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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"Str - Sz "

STRABLEY, Clifford J., M/M Burbank   par of Larry Robert last week 6-Nov-44
STRABLEY, Larry Robert Birth STRABLEY, Clifford J., M/M 6-Nov-44
STRAINGE, Edythe North Hollywood Marriage MANNES, Lloyd A. Los Angeles 14-Feb-42 20-Feb-42
STRAMER, Adele Burbank Marriage PEARMAN, Robert W. Burbank 29-Feb-44 14-Aug-44
STRAND, Grant Lee, M/M Sherman Oaks par of Susan Ann last week 17-Aug-44
STRAND, Susan Ann Birth STRAND, Grant Lee, M/M   17-Aug-44
STRANHAN, Marie North Hollywood Death   hus Ralph, sis Maude BRADY 26-Jul-43 6-Aug-43
STRANHAN, Ralph     hus of STRANHAN, Marie 6-Aug-43
STRATON, Paul San Diego Death 28 student pilot 19-Jan-41 21-Jan-41
STRATTON, Esther F., Mrs Burbank Death 65 dau Mrs B.B. MAUD 20-Jan-42 23-Jan-42
STRAUSS, Adolph     bro of STRAUSS, Louis 1-Oct-43
STRAUSS, Andrew B., 2Lt North Hollywood Death   killed in action over Germany 6-Mar-44 25-Sep-44
STRAUSS, Daniel     son of STRAUSS, Louis 1-Oct-43
STRAUSS, Emil     bro of STRAUSS, Louis 1-Oct-43
STRAUSS, Louis North Hollywood Death 54 heart attack at Union Station, wife Matilda, son Daniel, bros Adolph, Emil 26-Sep-43 28-Sep-43
STRAUSS, Matilda     wife of STRAUSS, Louis 24-Sep-43 1-Oct-43
STREECK, George Walter Birth STREECK, George, M/M   12-Apr-45
STREECK, George, M/M Van Nuys   par of George Walter last week 12-Apr-45
STREEK, George, Pvt Sherman Oaks Death   killed in action on Luzon, wife, 2 children 24-May-45
STREET, Ed. P. Van Nuys Death   realtor, son Jack W., sis Suzanne, Opal 16-Jul-42 21-Jul-42
STREET, Jack W.     son of STREET, Ed. P. 21-Jul-42
STREET, Opal     sis of STREET, Ed. P. 21-Jul-42
STREET, Suzanne     sis of STREET, Ed. P. 21-Jul-42
STREIT, A.A., M/M     par of STREIT, Samuel 18-Aug-42
STREIT, Samuel North Hollywood Death 37 par M/M A.A. 11-Aug-42 18-Aug-42
STRESS, Joanna     dau of SCHINDLER, Herman 13-Mar-41
STRICKER, William Van Nuys Death 60 either fell or jumped from hotel room 4-Feb-41 11-Feb-41
STRICKLIN, Clovis H., M/M San Fernando par of Janet Arlene last week 26-Mar-45
STRICKLIN, Janet Arlene Birth STRICKLIN, Clovis H., M/M 26-Mar-45
STRODE, John, M/M North Hollywood par of Nancy Susan 1-Mar-45 8-Mar-45
STRODE, Nancy Susan Birth STRODE, John, M/M   8-Mar-45
STRODE, William J. North Hollywood Death 57 heart attack   8-Jul-41
STROM, Victor Harry Burbank Marriage HART, Virginia Burbank 11-Apr-41 17-Apr-41
STROMAN, Coleman D. Van Nuys Death 54 heart attack 22-Apr-42 24-Apr-42
STRONG, Betty Lee North Hollywood Marriage ALDERSHOF, Delroy Glendale 22-Feb-45 8-Mar-45
STRONG, Edna Mae Van Nuys Marriage KENDALL, Jacob Leroy Port Hueneme 4-Nov-44 16-Nov-44
STRONGO, Carrie North Hollywood Marriage BARBERIO, Philip 18-Jun-44 22-Jun-44
STROUD, Donald E., M/M Pacoima   par of Margaret Dee last week 28-Sep-44
STROUD, Margaret Dee Birth STROUD, Donald E., M/M   28-Sep-44
STRUMQUIST, Dora, Mrs Burbank Death   direct descendant of Zachary Taylor, 12th pres. of U. S., mother Mrs Marguerite VALENTINE 12-Jan-43
STRUTER, L.D., Mrs     dau of CLARK, Edward M. 26-Oct-43
STUART, Dal Walton Death 33 employed at Olive View Sanitarium, suicide 1-Feb-43 2-Feb-43
STUART, Juanita Van Nuys Marriage McPHERRON, Lt Harry A. U.S.Navy 19-Oct-43 15-Nov-43
STUART, Leon, Mrs.     dau of ADAMS, William H. 2-Jul-43
STUCKER, Joseph A. Death 31 state highway patrolman, hit by truck while escorting Army convoy this week 12-Jan-43
STUCKY, Raymond, M/M Van Nuys son Birth par of son   last week 28-May-45
STULTS, Delbert, M/M Burbank   par of Dewaine Eric 27-Jul-41 5-Aug-41
STULTS, Dewaine Eric Birth STULTS, Delbert, M/M   5-Aug-41
STUMBO, Don Alan Burbank Marriage HAMILTON, Catherine S. Burbank 7-Mar-42 10-Mar-42
STUMP, Alberta     ZACHO, Alberta, Mrs 23-Jan-42
STUMP, Evelyn     DIEGE, Evelyn, Mrs 23-Jan-42
STUMP, Jack       son of STUMP, L.B. 23-Jan-42
STUMP, L.B. North Hollywood Death 59 Hal Roach aide, wife Maude, daus Evelyn DIEGE, Alberta ZACHO, sons Milton, Jack 20-Jan-42 23-Jan-42
STUMP, Maude     wife of STUMP, L.B. 23-Jan-42
STUMP, Milton     son of STUMP, L.B. 23-Jan-42
STURGES, Gloria Los Angeles Marriage HERYFORD, Donald North Hollywood 12-Feb-42 3-Mar-42
STURTEVANT, Sabin B., Mrs   dau of PHILLIPS, Sarah Ellen Atcheson 18-Nov-43
STUTSMAN, Bert J., M/M Van Nuys   par of Bert James Jr. last week 30-Oct-44
STUTSMAN, Bert James Jr Birth STUTSMAN, Bert J., M/M   30-Oct-44
STUTSMAN, Carl Allen Marriage LINDSEY, Mary Louise North Hollywood 13-Mar-43 19-Mar-43
STYSKALS, Anthony, M/M North Hollywood par of Janis Louise 16-Mar-45 5-Apr-45
STYSKALS, Janis Louise Birth STYSKALS, Anthony, M/M   5-Apr-45
SUEME, Hal Los Angeles Marriage MOORE, Eleen Van Nuys 3-Oct-44 9-Oct-44
SUGHRUE, Daniel Burbank Death 20 U.S. Army, crashed B-29 bomber in Texas 8-Oct-44 12-Oct-44
SUIT, Etta A., Mrs Burbank Death 84 born St. Clair Co MI, sis Mrs Burton GOODRICH 14-May-43 18-May-43
SULLIVAN, Clemalee Hutchinson KS Marriage GORDON, Ralph Shenandoah IA 25-Apr-45 7-May-45
SULLIVAN, Dorothy Hilliard North Hollywood Marriage KOELLING, Robert M. Corvallis OR recently 20-Dec-43
SULLIVAN, Duane Grant Birth SULLIVAN, Mark, M/M   21-May-45
SULLIVAN, Ina     wife of SULLIVAN, James 25-Mar-41
SULLIVAN, James Burbank Death   memb Burbank Amer Legion Post, wife Ina 23-Mar-41 25-Mar-41
SULLIVAN, Mark, M/M Northridge   par of Duane Grant last week 21-May-45
SULLIVAN, Muriel     dau of COMER, Lucy 30-Jan-41
SULLIVANT, Lloyd J. Ocean Park Marriage WOODWORTH, Bernice Emma Van Nuys 25-Oct-41 31-Oct-41
SUMAN, Ruth C., Mrs Sherman Oaks Death 51 born Burlington IA 22-Sep-44 28-Sep-44
SUMNER, Maude Elizabeth Tuscalusa AL Marriage SCAPELLATI, Salvatore New Britain CT Palm Sunday 2-Apr-45
SUNDEE, J.M., Lt Glendale Death   killed in action in European theater 18-Sep-44
SUNDEE, Joseph M., M/M Glendale   par of Susan Joe 10-Sep-44 18-Sep-44
SUNDEE, Susan Joe Birth SUNDEE, Joseph M., M/M   18-Sep-44
SUNDERMAN, Elizabeth     dau of CRONE, Louis Henry 8-Apr-41
SUNDSTRUM, E.D., Rev/M Burbank   par of Nancy Collen 5-Apr-45 16-Apr-45
SUNDSTRUM, Nancy Collen Birth SUNDSTRUM, E.D., Rev/M   16-Apr-45
SUNTHIMER, Betty Birth HAWORTH, M, Mrs   6-Feb-41
SURMAN, Henrietta, Mrs North Hollywood Death 76 native of London, England, lived 52 yrs in USA, services Feb 3 2-Jan-41 4-Jan-41
SURMAN, Henrietta, Mrs North Hollywood Death 76 native of London, England, lived 52 yrs in USA, services Feb 3 6-Feb-41
SUTALO, Mary Jo Burbank Marriage DIRKSON, Roland C. Los Angeles 16-Jan-44 17-Jan-44
SUTALO, Mary Jo Burbank Marriage DIRKSON, Roland C. Los Angeles 16-Jan-44 20-Jan-44
SUTHERLAND, Archie A. North Hollywood Death 43 bro William 22-May-45 24-May-45
SUTHERLAND, Lura Thyra North Hollywood Death 70 native of Toronto, Canada 7-Jul-44 10-Jul-44
SUTHERLAND, William     bro of SUTHERLAND, Archie A. 24-May-45
SUTPHEN, Jordan M. Hollywood Marriage OWEN, Leona L. North Hollywood 10-Jul-44 24-Jul-44
SUTTER, Lena     dau ofAMSTER, Max 18-Mar-41
SUTTON, Catherine Van Nuys Death 72 4 sons   13-Jan-42
SUTTON, Leland San Fernando Marriage FISHER, Mary San Fernando last week 15-Aug-41
SUTUM, E.E., Mrs     dau of MOORE, Charles Franklin 23-Apr-45
SUVIATE, Santiago Burbank Death 135 Arizona Indian, worked for four generations with the Watts family this week 20-Mar-42
SWAGLER, Dawn Burbank Marriage WHITEAKER, Howard Corydon Glendale 5-Feb-43 9-Feb-43
SWALLOW, Alvira     wife of SWALLOW, Eugene 26-Apr-45
SWALLOW, Clyde     son of SWALLOW, Eugene 26-Apr-45
SWALLOW, Eugene Burbank Death 66 from KS, wife Alvira, sons Clyde, Jesse, Hershil 22-Apr-45 26-Apr-45
SWALLOW, Hershil     son of SWALLOW, Eugene 26-Apr-45
SWALLOW, Jesse     son of SWALLOW, Eugene 26-Apr-45
SWAN, Grace Viola Glendale Marriage GRANT, Laurence V. Pacoima 10-Dec-41 9-Jan-42
SWANSON, Clayton North Hollywood Marriage JONES, Melvalene North Hollywood 16-May-41 13-May-41
SWANSON, Cliff, M/M Studio City dau Birth par of daughter 4-Jan-42 9-Jan-42
SWANSON, George A., Mrs     dau of VOEGLER, Anne J. 20-Dec-43
SWANSON, Hazel     dau of COOLEY, John Westley 23-Jul-43
SWANSON, Mary North Hollywood Marriage MOBLEY, A. Dale Fallon NE 16-Dec-44 5-Feb-45
SWANSON, Raymond W., M/M Pacoima   par of William Raymond last week 21-May-45
SWANSON, William Raymond Birth SWANSON, Raymond W., M/M 21-May-45
SWART, Andrew San Fernando Marriage BROWN, Genevieve San Fernando 21-Nov-44 30-Nov-44
SWARTZ, David L.     son of SWARTZ, Phyllis 19-Jun-44
SWARTZ, Phyllis Van Nuys Death 61 dau Sarah MILLER, son David L. 9-Jun-44 19-Jun-44
SWARTZ, Sarah     MILLER, Sarah, Mrs 19-Jun-44
SWEENEY, Arthur, M/M Burbank son Birth par of son   10-Aug-41 19-Aug-41
SWEET, Alan, M/M Van Nuys   par of Shirley Ann last week 12-Mar-45
SWEET, Harriet, Mrs     dau of DUNLAP, Ida M. 17-Oct-41
SWEET, Shirley Ann Birth SWEET, Alan, M/M   12-Mar-45
SWEETMAN, Kenneth     son of SWEETMAN, Norman Walter 13-Mar-44
SWEETMAN, Myrtle North Hollywood   wife of SWEETMAN, Norman Walter 13-Mar-44
SWEETMAN, Norman Walter Van Nuys Death 52 native of Australia, wife Myrtle, son Kenneth, bro William B. 1-Mar-44 6-Mar-44
SWEETMAN, William     bro of SWEETMAN, Norman Walter 13-Mar-44
SWENSON, Roy Allen Burbank Marriage WARBURTON, Roberta Burbank 8-Apr-45 16-Apr-45
SWETZER, Lewis H. North Hollywood Death 76 former Lt. Governor of Idaho 5-Jun-44 8-Jun-44
SWICKARD, S.K. OH Marriage DeCOURCY, Norma Vivian North Hollywood 1-Dec-43 9-Dec-43
SWINGLE, Norma C. Burbank Marriage HOWARD, Jack W. Burbank 25-Jun-44 10-Jul-44
SWINK, Elizabeth   MAXHIMER, Willard, Mrs   10-Feb-42
SWINK, Kathleen Lou North Hollywood Marriage MAXHIMER, Harold North Hollywood 15-Aug-42 21-Aug-42
SWINK, Lt William W. North Hollywood Marriage JENSEN, Betty Jane Hollywood 17-Jun-44 26-Jun-44
SWINK, Rodger Van Nuys Marriage KELLEY, Della Van Nuys 30-Jun-44 3-Jul-44
SWOPE, Lt David North Hollywood Marriage WEAVER, Margaret Louise North Hollywood 12-Feb-44 2-Mar-44
SYKES, J. Douglas, Lt Sherman Oaks   killed in action with Gen Patch's army in France November 21-Dec-44
SYMAN, Carl, M/M North Hollywood par of Judy Lee 12-Oct-42 16-Oct-42
SYMAN, Judy Lee Birth SYMAN, Carl, M/M   16-Oct-42
SYPHER, Louise Van Nuys Death 52   4-Mar-42 10-Mar-42
SYPOLT, Dorothy Janet North Hollywood Marriage BERDAL, Erick L. Petersburg ND Dec-43 6-Jan-44
SZPAKREWICZ, Casmere J. Marriage BIGGERSTAFF, Doris Glendale 28-Jun-43 9-Jul-43