora C., Mrs 6-Feb-41
SHELLENBERGER, Stella     sis of RABE, Cora C., Mrs 6-Feb-41
SHELTON, Clarence Tujunga Death   found dead in home next day, bro Elbert 11-Apr-44 17-Apr-44
SHELTON, Elbert     bro of SHELTON, Clarence 17-Apr-44
SHELTON, Glen E., M/M Van Nuys son Birth par of son   last week 28-Sep-44
SHEMELIA, H.     sis of HAZZARD, W. Robert, U.S.M.C. 7-Jun-45
SHEN, Bert       son of SHEN, Emma E., Mrs 7-Feb-44
SHEN, Emma E., Mrs Van Nuys Death 77 born Ellsworth WI, son Bert, daus Gladys E. KING, Hazel LYLE 31-Jan-44 7-Feb-44
SHENK, R.E., M/M     par of SHENK, Stanley, lst Lt 24-May-45
SHENK, Stanley, lst Lt Studio City Death 22 par M/M R.E. 21-Apr-45 24-May-45
SHEPARD, Allan G., M/M Burbank   par of Karen Elaine 31-Dec-41 13-Jan-42
SHEPARD, Karen Elaine Birth SHEPARD, Allan G., M/M   13-Jan-42
SHEPHERD, Belle     sis of HUTCHINS, Burd Lollac 2-Apr-45
SHEPHERD, Edwin Wesley North Hollywood Marriage HILTON, Eunice Marguerite North Hollywood 8-Dec-42 29-Dec-42
SHEPPARD, Sally Hariett North Hollywood Marriage WALKER, Kenneth David North Hollywood 9-May-42 15-May-42
SHERIDAN, Ann (actress) Hollywood Marriage BRENT, George (actor) Hollywood 5-Jan-42 9-Jan-42
SHERIDAN, Ann (actress) Hollywood Marriage BRENT, George (actor) Hollywood 5-Jan-42 20-Mar-42
SHERMAN, Dorothy May San Fernando Marriage SCHMERBERG, Roy W. Wilmer, CA 28-Jun-41 3-Jul-41
SHERMAN, Dorothy May   SCHMERBERG, Roy W., Mrs 9-Oct-42
SHERMAN, Langworthy P. Van Nuys Death   remains to Levenworth KS recent 17-Jan-44
SHERWIN, Roxie Burbank Marriage PERDUE, Raumond Jr. Texarkana TX 18-Feb-45 26-Feb-45
SHERWOOD, Velma Ruth Burbank Marriage KOESTER, Gordon Paul North Hollywood 16-Jan-44 17-Jan-44
SHERWOOD, Velma Ruth Burbank Marriage KOESTER, Gordon Paul North Hollywood 16-Jan-44 27-Jan-44
SHIELDS, Jo Anne Birth SHIELDS, Martin, Lt/Mimi (TAYLOR) 25-Jun-43
SHIELDS, Martin, Lt/Mimi (TAYLOR) North Hollywood par of Jo Anne 20-Jun-43 25-Jun-43
SHIELS, Thomas J, Sgt North Hollywood Death 24 killed in airplane crash at March Field 18-Nov-44 27-Nov-44
SHIERSTERN, Dema     sis of ELLSWORTH, Lenna 25-Dec-42
SHIGLEY, Adaline Athena Walla Walla WA Marriage VANOUS, James F. Burbank 29-Jan-45 12-Feb-45
SHILL, Della Mae Mesa, CA Marriage CLARK, Milton A. Mesa, CA 7-Mar-42 10-Apr-42
SHINN, Maydellon     WILMOTH, Maydellon Shinn, Mrs 22-Dec-42
SHIPLEY, Guy Arthur North Hollywood Death 60 services Jun 8 11-Jun-43
SHIPMAN, Harry W. Northridge Death   member of Masons and V.F.W. 28-Nov-44 4-Dec-44
SHIPP, William N. Pacoima Death 39 born Boston MA, wife, 2 children 30-Apr-43 4-May-43
SHIREY, Marie     dau of MUGGLEY, Anna M. 2-Mar-44
SHIRK, Arlee     sis of SHIRK, Rex Allen 9-Oct-42
SHIRK, Birdine     mom of SHIRK, Rex Allen 9-Oct-42
SHIRK, Keith     bro of SHIRK, Rex Allen 9-Oct-42
SHIRK, Max       bro of SHIRK, Rex Allen 9-Oct-42
SHIRK, Rex Allen North Hollywood Death   Lt., AAF, killed in air crash, mother Birdine, bros Max, Keith, sis Arlee 3-Oct-42 9-Oct-42
SHIRLEY, F., Mrs     dau of RIEMER, Henry 10-Jul-41
SHIRLEY, Jewel V. North Hollywood Marriage EBELMESSER, Robert L. Portland OR 7-Jun-42 26-Jun-42
SHISLER, William, M/M Burbank son Birth par of son   29-Jul-41 5-Aug-41
SHOAT, Mary Jane Hollywood Marriage REED, George Albert III North Hollywood 20-Mar-42 27-Mar-42
SHOCK, Frances Sherman Oaks Marriage McCUNE, Lewis E. Jr. 19-Sep-44 21-Sep-44
SHOCK, William A. San Fernando Marriage LOVE, Betty San Fernando 17-Sep-44 18-Sep-44
SHOEMAKE, Howard F. Glendale Marriage WILL, Pearl Bernice Pacoima 26-Mar-44 3-Apr-44
SHOOK, John C. Burbank Marriage SPOLLBERG, Mary Burbank 18-Jan-45 25-Jan-45
SHORT, Lois   Marriage SALISBURY, Darrel A. Burbank 28-Dec-42 5-Jan-43
SHOUR, Roberta   KUHLMAN, Harry P., Mrs   10-Jan-44
SHOUR, Roberta Jane North Hollywood Marriage KUHLMAN, Harry P. Los Angeles 18-Dec-42 22-Dec-42
SHRADER, Martha Jackson Westwood Marriage MARTIN, George H. North Hollywood 29-Sep-43 12-Oct-43
SHRODS, Helen     WIESE, Helen Shrods, Mrs 19-Oct-43
SHRODS, W.K., M/M     par of WIESE, Helen Shrods 19-Oct-43
SHRUM, Cal James, M/M North Hollywood par of Gary Calvin last week 12-Feb-45
SHRUM, Gary Calvin Birth SHRUM, Cal James, M/M   12-Feb-45
SHRY, Katherine     sis of SMITH, Charlotte 28-Jun-44
SHUGAR, Fred E., M/M Van Nuys   par of Ronald Eugene last week 6-Nov-44
SHUGAR, Ronald Eugene Birth SHUGAR, Fred E., M/M   6-Nov-44
SHULL, Alan       son of SHULL, William H. 1-Jan-45
SHULL, Fred       son of SHULL, William H. 1-Jan-45
SHULL, Hazel     NITZEN, Hazel, Mrs 1-Jan-45
SHULL, Lloyd     son of SHULL, William H. 1-Jan-45
SHULL, Lorena     NITZEN, Lorena, Mrs 1-Jan-45
SHULL, Mable     BURR, Mable, Mrs 1-Jan-45
SHULL, Maude     wife of SHULL, William H. 1-Jan-45
SHULL, Ralph     son of SHULL, William H. 1-Jan-45
SHULL, William H. San Fernando Death 75 born PA, wife Maude, sons Ralph, Lloyd, Fred, Alan, daus N. STABLENOW, Mable BURR, Lorena NITZEN, Hazel NITZEN, Wilma SHURE 27-Dec-44 1-Jan-45
SHULL, Wilma     SHURE, Wilma, Mrs 1-Jan-45
SHULTE, Alys Marie     dau of NOWLIN, Charles Fredick 9-Oct-42
SHULTZ, Charles Irwing Birth SHULTZ, Clarence/Dorothy (WALLACE) 12-Feb-43
SHULTZ, Clarence/Dorothy (WALLACE) North Hollywood par of Charles Irwing 4-Feb-43 12-Feb-43
SHULTZ, Lyle B. Jr. Los Angeles Marriage SCHWINGER, Susanne San Fernando 14-Aug-42 18-Aug-42
SHUMAN, John W., Lt Col     SHUMAN, Levi N. 18-Jun-45
SHUMAN, Levi N. Burbank Death 79 from IA, wife Margaret, sons Ralph, Lt  Col John W. 13-Jun-45 18-Jun-45
SHUMAN, Margaret     SHUMAN, Levi N. 18-Jun-45
SHUMAN, Ralph     SHUMAN, Levi N. 18-Jun-45
SHURE, Wilma     dau of SHULL, William H. 1-Jan-45
SHUTTA, Gordon John North Hollywood Death 8 par M/M Jack Millard 27-Nov-43 2-Dec-43
SHUTTA, Jack Millard     par of SHUTTA, Gordon John 2-Dec-43
SHUTTLE, Joseph T. Van Nuys Death 78 ran in front of truck 1-Apr-44 6-Apr-44
SHUYLER, Leland R. North Hollywood Marriage ORTON, Virginia Los Angeles 12-Apr-43 23-Apr-43
SHUYLER, Leland Ray, Lt North Hollywood Death 22 plane crash in FL, no survivors listed last week 25-Nov-43