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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"Wa - Weh "

WABER, Bernard J., M/M Van Nuys   par of Kathleen Patricia last week 18-Dec-44
WABER, Kathleen Patricia Birth WABER, Bernard J., M/M   18-Dec-44
WADDINGHAM, Richard Burbank Death 29 killed in auto accident 26-Jul-44 31-Jul-44
WADE, Elizabeth     dau of ROWE, Hannah 14-Jun-45
WADE, Joan Suzan North Hollywood Death 7 par M/M Russell 10-Apr-45 12-Apr-45
WADE, Russell, M/M     par of WADE, Joan Suzan 12-Apr-45
WADLEIGH, Beatrice     REYNOLDS, Beatrice, Mrs 28-Feb-44
WADLEIGH, Harold     son of WADLEIGH, Rosa, Mrs 28-Feb-44
WADLEIGH, Rosa, Mrs North Hollywood Death 65 services Feb 23, sons Roy, Harold, dau Beatrice REYNOLDS 28-Feb-44
WADLEIGH, Roy       son of WADLEIGH, Rosa, Mrs 28-Feb-44
WAERS, Julia       HENDERSON, Julia, Mrs 27-Feb-42
WAERS, Martha     BURGESS, Martha, Mrs 27-Feb-42
WAERS, Martha Susan North Hollywood Death 84 daus Julia HENDERSON, Martha BURGESS, sons William, Walker 23-Feb-42 27-Feb-42
WAERS, Walker       son of WAERS, Martha Susan 27-Feb-42
WAERS, William     son of WAERS, Martha Susan 27-Feb-42
WAGAS, Gertrude     dau of VOEGLER, Anne J. 20-Dec-43
WAGGONER, G.       sis of EBERTS, Lillian 4-Jan-45
WAGNER, Eva Smith Ocean Park Death 20 auto accident at Dead Mans Curve in Topanga Canyon, no survivors 5-Sep-43 10-Sep-43
WAGNER, Trueman W., M/M Van Nuys   par of Trueman William Jr. last week 1-Mar-45
WAGNER, Trueman William Jr Birth WAGNER, Trueman W., M/M 1-Mar-45
WAGNON, Nannie S., Mrs Van Nuys   82 fell and broke hip, died from shock, daus Ruth CENTMEYERS, Bertha RADFORD 14-Dec-41 12-Dec-41
WAHLLEN, Alline     dau of NICOLA, Benn Eugene, Dr 22-Nov-43
WAITE, Eihberte, M/M San Fernando son Birth par of son   29-Mar-41 3-Apr-41
WAITE, Lyman       sis of WILKINSON, Fred S. 15-Dec-42
WAITE, Myra, Mrs North Hollywood Death 42   17-Mar-42 24-Mar-42
WAITS, Carol Joan Birth WAITS, Jimmy Ross, M/M   3-Apr-44
WAITS, Jimmy Ross, M/M   par of Carol Joan 15-Mar-44 3-Apr-44
WAKE, Christina Caroline Studio City Death     15-Oct-44 19-Oct-44
WALDRAFF, Bertha, Mrs North Hollywood Death 67 funeral services Feb 19, son Paul H. dau Mrs John CAINE 20-Feb-41
WALDRAFF, Paul H.     son of WALDRAFF, Bertha, Mrs 20-Feb-41
WALDRMON, A. Mrs     dau of WOODS, Melville Converse 1-Dec-42
WALFORD, Florence Eileen Van Nuys Marriage BROWN, William Preston Jr. North Hollywood 10-Oct-43 12-Oct-43
WALFORD, Florence Eileen Van Nuys Marriage BROWN, William Preston Jr. North Hollywood 10-Oct-43 15-Oct-43
WALKE, Norman Samuel, M/M North Hollywood par of Patrick O'Buckley   15-Jul-41
WALKE, Patrick O'Buckley Birth WALKE, Norman Samuel, M/M 15-Jul-41
WALKER, Ann       sis of CROSLEY, James 25-Feb-41
WALKER, Bernice Ethel North Hollywood Marriage CRUTCHFIELD, Jack T. Salt Lake Cty UT 6-Aug-43 13-Aug-43
WALKER, Clarence     son of WALKER, Lem Nathaniel 25-Jan-45
WALKER, Dennis Sepulveda Death 3 killed with Emil Feaster in P-38 air crash 25-Jan-45 29-Jan-45
WALKER, Elizabeth     dau of PITSCH, Sophie 13-Aug-43
WALKER, Floyd       son of BOAG, Alice E. 19-Apr-45
WALKER, Harry A. North Hollywood Marriage HALSELL, Evelyn North Hollywood 4-May-45 17-May-45
WALKER, Helen Roscoe Marriage STEELE, John L Garma KS 1-Oct-42 13-Oct-42
WALKER, John Hickman Hollywood Marriage CROW, Ruth B. Hollywood recently 13-Mar-42
WALKER, Kenneth David North Hollywood Marriage SHEPPARD, Sally Hariett North Hollywood 9-May-42 15-May-42
WALKER, Lem Nathaniel Burbank Death 65 killed in accident, son Clarence 22-Jan-45 25-Jan-45
WALKER, Marjorie Plantersville AL Marriage CHURCH, Lyndon J. North Hollywood 27-Nov-43 20-Dec-43
WALKER, Mary Jane Birth WALKER, Ralph, M/M   26-Mar-45
WALKER, Ralph, M/M Sherman Oaks par of Mary Jane last week 26-Mar-45
WALL, Adaline Elizabeth Burbank Marriage BARKER, William Robert 6-Jun-43 11-Jun-43
WALL, Camden Craig Birth WALL, Richard B., M/M   3-Oct-41
WALL, Richard B., M/M Burbank   par of Camden Craig (son) 27-Sep-41 3-Oct-41
WALLACE, Dorothy   SHULTZ, Clarence, Mrs   12-Feb-43
WALLACE, Elmer C. Canoga Park Death 62 struck by car while riding bicycle 11-Dec-44 11-Dec-44
WALLACE, Elmer C. Woodland Hills Death 62 struck by car while riding bicycle 11-Dec-44 14-Dec-44
WALLACE, George, Lt. Chicago Death   Army air crash into mountains in Kentucky, word rec'd 19 Aug, wife Joanne 24-Aug-43
WALLACE, Harry M., M/M Burbank   par of Ronald Deems 11-Oct-42 27-Oct-42
WALLACE, Joanne     wife of WALLACE, George, Lt. 24-Aug-43
WALLACE, Ronald Deems Birth WALLACE, Harry M., M/M   27-Oct-42
WALLE, Henry, Mrs     dau of WINLAND, George 31-Oct-41
WALLEN, J.D. Burbank Marriage YOCUM, Thelma Hollywood 14-Aug-43 27-Aug-43
WALLEN, Ruby Roscoe Marriage CLARK, Leonard G. Sherman Oaks 21-Sep-44 2-Oct-44
WALLER, Lafayette D., M/M Roscoe son Birth par of son   last week 26-Oct-44
WALLING, Irving D. North Hollywood Death     20-Oct-44 23-Oct-44
WALLIS, John F. Jr. Brownwood TX Marriage WORDEN, Twolah Lee Los Angeles 1-Feb-42 10-Feb-42
WALLSHIELD, Lucille Hollywood Marriage STANLEY, Patrick North Hollywood 2-May-42 8-May-42
WALMSLEY, Bernard Paul Burbank   19 Merchant Marine seaman, drowned on duty in war zone, par M/M J.F. 28-Apr-43 25-May-43
WALMSLEY, J.F., M/M     par of WALMSLEY, Bernard Paul 25-May-43
WALPOLE, Margaret Jean North Hollywood Marriage HANSEN, Doyle J. North Hollywood 2-Dec-44 11-Dec-44
WALSH, Martin Joseph Jr Birth WALSH, Martin, M/M   17-May-45
WALSH, Martin, M/M Van Nuys   par of Martin Joseph Jr. last week 17-May-45
WALSH, Pauline Marriage WILLIAMS, Herman North Hollywood 25-Feb-44 6-Mar-44
WALTER, Don Lombard Burbank Marriage MacNISH, Isabel Muriel North Hollywood 21-Oct-41
WALTER, Gale A. Muncie IN Marriage FUNSON, Norma E. IN 17-Feb-41 27-Feb-41
WALTER-DORPH, Frank, Mrs     dau of SCHOPS, Robert 21-Sep-43
WALTERS, Anna, Mrs Big Lake MN Death 89 daus Mazie ALBITZ, Minnie JONES, Vera REESE, sons William, John, Roy, Charles 3-Apr-44 17-Apr-44
WALTERS, Charles     son of WALTERS, Anna, Mrs 17-Apr-44
WALTERS, Don, M/M North Hollywood par of Terri Anne 9-Aug-43 20-Aug-43
WALTERS, Helen     dau of MENZIES, Joseph F. 28-May-45
WALTERS, John     son of WALTERS, Anna, Mrs 17-Apr-44
WALTERS, Mazie     ALBITZ, Mazie, Mrs 17-Apr-44
WALTERS, Minnie     JONES, Minnie, Mrs 17-Apr-44
WALTERS, Naomi Claire Burbank Marriage NEWNESS, Joseph Thos, Jr. Dillon MT 28-Nov-42 4-Dec-42
WALTERS, Olive A., Mrs Burbank Death 33 native of WI 5-Aug-44 10-Aug-44
WALTERS, Roy       son of WALTERS, Anna, Mrs 17-Apr-44
WALTERS, Terri Anne Birth WALTERS, Don, M/M   20-Aug-43
WALTERS, Vera     REESE, Vera, Mrs 17-Apr-44
WALTERS, Walter A., M/M Van Nuys dau Birth par of daughter last week 19-Oct-44
WALTERS, William     son of WALTERS, Anna, Mrs 17-Apr-44
WALTON, Patrick B. Burbank Marriage FACKRELL, Loraine Van Nuys 2-Sep-44 25-Sep-44
WALTON, William C. Seattle WA Marriage CARTER, Vivian Pearl Seattle WA 12-Feb-44 14-Feb-44
WAND, Mary     McKEON, A. Ryan, Mrs   18-May-43
WARBURTON, Roberta Burbank Marriage SWENSON, Roy Allen Burbank 8-Apr-45 16-Apr-45
WARD, George Santa Cruz Marriage WELLS, Helen North Hollywood 19-Sep-43 5-Oct-43
WARD, Hannah       dau of KELLENBERGER, John 18-Mar-41
WARD, Lt Jack U.S.A.A.F. Marriage MURRAY, Beverly Canoga Park 12-Jun-44 12-Jun-44
WARE, James J. Jr. Kings Mtn NC Death   2 Lt., plane crashed 2 mi. west of Newhall 25-Nov-43
WARNER, Cecilia     wife of WARNER, David L. 6-May-41
WARNER, David L. Burbank Death 45 wife Cecilia 27-Apr-41 6-May-41
WARNER, Nathalie Schaefer North Hollywood Marriage KING, James H. 20-Jun-43 6-Jul-43
WARNICK, Benjamin A. Brea Marriage DIDRICKSON, Ingaboard North Hollywood 3-Apr-43 20-Apr-43
WARNICK, J.R, Rev & M     par of WARNICK, Robert Wyman 10-Oct-41
WARNICK, Robert Wyman Burbank Death 23 died of head injuries from car accident, par Rev & Mrs J. R. 6-Oct-41 10-Oct-41
WARREN, Creolia     DRAPER, Creolia, Mrs 12-Sep-41
WARREN, Don Burbank Marriage WEBB, Norma Burbank 7-Sep-41 21-Oct-41
WARREN, Emma     MURPHY, Emma, Mrs 12-Sep-41
WARREN, Georgia     BROWN, Georgia, Mrs 12-Sep-41
WARREN, Gladys     SHARP, Gladys, Mrs 12-Sep-41
WARREN, Guy Long Beach Marriage ALDEN, Marie Burbank last week 3-Apr-42
WARREN, J.R.       son of WARREN, Tabitha, Mrs 12-Sep-41
WARREN, Roy L.     son of WARREN, Tabitha, Mrs 12-Sep-41
WARREN, S.A.       son of WARREN, Tabitha, Mrs 12-Sep-41
WARREN, Tabitha, Mrs Van Nuys Death 68 born Kansas City, daus Gladys SHARP, Creolia DRAPER, Emma MURPHEY, Georgia BROWN, sons J.R., S.A., Roy L. 9-Sep-41 12-Sep-41
WART, B.       sis of EBERTS, Lillian 4-Jan-45
WASHBURN, Elpha     dau of STATON, John T. 1-Dec-42
WATERS, Phil, M/M San Fernando son Birth par of son   23-Sep-44 25-Sep-44
WATHEN, Claude Burbank Death 68 survived by wife and son 7-Jun-42 16-Jun-42
WATKINS, Charles Roscoe Death 75 retired miner, born PA, funeral May 14 15-May-42
WATKINS, Clifford B. North Hollywood Death 28 suicide, carbon monoxide in auto, wife Maxine, two children 24-Aug-43 27-Aug-43
WATKINS, Dora       wife of KINDIG, Charles 5-Aug-41
WATKINS, Elizabeth Yvonne Birth WATKINS, Jack C., M/M   28-Aug-44
WATKINS, Jack C., M/M Van Nuys   par of Elizabeth Yvonne last week 28-Aug-44
WATKINS, Maxine     wife of WATKINS, Clifford B. 27-Aug-43
WATKINS, Patricia Brook Birth WATKINS, William, Lt/M   15-Mar-45
WATKINS, William, Lt/M Van Nuys   par of Patricia Brock 12-Mar-45 15-Mar-45
WATROUS, Charlotte, Mrs North Hollywood Death   hit by automobile 12-Dec-44 14-Dec-44
WATSON, Ben Roscoe Death 53 born KS, wife Vada, bro Hugh 2-Nov-41 4-Nov-41
WATSON, Ben, M/M North Hollywood dau Birth par of daughter last week 4-Dec-44
WATSON, Christine     dau of LOWE, Hannah S. 8-Feb-45
WATSON, Dorothy Winnifred North Hollywood Marriage ALDES, Charles Ray North Hollywood 16-Aug-42 25-Aug-42
WATSON, H.M. Jr. Marriage JOHNSON, Clementina Blanche 21-Mar-43 30-Mar-43
WATSON, Hugh       WATSON, Ben 4-Nov-41
WATSON, Vada       WATSON, Ben 4-Nov-41
WATTS, Benjamin F. Burbank Marriage PLOOF, Helen Enid OK 2-May-43 11-May-43
WAXHAM, Steward Sepulveda Marriage HOOD Grants Pass OR 7-Nov-41
WAXMAN, David Birth WAXMAN, Leo, M/M   22-Jul-41
WAXMAN, Leo, M/M Van Nuys   par of David     22-Jul-41
WAY, Rowland Albert Van Nuys Death 18 Navy, killed in action in South Pacific 30-Nov-42 13-Apr-43
WAYLAND, A.S.     bro of WAYLAND, Louis Frank 27-Oct-42
WAYLAND, Louis Frank Northridge Death 56 suicide, born St.Louis, bro A.S. Wayland 23-Oct-42 27-Oct-42
WAYNICK, Jess Morris San Fernando Death   wife Katherine 30-Dec-44 8-Jan-45
WAYNICK, Katherine     wife of WAYNICK, Jess Morris 8-Jan-45
WAYWOCK, Albert Nelson North Hollywood Marriage FITTON, Virginia North Hollywood 7-Nov-41 14-Nov-41
WEADOCK, Celia     NEALE, Celia, Mrs 17-Feb-42
WEADOCK, Etta       PARADILL, Etta,Mrs 17-Feb-42
WEADOCK, Louis Reseda Death 62 daus Celia NEALE, Etta PARADILL, Marjorie COOKE 17-Feb-42
WEADOCK, Marjorie     COOKE, Marjorie, Mrs 17-Feb-42
WEANTIS, Carl, M/M Chatsworth   par of David Carl 22-Mar-41 3-Apr-41
WEANTIS, David Carl Birth WEANTIS, Carl, M/M   3-Apr-41
WEATHERWAX, Anna E.     wife of WEATHERWAX, Walter Smiley 22-Jan-43
WEATHERWAX, Doris     DEAN, Doris, Mrs 22-Jan-43
WEATHERWAX, Frank     son of WEATHERWAX, Walter Smiley 22-Jan-43
WEATHERWAX, Jack     son of WEATHERWAX, Walter Smiley 22-Jan-43
WEATHERWAX, Jeanne Romaine North Hollywood Marriage WILLIAMS, Carlton Lee MT 16-Aug-42 28-Aug-42
WEATHERWAX, Judd     son of WEATHERWAX, Walter Smiley 22-Jan-43
WEATHERWAX, Mac     son of WEATHERWAX, Walter Smiley 22-Jan-43
WEATHERWAX, Peggy     EKINS, Peggy, Mrs 22-Jan-43
WEATHERWAX, Rudd     son of WEATHERWAX, Walter Smiley 22-Jan-43
WEATHERWAX, Walter Smiley North Hollywood Death 75 born Ft Scott KS, wife Anna E., sons Judd, Mac, Frank, Rudd, Jack, daus Doris DEAN, Peggy EKINS 19-Jan-43 22-Jan-43
WEAVER, John H. Seattle WA Marriage REED, Lois Burbank last week 23-Apr-43
WEAVER, Margaret Louise North Hollywood Marriage SWOPE, Lt David North Hollywood 12-Feb-44 2-Mar-44
WEAVER, Mary Anna Birth WEAVER, Milton H., M/M   13-Nov-44
WEAVER, Milton H., M/M Van Nuys   par of Mary Anna last week 13-Nov-44
WEAVER, W. Roy, M/M Burbank son Birth par of son   7-Feb-44 21-Feb-44
WEAVER, William Woolwine Burbank Death 77 wife Minta, 5 sons, 1 dau in TX 10-Dec-43 16-Dec-43
WEBB, Bertha, Mrs. Van Nuys   par of James T.   20-Jul-44
WEBB, James T. Birth WEBB, Bertha, Mrs.   20-Jul-44
WEBB, Jeanne Eleanor North Hollywood Marriage STILTS, J. Warren North Hollywood 4-Nov-44 23-Nov-44
WEBB, Kathryn J. Van Nuys Marriage ROBINSON, Delbert LaVern Burbank   2-Dec-43
WEBB, Norma Burbank Marriage WARREN, Don Burbank 7-Sep-41 21-Oct-41
WEBB, Robert Oregon City Marriage JACKSON, Florence E. Hood City 3-Jan-43 12-Jan-43
WEBBER, Jessie M., Miss     dau of INGERSOLL, Luther H. 28-Oct-41
WEBER, Charles F. North Hollywood Death 89 retired from Universal Studios 9-Nov-44 13-Nov-44
WEBER, Dawn Lorraine Birth WEBER, Frank P/Virginia (MILLS) 23-Mar-44
WEBER, Eugene P. North Hollywood Death 68 wife Theresia, son George, dau Mrs Irma W. SPERRY 10-Dec-42 15-Dec-42
WEBER, Frank P/Virginia (MILLS) Van Nuys   par of Dawn Lorraine 21-Mar-44 23-Mar-44
WEBER, George       son of WEBER, Eugene P. 15-Dec-42
WEBER, Irma W.     SPERRY, Irma W., Mrs 15-Dec-42
WEBER, Mrs       dau of PRINDELL, Nanie 17-Oct-41
WEBER, Roy Burbank Death   U.S. Army flier, killed in action in Australia 21-Mar-42 3-Apr-42
WEBER, Theresia     wife of WEBER, Eugene P. 15-Dec-42
WEBSTER, Daniel H.     wife of WEBSTER, Mary J. 27-Aug-43
WEBSTER, Leon H.     son of WEBSTER, Mary J. 27-Aug-43
WEBSTER, Mary J. North Hollywood Death 77 hus Daniel H., son Leon H., dau Mrs Joseph A. PAGE 24-Aug-43 27-Aug-43
WEBSTER, Sgt John III Roanoke VA Marriage SCHUESSLER, Peggy Rose Studio City 19-Jun-43 6-Jul-43
WECKERLING, Mary Jane North Hollywood Marriage THOMAS, Raymond Los Angeles 30-Jan-42 6-Feb-42
WECKERLING, Patricia Elaine North Hollywood Marriage MITZNER, Sigmund F. Jr. Van Nuys 14-Feb-42 24-Feb-42
WEDDINGTON, Betty North Hollywood Marriage BECKER, Ernest August Los Angeles 18-Apr-42 21-Apr-42
WEDDINGTON, G.E., Mrs     dau of JONES, Willard H. 5-Apr-45
WEDDINGTON, Guy North Hollywood Death 65 prominent in growth and development of N.Hollywood and San Fernando Valley 20-Feb-41 25-Feb-41
WEDEL, C.R., Mrs     dau of MATTHEWS, Ella C., Mrs 23-Jan-41
WEDNESTER, Mr     son-in-law of HUFFMIRE, Elisha J. 8-Jan-43
WEEKLEY, Arley A. North Hollywood Marriage CLARK, Pauline R. Toledo IA 24-Jan-42 3-Feb-42
WEEKS, Ada     SCOTT, Phillip Clark, Mrs   5-Apr-45
WEEKS, Bonnie Jean Birth WEEKS, W.C., M/M   16-Jun-42
WEEKS, Mary       SMITH, Mary Weeks, Mrs 17-Nov-42
WEEKS, W.C., M/M North Hollywood par of Bonnie Jean 6-Jun-42 16-Jun-42
WEESE, Clara B. Tujunga Death   heart attack, dau Helen FEHL 30-Mar-44 3-Apr-44