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Volume 4 - (1941 to 1945)
San Fernando Valley Times - Vital Records Extractions

The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume IV" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the San Fernando Valley Times which was published between the years 1941 and 1945.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.



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"Wei - Wh "



WEINKAUF, Cheryl Ann Birth WEINKAUF, James W., M/M 5-Apr-45
WEINKAUF, James W., M/M Encino   par of Cheryl Ann 28-Mar-45 5-Apr-45
WEIR, Robert Spencer Birth WEIR, Roy E., M/M   8-Jan-45
WEIR, Roy E., M/M Canoga Park par of Robert Spencer last week 8-Jan-45
WEIS, Dick   Marriage REINKE, Audrey 13-Feb-43 19-Feb-43
WEISMER, Ruth     dau of SMITH, Clara E. 3-May-45
WEITTEKAMP, Margaret     dau of STEPHANS, Thomas 1-Mar-45
WEITZEL, Frank North Hollywood Death 85 Valley pioneer, fruit rancher 5-Jun-44 8-Jun-44
WEITZEL, H. Irving     WEITZEL, John Jacob 6-Mar-41
WEITZEL, John Jacob North Hollywood Death 70 born Dayton MN, son H. Irving 5-Mar-41 6-Mar-41
WEITZEL, Rayola   WORTHINGTON, Eugene, Mrs 18-Sep-42
WELBORN, Avengeline.     dau of ALLEN, Alvin E. 15-Jun-44
WELBOURNE, John Edward, M/M Los Angeles   par of John Timothy last week 3-Aug-44
WELBOURNE, John Timothy Birth WELBOURNE, John Edward, M/M 3-Aug-44
WELCH, Albert San Fernando Death 79 from IA, heart attack 10-Aug-42 11-Aug-42
WELDON, Robert L. Marriage MOINIKEN, Mildred North Hollywood 26-Jun-43 20-Jun-43
WELKER, Claud     son of WELKER, James Arnold 2-Jan-42
WELKER, Donald     son of WELKER, James Arnold 2-Jan-42
WELKER, James Arnold Roscoe Death 63 wife Minnie, sons Claud, Donald, Lloyd 27-Dec-41 2-Jan-42
WELKER, Lloyd     son of WELKER, James Arnold 2-Jan-42
WELKER, Minnie     wife of WELKER, James Arnold 2-Jan-42
WELKER, Rex Elmo Jr Birth WELKER, Rex/Alma (KING) 30-Mar-43
WELKER, Rex/Alma (KING) Burbank   par of Rex Elmo Jr. 18-Mar-43 30-Mar-43
WELLER, Renata North Hollywood Marriage BOERNER, Kenneth North Hollywood 25-Dec-44 4-Jan-45
WELLINGTON, Charles Hewett "Duke" North Hollywood Death 58 world-famous cartoonist 1-Apr-42 7-Apr-42
WELLINGTON, John J. Inyokern Marriage BARNETTE, Marian Lenoir North Hollywood 1-Jul-44 10-Jul-44
WELLS, Charles Lucille Burbank Marriage MURPHY, Lt Edgar F. 20-Aug-43 3-Sep-43
WELLS, Clarence William     WELLS, James Tempest 13-Apr-44
WELLS, Harold M.     son of WELLS, James Tempest 13-Apr-44
WELLS, Helen North Hollywood Marriage WARD, George Santa Cruz 19-Sep-43 5-Oct-43
WELLS, Henry C.     son of WELLS, James Tempest 13-Apr-44
WELLS, James Tempest North Hollywood Death 90 dau Maud S. HOBSON, sons Henry C., Harold M., Clarence William 7-Apr-44 13-Apr-44
WELLS, John W. Burbank Death 49 managing editor of Burbank News, wife Penny, 2 daus 2-May-44 4-May-44
WELLS, Kathleen Ann Birth WELLS, Stanley H., M/M   24-Aug-44
WELLS, Maud S.     HOBSON, Maud S., Mrs 13-Apr-44
WELLS, Penny     wife of WELLS, John W. 4-May-44
WELLS, Stanley H., M/M San Fernando par of Kathleen Ann last week 24-Aug-44
WELSH, Edward     hus of WELSH, Gertrude 30-Mar-44
WELSH, Gertrude North Hollywood Death 85 born Milwaukee WI, hus Edward 28-Mar-44 30-Mar-44
WENBERG, Jeanne Adel Canoga Park Marriage HOYT, Mark Edward MN 2-Mar-43 9-Mar-43
WENCKUS, Lona Sepulveda Death 33 suicide May-45 31-May-45
WENDLAND, Marie Ruth North Hollywood Marriage RUEFFER, Lt Arthur Paul New York 4-Sep-43 14-Sep-43
WENDT, Betty Lou Van Nuys Marriage ABEL, Curtis Van Nuys 4-Dec-44 7-Dec-44
WENTZ, Lee Louise North Hollywood Marriage MONTGOMERY, Robert Ukiah CA 27-Nov-42 4-Dec-42
WENTZEL, Carl, Mrs     sis of CROSLEY, James 25-Feb-41
WENZ, Lester E. LaGrange IL Marriage McLEOD, Patricia Joan North Hollywood 13-Apr-45 19-Apr-45
WENZEL, Edna     dau of FRIEBURG, Hanna M., Mrs 6-Feb-41
WERNER, Marietta North Hollywood Death 56 died at her home 7-Nov-44 9-Nov-44
WERTHEIMER, Walter Phoenix AZ Marriage BUZZILL, Geneva Phoenix AZ 4-Jul-43 6-Jul-43
WEST, Evelyn     wife of WEST, Lowell S. 14-Aug-42
WEST, Halsey Chicago IL Marriage LAW, Isabel Chicago IL 4-Mar-44 16-Mar-44
WEST, Harriet, Mrs Burbank Death 74 of Jan 21 auto accident injuries 27-Jan-41 30-Jan-41
WEST, J.M., M/M     par of HANSEN, Mabel 21-Jan-41
WEST, June, Mrs     sis of GREENER, Mary Anne 13-Apr-43
WEST, Katherine, Mrs     sis of SHEARER, Alice C. 28-Oct-41
WEST, Lowell S. Burbank Death 39 wife Evelyn, son Lowell S. 7-Aug-42 14-Aug-42
WEST, Lowell S.     son of WEST, Lowell S. 14-Aug-42
WEST, Mabel     HANSEN, Mabel, Mrs 21-Jan-41
WEST, Marjorie M. South Gate Marriage RAKER, George J. North Hollywood 7-May-44 15-May-44
WEST, Siegel OK Marriage BARNES, Irene Compton 17-Jan-42 27-Jan-42
WEST, Wilbur W. Marriage HALL, Phyllis Studio City 23-Apr-44 24-Apr-44
WESTFALL, Effie Burbank Death 79   12-Apr-44 17-Apr-44
WESTMORELAND, Jackie North Hollywood Marriage BUSCH, A. Hayes Beverly Hills 25-Aug-43 10-Sep-43
WESTON, Carlie Ann Birth WESTON, Floyd, M/M   21-May-45
WESTON, Floyd E. Alhambra Marriage LUND, Tarzana 17-Jun-44 3-Jul-44
WESTON, Floyd, M/M Tarzana   par of Carlie Ann last week 21-May-45
WESTON, Leora May North Hollywood Marriage SCOLF, Robert E. Mt Shasta CA 23-Feb-42 10-Mar-42
WESTOPHER, Harold E. Azuza Marriage SCHUMAN, Sylvia Frances Burbank 26-Nov-44 1-Jan-45
WESTROM, John E. North Hollywood Death 64 artist, Christian Scientist, wife Loretta,     3 daus, body cremated 1-May-44 4-May-44
WESTROM, Loretta     wife of WESTROM, John E. 4-May-44
WETENKAMP, Howard D., Sgt/Helen (KNIGHT) North Hollywood par of Scott     20-Jan-44
WETENKAMP, Scott Birth WETENKAMP, Howard D., Sgt/Helen (KNIGHT) 20-Jan-44
WEYAND, Charles Marion San Fernando Marriage ESKEY, Sarah Lee San Fernando 11-Jul-42 10-Jul-42
WEYAND, Charles Marion San Fernando Marriage ESKEY, Sarah Lee San Fernando 11-Jul-42 21-Jul-42
WHATLEY, Yvonne M.     dau of MUNROE, Squire 19-Jun-44
WHEATON, Jerry C. North Hollywood Death 71 heart attack 15-Dec-44 18-Dec-44
WHEELER, Bernice Orange CA Marriage BRENKMAN, Roy E. North Hollywood 25-Jul-42 31-Jul-42
WHEELER, Charles, M/M son Birth par of son     17-Apr-41
WHEELER, Della M. Davis Tarzana Death   practicing chiropractor for 50 years 16-Dec-43 20-Dec-43
WHEELER, Herbert A. Studio City Death 37 California native 3-May-42 12-May-42
WHEELER, Lena     wife of WHEELER, Leon 1-Jan-41
WHEELER, Leon North Hollywood Death 63 born IL, wife Lena, bro Roy S. 1-Jan-41 1-Jan-41
WHEELER, Myrick Ella Marriage SARGENT, Drater Camden Van Nuys 7-Mar-43 12-Mar-43
WHEELER, Richard E. TX Marriage FOWLER, Loma North Hollywood 19-Apr-45 7-May-45
WHEELER, Roy S.     son of WHEELER, Leon 1-Jan-41
WHELOCK, Arthur     son of WHELOCK, Willis H. 17-Aug-43
WHELOCK, Caroline     wife of WHELOCK, Willis H. 17-Aug-43
WHELOCK, Hilda     CORINA, Hilda, Mrs 17-Aug-43
WHELOCK, Willis H. Van Nuys Death 66 wife Caroline, son Arthur, dau Hilda CORINA 11-Aug-43 17-Aug-43
WHETSEL, LaRae Carolyn Hillsdale MI Marriage MAYSHEAD, Richard North Hollywood 10-Sep-43 14-Sep-43
WHETSELL, Jake, M/M Reseda   par of Mary Kay last week 1-Jan-45
WHETSELL, Mary Kay Birth WHETSELL, Jake, M/M   1-Jan-45
WHIKEHART, Herbert Lawrence North Hollywood Death 42 passed away suddenly 28-Mar-42 31-Mar-42
WHILTENBORN, Byron, M/M San Fernando par of Judith Eillen last week 30-Apr-45
WHILTENBORN, Judith Eillen Birth WHILTENBORN, Byron, M/M 30-Apr-45
WHINIHAN, Josephine Roscoe Death 45 hus Paul, sons Paul, Tom 18-Mar-41
WHINIHAN, Paul     hus of WHINIHAN, Josephine 18-Mar-41
WHINIHAN, Paul     son of WHINIHAN, Josephine 18-Mar-41
WHINIHAN, Tom     son of WHINIHAN, Josephine 18-Mar-41
WHIPPLE, Frank Lemont North Hollywood Death 70 heart attack, daus Margaret KEENE, Lillian Grace NIELSEN 9-May-43 11-May-43
WHIPPLE, Lillian Grace     NIELSEN, Lillian Grace, Mrs 11-May-43
WHIPPLE, Margaret     KEENE, Margaret, Mrs 11-May-43
WHITAKER, Kenneth Lee Birth WHITAKER, Roy Lee, M/M   17-Jan-44
WHITAKER, Roy Lee, M/M Burbank   par of Kenneth Lee 7-Jan-44 17-Jan-44
WHITAKER, William E. North Hollywood Death 52 after short illness 4-Jun-42 12-Jun-42
WHITE, Asbury Glendale Death 60 heart attack at Lockheed, wife Gertrude, dau Ruth, son 8-Dec-43 9-Dec-43
WHITE, Charles E., M/M Burbank   par of Mary Ann last week 20-Nov-44
WHITE, Everett L. Burbank Marriage PEER, Eva M. Torrance 26-Oct-41 31-Oct-41
WHITE, Frances     dau of MALLERY, John B. 29-Dec-42
WHITE, Gertrude     wife of WHITE, Asbury 9-Dec-43
WHITE, Jeanne North Hollywood Marriage JORGENSON, Joel TX 16-Apr-44 27-Apr-44
WHITE, L.       dau of COURTMANCHE, Emma 15-Jan-45
WHITE, Margaret (Daisy) North Hollywood Marriage CAIN, Burt U. Hollywood 25-Apr-42 1-May-42
WHITE, Margaret (Daisy) North Hollywood Marriage CAIN, Burt U. Hollywood 25-Apr-42 12-May-42
WHITE, Marjorie   WHITTAKER, Harry, Mrs   9-Apr-45
WHITE, Mary Ann Birth WHITE, Charles E., M/M   20-Nov-44
WHITE, Ruth     WHITE, Ruth, Mrs 30-Jan-41
WHITE, Ruth     son of WHITE, Asbury 9-Dec-43
WHITE, Varian K. Death   Army Captain stationed Tonopah NV, plane crash into house in Studio City 21-May-43
WHITE, W.C., M/M Burbank   par of William Clark, Jr 12-Jan-41 28-Jan-41
WHITE, Walton T. Burbank Marriage CART, Dorothy Rosalie Glendale 5-Jun-42 12-Jun-42
WHITE, William Allen Emporia KS Death 75 Sage of Emporia, editor of Emporia Gazette 29-Jan-44 31-Jan-44
WHITE, William Clark Jr Birth WHITE, W.C., M/M   28-Jan-41
WHITE, William P. Los Angeles Marriage KALLGREN, Emily Christina North Hollywood 29-Apr-45 7-May-45
WHITEAKER, Howard Corydon Glendale Marriage SWAGLER, Dawn Burbank 5-Feb-43 9-Feb-43
WHITED, Leslie Everett Glendale Marriage COLQUETT, Helen Jordan Glendale 18-Feb-44 21-Feb-44
WHITEMAN, Ivan Philip, M/M North Hollywood son Birth par of son   1-Aug-41 12-Aug-41
WHITFIELD, Mary Louise North Hollywood Marriage HENNEMAN, Carl Newhall North Hollywood 3-Mar-45 22-Mar-45
WHITFIELD, Zachie Baker North Hollywood Death     16-Feb-44 17-Feb-44
WHITING, Harry B. North Hollywood Death 80 retired oil station operator 1-Nov-44 2-Nov-44
WHITLEY, Preston, M/M Burbank son Birth par of son   1-Jan-42 13-Jan-42
WHITMAN, Daniel Elmore III Studio City Death 4 drowned in pool 21-May-42 22-May-42
WHITMIRE, Fred, M/M Tarzana   par of Gerald Frederick 29-Dec-41 13-Jan-42
WHITMIRE, Gerald Frederick Birth WHITMIRE, Fred, M/M   16-Jan-42
WHITMIRE, James San Fernando Death   killed in explosion at Camp Swift TX recently 11-Dec-44
WHITMORE, Marion Glendale Marriage MAREK, George Albert Jr. Glendale 24-Jun-43 25-Jun-43
WHITNEY, Anna Holder North Hollywood Marriage ROBINSON, Earl Eger Burbank 17-Dec-44 21-Dec-44
WHITNEY, J.R., Mrs     dau of RANKIN, H.R. 17-Feb-42
WHITNEY, Merle C. Hartington NB Marriage LUEBE, Elvira Pierce NB 7-Aug-43 17-Aug-43
WHITNEY, Orval Burbank Marriage OSIER, Patricia North Hollywood 6-May-45 24-May-45
WHITNEY, Stanley, Mrs     dau of LYMN, Albert Crompton 30-Jul-43
WHITTAKER, Harry/Marjorie (WHITE) Burbank   par of Nancy Lynn 31-Mar-45 9-Apr-45
WHITTAKER, Lloyd E. North Hollywood Death 50 from OH, heart attack 1-Aug-42 7-Aug-42
WHITTAKER, Nancy Lynn Birth WHITTAKER, Harry/Marjorie (WHITE) 9-Apr-45
WHITTEN, John S.     hus of WHITTEN, Pauline 17-Aug-43
WHITTEN, Pauline North Hollywood Death   services Aug 16, hus John S., bro John TALBOT 17-Aug-43